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Hajj Umrah Adkar (Malayalam) 1.1.4
Hajj & Umrah Adkar / Guide for Hajj &Umarahഹജ്ജിന്‍റെ ദിക്റുകള്‍أذكار الحج والعمرة
Qaseedathul Burda with audio 1.5
Qaseedathul Burda Arabic - فصيدة البردة -Qaseedath BurdaQaseedathu BurdaQaseedathul BurdahBurdah ShareeefBurda shareefPlease include in your dua. If any comments please send mail [email protected]
Ratheeb Al Haddad with Audio 2.8
Haddad Ratheeb - حداد - Rathib Al Haddad ofAbdullah Bin Ba-alawi (R)In this application you can view Haddad Ratheeb & also canhear audio.Please Include us in your dua.* Ratib Al Haddad* Haddad Ratheeb
Manqoos Moulid With Audio 1.6
Moulid Nabi SWManqoos MouludMankoos MouludManqoos Maulid audioManqoos Maolid
KARNATAKA SUNNI ONLINE CLASS ROOM - KSOCR. Itis a class Room organised to teach, learn and interact about truepath of Islam which is Ahlssunnahth wal Jama’ath. Defferentreligious matters are discussed here such as Akheeda,Fiqh Thasawuf,Health,Family, organizational matters etc. Preferably kannadalanguage is used in the class.The co-operaton of the pious arecordially welcomed with prayers.May Allah accept our services andreward us. Ameen..
Muhiyudheen Maala (Malayalam) 1.2
Muhiyudheen Maala AudioMuhiyadheen MaalaMuhiyadheen malaMuhyadheen maalaMuhiyadeen maalafor more app please install
Jamalullailydars Inaugurated by Sayyid AbdulQadir Ahdhal Avelath before 25 years at Estatemukku,now the part ofchellor puthanathani, 50 plus students are trained under treescholars to meet the moral,spiritual and human values.