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Phase Rummy 1.14
Phase Rummy is one of the most played card games, especiallyamongthe youth. Not only the game is fun and gripping, but eventhecards are attractive. The game objective is to be the firstplayerto complete 10 varied Phases - Two sets of three, One run ofseven,Seven cards of one color and more. A phase is a combinationofcards and can be composed of Sets (multiple cards of thesamevalue), Runs (multiple cards in consecutive ascending order),Cardsof one color, or a combination of these. Each phase to becompletedis specific to each hand dealt, meaning you need tocomplete thecurrent phase in order to advance to the next one.Finish all 10phases and win the Phase Rummy game! Each deckcontains 'Wild' and'Skip' cards that deliver game-changing moments!A 'Wild' card canbe used in place of a number card, as well as anycolor to completeany Phase, while a 'Skip' card causes youropponent to lose a turn.Phase Rummy card game is quite challengingto win, especially sinceyou need to constantly slow down youropponents, e.g. those who arehave already advanced up the Phasesahead of you, and you alwaysfind yourself trying to guess whichcards the person after youneeds – and not provide him/her thesecards. A fair amount of luckis involved; if you’ve been dealt afavorable hand of cards, itensures a speedy Phase completion. Thevarious colors, the coolnumbering, the Wild card and the Skip cardmake the game not onlylooks attractive, but also is attractive toplay. Many of the youngpeople have competitions with this game andthe pressure of winningis high. Surely now, you know the rules toPhase Rummy and once youmaster Phase Rummy rules, you are bound towin a game sooner thanlater. Download Phase Rummy card game todayfor free and haveendless hours of fun with friends, family andpeople around theworld. All the best! ◆◆◆◆ Phase Rummy Features◆◆◆◆ ✔ Onlinemultiplayer, play with players all around the world. ✔Achievementsand Leaderboard. ✔ Play with friends online at PrivateTables. ✔Play as Guest or Create your profile. ✔ Get Free coins bySpinwheel. ✔ Watch video to earn coins. ✔ Rules of the gameisexplained in great detail in the ‘Settings’ section. ✔VeryIntuitive Interface and game-play. Download Phase Rummy Cardgamefor your phone and tablets today and have endless hours offun.Please don't forget to Rate and Review Phase Rummy Card game!Enjoyplaying Phase Rummy and have fun!
Skip-Solitaire 1.14
Skip-Solitaire is a popular fun card game, also known as Spite andMalice or Cat and Mouse. This game looks forward for the players touse their skills and strategy to create the sequence of numberedcards in ascending order. Objective of Skip-Solitaire game is todiscard all the cards in their Stock pile as early as you can. Thefirst player to get rid of all the cards in the Stock pile wouldwin the game. The deck includes 162 cards, twelve each of thenumbered cards from 1 to 12 and eighteen Skip-Solitaire wild cardswhich may be played as any number. Initially, players are dealtwith the respective cards face down which becomes their Stock pile.During the gameplay, they draw the cards from a Draw pile and worktowards starting up to four building piles. Each pile is then builtup numerically in a sequential manner, 1 through 12. ASkip-Solitaire card is a wild card and can be played to start abuilding pile or as any other number too. These cards are perfectfor breaking up static situations or helping to beat youropponents. Use these cards wisely, for they can really help youbeat your opponents. Play with your Facebook friends, against thecomputer, with your friends in local multiplayer or with millionsof Skip-Solitaire players in and around the world. You can alsocreate Private Room and invite your friends to play. Players inSkip-Solitaire compete with their opponents to eliminate all theircards in the Stock pile by building piles in numerically sequentialorder. Test your strategic skills and get into the action, andplace all of your cards in serial manner. Keep track on youropponents, though, because the first player to get rid of all cardsin their Stock pile wins. In Skip-Solitaire players use your brainsto create stacks of sequentially numbered, ascending cards untilthey have no more cards left out to play. The Skip-Solitaire wildcard increases your chance of winning against your opponents.Skip-Solitaire is the easiest and an interesting game to play,which chills your mind by overcoming the stress. While playingSkip-Solitaire, it's the luck of the draw. Put your skills to testin our Skip-Solitaire sequencing fun card game. DownloadSkip-Solitaire today for free to have hours of fun !! ◆◆ Featuresof Skip-Solitaire ◆◆ ✔ Online multiplayer where you can play withreal people around the world. ✔ Create Private Room and InviteFriends. ✔ Localized gameplay. ✔ Play with Local Multiplayer. ✔ Tonof Achievements. ✔ Get free coins by Spin and Watching Video. ✔Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest. ✔ Advanced AI, and theywon't be easy to beat. ✔ Compete against friends & otherplayers and climb the weekly Leaderboard. ✔ Play with your friendsand family. ✔ Get started with an interactive tutorial. Rate andReview Skip-Solitaire today! Lets make Skip-Solitaire Card Game oneof the best card games out there on the Store. We'll reallyappreciate the review!