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Haypi Dragon 1.6.1
Haypi Inc
Young dragon trainer, you are the only one whocan stop the evil forces that destroy the land!Heroic JourneyBegin your journey with your reliable dragon, Roco, at your side.Launch bombs on the evil dragons that get in your way. Use therewards you gain from defeating evil dragons to strengthen your owndragon: teach him new abilities and bombs, train him at the DragonEyrie, and enhance his power with synthesis stones. Complete tasksand reap their rewards, gaining money and experience along theway.Menacing EnemiesAs you progress in your journey, you will encounter bosses. Team upwith other players to defeat and capture these bosses. Once a bossis captured, it will join you and Roco in your quest to rid theland of evil forces! Each boss has its own special abilities:Leshy, the plant summoner, ensnares his opponents with natureattacks. Lava, the flame thrower, burns his foes with fire attacks.Crystal, the ice blaster, freezes his victims with ice attacks, andAngelo, the angel dragon, heals her followers and blesses them withunprecedented power.Challenging RivalriesIf you are feeling particularly audacious, you can enter the PVParena where you must triumph over your enemies in thisall-or-nothing battle to the death. Rival players will not bematched by level—here is where the strong shall conquer the weak.Win medals, honor, and experience by defeating other players incombat.If PVP isn’t for you, there are other ways to compete againstother players. Venture to the Secret of the Tree, where you mustuse all your wits when facing dangerous foes, each more powerfulthan the last. Who will be crowned victor, and who will be crushedin the onslaught?Mighty ReinforcementsSynthesize magic stones at the Magic Matrix to enhance thestrength, defense, hit points, and abilities of each of yourdragons. Use keys to unlock gold and crystal boxes, and use themoney and magic stones inside to make your dragons more potent.Boundless TreasuresSend your dragons out to explore the world and gather the rewardsthey discovered along the way. Combine pieces of the treasure mapto find a mysterious island filled with challenging levels andincredible prizes. Train your dragons until they become the mostpowerful dragons through all the land!
Haypi Kingdom 3.22
Haypi Inc
LIMITED TIME OFFER: DOWNLOAD NOW AND ALL THENEWLY REGISTERED PLAYERS CAN GET 30 FREE COINS AND SECRET GIFTS."Really good game, very different to all those other mmo on theiPhone, you get to gather up resources, upgrade buildings, buildtroops and hunt for treasure and battle enemies :) such endlessfun!!""Awesome game so far, really enjoying it. I love how you canchat with people and join Alliances.""This is the best MMORPG game ever made for the iPhone. Thedevelopers should put a warning as it is totally addictive!"Haypi Kingdom is a massive multiplayer online iPhone game set inthe middle ages. You will be a general managing a kingdom in astrategic game - boosting resource production, adventuring inextensive wild land, reaping legendary treasures, equipping yourtroops with advanced abilities and battling against other players -with the ultimate goal of becoming the strongest kingdom in theancient world. General can get higher title and more advancedattributes as he takes part in more and more battles. Hisattributes will be shared by his troops as well.You won't play alone. In this massive multiplayer online gameyou will be able to interact with thousands of players from allover the world in a competition for fame, power, wealth and glory.What's more, there are plenty of possibilities to interact withothers - Not only offense and defense, but also trade agreements,alliance action, mail system, chat system, etc. Haypi Kingdom willbe a rewarding pastime on your phone.Enjoy it now!
Haypi ThunderBall 1.0.1
Haypi Inc
Haypi ThunderBall is a casual gamespeciallycreated for mobile phone users. Interesting andchallenging, it'sintellectually exciting and addicting for bothbeginners andveterans. It's very easy to start, following itsspiral rhythmdesign, players will enjoy every step to higherscores.Slide to connect balls of the same color or same number andabolt will be generated exploding the linked-up balls instantly.Themore balls you link up the higher you will score. If the ballsyoulink up at one time amount to a certain quantity, you will getamagic ball which will help you alot if you want to become aMasterof Haypi ThunderBall.There are two modes in Haypi ThunderBall: Free Mode andQuestMode which offer players for a variety of goal optionstochallenge. Such suitable goals can be a great guide when aplayerdesires to break one record after another, arriving wherehe/shedreams of.Come to Haypi ThunderBall and see how quick you can see!
Imperial Ambition 1.0.62
Haypi Inc
Everything is magic, everything is true.
Guardians: Royal Journey 1.0.38
Haypi Inc
1000+ levels tower defense
Galaxy Raid 1.0.6
Haypi Inc
Space Shooter Game