Guru Puzzle Game Apps

Killer Sudoku - Sudoku Puzzle 2.5.1
Killer Sudoku Puzzles - train your brain with this number game atany time!
Jigsaw Puzzles HD Puzzle Games 6.8.1-23110363
Addictive & Relaxing Jigsaw Puzzles Games! HD collection ofbeautiful puzzles.
Differences - Find Difference 2.14.1
Find differences in pictures. Easy & Hard levels. Can you spotthe difference?
Find the Difference 33,000+ 2.13.1
Spot the difference game! Play with users and find 5-10 differencesin pictures.
Sudoku - Classic Sudoku Puzzle 3.1.0
Classic Sudoku Puzzles - a number game to train your brain &logic at any time!
Block Puzzle - Puzzle Games 2.21.3
Try out our simple but addictive classic block puzzle game, totrain your brain!
Find the Difference Game 9999+ 2.7.2
Find & Spot all differences. Improve your observation with thedifference games!
Block Puzzle - Fun Puzzle Game 1.7.1-22090676
A simple but addictive block puzzle game! The brand new blockjigsaw game 2021
Solitaire - Classic Card Games 3.11.0-23062167
Time to Relax! The Most Addictive Classic Solitaire Card Games foryou!
Water Sort Puzzle - Sort Color 3.8.0
Sort colorful water and enjoy water pouring sounds in addictiveASMR games
Tile Connect - Tile Match Game 1.5.7
Classic and fun Tile Connect game & pair matching puzzle totrain your brain!
Water Sort, Color Puzzle Games
Addictive but simple color sorting puzzle games for you to killboredom!
TriPeaks Solitaire Card Games 1.5.1
Play Classic and Challenging Solitaire TriPeaks Card Games to trainyour brain!
WordPuzz - Word Puzzle Games 1.9.0-22103181
Join the daily word guess puzzles! Enjoy wordle search game withword puzz.
2048 Merge Games - M2 Blocks 3.2.1-23032345
Challenge with the relaxing 2048 drop number blocks games and trainyour brain!
Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Game 2.15.0
A little challenging but addictive color sorting game to stimulateyour brain!
Car Parking Jam - Unblock Car 1.0.8
Help the car OUT! Sharpen your mind with tricky but addictiveparking jam games.
Find It Out - Hidden Object 3.9.2
Find out hidden objects in this scavenger hunt game. Seek, find& unlock maps!
Spider Solitaire Classic Games 2.3.2-23061784
Addictive Classic Solitaire of 2023! Relax with classic and funcard games now!
Parking Jam 3D - Car Out 2.4.0
HELP! Move all cars out of traffic jams and test puzzle skills inthis car game!
Sudoblock - Woody Block Puzzle 1.21.0
The most addictive Block puzzle game 2023 in Sudoku style. Smashthe Block now!
Solitaire 1.8.2-23061784
The most addictive solitaire games in 2023. Train your brain andrelax now!
Math Puzzle Games - Crossmath 1.5.5
Fun Crossmath Math Puzzle Games for you to train your brain andrelax!
Ball Sort Master: Color Puzzle 1.4.0
A fun and addictive sorting puzzle game with unique levels foryouto challenge!
Jigsaw Art Puzzle Games 1.2.1
Fun & addictive Jigsaw art games! Match art puzzle pieces tocomplete pictures!
My Home Planet: Idle Explorer
Make your home planet great again! So fun and addictive!
Blocky Jigsaw Puzzle Game 1.2.0
Simple but Addictive! Relaxing Block Jigsaw Puzzle game foryou,play anytime!
Jigsort Jigsaw Puzzles HD Game 1.2.0-23102742
Addictive Jigsaw Puzzles sorting game for adults! Relax andtrainyour brain!
Tile Master - Match Puzzle 1.3.1
Classic triple match puzzle game. Challenge in this matchinggamenow!