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Solitaire Retro 98.1.2
Discover Solitaire Retro, a pixel art version of the most popularclassic card game in the World. We are working hard every day tooffer you the best gaming experience and design on a Solitaire.Explore a comprehensive and fun-packed version of solitaire andjoin the thousands of players already hooked! DIFFERENT GAME MODES- Standard solitaire mode or Vegas mode - 1 or 3 card draw -Portrait or landscape mode - Play left or right-handed COMPLETEFUNCTIONALITY - Customize your cards and boards - Full statistics -Games are automatically saved - Cancel moves as many times as youwant - Intelligent help AN OPTIMAL PLAYING EXPERIENCE - Play andmove cards easily - Touch a card to move it automatically -Automatically end your turn on solitaire Please feel free tocontact us at [email protected] if you encounter anyproblem regarding this app. For the latest news and updates onGreen Panda Games: LIKE us on Facebook Followus on Twitter @greenpandagames Visit us at:
Spider Solitaire 1.0.0
Discover a complete and enjoyable versionofspider solitaire, and join thousands of other players whoarealready online.FEATURES- Customize your game with new cards and boards !- A brand new Premium inApp, with exclusive cards and boards!- Full of new statistics to analyse your games !DIFFERENT GAME MODES- Three difficulty settings - have fun whether you're a newbieoran expert at spider solitaire!MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY- Customize your cards and boards- Your turn will be saved automatically- Unlimited cancellations of your previous turns- Intelligent helpOPTIMAL PLAYABILITY- Slide and place cards easily- Touch card to move it automatically- Automatically completes finished parts of spider solitairePlease feel free to contact us at [email protected] ifyouencounter any problem regarding this app.For the latest news and updates on Green Panda Games:LIKE us on Facebook us on [email protected] us at:
Sudoku 3.1.1
Sudoku is now available for Android with a level of gameplay neverseen before in the Google Play Store! Discover this great versionof Sudoku and join thousands of other addicted players. DIFFERENTGAME MODES - Four levels of difficulty - you can enjoy the gamewhether you're a beginner or an expert! - Choose classic 9x9 gridsor try flash 6x6 grids ! - Unlimited saves - Novice player? Try ourbeginners' sudoku, with an interactive tutorial. - Or are you aSudoku expert? Try the 'Impossible' level! - Left or Right-handed -Choose horizontal or vertical keyboards. A FULL, FUN VERSION OFSUDOKU - Each turn is automatically saved - Prevent screen time-outduring game time - The graphics have been designed to maximise yourenjoyment Customize your game with many different in-game options,which you can turn on or off: - Show same-value numbers entered -Prevent same numbers from being entered - Activate or deactivatethe timer Please feel free to contact us [email protected] if you encounter any problem regardingthis app.
Blackjack 1.3.1
Welcome to the #1 Blackjack! Play as in real casinos and beat thedealer to win tons of dollars! Blackjack, also known as twenty-one,is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. RULESAND OPTIONS Blackjack is a card game between a player competingagainst the dealer. It is played with two or more decks of 52cards. The object of the game is to beat the dealer in one of thefollowing ways: - Get a BlackJack on the player's first two cards(21 points), without a dealer blackjack. - Reach a final scorehigher than the dealer without exceeding 21 - Let the dealer drawadditional cards until his or her hand exceeds 21. CASINOS Travelall around the world and play in the most popular casinos: - Casinoof Las Vegas - Casino of Paris - Casino of Macau - Casino of London- Casino of Monte Carlo - Casino of The Bahamas FEATURES -Blackjack pays 3:2 - Dealer must stand on a 17 and draw to 16 -Insurance pays 2:1 - Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split or SurrenderIMPORTANT NOTICE This game contains an algorithm that strictlyrespects Blackjack rules. Cards are shuffled and dealt in the exactcasino way to ensure a 100% fair gameplay. Inapp purchases costreal money - be responsible when playing games including money.This Blackjack game is a gambling simulation game, it neitherinvolves real money gambling, nor provides any means to win realmoney or prize. CONTACT Please feel free to contact us [email protected] if you encounter any problem regardingthis app. For the latest news and updates on Green Panda Games:LIKE us on Facebook Followus on Twitter @greenpandagames Visit us at:
Idle Aqua Park 2.4.0
It's getting hot in here !!! Let's cool off by managing your ownwater park. In Idle Aqua Park you will enjoy : - CRAZY attractions- FUNNY customers - Super POWER-UPS to multiply your earnings ! -Earning TRILLIONS !!! Are you ready to spend the summer in the pool???!!!
Mining Inc. 1.12.1
Make it rain with your mining empire! Become the next miningtrillionaire, rule the industry, and be the king of all mines!DISCOVER AND ENJOY DIVERSE CONTENT Throughout the game, you willsee your environment evolve visually with new buildings, newvehicles, new machines to help you reach your goal of operating themost successful mining company! UNCOVER PRECIOUS GEMSTONES You willstart with one production line- a gold mine. As the gameprogresses, you can unlock mines that are full of diamonds, rubies,and other rare gemstones! IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTION With the moneyyou earn, you can unlock and upgrade buildings to increase theoutput of your mining company! HIRE YOUR DREAM TEAM Gather the bestmanagers to tackle all your challenges! Assign them wisely tooptimize your production! Hire managers with various unique skillsto assign them to different parts of your operation! COLLECT UNIQUEBOOSTERS When you reach specific prestige ranks, you will winunique boosters to make your mining enterprise grow even faster!EMBRACE THE MINING CHALLENGE The user journey is filled withnumerous challenging quests. Complete them all to unlock newcontent! Start drilling today!
Bee Factory 1.29.6
Welcome to the most exciting Bee idle game! Are you ready to manageyour own factory and become the richest man alive? - Unlock +100super fun bees - Sell TONS of honey - Upgrade your bees and yourmachines
Milk Factory 1.3.6
Always wanted to manage your own milk business?? Now it'spossiblein the most exciting Milk Idle game! - Upgrade and managedyourFactory - Unlock CRAZY cow ! - Super POWER-UPS to multiplyyourearnings! - Become TRILLIONAIRE !!! MILK IT RAINS !!!
Car Wash Empire 1.11.1
Do you think you have what it takes to become the most daringandsuccessful car wash manager who ever set foot on bitumen?Startsmall, grow big until you build the most powerful car washempire.Invest in your car wash and use bonuses wisely to unlock: -Morelanes - More floors - More cars - More technologies -Morecountries - MORE CAR WASH!
Idle Slice and Dice 2.5.3
Manage your cutting factory and become the richest one !! Upgradeyour factory and cut all kinds of materials. Unlock all blades toboost your efficiency ! Can you build the best factory ?
Gun Idle 1.12
Collecting weapons has never been safer! Welcome to yourWEAPONSfactory! You’re now the BIG-BOSS of the world’s greatestshootingrange! Ready to train your SKILLS with every weapon you canthinkof and DESTROY your targets?! - Unlock MORE THAN 40 coolweapons! -No limit! Make TRILLIONS of dollars! - Insane POWER-UPSto multiplyyour earnings! - Super fun DESTRUCTIBLE targets!
Golf Orbit 1.22.5
Drive as far as possible, improve your skills and drive evenfurther! If you shoot really far you might even land on anotherplanet !!
Emoji Craft 1.38
Certified better than The Emoji movie! Hey Chief ! Ever dreamedofbeing the first person to transform a LITTLE TURTLE into aBIGDINOSAUR and become the NEXT BILLIONAIRE ?! Unlock some FUNEMOJIS,cool money boosters and you will be the next boss of thebusiness !Build the biggest automated factory and become the newbest emojiproducer! * 80+ Awesome emojis * Super-duper boosters tomultiplyby ten your production * Hundreds of levels to unlock
Magic Mushrooms 1.7.4
Awake the alchemist that sleeps in you and turn mushroomsintopotions to cure the WORLD !! - Unlock CRAZY mushrooms withFUNcapacity - Magical POWER-UPS to help you in your research -SAVEthe world and become TRILLIONAIRE by doing so Are you ready??Yournew quest is waiting for you !!!
Farm Factory 1.3.2
Welcome to the most exciting animals idle game! Are you readytomanage your own farm and become the richest man alive? - Unlock+50super fun animals - Sell TONS of product made by your animals-Upgrade your animals and machines to sell even more - Top10clicker of 2019
Ant Factory 1.1.2
COLLECT ants then train them to gather cool items to SELL andmakePROFIT! Who knows what those little rascals will bring you?Thosecourageous ants need a LEADER... will you be the one leadingthemto FORTUNE?
Axe Climber 1.93
Get ready to face the toughest mountains full of spikes,volcanoesand eagles! Only 2% of players reached the last level!Easy tolearn but hard to master, Axe climber is super addicting!
Golf Inc. Tycoon 1.8
Welcome to the most exciting Golf idle game! Are you ready tomanageyour own Golf course and become the richest manager alive? -Upgradeand manage your Golf course - Improve fairway, cars andgolfers -Cool money boosters You will be the next boss of a newgolf coursein a new country!
Toll Idle 1.10.3
Ready to be rich? Create your own highway business, developyourtoll and earn a lot of money! Relaxing and easy to play.
Snow Racer 1.4.3
Manage your ski stations! Upgrade your machines, welcomemorecustomers and become the richest manager alive! - Unlock worlds-Welcome TONS of skiers - Upgrade your machines to make more money-Earn millions and billions while you're offline - Tap toincreaseyour stations' productivity
Butterfly Idle 1.0
Try the most relaxing idle game: discover, collect and hatchlovelybutterflies to increase your nectar income!
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.26.13
Try the most relaxing crop idle game: discover, collect and growlovely plants to increase your oxygen income and expand yourgarden! Let’s relax in this chill and cute mobile/idle game. Youwill see it’s the perfect new way to rest, get calm and zen withoutgoing to yoga!
9 Months 1.28.0
Are you ready to be a part of a wonderful journey? RELIVE THOSEINCREDIBLE 9 MONTHS! Well you and everyone else in the world havealready been a part of this but we give you this unique opportunityto live those moments again! Experience the most life-changingjourney. The creation of life itself. From a single cell to itsfirst words, follow every stage of your baby’s growth while keepingit healthy and happy. LEARN WHILE PLAYING 9 Months is a fun andeducative way to understand more about pregnancy. It is aiming atbeing realistic and scientifically accurate which is perfect forpeople who love to learn new things! IS IT A BOY OR A GIRL? 9Months now give you the choice of raising a boy or a girl after itsbirth. Chose a name, test new accessories, change its diaper. Youget to raise the cutest little baby ever! Are you ready to the bestparent? Let’s start this incredible adventure!
Idle Construction 3D 2.12
ONLY 1% OF PLAYERS CAN FINISH SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, WILL YOU BE ONEOFTHEM? START BUILDING NOW! Do you have what it takes to becomethebest builder in the world? In Idle Construction 3D, becometherichest construction manager of all time: create your empirefromsmall houses to the most famous buildings. Prove that you arethebest construction manager by completing incredible buildingsthatwill keep you busy for hours: - Empire State building -Fairytalecastle - Burj Al Arab Dubai - Leaning Tower of Pisa - TajMahal -Eiffel Tower - Big Ben - Sydney Opera House - …and manymore! TOPFEATURES: - Hire workers for your team - Train your teamto makemore money and build faster - Relax by watching your workersteamlay every brick one by one - Add decorations to your buildingstomake them look nicer - Build famous constructions all aroundtheworld - Collect free cash and gems from the rent of yourbuildings- Learn incredible new facts about every building in yourempire -Call the super builder to multiply construction speed -Spin thewheel to get free rewards - Use crazy powerups to growyourbusiness faster and stronger
Solitaire 3.3.7
♦♣ Become the King of Solitaire ♥♠ (known as 'Klondike' or'Patience') and explore a free, comprehensive and fun-packedversion of the Windows solitaire ! Join the thousands of playersalready hooked in this game fully tailored for all Android devices.The Solitaire is a very funny game, ideal for the whole family andall people that love playing cards. If you play games like Bridge,Rummy or more casual ones like Cribbage, you will love thisSolitaire ! NEW FEATURES ♥ Customize your game with new cards andboards ! ♣ A brand new Premium inApp, with exclusive cards andboards ! ♦ Full statistics DIFFERENT GAME MODES ♣ Standardsolitaire mode or Vegas mode ♥ 1 or 3 card draw ♠ Play in portraitor landscape mode ♦ Play left or right-handed COMPLETEFUNCTIONALITY ♥ Customize your game with new cards and boards ! ♣ Abrand new Premium inApp, with exclusive cards and boards ! ♦ Fullof new statistics to analyse your games ! ♣ Games are automaticallysaved ♥ Cancel moves as many times as you want ♠ Intelligent help ♦Orientation screen lock AN OPTIMAL PLAYING EXPERIENCE ♣ Play andmove cards easily ♥ Touch a card to move it automatically ♠Automatically end your turn on solitaire Restore your Ad freeversion by clicking on "Restore purchase" in the Options menu.
Sushi Bar Idle 2.7.10
LET'S ROLL THE SUSHIS! If you Unlock Chef SonGoku you're legallythe Best Sushi Manager! Always wanted to have your OWN SUSHIRESTAURANT? The time is NOW. Open restaurants in the most ICONICCITIES from around the world, and deliver DELICIOUS dishes to yourcustomers. - Unlock and upgrade FAMOUS chefs - Cook CRAZY dishes -Insane POWER-UPS to multiply your earnings! - Become the RICHESTsushi master alive !!! Will you become the ULTIMATE sushi bartycoon ever known ???!!!Always wanted to have your OWN SUSHIRESTAURANT? The time is NOW.
Idle Workout ! 1.26.0
ONLY 1% OF PLAYERS CAN BUILD THE MAXIMUM ARMS SIZE! Are you readytolose weight and get Fit from Fat !? Are you ready to StartBodyBuilding? We present to you a one of a kind game where you havetobecome fit from fat by doing various cardio exercises.Exercises:1. Treadmill 2. Skipping 3. Staircase Climbing 4.Cross-training 5.Cycling Muscle Exercises: 1. Dumbbell Lifting forBiceps 2. BenchPress for Chest ...and many more! Get ready toimmerse yourselfinto a Realistic Workout session!
Weed Factory Idle 2.8.6
Manage your WEED FACTORY and become the chillest dude around! Bethe finest supplyer by growing the sweetest leaf ever! CONQUER theworld and become the BIG BOSS!
Idle Human 1.9.9
Have you ever thought how a human body works ? In Idle Human wegiveyou a unique chance to discover and create the various partsof ahuman right from the first cell . Discovery the amazingsequence inwhich a human body unravels starting from the veryfirst bones toevery organ leading to the nerves and muscles andfinally a completehuman.
Gun Builder 3D 1.2.1
Gun Builder is the new-generation 3D Puzzle Game! Take OrdersandBuild guns in Puzzle-like levels step by step and Earn Moneyandpurchase new Tools. Easy to play : Simply drag the Pieces tothework table to craft the ordered Gun and see how it works.KeyFeatures : - Awesome 3D Graphics and Smooth Animations -UnlockVarious type of Cool Guns - New-generation Puzzle 3D game -Upgradeyour Work place by Selling Guns - Different Tools to BuildGuns
Idle Island Inc 0.14
Idle Island Inc is a new Idle Game in which players have funmakingIslands with unique landscapes while becoming rich businessowners.WHAT IS THIS GAME ABOUT? In Idle Island Inc, you will becometheowner of amusement parks, roller coasters, racing tracks,pyramids,ancient Greek temples, and many more incredible placesThey willall make you money and help you become the best Islandmaker outthere. NO ISLAND? NO PROBLEM! Your boats will extract sandfrom thebottom of the sea to let you create your very own islandempire.HOW TO PLAY THE GAME? 1. SIT BACK AND RELAX Idle Island Incfeelslike the summer holidays are all year long. Relax whilewatchingyour boats smoothly extract & blast sand to create yourIslandsin the middle of the sea. Enjoy the satisfaction to see yourcrewplace small pieces one by one to make amazing islands aroundtheworld. If you are lucky, maybe you will even receive some helpfroma friendly submarine or the crabs that live on your island!2.CREATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Start creating small holidayresortsuntil you have enough cash to make entire countries! Manageyourbusiness and make the right choices to build your islandsempire.Use the boosters to build faster than the competition!Invest yourmoney wisely! - Increase your earnings - Increase yourspeed -Improve your boats & purchase new ones - Improve yourcranes& purchase new ones 3. ENJOY A RICH CONTENT Withfrequentcontent updates, we are happy that you enjoy our Islandsand happyto work hard making new ones for you. Already hugecontentavailable to keep you playing for days (Happy Islands,AmusementPark atoll, Mysterious Temples atoll...), and more tocome.