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Case Clicker 2 - Market Update! 2.1.5d
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--> NOW WITH THE NEW ITEM UPGRADER!<--Case Clicker 2 is the combination of the counter strike casesimulator and a clicker.It has everything that you need - gambling games, case opening,stickers, skins, souvenirs, online features like trading andmore!Click, buy keys and open cases! Be the best!Main features?► Over 300 upgrades► Over 800 obtainable skins!► Over 1000 obtainable stickers!► Trading system - trade with other players!► Match betting system - bet on your favourite teams!► Name Tags - name your own skin!► Adding stickers to the skins!► Skins upgrader - upgrade your skins to make them moreworthy!Gambling minigames? Sure!♣ Roulette♣ Crash♣ Scratches - try your luck!♣ Minesweeper♣ Coinflip♣ Jackpots♣ Offline & Online Jackpots!What also can be found?► Arm deal contracts, just like in real Counter Strike!► Hundreds of achievement and upgrades!► Rank and private rank system, from silver to global elite!► Mission system► Souvenir system - collect souvenir items!► Capsules with stickers► Ability to sell skins for real market prices!And much more! Download the game and try yourself!
Tap the Monster - Medieval RPG Clicker 1.1.1
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* A fantasy RPG game of heroes and monsters * Tap the Monster isafascinating endless action medieval RPG clicker that you havebeenwaiting for! Use the best strategy to become a clicker hero.Tap toattack monsters, level up your hero, slay monsters for gold,findtreasure and explore new worlds and dungeons. Tap the Monsteris afantasy idle clicker game with hero simulation mode and RPGstorywith idle and strategy based gameplay in medieval times. Juststartyour medieval tycoon adventure. * Strategy is important *Buildmedieval village to earn gold coins even if you are offline,idlesystem applied. Building gold mine, market, blacksmith, tavernandmore! - gives you profit. Gold mine and explorer's guild giveyouidle profits, invest it to earn more! Different buildings helpgrowyour medieval village so you collect more money, even whenidle.Medieval village tycoon simulation. * Fantasy RPG clickerwithendless gameplay and with best tap tap mechanics * Fightotherplayer in PvP Arena. Complete daily missions, use your tacticsandstrategy to become a hero, earn gold and discover fantasyRPG-basedworld. Battle cursed monsters, explore dark dungeons tofind evenmore treasures. RPG Hero tycoon simulator & medievalworldsimulation. ★ Features ★ • ADVANCE through thousands of levelstoprove your skills • FIGHT with over 150 different monsters!•MANAGE your own medieval village and get more cash • UPGRADEyourcharacter and items • INVEST money and boost your income •OPENCHESTS to gain powerful equipment! • COMPLETE hundreds ofquests,missions and daily quests! • PROGRESS through 8 islandsbydefeating epic bosses and monsters! • PRESTIGE forbattle-hardenedplayers to gain even more power • PLAY offline, nowi-fi needed ★Online Features ★ • FIGHT against other players • BUYand SELLitems on the marketplace • TRADE with other players •FRIENDS -chat with friends, play with friends. ★ No internetconnectionneeded. No wi-fi needed. You can play offline. The gamedoesn't endafter reaching the maximum level, you can do the REBORN(PRESTIGE)which will reset your character to level 1 and you'llface evenstronger and more rewarding monsters! Download Tap theMonster forfree and begin a simple, yet incredibly fun adventure. ★Join us inour Facebook, Discord & Reddit communities★https://www.facebook.com/tapthemonster/https://www.reddit.com/r/TapTheMonster/https://discord.gg/8kaQW6t