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Return Zero Cardboard VR 1.1
Ground Control Studios
Return Zero VR is a­ beautiful,­psychedelic,­ultrafast VR tunnel racer. If racing past mad-fast,frantic mazesset out in virtual, TRON like worlds is your thing,then ReturnZero VR is definitely the game for you.Collect blue gates to gain speed while avoiding the redandyellow ones. Overcome the speed of light and experiencetimerunning backwards!Now with Procedural Tracks! : Bored of the same old tracks?Notanymore! With these tracks, we added that extra somethingthatmakes you jump around all over again :)Introducing Turns, Climbs and Slopes! : Because racing onastraight line is not as cool as being twisted and turned alloverthe place! Still a confortable VR experience (please let usknow ifotherwise) and now more thrilling than ever!Immerse yourself on the world of Return Zero VR. Do you havewhatit takes to turn back time?Requires a Google Cardboard viewer to play.Use your gaze to control the ship, no controllers required!This game works better on Cardboard-compatible devices,withscreensize of 5" and over.Game not compatible with tablets
AR Showroom Prototype 2.1
Prototype for an AR Showroom App
ZHED - Puzzle Game 20.0.3
ZHED is an instant classic puzzle game. Based on a simple mechanicit builds onto increasingly complex puzzles that challenge you to alevel you would not imagine. No timers, no clocks, no stars and notricks, just pure puzzles for you to enjoy. It's the perfectbrain-teaser that lets you train focus, concentration and memory.How to Play ZHED? Tap a square and select a direction (upwards,downwards, to the left and to the right). See how the square reactswhen they intersect with each other, and build a path to fill thegoal square. When you finished, the next level will show up! Youcan undo moves or restart levels as much as you want. How manylevels are there? There are currently 5 free level packs with atotal of 100 challenging and curated levels. How to save my gameprogress? Make sure you are connected to internet, and yourprogress will be saved automatically! Do I need to pay anything toplay this game? It is 100% free, but you can buy or earn hints tohelp you solve harder puzzles. NOTES ZHED​ contains optionalrewarded video ads. ZHED​ sells hints and extra level packs asIAPs. Please read the PRIVACY POLICY Like us on FACEBOOK Send us your feedback,we appreciate it. Enjoy :)
Swipez 1.2
Ground Control Studios
Swipez is a clean and minimalist puzzle game, intented to besuperrelaxing, without menus, scores, tutorials, move counters,gameshops or any other distractions. Featuring +150 levels, youwillfind easy levels to ease you in, and incrementaly morecomplexlevels with misdirections that make them harder and hardertosolve. Thanks for supporting us!
Cidade Portgás 0.3
Know all the advantages of Natural Gas in our Interactive City AR