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Merge Farm! 3.1.2
Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming and mergegame from Gram Games. Merge Farm! isn’t your average farming game.Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm, andharvest delicious fruits and veggies. Plant tons of crops acrossyour farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants that producemore fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sell them togrow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’s startmerging your farm! Merge Farm! Features: Plant & Merge Crops: •Plant crops of varying types on your field, as they becomeavailable. • Merge similar crops, and they will grow or upgrade,providing a larger harvest. • The bigger your plants, the morefruit and vegetables they will produce. Manage Your Farm • Farmingis endless, which means you’ll need to manage your farm daily. •Choose where to plant crops, place animals, and more. • Decorate byplacing garden gnomes, tractors and more around the farm. HarvestLike a Farmer • As all good farmers know, it takes time for cropsto produce delicious fruit. • You can harvest crops whenever, butkeep an eye out for the orders from your traveling merchant at thetop of the screen. • Fill those orders to make money, buy morecrops and grow your farm. Think you can merge and harvest crops tobuild up your farm? Keep merging your crops to discover new formsand upgrades, and see how great your farm can grow. Download MergeFarm! today and start farming! Use of this application is governedby Zynga’s Terms of Service, found
Merge Magic! 3.2.0
A brand new game from the creators of the highly acclaimed MergeDragons! -Discover enchanted tales and quests in the mysteriousworld of Merge Magic! where you can combine everything into betterand more powerful items for your journey. Merge eggs to hatchmagical creatures, then evolve them to uncover more powerful ones!Encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels: match the items towin, then bring rewards back to your Garden to collect and grow.The only hope to lift the curse from the bewitched land rests inYOUR extraordinary power to MERGE ANYTHING -- eggs, trees,treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures.Reveal wonders as you merge your garden to perfection and nurtureyour amazing creatures! MERGE MAGIC! FEATURES: • Discover over 500fantastic objects to match, merge and interact with through 81challenges! • Unearth fairies, unicorns, minotaurs andnever-before-seen hybrid creatures like Butterphants (butterfly& elephant), Peacats (peacock & cats) and many more. •Anevil curse has been placed on the garden, fight off the fog andlift the curse to restore, and take back the creatures’ home! • Onyour puzzle journey, you may cross paths with evil witches. Youwill need to watch out and be careful! • Participate in frequentevents, win more advanced creatures that you can take back to yourgarden. Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms ofService, found at
Merge Dragons! 6.6.0
Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in the worldof Merge Dragons! where you can combine everything into better andmore powerful items for your journey. In a mystical world hiddenamong the clouds, the vale of Dragonia flourished. Then evilZomblins cast a void across the vale. The only hope to heal theland rests in YOUR magical power to MATCH ANYTHING - dragon eggs,trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythicalcreatures. Match eggs to hatch helpful dragons, then evolve them todiscover more powerful dragons! Encounter and solve challengingpuzzle levels: match the Gaia statues to win, then bring rewardsback to your Camp to collect and grow. Match even more with dailyquests and rewards with Kala. Take part in brand new themes everytwo weeks with a cool puzzle for you to complete - can you matchand collect the brand new dragons, too? MERGE DRAGONS! FEATURES: ==Match Objects == • Discover over 500 fantastic objects to match andinteract with through 81 challenges! • Freely drag objects aroundthe beautiful world and match 3 of a kind evolve them into moresuperior items! • Match Life Essence and tap it to unleash power toheal the vale! • Discover the Gaia statues stuck in each level’scursed land. Match them to solve the puzzle and create life! ==Collect New Dragon Breeds == • Discover 37 brand new dragon breedswho live in the vale, and evolve them through 8 growth stages fornew dragons! • Match eggs to hatch helpful dragons who will roamthe vale and harvest objects for you to use or match. == TrickyPuzzles == • Almost 900 quests to challenge your mind! • Test yourpuzzle solving skills in more than 180 levels filled with newquests and rewards to help you build your dragon camp! • Matchnearly anything - plants, buildings, coins, treasures, fallenstars, magic objects, mythical creatures, and more! How manycombinations can you make from 1600+ objects that come before you?• Discover hidden levels - can you find them all? == Camp Building== • The evil fog has taken ahold of the main camp, fight off thefog and heal the land to restore and take back the dragons’ home! •Collect dragons eggs, hatch them in the main camp, and earn dragonpower to fight off the evil fog. == Be Social == • Add your friendsand gain inspiration from them by visiting their camps and learningtheir strategies. Gift items and rewards - sharing is caring! •Unlock the Dens feature to join a Den, and play alongsidelike-minded defenders of Dragonia! Socialize, chat, share tips andtricks, and help out fellow members of your Den - band together toheal the land! Download now and discover where Merge Dragons! willtake you! Optimized for Tablets. May be played without an Internetconnection. Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms ofService, found at
Merge Inc! 0.2.0
Welcome to Merge Inc! a different type of merging game. Your goalisto expand your base at any cost. - Raid hundreds of enemybasesfeaturing different type of opponents - Unlock and evolveMinionsthat will help you with your task - Grow your base with lootandrewards that can be found all around This is an early versionandthe team is working constantly to add more content to provideyouwith the best experience. Use of this application is governedbyZynga’s Terms of Service,
1010! Color 2.0.0
1010! Color is a minimalist brain teaser – a block puzzle game thatwill challenge you, while also training the brain. Put your puzzleskills to the test – we dare you to reach the highest score! Arelaxing and easy-to-learn match 3 puzzle game to keep you playingfor hours on end! Drag & drop puzzle pieces on the board,aiming to combine sets of 3 or more of the same color. Merge threeto clear the puzzle blocks, leaving space for new pieces. The moreyou clear at once, the higher your score will be. How many colorfulblocks can you connect? Use of this application is governed byZynga’s Terms of Service, found
Pirate Evolution! 0.17.2
Always dreamed of ruling the high seas, but never had the chance?Pirate Evolution! is your chance! You are the captain of aformidable pirate ship, tasked only with expanding your power, andexploring the seas. Sail to over 140 islands, and discover thetreasures they hold. Battle the enemies you encounter along the wayto collect loot, and upgrade your ship and weapons. As you sail,expand your base, and grow your pirate crew to increase your power.As you explore, trade, complete side quests, and battle bosses tocollect currency. In this expansive ocean realm, you’ll have thechance to interact with hundreds of unique items, and keep playingfor hours on end. Think you can rule the high seas? Play PirateEvolution! today! Use of this application is governed by Zynga’sTerms of Service, found at
1010! Hexa 0.1.0
An easy-to-learn match 3 puzzle game to keep you playing forhourson end! Drag & drop six-sided pieces onto ahexagon-shapedboard, aiming to make sets of 3 or more of the samecolor. Matchthree, and the pieces clear, leaving space for newpieces. The moreyou clear at once, the higher your score will be.How many piecescan you connect? Use of this application is governedby Zynga’sTerms of Service, found
Merge Kingdom! 1.35.2
Welcome your highness, to the magical world of MergeKingdom!Collect, merge and discover wonderful objects strandedacross vastand mysterious lands. Alas, there has been a terribleplague castupon the realm. The world lies dormant, awaitingrebirth. Unleashthe power of the phoenix to heal the world, rescueyour people andforge a new legacy. Rebuild the ancient Kingdom keepand gather aband of mighty heroes. Challenge other kingdoms andreap therewards of a well fought battle. Empower and equip yourheroes withlegendary items that even the most powerful foes cannotcontest.Continue to grow and strengthen your kingdom with epicconquests -think you have what it takes to be the greatest ruler inthe land?Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms ofService,found at
Town Stories! 0.16.0
From Gram Games, the makers of Merge Dragons! - the #1 merging gameout there - comes a brand new merging experience that you won't beable to put down. After the loss of your wealthy uncle, you findout that you have inherited his fortune! But there is a catch: youmust invest half of his fortune to improve your home-town, Bilford.However, not all is as it seems - keep expanding your estate tomeet new people and find out just what is going on in this sleepy,suburban town. Ready to unravel its mysteries? - Merge to discovernew, interesting objects! - Help improve the town! - Meet fun newcharacters! - Discover exciting secrets as you play through anintriguing story! Don't wait another second, download Town Stories!today and find out what all the hype is about! Use of thisapplication is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found
1010! World Tour 0.7.0
From the creators of 1010! and Merge Dragons! comes thenextincarnation of a new classic, 1010! World Tour. The same easytolearn, fun to master gameplay that you've come to know andlove,but with a new and exciting twist. With over 50 levels ofunique1010! gameplay, and multiple creative power-ups and specialblocks,1010! World Tour takes the 1010! formula to a whole newlevel. -Explore and unlock monuments of the real world, from over adozencountries, as you play your way through the game. Can youunlockthem all? - Collect and use unique power-ups to ensurevictory ineven the most challenging of levels. Master the puzzles,master thegame! - Get ready for the unexpected as you encounterunique 1010!blocks with special effects like the explosive block,rocket block,seed block, and more! Prepare for a 1010! experienceunlike anyother. At its core, however, this is still 1010!:deceptivelysimple and devilishly complex. Whether you're a seasoned1010!veteran, or a curious new-comer looking for your nextpuzzleaddiction, 1010! World Tour has it all. Come see why over100million players love 1010!, and be a part of the new waveofplayers who are falling in love with 1010! World Tour. Don'twaitanother second: download it today! Use of this applicationisgoverned by Zynga’s Terms of Service,
Dragon Park! 0.24.0
Ezra has returned to Dragonia, only to find it iscompletelydestroyed, and his friends are missing! It’s up to you tohelp himsolve this mystery, and to heal the land of Dragonia! Asyou makeyour way through the ruins of Dragonia, embark on bubblepuzzlequests to heal the land! In each quest, you’ll have a goal -aimand shoot to pop bubbles until you reach your goal! Each puzzleyoucomplete will grant you healing orbs - use those to completetasks,heal the land, and discover what happened to Dragonia! Plus-switch between different, adorable dragons and let them helpyouthrough levels! As they help you to heal the land, you’ll alsobeable to customize select objects - make Dragonia your own!Thinkyou can help Ezra solve bubble puzzles, and save the day?PlayDragon Park! now! Use of this application is governed byZynga’sTerms of Service, found
Table Rush! 0.1.1
Table Rush! is the newest game from the hit developer GramGames.Buckle up and get ready for a new, pulse-pounding adventurein thecolorful world of restaurant management! One waiter,multipletables, and oh-so-many customers all waiting to be served:do youhave what it takes to strike it rich in the food-serviceindustry?- Tap to seat customers then quickly dash from the kitchento theirtables as you rush to serve each and every one of theirorders! -Earn money through the tips happy customers leave behindand useyour income to upgrade your restaurant! - ...However, becareful:if you leave customers waiting for too long, they mightleavewithout paying! Don't worry, though: through clever use ofyourboosters and restaurant upgrades you will be able to stem thetideof hungry patrons! If you have the will, there is a way! Easytolearn, hard to master: Table Rush is here to keep you at theedgeof your seat. A high risk, high reward game where timing andquickthinking is the difference between glorious victory andcrushingdefeat. But don't take our word for it: Download Table Rushtodayand see for yourself what all the hype is about! Use ofthisapplication is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service,