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Escape Mystery The Dark Fence 8.1
30 levels of mystery puzzle adventure escape game - Can you escape.
Escape Mystery - Brave Hens 5.7
Addictive 50 levels room escape game - Filled with brain logicalpuzzles.
Escape Room Fantasy - Reverie 8.4
Mystery 130 levels fantasy escape game has lots of fun puzzles andriddles.
Escape Room - Survival Mission 6.0
Solve brainstorming puzzle to uncover hidden twist and escape from101 levels.
Room Escape - Prisoners Hero 4.1
Get rid of 100 Levels Jail Escape Game. Break out all the lock andpuzzles.
Crime Suspects - CBI Investigation Detective Cases
Crime Suspect is a collection of 4 different stories to findthereasons for the crimes happening in the City and it isdevelopedand released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. Can you find all theHiddenObjects and solve the challenging puzzles? Be the mostanxiousdetective in the crime unit & solve the unsolvableMurdercases. Crime suspects is a puzzle and hidden objects gamewhere theplayer has to find the evidence then goes and find who isacriminal. You are the adventurous Detective for the crimesuspectsand you must find the serial killer ACTIVATE SPECIALABILITIES*crime suspects game is solving criminal cases indifferent cities.*Are you ready to prove your detective skills?*Investigate crimesuspects in corrupted cities. *Examine clues andanalyze samples tolook for evidence *Interrogate the witnesses andsuspects *Catchthe killer and bring in front of justice*Investigate all new crimecase scenes. *Exercise your brain to findmore hidden objectsfaster *New murder case detective game includeat all levels.Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring thesuspects in forquestioning and analyze evidence to catch thekillers. There are alot of criminal cases needed to be solved andto arrest thecriminal. Now it is your responsibility to give thejustice to thefamily who lost their members, go and start to findthe realvictims! MAKE YOUR CHOICE: And live with it! Throughoutyourinvestigations, you’ll face several moral decisions that willhavea meaningful impact on the characters and the stories.Features: 1.4 Different Categories and realistic stories 2. 68Levels and allthe levels are unlocked 3. You can play any levels norestrictions4. Best-filled graphics and animation 5. Simple UI butinterestinggame play 6. Various locations of great attractions 7.Hints helpto find the hidden objects. Stuck in Game - Get Help -AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through belowsocialmedia links. We are ready to help you...Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter:https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Interactive Case Murder Story 2.5
A serial killer is out there. Investigate, choose your path andfind the killer.
Santa Christmas Escape - The Frozen Sleigh
HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you the best and latest collectionsofpoint and click type Christmas & New Year celebration gamesforall the escape games lovers. Get ready for exciting ChristmasandNew Year games this 2018 year to feel the fun witheliteexcitement. Game Story: The Frozen Sleigh lets you combineyourstrategic and puzzle-solving skills in a vibrant andcolorfulChristmas themed fun guaranteed with filled of Santa &Bunny.It is based on three major game threads, each on adifferentscenario and timeline. The adventurous first game lets youembark ajourney to find a 5th-century religious book untempered initsoriginal form. You must hurry as powerful people are planningtohide it from the public forever. The Mystical second game putsyouin the shoes of Tom, a super-human born to super-human parents.Youmust find why your parents went missing one day in a thrilling'Godvs Earthling' storyline. In the emotionally driven third, youmustfind and bring back your grandmother, who left home after aquarrelwith your mom before New Year's Eve. Highlighted thing issuitablefor all age group so you can enjoy through playing thisgame andshare happiness with your family. Exciting 50 escape gameswaitingfor you to celebrate this Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018.In thisChristmas season, we hope you definitely try the newvarieties ofcake and sweets. Same time you want to taste the newvarieties of agame then try this 50 Levels of Santa & Bunny, itwill givemore satisfaction and full fill your expectation. Anaddedadvantage we added a bunch of New Year celebration games alsoforour players. So it will more be addicting you and we giveanassurance for giving tough challenge to your brain duringthisfestival season. Especially children are more liking theSanta& Bunny. But we not made for only children it suitable forthewhole family. Once you completed these levels it willdefinitelyimprove your memory power. Are you ready to break thisdoors andlocks through this challenging escape journey? Features :-Unique135 riddling puzzles - Over 50 differentstrategicallocations. - Exquisite Game scenes - Fun for all agesand Genders -Fantastic Festival Celebration Floors & Rooms . -Real brainChallenge for a Master - High scores and AchievementsEnabled -Earn daily gifts and rewards. - Alluring visuals in 2DGraphics -Extravaganza Game plays So tighten your buckles and holdon to yourreindeer to experience a seasonal Christmas escape-gamelike neverbefore.Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter:https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Horror Escape : Dusky Moon 7.5
50 levels of horror brain adventure challenge. Find Locks and keys.
Christmas Escape Little Santa 2.9
50 levels of numerous riddling puzzles are waiting.Unlock all thedoors and lock
Escape Room - Dream Life 5.5
100 level of thrilling adventure mystery. Can you unlock the doorand lock
Escape Room - Treasure Abyss 3.5
101 Levels puzzle room escape adventure mystery challenge. Can youescape.
501 Doors Escape Game Mystery 72.4
Let's escape from 501 intriguing classic rooms with brain puzzlechallenge
100 doors Escape: Mystery Land 2.2
Enjoy the brain challenge game with 50 levels of puzzleadventureroom escape
Room Escape: Mysterious Dream
Challenging levels of Adventures puzzle game & Fantasy worldtoexit
Escape Room: Cursed Realm 1.1
Halloween escape game filled with eerie puzzles and mysteriouscluesto break