Grove FX Apps

Creepy sounds 1.0.1
Grove FX
Do you want to scare your friend orcreatehorror atmosphere? Just install our application and enjoy.Scary creepy sounds together with horror visual effectswillfrighten your friend.
Spatial Thinking 1.0.2
Grove FX
These small games will help you to trainyourspatial thinking. Train your brain and improve your cognitiveskillwith us!For now application contains 2 brain training games:'Rotation' - train spatial thinking.'Rotation+' - train spatial thinking and improve memory.
Mental Math Workout. 1.1.6
Grove FX
How to learn to count quickly in yourmind?Practice makes perfect. This powerful application will helptolearn mental math. Solve mathematical examples with timer,trainbrain and improve inner calculator! Soon you can easily,forexample, sum the amount of purchases in the store.+ 9 difficulty levels+ Timer+ The ability to skip difficult taskMathematics for everyone: the app will be useful forpupils,students and who no longer studies math.You will see that mental calculation is a simple task.Pass all the levels from 1 to 9 and become an expert inmentalarithmetic! Regular mental math workout are helpful even ifyou cannot reach last level and stuck in the middle. You will reachnextlevel some day, just do not give up.With each correct answer you will earn points, but skipping thetaskor wrong answer reduce the progress. The better and faster youcanhandle, the more difficult task awaits you.
Train Your Brain 1.23.2
Grove FX
These small games will help you to improve concentration ofattention, focus thoughts on a specific item, pay more attention todetail, train spatial thinking and improve your mental skills atall. Train your brain and improve your cognitive skill with us! Fornow application contains 7 brain training games: 'Colors' - improvefocus speed and attentiveness. 'Numbers' - improve attentivenessand memory. 'Anagrams' - improve focus speed and attentiveness.'Fly' - improve focus and train attentiveness. 'Rotation' - trainspatial thinking. 'Rotation+' - train spatial thinking and improvememory. 'Schulte Table' train speed reading, peripheral vision,attention and visual perception Other games will be added soon.
ISTQB Glossary and Quiz 1.2.2
Grove FX
A useful glossary of ISTQB terms anddefinitions containing over 700 entries that are used atFoundation, Advanced and Expert levels.It is the newest ISTQB Glossary version that has been published inMarch 2015.The ISTQB Glossary is designed to aid in preparation for the ISTQB®examsWhat is more, the application contains quiz that allows you tocheck your knowledge
Train Your Brain 2 1.8.1
Grove FX
Simple but helpful games for developing focus, attention, thinkingand memory as well as quick reaction (thanks to a timer). Being funand cognitive, it will help you cheer up! Train your brain everyday with us and good performance and focus are guaranteed! Now theapplication contains seven games: - 'Colors' - is based on Stroopeffect (delay in reaction time when given conflicting information).This game improves focus speed and attentiveness. - ‘Fly’ gamehelps to improve focus and concentration. Just choose the settingsthat are comfortable for you (quantity of movements, speed and sizeof the field) and practice. Do not forget to complicate the taskfrom time to time, in order to improve focus and concentration moreand more. - 'Schulte Table' was developed as a psycho-diagnostictest by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Walter Schulte. This trainspeed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception.In ‘1 Color’ mode of Schulte Table you should find all numbers inascending order. E.g. in 5x5 fields you should find the followingnumbers: 1, 2, 3, … , 24, 25. Try ‘2 Color’ mode of Schulte Tableif standard variant is easy enough. All numbers are written withblack or red color here (e.g. in table 5x5 you will see thefollowing values: black - 1, 2, …,13 and red 1, 2 .. 12.) Youshould chose black number in ascending order and red color indescending order - 1-black, 12-red, 2-black, 11-red, …12-black,1-red, 13-red. Different order and colors confuses your brain, sothis mode is difficult and need even more concentration. Important:Focus on the center of grid and use peripheral vision to find allnumbers one by one (don’t move your eyes). - 'Rotation' game trainsyour spatial thinking and focus speed. In this game you shouldcompare two patterns and decide if they are equals to each other. -'Rotation+' game trains spatial thinking and helps to improvememory. In this game you should remember pattern and reproduce itafter field rotation. Start with ‘1 color’ modyoue and ‘Very Easy’level to understand exercise. Then choose more difficult level and‘2 color’/‘3 color’ mode in order to improve memory and spatialthinking even more. - 'Anagrams' - improves focus speed andattentiveness. In this game you should find anagram for thespecified word (anagram is a word formed from another byrearranging its letters) - 'Numbers' - train attentiveness andmemory. In this game you should find absent numbers in field assoon as possible. The application is under active development now,so new games and features are coming soon.