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Darts Scoreboard
Darts Scoreboard is the perfect app fortracking your darts scores during a game of 501 or one of itsvariants. In the app you can set many preferences, such as thenumber of players, the start score, or whether you want to play inlegs or sets. Using the app is easy, after every turn you simplyneed to enter the total points scored with three darts. DartsScoreboard does the math and gives you a wide range of statistics.It is possible to save and share these statistics. When you reach ascore that can be finished the app will show a checkoutsuggestion.ProfileIf you are logged in your saved games will be associated with yourprofile. Also you can select your profile when you start a newgame. You can view your own statistics in a list. In a futureupdate you will be able to view various graphs, so you can see yourprogress.Preferences* Players: 1 to 4 players, custom names can be specified* Start score: 101, 170, 201, 301 up to and including 2501* Match type: sets or legs* Number of legs to win a set: 2, 3, 4, 5* Checkout type: single, double, tripleStatistics* Various averages, like match average, best set and/or legaverage, average of first nine darts in a leg* Scores: Number of 180, 140+, 100+, etc.* Checkouts: Highest and average checkout, number of outs above100, number of outs above 50* Other: Highest score, best leg, list of darts needed perlegDarts Scoreboard is free of charge and is updated with newfunctionality on a regular basis. The app is designed forsmartphones and tablets. Use it while playing with friends, or whenyou are training or practicing on your own.
Darts Cricket Scorer
This app keeps your results while you play darts cricket with yourfriends!