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Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze FREE 2.0.1-google
Summer is here and Jerry is on a mission toget all the cheese before it melts! But he must be careful as Tomis on the prowl. Help Jerry race through fun-packed summer levelscollecting cheese while avoiding Tom in this classic game of catand mouse. Use power-ups and everyday household objects to stay onestep ahead. Always keep an eye out for Tom and his friends as theywill be hot on your tail!*************★ Many levels of cheese filled summer fun!★ Avoid Tom, his friends and all the puzzling traps they set.★ Use transport tunnels, magic hats, vases and other objects tokeep you to keep you safe.*************TM & © 2017 Turner Entertainment Co. Tom & Jerry and allrelated characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2017 TurnerEntertainment Co.
Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy
Yikes! Shaggy is imprisoned in an eerie tomb.Help Scooby free Shaggy while exploring spooky levels. Keep an eyeout for mummies, ghosts and ghouls as they will be hot on yourtail. Collect power-ups and everyday objects to stay one stepahead. Can you survive the tombs and free your trusted friendShaggy?*************★ Many levels and worlds of spooky fun!★ Avoid the scary monsters and all the sinister traps theyset.★ Use transport tunnels, skateboards, vases and other objects tokeep you safe.★ Collect bones and snacks to free Shaggy!*************TM & © 2015 Turner Entertainment Co. ScoobyDoo and all relatedcharacters and elements are trademarks of and © 2015 TurnerEntertainment Co.
Adventure Time: Heroes of Ooo
The Land of Ooo is in great peril! Fourprincesses have been kidnapped by nefarious villains and are beingheld captive in dangerous dungeons spread across the land. JoinFinn and Jake on a mission to rescue the princesses. Defeat thewicked villains to restore order in the Land of Ooo. Get Ready!It's Adventure Time!*************★ Explore four radical dungeons.★ Find maps to help you scope out the joint.★ Gather amazing tools and wacky weapons.★ Slay ugly monsters and collect awesome treasure.★ It’s freakin’ Algebraic!*************HINT #1 - In the first dungeon, defeat the giant hamburger bysmashing the tomato inside the hamburger with your mallet.HINT #2 - A weapon used to destroy the black rocks can be found inthe second dungeon.----------------------------------------COPYRIGHT 2014ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.PUBLISHED BY GLOBALFUNCARTOON NETWORK, THE LOGO, ADVENTURE TIME AND ALL RELATEDCHARACTERS AND ELEMENTS ARE TRADEMARKS OF AND © 2014 CARTOONNETWORK
Breaker Blitz 1.2
GlobalFun Games
"Smash the blocks to escape! In this fun andcolorful version of a classic arcade game, use a paddle and ball tohit carefully placed blocks. Destroy all the blocks to advance toanother challenging level. Can you survive the Breaker Blitz?----------------------Breaker Blitz features:★ Beautiful graphics★ Over 400 levels★ Catch bonuses that fall from the sky★ Unlock items by completing levels★ Listen to great DANCE, POP, JAZZ and other music tracks whileplaying---------------------"
Morphball 1.1
Morphball's mission is simple; get to thecheckered flag in as few shots as possible. In this award winninggame, maneuver Morphball through a beautiful but hazardouslandscape. Some situations require you take advantage ofMorphball’s special ability to change forms. Become a balloon, rockor one of several other forms to acquire special powers that willallow you to successfully navigate each level. Avoid lasers, blackholes and many other dangerous obstacles as they will bringMorphball’s journey to an end. Collect stars along the way and seeif you can complete all 50 exciting levels!
Bubble Box 3.3
It's always an adventure for perpetual busybodies, Larry and Vicky, scouting for small treasures and crumbs oftasty treats.Their inquisitive little noses have led them to a dusty oldattic where they stumbled upon a forgotten old trunk filled with 8mysterious boxes marked with ancient engravings.Each box contains 12 different configurations of bubbles which youmust burst as quickly as you can by grouping 3 bubbles of the samecolor.This addictive game even lets you stop, redirect, and bouncebubbles off the wall - useful tactics for complexconfigurations.What happens when the last box is solved and Larry and Vickyunlock the dazzling mystery of the trunk?Work your way through all 8 levels to discover the secret that’sbeen locked in the attic for ages!
World Football 2014 1.0.4
Guide your team to victory in the cup finals!In this fun and exciting mobile football game, you will play thebest teams in the world for the right to call yourself Champion.Choose Friendly Match to play a single game against a randomopponent or pick Cup to play a tournament. Each opponent hasdifferent strengths you must take advantage of to win. Can yousecure cup glory for your home country?
Ben10 Vengeance of Vilgax FREE
Face your ultimate enemy Vilgax in this brandnew Ben 10 beat’em up game. Transform into numerous aliens andbattle through 4 unique worlds and 15 action packed levels filledwith bioids and drones. Master the mini-games to gain new alienforms and face the vengeance of Vilgax himself.
Pet Vet - The Clinic 1.0.10
-----------------------------Open a veterinary clinic and take care of adorable pets!-----------------------------You recently graduated from veterinary school and have decidedtoopen your own clinic. The clinic is now set up and you are readytoaccept patients. Greet owners and consult with them todiagnosetheir ailing pets. Administer treatments and performprocedures toheal your patients. As you treat more patients, youwill gain newskills, buy equipment and treat different kinds ofanimals andillnesses.-----------------------------Be quick as impatient owners will storm off and you could loseyourbusiness!-----------------------------
Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Madness 1.0.11
GlobalFun Games
In an effort to rule the world, the evil MojoJojo has unleashed his latest invention – a machine that will turnall of mankind into blabbering monkeys! It’s up to The PowerpuffGirls to save the day. Fly to all four corners of the earth anddefeat hordes of monkey menaces under Mojo’s control. Use specialpowers and bonuses to go toe to toe with the mad monkey himself andsave civilization before bedtime!---------------★ Play as all three Powerpuff Girls!★ Fly through multiple landscapes!★ Encounter dangerous obstacles and crazy enemies!★ Collect bonuses and power-ups to help you out!---------------© 2016 All Rights Reserved. Cartoon Network, the logo, ThePowerpuff Girls and all related characters and elements aretrademarks of and © Cartoon Network.
Robin Hood: The Prince 1.0.3
Join Robin Hood on his latest adventure!
Ben 10: Omnitrix Power
Psyphon has unleashed his alien hoard onUndertown in an attempt to destroy it once and for all. To save thecity, Ben must avoid a slew of aliens and obstacles whilecollecting enough strength to fight Psyphon’s henchmen in aliencombat. Use the Omnitrix to transform into your favorite aliens andincrease their power with Omniboxes. Can you help Ben defeatPsyphon and save Undertown?--------------★ Dodge aliens and avoid hazards!★ Collect Omnitrix power and bonuses as you go!★ Fight 12 evil aliens in fierce boss battles!★ Use the Omnitrix to transform into powerful aliens!★ Unlock new alien transformations by collecting Omniboxes!--------------IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS:You can download and play this game for free. This game containsadvertising which will redirect you to a third-party site. You candisable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-basedadvertising in the settings menu of your device. This app includesthe option for adults to unlock or buy additional in-game itemswith real money to enhance game play. You may disable in-apppurchases by adjusting your device settings.All Rights Reserved. Cartoon Network, the logo, Ben 10 and allrelated characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2016Cartoon Network.
Vikings 1.0.8
Norse mythology comes alive in this action packed beat’em up!
Ben 10: Alien Evolution 1.0.26-google
Save Undertown from the evil Psyphon!
We Bare Bears Quest for NomNom 1.0.22-free
Nom Nom is up to his tricks again! Nom Nom was mean to Grizz andkicked him out of his limo. All the bears are upset and want toteach him a lesson. Help the bears pursue Nom Nom through variouslevels while avoiding obstacles. Take part in the bears’ antics inthis fun platform game! ---------- ★ Play as any of the bears ★Navigate several different landscapes ★ Collect power-ups ★ Findhidden objects ----------
Ben 10: Who's the Family Genius? 1.0.18-google
Are you the genius in your family? Take the challenge and find out!Sharpen your skills by playing a series of mini games. Once youmaster them, challenge your friends and family in a test of smarts!Single and Multiplayer modes Includes 9 mini games each with 3levels of difficulty Play as one of 15 different Ben 10 charactersChoose from 5 different game boards Use bonuses and shortcuts tostay one step ahead Find out who the genius is in your family! TM& © 2019 Turner Entertainment Co. Ben 10 and all relatedcharacters and elements are trademarks of and © 2019 TurnerEntertainment Co.
Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze FREE 1.0.38-google
The lovable cartoon duo is back in this cat and mouse frenzy!
Clarence for President 1.0.28-google
Clarence is running for class president! Can you help him getelected?
Viper Wars 1.0.6-google
The Robot Overlord is on an rampage and only you can stop him!
Adventure Time: Crazy Flight 1.0.7
Save the princesses from Ice King’s evil plan!
World Penalty Flick Soccer 1.0.2-google
Lead your team to victory in the cup! Can you secure glory for yourcountry?
Gumball Racing 1.0.14
The Amazing World of Gumball goes to the races!
Craig of the Creek 1.0.23-google
Itch to Explore - Join Craig on a quest to explore the creek!
Gumball Ghoststory! 1.09
Save Elmore from the ghosts!
Mao Mao 1.0.8-google
Engage in match-3 RPG battles to protect Pure Heart Valley!
CN Heroes Card Battle 1.25.3
Assemble the most powerful cartoon team ever!
Acuérdate de este Canalla 1.0.10
Get the debut album from Grito Canalla!
Power Players: Defenders 1.0.10-google
Engage in match-3 RPG battles to defeat Madcap!
World Rugby 1.0.2-google
Kick and run your way to the championships!