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Classic Board Games: The only app you need for classic board games!5 different games: - Checkers (American/English rules) - 4 in a row- Chess - Tic Tac Toe - Reversi All games have following modes: -Play online against people around the world (matchmaking) - Playagainst your friends online, no matter where you are (real-timeduel) - Play against the CPU (3 difficulty levels) - Play on thesame screen (2 players) This Board Games Collection is packed withsome of your favorite classic board games that you can play byyourself, with family & friends. Duel your friends online inCheckers, 4 in a row, Chess, Tic Tac Toe & Reversi today! It'sthe obvious choice if you're looking for a multiplayer classicboard games app. Perfect if you have some time over, and it'scompletely free! The app is very customizable with a number of funand challenging features: - Account with level & custom avatars(play and earn more awesome avatars!) - Online ranking system (ELO)- Missions: Play games and complete missions: Earn rewards! - Chatwhile playing online HOW TO PLAY Checkers The game followsAmerican/English rules. All you have to do is select a piece on theboard. If you have multiple options, a green dot will appear tohelp you choose. The objective is to eliminate your opponentschecker pieces by jumping over them. If you manage to reach theother side of the board, your piece will be crowned "King" and willthen be able to move(and jump) backwards! 4 in a row Just tap therow you want to play in. Be the first to connect four in a row ofthe same color (4 in a straight line) by dropping your discs to thebottom of the columns! You can get four in a line bothhorizontally, vertically and diagonally to win. Chess If you areunsure about how the pieces in chess move, you can select each oneof them and the green dot will help you with suggestions. Tic TacToe Usually this game is only 3x3 squares but this makes it alittle harder (and funnier) to play. The goal is to connect five ofyour pieces in a row before your opponent, just tap a square toplay it. Reversi The goal is to have the most pieces when the boardis full. Flip your opponents pieces to become your own, by trappingthem between your pieces. An exciting game that can turn quickly ifyou play your moves well. If you are looking for fun strategy gamesthat will train your brain this is what you are looking for! I hopeyou like the app and if you have any positive feedback, please ratethe app! You can also email directly to [email protected]'s play!
Checkers Online - Duel friends 361
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Checkers Online - Play draughts with your friends online withamerican rules!
Chess Online - Duel friends! 350
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Chess Online - Challenge your friends or players around the world -Online!