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Scale 2.4.8
Scale is a free and an addictive arcade game with an uniquegameplay containing slicer and balls. Truly a brain teaser and Itssuper fun! How to play? Its easy, all you have to do is to cut andshrink the board by placing the slicers. You need to be strategicto scale the board wisely and watch out for the ball! If you touchthe balls before your cut is complete, you lose a life. Increaseyour score, get diamonds, check the leaderboard and compete yourfriends. Try this fun game now! Best arcade game ever, how far canyou go?
Color Roll 3D
Roll and Match
Pieces 2.9.10
Complete Puzzles to Reveal Pictures! Mind Relaxing andExtremelyAddicting! Easy to Learn Hard to Master!
Fun Race 3D
Once You Start, You Can’t Stop
Run Race 3D
Run Fast, Be the Best
Fast paced color-matching puzzle game you won't be able to put down
Color Saw 3D
Feel like a Carpenter
Color Flow 3D
Go with the Flow.
Paint Pop 3D
Hold to paint. Extreme Fun.
Office Life 3D
Start From the Bottom
Color Balls 3D 0.99
Your main goal is to fill the basket with the amount of Ballsyou'regiven. The challenge is to figure out how. Turn, adjust,andinteract with the board however you like! Hold to set theleversand gates for balls to fall through. Control the flow ofballsafterwards. It's easy to begin, deceptively hard tomaster.Addicting nevertheless!
Cut and Paint
Real Carpentry Experience!
Touchdown Glory 2022
Take It to the House!
Glide Race 3D 1.5
Your newest challenge is here! Jump, glide, and earn points towin!Start by timing the perfect jump, then fly towards theplatforms,and make the perfect landing to earn points. Player withthe mostpoints gets to continue and see the challenges ahead! Enjoytheride!
Hyperball Legends
Become a Legend in this Online Multiplayer Car Ball Game
Pong Party 3D
Join the Party!
Color Bump
Best arcade game ever
Pimp My Car
Wash it, Sell it, Profit!
Feel Good 3D 1.1.3
Are you prepared to make others feel better? Complete your tasksandhelp others, play mini-games and progress further. Enjoy!
Color Fill 3D
Relax Your Mind
Color Hole 3D
Eat Your Way Out
Throw your opponents out of the arena!
Epic Race 3D
50% Luck, 70% Skill, 30% Will
Rush Hour 3D
Life in the Fast Lane
Color Bump 3D
Bump Up the Jam!
Paper Fold
Fold to Unfold
Jelly Dye
Relaxing Slime Game
House Life 3D
Home Sweet Home
Zen Match
Relax your brain with tile matching mahjong puzzles and beautifullandscapes!
Color Cut 3D
Flex it Soft, Cut it Hard
Sponge Art
Match the Sponge
Drive, Score and Claim Your Victory