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Screen Filter(Block Bluelight) 1.1.2
- Prolonged exposure to blue light from thescreen of the smartphone is getting dry eyesIt is this vision can fall as well as by inhibiting the hormonemelatonin, etc. cause insomnia.> Using a smartphone in the dark in the risk of dry eyesymptoms and insomnia If you need more (at night, there is no usein lighting) can be serious.> This app has the effect of reducing the blue light.> When the eye fatigue easily unsubscribe and also the darkby lowering the default brightness of the smartphone is especiallyeffective for people.> Apps that are not easily terminated by the memorycleaning.> CPU share, and use a little time to adjust the blockingrate, after which almost no CPU usage. To apply a filter that doesnot affect the operations, such as 3D gaming.- How simple to use> After installing the application, click the blue lightBlock button. The color matches your eyes (in sepia color and blackand encouraged) and sets the blocking rate.exit the app for other tasks. The filter should always protect youreyes.> Sepia color is best. Some yellowing may be represented, butthe blue light with high color blocking rate.> There is the ability to run automatically at boot eachtime, if cumbersome to apply the filter.> Even applying a filter screen of prolonged exposure is notgood for your health.> This app can be used to increase the effectiveness with thecase while adjusting the default brightness of the system.- CautionOther method except the installation of the filter through thePlay Store application does not install the click of a button. Inthis case, stop the filter after the installation is complete,please run it again
오늘의 한국사 1.0
이 앱은 한국의 역사적 사건에 대한 정보를 매일 제공합니다.또한 필요시에 따라 날자를 선택하여 그날과 같은 날에 있었던 역사적 사건에 대한 정보를 제공.특정 단어를 검색하였을 때 그 단어를 포함한 역사적 사건에 대한 정보를 제공합니다. (소개 이미지 참고)조선의 건국 부터 근현대사를 지나 2008년 까지의 데이터를 수록하고 있습니다.원본 자료는 국사편찬위원회에서 국민에게 제공한 공공데이터이며 그 역사 데이터를 재가공하여 제공합니다.1895년 11월 17일 부터 한국에서 양력을 채용하였습니다.이 데이터들 역시 1895년을 기준으로 그 이전은 음력, 그 이후는 양력으로 작성되어있습니다.----개발자 연락처 :e-mail : [email protected] appprovides information about historical events in Korea on a dailybasis.Further, if necessary, depending on the selected date andprovide information about the historical events of the same day andthe day.When searching for a particular word to provide informationabout the historical events including the word. (About the imagereference)Through the modern history since the founding of Joseon andrecorded data up to 2008.Original data is public data provided to the public in theNational History Compilation Committee provides data to rework itshistory.November 17, 1895 from the lift are adopted from Korea.As with the data of 1895 is also based on the previous lunarthereafter is written in the lift.
Math Calculator 1.1
- A calculation that does not exist in thegeneral calculator developed to speed.- For a simple usage environment, it does not include uses ofeach calculation.- Ideal for those revelations and understanding the contents ofthe calculation. (You can shorten the duration of your study orwork.)- Contains the following calculation.1. Factorization2. Greatest common divisor3. Least common multiple4. Linear equations5. Quadratic equations6. Pythagorean theorem7. Factorial8. Combination9. Permutation10. Base conversion- Additional calculator is needed or if you find a bug Pleasecontact the developer email.
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