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Questland: Turn Based RPG 3.37.1
Face hundreds of challenging quests & events in this fantasyRPG game with unique graphic style! Customize and build your owncharacter, collect epic gear, equip your hero with powerfulartifacts and climb the rankings! Join the guild of heroes, chatwith friends, and compete in epic multiplayer guild wars to rulethe world of Valia! One of the top rated online RPGs out there! 📖Immerse yourself in an amazing storyline, defeat evil and bask inglory and fame! 🦹‍♀️ Enjoy a deep character customization withhundreds of looks & skins to choose from 🔝 Dynamic heroevolution - level up your hero, upgrade gear, unlock talents andmagic skills to boost your hero power 🗡️ Collect legendary gear,gather gold & eternium, forge mighty artifacts, and use theirpower to your advantage 🏆 Complete dozens of Quest Events andbattle your way to the top of the ranking! 👹 Defeat powerfulmonsters and bosses in fantasy turn-based combat ⚔️ Challenge otherplayers in PvP battles and reach the top of the Arena 🗺️ Fight inthe action-packed PvE campaign and discover a fantasy world 🏰 Seethe variety of locations in your RPG adventure: discover the city,visit shops, craft in the forge, embark on voyages 🏕️ Joinmultiplayer guild boss battles and lead your guild to victory! 🛡️Take part in addictive weekly Battle Events with stunning equipmentas a reward A real treat for every dungeons & dragons fan andone of the most interesting RPG quest games out there. Prepareyourself for the fantasy role-playing game like you’ve neverexperienced before! Please note that although Questland is free toplay, our users are able to purchase virtual items with real money.If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchases.
Fable Wars: Puzzle Quest RPG 1.3.0
Discover Fable Wars - a thrilling card puzzle RPG filled with fairytale characters you know and love! Collect a team of fable heroesand save the fantasy world by defeating enemies in a series ofthrilling puzzle quests. Build your card collection and assemble ateam of heroes! ⚔️ Make your way through fantasy puzzle battleswith a unique match 3 RPG-like mechanic and ravishing challenges! 🧚Summon and ascend hundreds of powerful fantasy heroes! 🧙‍♂️ Createa team of heroes. Collect hero cards and devise the best ways towin puzzle wars! ⏫ Level up your characters and develop theirspecial powers! 🆚 Fight against players around the world in PVPpuzzle fights! ⚒️ Create unique and powerful items to strengthenyour hero collection! 👹 Face thrilling boss battles. Adapt yourtactics and win epic match battles for even more loot! 🗺️ Meet thelegendary heroes of Fable Wars, send them out on missions, completepuzzle quests and gather fantastic loot! 🏆 Match against yourfriends and other players in daily, weekly, and exclusive events! 🤑Open idle chests, fight monsters and gather battle items! 🌎 Explorethe amazing fairy tale world and make it your own. Discover theunique spin on well-known characters! 👉 Trouble is brewing in manyparts of the Enchanted Forest. Aid Robin Hood and his men andrescue Rapunzel from her tower. Adventure together with DorothyGale and her friends, the Tinman, the Scarecrow, and the CowardlyLion. Keep the gate-away carriage ready for Cinderella. HelpMerlin, King Arthur, and Lancelot foil Morgana’s evil plans. Faceoff with the sinister Dracula. Visit the lands of stories andlegends and meet Ali Baba and the Genie. Help Hansel and Greteldefeat Baba Yaga’s schemes and set out on a swashbuckling ride withthe one and only Puss in Boots. Help Snow White and fight the SnowQueen and don’t get the two mixed up! Crack a case with theNutcracker and beware the Evil Queen. Learn all the secrets andtales from the unparalleled master Anansi. And finally, undo thecurse with Beauty and the Beast! Dive into the universe thatcombines puzzle combat and role-playing elements with thefantastical realm of fable legends. Build up your team and becomethe hero the enchanted forest needs. Don’t hesitate, join FableWars today! Please note that although Fable Wars is free to play,our users are able to purchase virtual items with real money. Ifyou don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-apppurchases.