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Memory Training for Numbers
Improve your memory, develop your brain, remember any number withthis technique
Learn Chinese Characters
Learn to read Chinese hanzi : video courses & flashcards forlearning Mandarin
The History of Humanity 0.6.9
Ginkgo History is a fun, effective and innovative app to exploreandlearn history. In no time, you will know all the importantdates ofthe ancient roman history. The app brings together 100+flashcardsand 100+ video classes. All this to help you become anhistoryexpert! 🚀 WHY IS IT EASIER TO STUDY GEOGRAPHY WITH GINKGO ?Ginkgo’slearning methodology is based on neurosciences and usesartificialintelligence. 1/ Repetition: Our intelligent algorithmoptimizesyour learning speed and constantly challenges you.2/Contextualization: For each event in the history the bestteachersof YouTube will tell you everything there is to know in averymemorable way! 3/ Visualization: Picture flashcards are avisualway to boost memorization. 4/ Adaptation: you choose whichaspectyou want to learn. Dates or historical events, theapplicationfocuses automatically on your weak points. 5/Validation: You canfollow your progress every day on detailedcharts! 🌎 WHAT CAN ILEARN WITH GINKGO HISTORY ? You can learn indetail about thehistory of the world and civilizations. It’s up toyou to decide ifyou want to memorize a precise timeline or just anorder ofmagnitude. 🎓 HOW TO USE THE APP ? Using the App is easy:you swipethe flashcard to the right (if you know) and to the left(if youdon't remember). The app will automatically add newhistoricalevents when you're ready or repeat old one's when it'stime toreview and practice them ! After a few swipes, you willalreadystart to dig into hsitory! ✉️ HOW TO CONTACT YOU ? If youenjoy theapp, please remember to leave a comment! For questions,feedbacksor suggestions => [email protected]
Geography : Flags & Countries 0.7.2
Ginkgo Geography is a fun, effective and innovative app todiscoverand learn about the world. In no time, you will know theflag ofeach country, its location on the map, its capital and muchmore.The app brings together 250+ flashcards and 100+ videoclasses. Allthis to help you become a geography expert! 🚀 WHY IS ITEASIER TOSTUDY GEOGRAPHY WITH GINKGO ? Ginkgo’s learningmethodology isbased on neurosciences and uses artificialintelligence. 1/Repetition: Our intelligent algorithm optimizesyour learning speedand constantly challenges you. 2/Contextualization: For eachcountry the best teachers of YouTubewill tell you everything thereis to know in a very memorable way!3/ Visualization: Pictureflashcards are a visual way to boostmemorization. 4/ Adaptation:you choose which aspect you want tolearn. Flags, maps, capitals,populations, gdp or all at the sametime, the application focusesautomatically on your weak points. 5/Validation: You can followyour progress every day on detailedcharts! 🌎 WHAT CAN I LEARN WITHGINKGO GEOGRAPHY ? You can learn indetail about every countryaround the world. But also about thestates composing the USA. Foreach country or state you can learnseveral aspects like thecapital, the flag, the location, thepopulation, the GDP, the size…It’s up to you to decide if you wantto memorize precise numbers orjust an order of magnitude or aranking. 🎓 HOW TO USE THE APP ?Using the App is easy: you swipe theflashcard to the right (if youknow) and to the left (if you don'tremember). The app willautomatically add new countries when you'reready or repeat oldone's when it's time to review and practice them! After a fewswipes, you will already start to extend your borders! ✉️ HOW TOCONTACT YOU ? If you enjoy the app, please remember toleave acomment! For questions, feedbacks or suggestions=>[email protected]