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London Commuter 5.1
Alerts Commuting in London is fraught with delays caused bycongestion, signalling problems etc. Schedule an alarm to alert youabout your regular commutes. Set one up for the morning, evening oranytime in between. If you know that your usual route is delayedyou can plan an alternative route before travelling saving you fromendless queues at the station. Receive a handy notification at yourdesignated time giving you the summary information about yourcommute. Click on the notification to find out more informationabout your journey route options. London Commuter uses TransportFor London (TFL) to determine how long your journey will take andthe next few departure times from your designated station or stop.The app can be used to check journey times across many modes oftransport provided by TFL including rail, tube and bus. Informationfrom TFL is aggregated with additional information from NationalRail Enquiries to let you know whether your National Rail leg(s) ofyour journey are affected by delays. Live Departures National RailEnquiries is the source of the information for Live Departuresallowing you to check the trains leaving any station nationwide.Journey Planner Journey Planner is great for checking any journeysacross London before you travel. Information from both TransportFor London and National Rail Enquiries is combined to give you abetter indication of any travel disruptions. Bus Checker BusChecker allows you to check which buses are arriving at your chosenstop in real time. This information is queried from TFL anddisplayed on a map. Accounts No account or sign in is required.
Every Proxy 13.9
Http, Https, Socks4 Proxy, Socks5 Proxy and PAC Server
Every Proxy Network Bridge 1.4
Network bridge for Every Proxy