Green Panda Games Apps

Solitaire Retro 98.1.2
Discover Solitaire Retro, a pixel art version of the most popularclassic card game in the World. We are working hard every day tooffer you the best gaming experience and design on a Solitaire.Explore a comprehensive and fun-packed version of solitaire andjoin the thousands of players already hooked! DIFFERENT GAME MODES- Standard solitaire mode or Vegas mode - 1 or 3 card draw -Portrait or landscape mode - Play left or right-handed COMPLETEFUNCTIONALITY - Customize your cards and boards - Full statistics -Games are automatically saved - Cancel moves as many times as youwant - Intelligent help AN OPTIMAL PLAYING EXPERIENCE - Play andmove cards easily - Touch a card to move it automatically -Automatically end your turn on solitaire Please feel free tocontact us at [email protected] if you encounter anyproblem regarding this app. For the latest news and updates onGreen Panda Games: LIKE us on Facebook Followus on Twitter @greenpandagames Visit us at:
Spider Solitaire 1.0.0
Discover a complete and enjoyable versionofspider solitaire, and join thousands of other players whoarealready online.FEATURES- Customize your game with new cards and boards !- A brand new Premium inApp, with exclusive cards and boards!- Full of new statistics to analyse your games !DIFFERENT GAME MODES- Three difficulty settings - have fun whether you're a newbieoran expert at spider solitaire!MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY- Customize your cards and boards- Your turn will be saved automatically- Unlimited cancellations of your previous turns- Intelligent helpOPTIMAL PLAYABILITY- Slide and place cards easily- Touch card to move it automatically- Automatically completes finished parts of spider solitairePlease feel free to contact us at [email protected] ifyouencounter any problem regarding this app.For the latest news and updates on Green Panda Games:LIKE us on Facebook us on Twitter@greenpandagamesVisit us at:
Sudoku 3.1.1
Sudoku is now available for Android with a level of gameplay neverseen before in the Google Play Store! Discover this great versionof Sudoku and join thousands of other addicted players. DIFFERENTGAME MODES - Four levels of difficulty - you can enjoy the gamewhether you're a beginner or an expert! - Choose classic 9x9 gridsor try flash 6x6 grids ! - Unlimited saves - Novice player? Try ourbeginners' sudoku, with an interactive tutorial. - Or are you aSudoku expert? Try the 'Impossible' level! - Left or Right-handed -Choose horizontal or vertical keyboards. A FULL, FUN VERSION OFSUDOKU - Each turn is automatically saved - Prevent screen time-outduring game time - The graphics have been designed to maximise yourenjoyment Customize your game with many different in-game options,which you can turn on or off: - Show same-value numbers entered -Prevent same numbers from being entered - Activate or deactivatethe timer Please feel free to contact us [email protected] if you encounter any problem regardingthis app.
Blackjack 1.3.1
Welcome to the #1 Blackjack! Play as in real casinos and beat thedealer to win tons of dollars! Blackjack, also known as twenty-one,is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. RULESAND OPTIONS Blackjack is a card game between a player competingagainst the dealer. It is played with two or more decks of 52cards. The object of the game is to beat the dealer in one of thefollowing ways: - Get a BlackJack on the player's first two cards(21 points), without a dealer blackjack. - Reach a final scorehigher than the dealer without exceeding 21 - Let the dealer drawadditional cards until his or her hand exceeds 21. CASINOS Travelall around the world and play in the most popular casinos: - Casinoof Las Vegas - Casino of Paris - Casino of Macau - Casino of London- Casino of Monte Carlo - Casino of The Bahamas FEATURES -Blackjack pays 3:2 - Dealer must stand on a 17 and draw to 16 -Insurance pays 2:1 - Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split or SurrenderIMPORTANT NOTICE This game contains an algorithm that strictlyrespects Blackjack rules. Cards are shuffled and dealt in the exactcasino way to ensure a 100% fair gameplay. Inapp purchases costreal money - be responsible when playing games including money.This Blackjack game is a gambling simulation game, it neitherinvolves real money gambling, nor provides any means to win realmoney or prize. CONTACT Please feel free to contact us [email protected] if you encounter any problem regardingthis app. For the latest news and updates on Green Panda Games:LIKE us on Facebook Followus on Twitter @greenpandagames Visit us at:
Idle Aqua Park 2.7.7
Water Amusement Park Tycoon
Mining Inc. 1.16.0
Become a mining tycoon
Idle Bee Factory Tycoon 1.33.0
Are you ready to manage your own honey factory, collecting hundredsof bees?
Milk Factory 1.3.6
Always wanted to manage your own milk business?? Now it'spossiblein the most exciting Milk Idle game! - Upgrade and managedyourFactory - Unlock CRAZY cow ! - Super POWER-UPS to multiplyyourearnings! - Become TRILLIONAIRE !!! MILK IT RAINS !!!
Car Wash Empire 1.20
Manage your own car wash empire, in retro style!
Idle Slice and Dice 2.7.1
Join the most satisfying adventure in the ultimate cutting factory!
Gun Idle 1.22
Shoot for Cash!!
Golf Orbit 1.22.5
Drive as far as possible, improve your skills and drive evenfurther! If you shoot really far you might even land on anotherplanet !!
Emoji Craft 1.41
Get rich with the idle factory!
Farm Factory
Farm tycoon idle game!
Ant Factory 1.1.2
COLLECT ants then train them to gather cool items to SELL andmakePROFIT! Who knows what those little rascals will bring you?Thosecourageous ants need a LEADER... will you be the one leadingthemto FORTUNE?
Axe Climber 1.93
Get ready to face the toughest mountains full of spikes,volcanoesand eagles! Only 2% of players reached the last level!Easy tolearn but hard to master, Axe climber is super addicting!
Golf Inc. Tycoon 1.8
Welcome to the most exciting Golf idle game! Are you ready tomanageyour own Golf course and become the richest manager alive? -Upgradeand manage your Golf course - Improve fairway, cars andgolfers -Cool money boosters You will be the next boss of a newgolf coursein a new country!
Snow Racer 1.4.3
Manage your ski stations! Upgrade your machines, welcomemorecustomers and become the richest manager alive! - Unlock worlds-Welcome TONS of skiers - Upgrade your machines to make more money-Earn millions and billions while you're offline - Tap toincreaseyour stations' productivity
Butterfly Idle 1.0
Try the most relaxing idle game: discover, collect and hatchlovelybutterflies to increase your nectar income!
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.30.3
Relaxing game: discover, collect and grow lovely plants to expandyour garden!
Idle Construction 3D 2.19
Create your construction empire, from small houses to the mostfamous buildings!
Solitaire 3.3.8
Solitaire, a classic and free version of the card game designed forAndroid !
Sushi Bar Idle 2.7.18
Become the ultimate sushi master! Manage your own Japanese sushirestaurant
Weed Factory Idle 2.9.1
Grow good stuff and sell your product to build your own mafiaempire.
Idle Human 1.18
Build a human cell by cell in a fun and instructive game!
Idle Airplane Inc. Tycoon 1.23.1
Create your own airline and manage your planes in Idle AirplaneTycoon.