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HB Mail for Outlook, Hotmail 1.46
This is the fastest email, mail checker app, optimized onlyforOutlook, Hotmail & Microsoft mail. This app allows youtopreview, read, send, reply and forward your messages as well astoadd and view attachments quickly, simply and securely! All youneedis your email login and password and the mail app is ready touse.✰✰✰ KEY FEATURES ✰✰✰ ✔️ Sync mail from the server with thefastestspeed ✔️ Read, compose, reply, forward and all other actionswithmail ✔️ Support login for Outlook mail, Hotmail and otherMicrosoftmail. ✔️ Push notification when new mail arrive ✔️ Smartspamfiltering, allowing permanent block of spammers ✔️Multi-optionmail search feature: search by sender, recipient,subject ... ✔️Support adding signature automatically when sendingmail ✔️ Mailfiltering feature: unread mail, flagged mail, attachedmail ✔️ Darkmode feature helps protect eyes from glare ✔️ Supportmultiplethemes with different colors ✔️ Secure with app lock - PINcode ✔️Multiple accounts support. Add all of your mail boxes andswitchbetween them easily. CONTACT AND FEEDBACK: We are trying toimprovethe application better and better, please send us feedbackviaemail: [email protected]
EasyMail - easy and fast email 7.0
EasyMail - easy and fast email is one of the lightest andfastestfully featured email apps available. This is the bestemailapplication for simultaneous work with several Gmail,Yandex,Outlook, Hotmail and other mailboxes. Receive and sendmessages,share photos and documents. Get instantly notified aboutnewmessages. Adjust the time, folders and services for which youwantto receive push-notifications. Personal spam filter willprotectyou from annoying mailings. Stay always in touch with theEasyMailapp! ***** If you have any requests, suggestions andcomments,please send via the "Feedback" in the app or send [email protected] we will respond and solvetheproblem as soon as possible. ***** - Multiple accounts support.Addall of your boxes and switch between them easily. -Fullsynchronization, does not matter whether you read, flagged,ormoved messages from a computer or mobile. - Filters. Viewunreademail, flagged email or emails with attachments-Push-notifications for new emails. - Caching emails. Emailsarestored in the phone's memory and are available without anetworkconnection. Read messages and view attachments in transportor, forexample, in the countryside.