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Loading Bay: Unblock the Blox 1.1
Poor Lodeblox, the robot, has a near impossible job in the loadingbay. Help him sort the unending supply of blox in this fast paced,mad dash of a puzzle game. Watch as mazes form around Lodeblox tochallenge and test you. You'll need all your brains, logic andquick wits to survive this fiendish, speedy puzzle game - all setin a cool sci fi environment.Luckily Lodeblox has found some tricks to help him complete histask, from reprogramming blox to swap their colour to blowing themup with missiles and bombs. Anything to complete his job!Complete specific orders to earn heaps of blox which can bespent on new robots. Try the sparkly Flossblox, the freaking coolSwaggablox and the shiny Goldieblox.How to Play Loading Bay: Collect blox and place them on conveyerbelts. Your robot can only collect one type at a time and all othertypes will block him. If he gets stuck, use missiles to unblockhim. Occasionally the control terminal will allow you to swap thecolour of blox. Be on the look out for power ups and be sure tocomplete tasks to earn extra rewards.Pro Tip: Use missiles to unblock you when stuck.Loading Bay boasts:+ Great sci fi graphics and sound+ 6 playable robots+ Challenging puzzle mechanicsIf you like Loading Bay check out some of our other games:Ball Miner - Tilt and tap your way deep underground in this ballrolling, mining fusion!Pumpkin Patch - Protect your Pumpkins using fireworks and spells inthis spooky defence game.
Five Hopes 1
"...this is one traditional platformer thatwon’t always go easy on you." - MacLifeSet in a fantasy world of demons, traps and puzzles, Five Hopesis a charming little puzzle platformer that blends puzzle,adventure and action seamlessly. Switch between different heroes toovercome a variety of obstacles and enemies. Teleport and levitateas the Wizard, shape-shift as the Druid and avoid demons as thestealthy Assassin. The real fun comes from using the differentheroes’ powers in harmony to overcome even the most despicable ofenemies: General Ignorance, Major Trauma and Despair.When the Four Hopes (a legendary band of heroes) die fightingDespair, it’s left to the Boy to carry on alone. He’s not somepowerful wizard or warrior but to succeed he must become thegreatest of heroes. Taking on the power of the Four Hopes he canfight the demons that plague his world: nervy Anxiety, lazy Apathyand nagging Doubts. But the path ahead is dangerous: thedemon-infested Grasslands of Doubt are General Ignorance’s stompingground, and few cross the Desert of Woe when Major Trauma iswatching.Five Hopes is a game about a boy overcoming his demons. It’sbeen lovingly crafted to give you the best game experience we can.With an old-school feel, loads of secrets and collectables, andplenty of detail, depth and humour, we’re confident that you’lllove this innovative little puzzle platformer!+ Puzzle platformer with 24 handcrafted levels in two distinctzones - full of puzzles and hidden collectables.+ Fight 12 different characterful demons each with unique abilities- including two complex boss fights.+ Follow the story of the Boy's journey as he defeats Despair'shenchmen.+ Unlock a variety of interesting trinkets and weapons to help inyour quest.+ All set in a rich, hand-painted world, with beautiful music.Five Hopes is advert free and contains no in app purchases. Weplan to continue updating Five Hopes with the support of ourplayers, so expect a new zone soon!Love Five Hopes? Follow or like Grumpy Rhino Games for news andupdates on this game and
Clicker Town: Free Idle Tapper 1.25
Build your town, your way. Our new idle tappergives you choice and strategy like never before. Build streetschoosing your own buildings, people and vehicles to get the biggestbonuses you can. Will you build a street full of quaint littlehouses, sedans and happy people, or build a bustling metropolisfull of offices, taxis and businessmen?How you build and place your buildings, citizens and vehicles ismassively important. Everything in the game has a bonus, and thesebonuses work with each other. Place a firetruck to boost your firestation or a racing driver to get more vehicles. The cafe boostsall surrounding buildings and the ice-cream truck improves yourtown's happiness. Plan your street right and watch your townflourish.On top of this, Clicker Town has everything you'd expect from atapper: infinite, incremental, tapping gameplay, millions ofupgrades and offline, idle progression. Plus, unlock over 90different unique characters, buildings, vehicles and mayors. Allset in a wonderful, funny, cube world.Features:+ A huge amount of choice, strategy and depth.+ Distinctive cube graphics.+ Incremental, idle, tapping gameplay.+ Over 90 fun cube characters, buildings, vehicles.At Grumpy Rhino Games we specialise in clickers and idle games,so check our other games out.
Level Up: Villains - Idle Game 1.15
Ever wanted to be a bad guy? To have a lairfull of henchmen and underlings at your disposal? Well in "LevelUp: Villains" you can.The Lair is full of evil doers; a blind, fire obsessed dwarf, athree-eyed orc, an undead fallen hero, three crazed elves and asniper known only as "Question Marks". This ragtag bunch of thievesand murderers are desperate to cause chaos and destruction, butthey're in need of a leader.Hire villains (or beat them up until they join you) and slowlyunlock the secrets of the Lair. Train your Villains, tap, upgradeand empower them to be the very best (well, worst) they can be.Improve their skills and (once trained enough) send them out onvarious dastardly, idle, quests. Your underlings will smash heroes,battle kings and perform a variety of other weird and wonderfultasks for you, all earning you precious gold.Use this pilfered gold to expand the Lair, unlock new zones,build gold mines (to fuel your evil campaign), unlock shops andhire more Villains. Improve every aspect of your base and becomeknown across the land.The Lair has many secrets, and perhaps the best kept is theDrums of Power - hidden in its very heart. Find these drums, unlocktheir secrets and earn powerful relics which will secure your namein the hall of evil.Features:+ Exciting Idle / Tapper gameplay.+ Nearly 20 Villains, to hire, train and upgrade.+ Close to 100 unique quests that will challenge your skills.+ Prestige to earn the powerful Items of Power to unlock permanentbonuses.+ Stunning 3D graphics, great music.+ More content planned.At Grumpy Rhino Games we're trying to take the Clicker and Idlegenre to the next level. With two successful Tappers under our belt(More! Gold! Now! and Clicker Town) and more planned. We always tryto make our games feel different and bring in new ideas to keep youentertained. We're always looking for feedback, so send us amessage on...Facebook:
Wandering Armies - Idle RPG 1.1
Prepare for a clicker, so different, so fresh,that even non-clicker fans have played it and said 'Yeah, that'skinda good'. It's a clash of good and evil, where you play as...the good guys. No, the bad guys. Wait, you play as...both!Unlock, level up and swap between armies while playing withunique heroes, mind-bending technologies and powerful spells. Onceyour armies are big and bad enough, have them destroy each other toprestige and earn a whole array of new rewards. Travel through thegame multiple times to unlock new locations, new heroes andmore.We've tried to make this a clicker/idle game like no other.Watch as your heroes interact with each other: bad-mouthing,bantering and generally chatting away as you play. Unlock cheats toturn the world upside, change everyone into sheep or... well playthe game to find out more.❖Features❖➤ Control two armies - each with distinct heroes (and villains),technologies, spells and upgrades.➤ Scratch your capitalist itch and become a titan of a medievaleconomy!➤ Invest your profits in the engines of war, spending coins toupgrade your heroes (and villains)!➤ Take shelter behind the walls of your castle or invest in newtechnologies for your armies!➤ Funny (and not so funny) conversations as you play.❖Coming soon to Steam and PC! Please review the game so we cancontinue to improve it!❖
Idle Armies
Top 10 Tapper of 2016. An Idle RPG game like no other, you controlboth sides!
The Five Hopes 1
Set in a fantasy world of demons, trapsandpuzzles, Five Hopes is a charming little puzzle platformerthatblends puzzle, adventure and action seamlessly. Switchbetweendifferent heroes to overcome a variety of obstacles andenemies.Teleport and levitate as the Wizard, shape-shift as theDruid andavoid demons as the stealthy Assassin. The real fun comesfromusing the different heroes’ powers in harmony to overcome eventhemost despicable of enemies: General Ignorance, Major TraumaandDespair.When the Four Hopes (a legendary band of heroes) diefightingDespair, it’s left to the Boy to carry on alone. He’s notsomepowerful wizard or warrior but to succeed he must becomethegreatest of heroes. Taking on the power of the Four Hopes hecanfight the demons that plague his world: nervy Anxiety, lazyApathyand nagging Doubts. But the path ahead is dangerous:thedemon-infested Grasslands of Doubt are General Ignorance’sstompingground, and few cross the Desert of Woe when Major Traumaiswatching. Make it to Mount Gloom and fight Despair herself.Five Hopes is a game about a boy overcoming his demons. It’sbeenlovingly crafted to give you the best game experience we can.Withan old-school feel, loads of secrets and collectables, andplenty ofdetail, depth and humour, we’re confident that you’lllove thisinnovative little puzzle platformer!+ Puzzle platformer with 36 handcrafted levels in threedistinctzones - full of puzzles and hidden collectables.+ Fight 15 different characterful demons each with uniqueabilities- including three complex boss fights.+ Follow the story of the Boy's journey as he defeatsDespair'shenchmen and Despair herself.+ Unlock a variety of interesting trinkets and weapons to helpinyour quest.+ All set in a rich, hand-painted world, with beautiful music.Love Five Hopes? Follow or like Grumpy Rhino Games for newsandupdates on this game and
Idle Empires
Ever wanted to play the role of a gold-hungry, power-obsessedtyrant?
Idle Apocalypse
Ever wanted to run a cult? Summon legendary demon gods? Or… destroythe world?
Idle Mastermind 1.20
Ever wanted to be the villain? To build a lair? Hire henchmen?Fight superheroes? Concoct dastardly plans? Raid a city? Or… takeover the world? No? What, really? Sure you do! Idle Mastermind,from the makers of Idle Apocalypse, is the best supervillainsimulator of 2020! Play as three supervillains. The techy but tiny:Dr DOS. The gangster crime boss: Yara. Or the unpredictable: LOL.Each has their own evil grand plan. Build a lair to run your empirefrom. Hire a bunch of evil henchmen to do your bidding. Raid thecity above to gain precious resources. Unlock new research andskills to improve your criminal, idle empire. When you’re ready,execute your evil plan and bring about the apocalypse! Play as 3distinct villains, each with: + A unique lair with special floorsand henchmen. + Different strategies, skills and stories. + Uniqueresource management styles. Build your dream lair: + 30 uniquefloors. + Floors that will generate resources while offline. +Special floors with unique gameplay elements. Hire an army of evilthugs: + 20+ henchmen. + Different classes, abilities. + Uniqueresource management gameplay. On top of that it has all the humourand inane chatter of a Grumpy Rhino game. The makers of IdleApocalypse. Lovers of simulation games and incremental clickerswon’t be able to put down this dastardly, near criminal RPG.
NecroMerger - Idle Merge Game
The Devourer is always hungry and it’s your job to feed it in thisidle merge game mashup. Play as the NecroMerger and use dark magicto summon an army of creatures (skeletons, zombies, demons,banshees… the list goes on). Merge them from piddly little gruntsinto massive (and tasty) brutes, before feeding them to your everhungry pet. As you grow your Devourer you’ll attract the attentionof merchants, champions and even rivals. Some can be useful, othersmust be fought… or fed to your insatiable pet. The bigger theDevourer grows the more your lair will expand and you’ll unlockpowerful abilities and spells. Complete feats to unlock newstations and equipment… graves, altars, fridges and even a bathtubto hold excess slime. New stations will let you summon new,stronger (and even more tasty) creatures. Manage your lair andminions to maximize your resource generation. NecroMerger is awhole new type of game that combines merge and idle mechanics withresource management to create something truly unique. Grow Monsters+ 70+ creatures to spawn and merge. + Creatures have uniqueabilities to manage (resource generation, damage, deliciousness) +Legendary Creatures with big benefits. Expand your Lair + Expandyour lair. Unlock new equipment including; graves, supply cupboardsand portals. + Attract Champions, merchants and thieves to yourlair. + Complete feats, master spells, brew potions. Idle MergeMashup + A unique system of resource management. + Resourcesgenerate even when you’re offline. + Months of fun! From the makersof Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, NecroMerger has the humourand inane chatter you’d expect of a Grumpy Rhino Game.