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Bridge Constructor Stunts
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The successful Bridge Constructor series –number 1 in the Google Play Store with over 30 million playersworldwide – treads new paths with Bridge Constructor Stunts!Stuntman and engineer in one? No problem with Bridge ConstructorStunts!Build imposing ramps and loops to reach your goal in the diversestages. But building structures alone isn't enough this time: yousit behind the wheel of the vehicles yourself and have to maneuverthem skillfully to the goal. Collect stars, complete daredeviljumps, flips and spectacular stunts, leaving behind a trail ofdestruction across the entire level to beat the high score. But youcan only do all that with perfectly constructed bridges andramps.Join the huge Let's Play communityTo ensure none of your jumps are forgotten, you can save your runsas videos, upload them via the sharing feature and share them withyour friends. Let the world be part of your most outrageousjumps!Improved Construction ModeOnce again you have access to a variety of building materials withdifferent properties. Numerous improvements make building eveneasier: simply tap to convert a beam you have built into road, andvice-versa. Tap and hold on a part of the construction and you nowhave the option to reposition your structures without having tobuild them from scratch.Loose Screw!We have hidden some hard-to-reach screws in some of the levels.Find and collect them, and you might be able to put these screws togood use in the future...FEATURES:- The latest instalment in the internationally successful BridgeConstructor series!- Improved and simplified Construction Mode- Build ramps and drive vehicles across them yourself- Diverse levels with different objectives: collect stars, scoretarget, reach the goal…- Delivery vans and dump trucks with cargo that wreaks havoc whencoming loose, but is also useful to help you collect items- Various building materials- Spectacular stunts and rampages of destruction- Achievements and rankings- Replay feature and video sharing: save your best bridge crossingsand stunts and share them with your friends- Google Play Game Services for Achievements and Leaderboards- Tablet supportFollow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:www.facebook.com/BridgeConstructorwww.twitter.com/headupgameswww.instagram.com/headupgamesIf you have any problems with the game or would like to sharefeedback or suggestions for improvements, please send us an email:[email protected]
Sunny Hillride (Ad-Free) 1.0
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Race and jump across hilly, colorfullandscapes of forests, deserts, snowy mountains and beautifulmeadows. Make sure that you don't run out of gas and don't loseyour luggage performing daredevil stunts – the roof of your RV ispiled precariously high.Suitcases, bags, the birdcage and your fellow travelers mustarrive safely at the holiday resort - else you won't get the fullscore. Start your craziest family holiday with a turbulent andcrazy family journey in Sunny Hillride - even your pet parrot is onboard!Tons of rewards await you as you cross hills and valleys. Trynot to miss any of the coins and souvenirs lying around. SunnyHillride is a fun journey with the whole family, filled withadventure, fun and speed!FEATURES:• Manifold colorful landscapes: juicy green meadows, snowy hills,sunny forests and scorching deserts• Different game modes• Groovy jazzy soundtrack• Tons of secret souvenirs• Crazy high jumps let you perform breakneck stunts• 100% Free of Ads or In-App-Purchases• Supports Tablets & Smartphones---------------------------------------*** ...this one's pretty good. We really dig the look and theluggage mechanic, even though both are simple in the grand schemeof things. The campaign angle is neat, too, as it kinda opens upthe game for an actual narrative. *** Toucharcade.com*** Sunny Hillride is a funny game by the creators at HeadupGames which can especially score due to it's highly easygoingcontrols *** apps-news.de---------------------------------------Get connected:www.facebook.com/HeadupGameswww.twitter.com/HeadupGameswww.headupgames.comSunny Hillride is for fans of Tiny Wings, Dragon Fly, Hill ClimbRacing, Angry Birds, Real Racing, ..---------------------------------------If havin any issues, please drop us a mail at: [email protected]
Toby: The Secret Mine
Headup Games
“The game looks and sounds beautiful. Ipersonally found the game extremely immersive.”Keengamer"Toby is a charming and solid platformer with plenty of funchallenges and difficult obstacles to overcome."GoneWithTheWin“I enjoyed the game a lot. Loved the art-style and the game playwas also really solid from what I've seen up till now. I don'treally have any complaints, just a really solid platformeroverall!”GamersObservation"Honorable Mention in the Indie Revolution Expo 2015."IndieGameRiot.com, 19 July, 2015STORY:A peaceful way of life in a small village in the mountains wasthrown into disorder. Someone has kidnapped most of it’s residents.A couple of brave hearts tried to rescue their friends but none ofthem has returned. Little Toby didn’t want to just sit and wait sohe decided to find them by himself. He went to the near deep forestbut he soon realized this is just a beginning.Go with Toby on an eerie adventure in a dark and creepy world fullof dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles.FEATURES:- Various Beautifully handcrafted Environments- Lots Of Different Puzzles- Many dangerous and challenging traps and enemies- Many hours of fun- Google Play Game Services support for achievements- Tablet supportGet lost in the shadows and pray you find your way out...Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:www.facebook.com/HeadupGameswww.twitter.com/headupgameswww.instagram.com/headupgamesIf you have any problems with the game or would like to sharefeedback or suggestions for improvements, please send us an email:[email protected]