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2015 Wedding Dresses - Bridal 1.1
Wedding dress application is embedded with latest dress designs.Wedding is an important part of a couple’s life and making it morememorable required skills like arranging different activitiesincluding dress selection, stage designing, flowers and jewellery.However we help our users to choose one of the best bridal dressesfor their upcoming event. We do not sell these dresses this is justan idea for you to aware the trend.Wedding dresses application is designed with eye catchy designand user friendly interface. Most important features are embeddedin this application including pinch zoom and navigational design.Just swap each image and you will find your desired dress.Other Features include:Simple and Vintage Wedding DressesIndian and Pakistani Wedding DressesIndian Wedding Sari designs for 2015Bridal Mehndi Dress DesignsWith all these features available in one place we spent ourprecious time to save the time of our loyal users. Thanks forchoosing our app.
2016 Mehndi Designs (Offline) 2.3
Are you looking for the latest MehndiDesigns? Yes. Then you are at the right place we with the helpof latest features gather the most beautiful and simple mehndidesigns for you. The trend of Henna is always on its peak andladies around every corner of the world especially from the IndoPak subcontinent are keen to have mehandi on their hands and feet.It is considered as the core part of women fashion and iscompulsory on events like weddings and EID.Among Indians Mehndi holds a valuable place as it is applied onHands, feet and sometimes on head hairs as well on variousreligious events Holy and Janam Din. Henna act like a natural dyeso old people used it on head hair for a younger look. The Hennaapplication consist of such beautiful designs which one can alsosay a Do It Yourself designs and any one can apply them with lessskills.This app is designed with user friendly interface allowing userto navigate easily throughout the application. User can seehundreds of Mehndi Images offline and free as well. There aremultiple categories that are mentioned below.Arabic Mehndi Designs: this category has images containing designsfor Arabic henna so one can apply multi cultural patterns to theirbody.One can explore more images for various designs for more than 6countries including Pakistan and India. Download Free MehndiDesigns Book now and beautify your body with latest plans.
2015 Muslim Baby Names - New 1.6
Muslim Baby Name consists of unique baby namesfor Muslims. This app is designed for suggesting names for newlyborn babies. The app comes with both Muslim girls and Muslim boysnames. A handy tool for Muslims around the world who got blankedwhen they have baby on board and no name..A unique solution for Muslim brothers and sister to give name tothe toddler with this app. The app is designed with cool graphicsand easy to use interface. For user utility we introduce the newlayout so one can easily navigate throughout the app. It easy tofind Islamic baby name with the search tool or with the horizontalalphabet widget, just tap to each character and you will get theresults for either a Muslim baby girl or Muslim baby boy name.Each name is embedded with its meaning.Features contain:bachon k islamic namesMore than 5000 unique baby names.Eye catchy designsNames with meaning.Name List View.Easy to navigate.
Khwabon Ki Tabeer in Urdu 1.0
Khwabon Ki Tabeer in Urdu app contains Islamic dream interpretationin Urdu language. With the help of tabeer-e-roya app one can easilyunderstand the meaning of his or her dream. The app contains dreamsinterpretation according to Urdu Alphabetical order.Khwabon ki tabeer application is equipped with latest UserInterface. What does my dream mean tab will let you know themeaning of your dream.Features:Pinch Zoom.Alphabetic Order SearchDream Interpretation according to IslamDream Dictionary in Urdu
Man Amadeam - Gul Panra 1.3
Gul Panra the beauty has come in action againwith latest songs. Man Amadeam is her latest song in 2015. InPashto songs daily motion top charts man amadeam hits the list. Gulpanra is now the latest trend in Pashto Music industry.Shahsawar And Gul Panra Fight was well known in the future buttoday pattan girls and boys only search pashto six local video.Pashto Full Six videos are very famous among teen agers. This Appfeatures the latest gul panra new songs 2015 dailymotion videos soone can easily enjoys their weddings in style.This app contains tang takoor songs so Pashto boys and girls cando attan dance. Attan dance is a famous act of joy among pahtoonpeople. Download and rate this app and send your feedback to ourgiven email address so it can help us do better next time.
3g Packages Pakistan All 1.0
3g packages Pakistan all networks applicationenables the user to find and activate the desired internet packageeasily. We have collected all the details including 3g internetactivation codes according to all networks in Pakistan. Now userdoes not need to search on internet to find suitable 3G package fortheir self.The App contain following features.• Zong 3g packages• Ufone 3g packages• Jazz 3g packages• Telenor 3g packages• Mobilink 3g packages• WaridThe Smart User interface enable user to activate any packageinside the app.
101 Apj Abdul Kalam Quotes 1.0
Apj Abdul Kalam Quotes is a tribute to thegreat leader and Hero of India. Abdul Kalam serves India as anational scientist. He will be remember in our hearts. This is asmall contribution to convey his beautiful and motivational quotes.We simply embed all of his quotes in this App. Share these quoteswith your friends on any social media to enable them know theirleader well.Download And Share This App to Give tribute to The Late Apj AbdulKalam.
Latest Tamil Movie Songs 2015 1.0
Best Tamil Songs App consists of latest Tamilmovie songs. We embedded high definition videos from the old Tamilibrary so the user has an ease to get access to their favouritemovie songs. The app is professionally designs to have better userexperience. User can make fun by listening to their favouritekamakathaikal in tamil language.The list of latest Tamil movies 2014 is arranged so the usergets the latest beats. One can listen these songs in local Tamilweddings and make their function more beautiful and memorable. Withthe help of pundaikul sunni video user can learn how to dance onthe floor.We collected all latest albums that include a to z tamil songs.Watch pundaikul sunni photos and make your day beautiful. Downloadand enjoy now.
Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan 1.1
Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan app consists ofhuge collection of molana Tariq jameel Sahib lectures. We collectedthe latest lectures of Molana Tariq Jameel which he delivers toMuslims in Ramadan 2015. All bayans are available in videos andaudio format. User can download or listen directly on theirSmartphones.Mulana Tariq Jameel bayans are recorded from his latest lectureshowever we included his previous old lectures in order to motivatemore Muslims around the world. Watch moulana tariq jameel forspiritual healing and make this Ramadan 2015 more beneficial foryourself. Eid 2015 Mubarik in Advance to all muslims.
Tang Takoor - Pashto Songs 1.3
پحتو آتن دانس او میلسTang Takoor - Da Puhtano.. A Great app ith beautiful Userinterface.App contain beatutiful and heart touching pashto songs. Make Attandance with these Pashto songs with rabab and dol surnai..Each Pashto Song has its own taste.Features include:Pashto DramaGul Panra Latest Songs.
Mufti Ismail Menk Lectures 1.0
Mufti Ismail Menk Lectures app is design toeducate Muslims with mp3 lectures of Mufti Ismail Menk. He issupposed to be the best religious scholar who preaches Muslims.Mufti Menk motivational speeches won the hearts of every Muslim sowe decided to provide all audio lectures in a single app.Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk Audio Lectures Library is free appproviding user to listen or download desired lecture to their cellphone.
Mehndi Stage Designs 1.1
Mehndi Stage Designs application helps tocreate beautiful stages. Mehndi and Walima functions are common inIndia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Girls usually designs new andcreative wedding stages for photography.
Tajdar e Haram - تاجدار حرم 1.1
Tajdar e Haram naat and qawali is originallysung by Sabri brothers. Tajdar e haram amjad sabri is anotherversion of this beautiful naat. Sabri brothers were very famous fortheir Sufi songs. Their most renowned qawali was naat tajdar eharam. This app is a combination of Ghulam Farid Sabri qawwalilist. There are more than a dozen Sufi Qawal in Pakistan but thesetwo brothers were exceptional.Loaded with additional features this app is an easy way toaccess the beautiful Qawali taj dare haram mp3. User also searchthe internet for qawwali Ghulam Fareed download 3gp, we give ourextra efforts to combine all these Naat to a single place.In another version of tajdar e haram by atif aslam in CokeStudio© he made it exceptionally beautiful. Tajdar e haram lyricsare beautifully compose of heart touching sound beats.Download Now and Give us your rating. Send your feed back to ouremail address so we can better our user experience for upcomingversions of apps.
English to Urdu Dictionary New 1.0
English to Urdu Dictionary 2015 – 2016 app isdesigned for especially for students. Those who want to learnEnglish can easily enhance their vocabulary by downloading thisE-Book. There are more than 36000 English words that are embeddedwith their Urdu meaning. Urdu dictionary helps Students who knowsUrdu Language.Dictionary English To Urdu app allows user to learn English in Urdulanguage. This is a Pocket dictionary with advance features.Features contain:Thirty Six thousand new words.Latest English to Urdu dictionary.مکمل انگریزی اردو لغتمفت ڈاؤن لوڈ - انگریزی سے اردو ڈکشنری
Pashto Stage Show & Dance UAE 1.0
Pashto Stage Show And Dance UAE app containall latest comedy dramas by various pahtoon actors. This app isspecially design for pardaisi brothers who spend their leisure timein watching pashto stage dance dubai. Pashto language is aninternational language and people around the world knows how tolearn Pashto while listening to pashto stage dance dubai.Ismail Shahid is known as pioneer of the stage shows inPakistan. Especially in comedy dramas and pilam. Ismail Shahid newdrama was released in 2013 which was one of his best. Kiran Khan isalso the best Pashto Sexy dancer in Paksitani film industry. Pashtomast girl dance home is her best achievement of the year 2015.This app also include Pashto new funny clips including babo Gand Hrash Prash dura dabao. pashto home dance video was also leakedthis year and patan around the world watch this clip daily.
Places To Eat Near Me 1.3
Places to Eat Near Me app identifies thenearest eating spots around you. Not only restaurants can besearched but also it will give you accurate distance and directionfor nearest schools, colleges, spas, bars , hospitals and muchmore. User need to search their desired location and Places near meapplication will return you all details.This application is full of features allowing users to find bestplaces in their circle.Following characteristics are embedded in this app.• Quickly identify nearby places including museum, universities,gas stations and service stations.• Places to Eat Near Me works with the device GPS system to locateUser location and search the possible nearest places for easyaccess.• This app will help user to find the shortest distance between thedesire locations and will also increase car mileage.• Food Places Near Me application work world wide and it iscompletely free of cost.• This app is simply designed and do not required any technicaleducation to operate. An ordinary user can operate it easily.
Bijli Ghar Mula Pashto Bayan 1.0
Maulana Bijli Ghar Pashto Bayan app isdesigned for pashtoon brothers who love hearing Islamic Bayans ontheir mobile phone. Molana bijli Gar is one of renowned scholar whopreach Islam in Pashto language. This application contains hundredsof bijli ghar mula pashto videos that will lead one to the hiegtsof Islamic learning. Download now these knowledge ful MaulanaBijligar Video Bayan and share it with your friends and family.Bijli Ghar Ustad died last year leaving millions of hisfollowers behind. Now it is our responsibility to spread his way ofteachings to the next generation in order to make them aware of thereligion Islam.
Hijab Style – Abaya Designs 1.3
This Application is based on images related tohijab and abaya. Hijab is compulsory for women to wear while goingoutside the home. As it is the important part of women clothes wearranged multiple images for hijab fashion. Abaya designsapplication will help you find different ways to wear a hijabaccording to Islamic Way. The app contains multiple functions likehorizontal scroll and pinch zoom. One can easily zoom in and zoomout with the help of fingers.We also included burka fashion for our Muslim sisters to weardifferent kinds of gowns that suits their personalities. There aremultiple latest abaya designs for 2015 that help you select yourfavourite abaya before going to market and buy one foryourself.The app contain Arabic abaya styles, Indian way styles,Pakistani and other Muslim countries gowns. Download and share thisapp with your friends and other family members to help them inchoosing hijab styles.
PTI SONGS – GO Nora Go 1.1
PTI SONGS – GO Nora Go ap consist of latestsongs sung by attaullah khan and other famous singers. PTI songswere famous among Pakistani people especially between youth. Pathanin KPK strongly follows Imran Khan and his Party who were in Dharnafor long time. Imran Khan introduces latest pti pashto song mp3download for his followers.Download and Install Latest Pashto songs with dance in UAE.Features Contain.attaullah khan pti songgo nawaz go songinshallah pti songnaya pakistanbana ga naya pakistan songimran khan jalsa songsafshan zebi pti songimran khan songs 2015go nawaz go mp3
Stock Market – Forex 2015 1.1
The new stock market Forex 2015 applicationmakes things easier for you. Track your shares in the stockinvestment and read more information about the Forex trend. Whenyou have all the data available in one place you can now decideyour best investment strategy on the Go. With Forex App install onyour phone one can track all leading Stock Market Indices includingEurope, Asia and USA.With the rise of technology Forex Trading is not that difficultas it was few years ago. Now you have internet access to at least70 percent of your Country. With the help of your Smartphone youcan take your business to the next level and earn more than everbefore.Forex Rates feature will let you know the latest currency ratesand also it allows you to exchange any currency to your localcurrency. So you do not need any currency exchange applicationadditionally install on your phone.Since this application works online, you need internetconnection to connect with the latest stock market news. The app isdesigned simple and easy to operate. In addition to that theGraphical user interface is as simple as a toddler can operateit.Features that make this application prominent in Other apps arelisted below.All Markets Data is availableFull details with Graph is includedChart DisplayLatest News and StoriesChose your own indices
Mehndi Songs Video for Wedding 1.4
Mehndi songs download app consists of 100 bestwedding reception songs list. Indian and Pakistani weddingfunctions are rich of cultural values. Mehndi Dance and singingMehndi songs are vital part of Indo-Pak weddings. Pakistani MehndiDance is specially loved all around the world, in which boys andgirl from either side of bride and grooms come together forbeautiful mehndi samba.There are tons of mehndi videos over the internet sharedsocially by various users. Girls ;) especially practiced forwedding dance before the main mehndi function. This app containsdifferent steps for girls and boys to practice different kind ofdances to impress. Such socially viral videos that tops Indianmehndi songs 2015 dailymotion © lists is also embedded in thisapp.Enjoy watching r and b wedding songs and made the next functionmore memorable for you and your loving ones. We have includeddownload function so one can easily download mehndi dance song andvideos directly on their cell phones.Watch how the Punjabi Girls dance on their weddings in beautifuldresses. Apply the Mehndi designs they used to wear on their handsand feet.Features:Beautiful Pattan Girls dancing on Pashto Songs.Indian School Girls beautiful dance on Mehndi function.Pakistani Film Mehndi SongsDownload and Rate this app and give us your feedbacks as theyare very important to our production line. Any suggestion will behighly appreciable.Do like us on Facebook for Best Mehndi Designs. us on Gplus:
خانہ کعبہ کی نایاب وڈیوز-Qibla 1.0
Qibla Rare Videos is a Smartphone app thathelps Muslims around the world to watch khana kaba videos on theirmobile phones. There are millions of Muslims who wish to see livekhana kaba once in their life. People save their wealth to go forHajj for pilgrimage and see all the religious places once in theirwhole life.We embedded tons of videos which have been captured by differenthajjis while they were on their visit to Makah and Medina. We havealso included roza e rasool videos so one can watch those placesand increase their iman.By watching different videos uploaded by hajis one can learn how toperform haj and ummrah. Features include:• khana kaba new construction• khana kaba new models• mojza hazrat ali• new mojza videos• Old Qibla Videos• angel on khana kaba• kaba insideDownload and rate this app so every Muslim around the worldwatch all the important religious videos.
HOW TO MAKE MONEY - Earn Money 1.2
How to Make Money Online app contain all thecurrent ideas that we followed in order to earn some legit money.We embedded more than fifty videos that helps you learn newtechniques and make yourself an independent money making machine.With these free lectures and simulations you will be able to workfrom home to make a living. Making money is not an easy task.People try different ways to earn money online, here are somesuccessful ways of how you can use them to built your own businessand earn a handsome amount.Each lesson is packed with actionable techniques (and eventemplates, in certain cases) designed to deposit money directly inyour bank account the same day you use them. The goal of this appis to educate students to learn how to make money online with onlyhaving a laptop and an internet connection.Frankly, if you do online business right, sell a good productpeople want, and are building an ever-growing asset (this iscovered in detail), you can make cash-in-the-bank sales practicallyevery time you want.You also get a few valuable "perks" when downloading, too.The first of which is my brand new book...Some of the tips inside this book include:** A "stealth" way to win repeat business through content andteaching... this little-known type of marketing looks nothing likea sales pitch, and does a FAR better job of selling than the directstrategy.** Exactly what to do, in what order before asking for the sale.(This comes straight from one of the Internet's savviest onlinebusiness builders).** How to knock out profitable work days in 3 hours or less evenif you have no tech experience and find it extremely hard.** The secret the wealthy use to amass their fortunes online. (Thislittle-known tip has been used by some of history's most successfulmen and women.)** And a whole lot more, including...How to get more sales, increase website traffic &conversions, and own a reliable asset for life.There's a lot of money to be made online. And people who knowthese secrets are scooping it up - fast.Download and Rate this app and do Share it with yourFriends.Vector attributesIcon and vectors where picked up from Freepik Thanks for Free PSDs :P.
Mujy Maa Us Badla Leny Jana Hy 1.0
Mujy Maa Us Badla Leny Jana Hy is anapplication which contains more than 45 songs which will inspireand motivate you from your heart if you are a true Pakistani.This app will enlighten your Love for your country.If you are patriotic Pakistani then you must have this application.It contains Pakistani Anthem as well and many other most popularnational songs.New Milli Naghma Mp3App Dedicated to Sanha Peshawar school Attack New Milli NaghmaMujhe Dushman Ka Bacho Ko Parhana Ha ISPR.App Detailbara dusman video songs Pakistanimp3 Milli NaghmaMujhe Dushman Ka Bacho Ko Parhana Ha mp3Mein Aisi Qaum Se Hoon Jiske Woh Bachon Se Darta HaiAe Rah-e-Haq Ke ShaheedoMuniba Mazari - Ye watan tumhara haiSab ka dard december thaMujhe Dushman K Bacho Ko Parhana haWaada Apna Tum Aakhir Tak Azaad RahogeyAli Zafar -Peshawar AttackBara Dushman Bana Phirta Ha Jo Bachoon Se Larta HaBas rona matBara Dushman Bana Phirta Ha Jo Bachoon Se LartaHaZindagi Shehzad Roy- Poem On Peshawar Attack.Pak army new Mili Naghmay mp3
2015 Wedding Rings 1.1
Wedding Rings application is embeddedwithlatest engagement ring designs allowing both men and womentochoose the perfect match for them. Most of innocent people feelshyto window shop in crowded shopping mall for his or herfiancehowever with wedding ring application install on your app youcanhelp yourself as well as your friends to find beautifulringdesigns on the go.We included bridal jewelry in advance so you can havemorechoice. This app contains images for the latest trend for2015.User are allowed to experience the advance featuresincludingpinch zoom and navigational drawer navigation bar. Iteasier now toswap each image with a single finger tip.More Features contain.Latest bridal jewelry sets for 2015Girls and Women can find fashion jewelry for attendingmarriageeventsBeautiful diamond necklaces are an additional effort from ourdatacollection team.
2015 Women Fashion Shoes 1.1
Shoes are essential part of women beauty. Itisthe shoes that define personality and mentality of aperson’schoice. However to be a fashion icon one need to aware ofthelatest trend. This is why we designed this app to help youchoosefashion shoes on your mobile phone.There are various designs for shoes are embeddedincludingwedding shoes, fashion shoes styles and party shoes.Theapplication is designed with latest features includingpinchzoom.