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Kopa offers support for pregnancy, menopause, psoriasis, andmultiple sclerosis.
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Happify’s science-based activities and games can help reducestress, overcome negative thoughts, and build greater resilience byproviding effective tools and programs to improve emotionalwell-being. Our techniques are developed by leading scientists andexperts who've been studying evidence-based interventions in thefields of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioraltherapy for decades. 86% of people who use Happify regularly reportfeeling better about their lives in 2 months! HAPPINESS ISN’T JUSTONE THING. IT’S EVERYTHING. Struggling with everyday challenges andbeing gripped by negativity can be toxic to one's emotional andphysical well-being, relationships, and performance at work. Sowhen you start to turn the corner, and begin to learn the newhabits of successful engagement with life, everything starts tolook brighter and better. SKEPTICAL JOURNALISTS TRIED IT FORTHEMSELVES, AND HERE’S WHAT THEY SAID: ABC World News' MaraSchiavocampo "I gave it a shot for 5 weeks...it works!" The NewYork Times "Each track contains bite-size quizzes, games andactivities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of dailylife." The TODAY Show "These are things you can do every day --tasks you can complete and be rewarded for -- to feel better,reduce stress, live a better life, & actually be happy." KatieCouric: World 3.0 on Yahoo “[Happify] evaluates what's keeping youfrom a high happiness quotient, then you're given games andactivities that will boost your mood, like Uplift, Serenity Scene,and Gratitude Walk." YOU KNOW YOUR GOALS. WE KNOW HOW YOU CANACHIEVE THEM. Choose one track. Choose them all. * Conqueringnegative thoughts * Coping better with stress * Buildingself-confidence * Fueling your career success * Achievingmindfulness through meditation * …and 30+ more! Happify is free todownload and use. It’s a great way to get started, and discover whyso many people upgrade to Happify Plus for access to even more: *Unlimited access to 30+ tracks; * Your 20-page character strengthreport, offered in partnership with the renowned VIA Institute *Track your progress everyday and see how your skills compare * andmore! Because we know that everyone has different financialresources, we offer Happify Plus in a variety of plans, for as lowas $11.67/month. Payment will be charged to your Google Playaccount at confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions willautomatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off (by going toAccount Settings) at least 24 hours before the end of the currentbilling period. You cannot cancel the current subscription duringthe active subscription period. Privacy Policy:http://www.happify.com/privacy Terms & Conditions:http://www.happify.com/terms Website: http://www.happify.com Help:[email protected]
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Ensemble is a prescription digital therapeutic, designed toconveniently and intuitively help you work through anxiety ordepression. Through short, engaging daily activities, Ensemble mayhelp you find your balance and get closer to feeling better.Caution: Ensemble has not been cleared by the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration (FDA), and its safety and effectiveness have notbeen evaluated. It is considered an investigational therapeuticdevice. It is limited by United States law to investigationaldevice use. Ensemble is available to study subjects to test itseffectiveness as an investigational digital therapeutic.