Geisha Tokyo, Inc. Apps

Mix & Paint
Make your own colors!
Infinity Drift 1.1
slide and drift as far as possible on this endless circuit !
Half-Split 1.02
Swipe to split a falling object into 50-50 rhythmically!
Handy Climber! 1.30.1
A unique climb to the top! Drag to move your hands and grab thewall. Choose wisely or you'll slip! Can you hoist yourself all theway to the top?
Sling and Jump
Reach the goal using a sling!
Rope Bind! 1.1
Use your rope to tie up all the villains! Guide the rope withyourfinger. Wrap it around obstacles and foes as you like. Bewarenotto brush it against anything sharp! How many stages can youclearwithout getting your rope cut?
Sneaky Heist!
Sneak in and grab the treasure! Move around without being seenbythe guards. Find the safe, and break it open before anyonenotices.Avoid capture, and you'll become the richest thief of themall!
Soccer Boy!! 1.5.1
Try your best to make a long shot. Upgrade your skill, improveyourdistance.
Infinite Downhill 1.1
Go downhill forever. Run inside to get bonus score, but takecarenot to fall.
Black and White 1.0
You can cancel out the damage from obstacles with the samecolor.What you have to do is just to switch the player’s color bytappingthe screen. Break through obstacles and go as high as youcan!
Fish Save the Baby 1.1
Control the fish to hit obstacles which are aiming at the baby.Hitthe obstacles, and you will get points!
Push Off Your Opponents
Rescue Machine 1.0.2
People are caught under a rockslide! Can you build a machine torescue them? Drag the pieces to connect them and make everythingclick! Connect the pieces and save everyone!
Dinosaur Rampage 5.0.1
Dinosaurs have been resurrected in the present age! Move yourdinosaur with simple controls. Win by eating the most people andcausing the most destruction! Collect coins and make your dinosaurstronger! Can you destroy the highest tower?
Create cool designs
Recharge Please! 3.0.1
Play with just one finger. Connect all the plugs to a matchingsocket. But, as in real life, it isn't as easy as it sounds! Puzzlegame with one finger control. Easy to play, hard to master.
Traffic Run! 2.0.1
Cross the streets without hitting cars and get to the goal.
Pizzaiolo! 2.0.1
Open your very own pizzeria! Knead the dough, place the toppingsand bake the most delicious pizza of all time. Can you become thebest pizzaiolo?
Earwax Clinic 2.0.1
Clean all the earwax! Dive inside and make it spotty clean. But earcanals are delicate, so make sure not to hurt them.
Chocolaterie! 1.0.1
Open your very own chocolate shop! Hand-craft the chocolatesyourself: Melt the cocoa tablets, pour into the molds, place thetoppings and much more! Can you make the world's most deliciouschocolate?
Bed Diving 2.0.1
Are you ready to dive into the bed? Jump in, but make sure youdon’t fall out! Show off your superb hand-eye coordination and fastreflexes in this diving action game. Step into wonderful dreams!But first, you have to get into bed, right?
Infinity Fit 1.0
Fit the shape! Watch out with the falling stage and go as highasyou can!
Cacao or Cocoa 1.0
Let's connect letters and make "Cacao" or "Cocoa"!
Bounce Merge 1.6.3
If you let the balls drop you won't want to stop! Dive into themost hypnotic game of this year. Drag your finger to aim, releaseto shoot. Destroy the obstacles at the bottom of the screen; ifthey reach the top, it's game over. And of course, if balls withsame number touch, they'll merge and become more powerful.
Recharge Please 2
Play with just one finger. Connect all the plugs to amatchingsocket. But, as in real life, it isn't as easy as itsounds! Puzzlegame with one finger control. Easy to play, hard tomaster.
Pin the Pipe
Plumbing emergency!! The water pipes at your place are leakingallover ! Use the pins to plug the holes and stop the spills. Canyoufix all the pipes before your place is completely flooded?
Twin Balls! 1.0
Dodge Game with Two Taps!! How far can you go? You can move aballby tapping the right or left side of the screen. Your missionis toavoid those cubes at all cost. The more you are a "Genius",thefurther you can go...!
Extreme Burger
Want some special meals? Pile the ingredients up to the skyandbuild the tallest Extreme Burger! Features: * Free to play. *Playit anytime anywhere. * Easy controls. * Fast, addictive andfungameplay.