GoPro Apps

GP Training App
The GoPro Training AppGet to know the world’s most versatile camera. The GP Training Appgives retail sales associates the power to inspire their customersand educate them on the entire GoPro ecosystem. It featureseverything you need to know about the GoPro camera lineup, mountand accessory guides, how to videos, edu games and more.Join the GoPro movement. Get the sales tools you need. Spread thestoke.
GP Retail Service
The official GoPro Retail Service AppBuilt to improve the GoPro retail brand connection. A powerfultool that embodiesthe ability to monitor & define our retail presence as well asembrace our retailers likeno other brand has done before. Available in the Apple App andGoogle Play Store.Supports Android 2.3 to 6.0.17" tablets are currently not supported
GoPro VR 1.2.2 (241)
Practice base jumping for the first time, seea concert from the stage, watch a movie making-of with a privateguide: with GoPro VR, turn your smartphone into a VR device and bein the middle of the action!Watch stunning 360-degree videos on your smartphone: turn at 360degrees, zoom in and out, look at what is taking place in the wholescene. Do you have a VR headset? Slide your smartphone in it andget the ultimate immersion!Are you a 360-degree video creator? Learn how to host your videosfor free on GoPro VR and share them with the world; visit• Pixel-precise projection• 360-degree interactivity• VR mode: split the screen to watch the videos in your VRheadset• Gyroscope support: move your device in any direction to navigateinto the video• Rendering up to 60 fps on the latest devices• Stream public 360-degree videos from GoPro VR platform or playyour own videos stored on your smartphone
Passenger 1.03
Go for a ride on Karma. The GoPro Passenger App lets you use yourphone to tap into the live view from a nearby Karma drone and seewhat it sees. You can also control the camera while the pilotfocuses on flying. To learn more about Karma, visit ---Key Features --- + Watch the live, first-person view from Karma. +Control camera tilt, modes and settings. --- How to Connect --- 1.Ask the Karma pilot to turn on the Passenger App feature on theircontroller. 2. Connect to the controller’s Wi-Fi with the name andpassword from the pilot. --- System Requirements --- + Android (4.2or later) with 5GHz Wi-Fi channel support. + Stay close to thecontroller to ensure a reliable connection. Range will vary basedon your phone.
GoPro Quik: Video Editor 11.12
Auto video maker with music & exclusive filters. Video editingmade simple.