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Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS 1.2.22
Conquer the whole GALAXY in this real-time strategy space game!
Legend Hunter - Devil Unleashed 1.1.0
Legend Hunter is a fast-paced actionmultiplayer RPG in 3D. Collect more than 25 Heroes from 5 differentclasses to form your ultimate team and take on giant monsters, orfight other players!KEY FEATURES• 80 giant monsters to battle!Let’s skip all minion fights and get to the big, powerful Bossesright away! You will control dozens of heroes to challenge fearsomemonsters with clever AI! And you can bring your friends to fight inteams!• Destructible arenas!The breakable environment, stunning 3D effects, weather change andday and night cycles will freshen up your gaming experience!• Varied combat modes!With many combat modes like 6vs6 and 9vs9 Arenas, Boss hunts, andreal-time multiplayer battles, Legend Hunter is bound to make youcome back for more!• Open economic system!You can freely trade items and equipment pieces with other playersin the auction house. You can then become profit-driven merchant orgeared-up mercenary!ABOUT USWebsite: