Ghanshyam Jhalaria Apps

Snap Search - Modern Gallery 1.5
Have you ever experienced searching for aparticular photo within your gallery and end up wasting lots oftime scrolling up and down, still not being able to find yourfavorite photo? Well, here is an app for you to manage all yourphotos and videos very easily and to top it all, it has searchbuilt on top of it. The search engine of this app gives you resultsin seconds.Key Features:1) Quickly search for any photo/video within your gallery.2) 14 image filters have been recently added to snap search.3) Search your photos by date, month or year.4) Make a query like 13 July 2013, and we will give you all photosand videos for that date. You can even get fancier and search for2013 which will give you all media you took in 2013. You could alsosearch for something like July 2013 and get media for the month ofJuly.New Features:Snap Search now comes with the ability to apply 14 awesome imagefilters, a few of them include1) Gray-scale effect - Change those colorful images to grayscale.2) Invert effect -3) Red Color filter - give your entire image a shade of red4) Green Color filter - give your entire image a shade ofgreen5) Blue Color filter - give your entire image shade of blue6) Color depth - decrease the depth of colors in your photo7) Emboss effect8) Engrave effect9) Rounded corner filter - Change those boring square images to byadding a rounding effect10) Snow effect11) Reflection filter - this filter in snap search will create anice reflection of the image.
Fruit Land 1.20
Fruit Land is a beautifully designed game with10 amazing levels. The goal is simple. Hit as many fruits as youcan. This game will test your reflection skills. You cannot hit afruit directly. Use mirrors given in the game to help you hit otherfruits. To make it more fun, fruit Land has a timer in each level.How to play:1) Objective of fruit Land is to hit fruits indirectly.2) Each level has a target score that you must achieve in order tomove to the next level.3) You will get a couple of mirrors in each level to assist you inreflecting a ray to hit the fruit and get points.4) The more in-direct hits you have, the more points you willscore.5) You cannot hit a fruit directly but you can hit a fruit byhitting another fruit.Key features:1) Fruit Land has a total of 10 levels. We will add more levels infuture updates.2) This is a game for all age groups.3) Fruit Land is deigned to work well with both tablets andphones.The level of difficulty increases in fruit land as you movetowards higher level. You will have less time to hit more fruitsand score more.
Banko - Teen Patti Rummy 1.14
The game of "three card poker" or "teenpattirummy" has an ever growing library of variations that makesthegame more interesting and entertaining.Banko! Also known as "Indian Teen Patti” is played invariousplaces in India and is available on your iPadMini,iPhone,iPodTouch and iPad.How to Play:The dealer opens two cards in front of him. The player has tobetsome amount based on how likely he thinks the next card willliesequentially in between the 2 open cards ( for e.g 3 and10..playerhas to bet how likely he thinks the next card will be inbetween 3and 10). The minimum bet is always 50. If the 3rd card isin betweenthe 2 open cards, player will win twice the amount heplaced as abet.Player looses if the next card is not in between the twoopencards. You loose twice if the 3rd card dealt has the same valueasany of the 2 cards. (for e.g. 3 and 10 are the dealer’s cards.Whenthe player hits, and the 3rd card is either a 3 or a 10,playerlooses twice the amount he placed as a bet.)At any given point in time, the maximum bets cannot exceed 50%ofthe player’s total balance. (for e.g. if the player has 10000chips,then the maximum he can bet is 5000). You get 1000 freechips whenyou download the free version of the game.Cards 2-10 are valued at the face value of the card. Facecardssuch as the King, Queen, and Jack are valued at13,12,11repectively. The Ace card, however, is a special card andis valuedat 14.The money used in this game is fictitious. Free Banko isafully-featured, ad-supported version of Banko. If you likeFreeBanko, but prefer playing without ads, buy the paid versionofBanko. You get 50000 chips to try your luck in the paid versionofBanko.