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Pottery 3D:Let's Create! 1.0
Sculpt hundreds of unique pottery design while enjoy apeacefulatmosphere. Discover the joy of making pottery and createyour ownart! Features: -Various patterns and decorations-Wonderfulhandicraft experience -Mould it with a potter’s wheelwith fingerswipe Are you ready to make your day fun andrelaxing?Questions?Contact our tech Support By sending an [email protected] PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse:
Pizza Prince 1.2
During this adventure trip, there are a great number ofdangerouscreatures and you must defeat them bravely, run and jumpwithexcitement in this threatening world, finally you will get tothedestination so as to help Pizza Prince embrace hisbeautifulprincess again! Game Features: +Wonderful animations andgamegraphics +Smooth movements and relaxing bgm +Easy to operate,youcan manage it so quickly +More than 100 well-designedlevelswaiting for you to challenge + Breathtaking Battles with Bossandvarious challenging opponents +Ranking list for you to showoffyour amazing achievements and scores  + Rich toolswithdistinct styles, once upgraded, you'll see more fantasticeffects +Perfect for all iphone models, provide you with superbgameplayexperience What are you waiting for? Start your adventuretrip withPizza Prince now! To all Pizza Prince's lovely players: Wewish youlots of fun playing! Questions?Contact our tech Support Bysendingan email to [email protected] PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse:
Idle Calorie Burn 1.4.3
This fitness simulator game lets you experience the magic ofkeepfit. You find that you have too much fat. And your journey isjustbeginning. Over the next Several months in this fitnesssimulatorgame, you’ll discover what it takes to be a master.Upgrade bydiscovering all the fitness master rules to take youcalorieburning. No excuse to be idle! Level up and fill thoseprogressbars in this fitness simulator game to advance to the nextday withrunning, rope skipping, equipment training, and more. Tryon a newrole in this fitness simulator! Tap, tap, tap to earn yourenergythat will help you reach the long-awaited finish – Achieveaperfect body! Ready to take on the challenge with ourfitnesssimulator? Download the game to try it now! We know you’llbe onefitness master.
Racing Smash 3D 1.0.44
Are you still playing the same motorcycle racing games? Try thisunconventional new one. Attack and fly over any opponents who tryto overtake you in the game. The last one? No,you won’t. Panknocking? Massive equipments are waiting for you! You can fightwith your feet, baseball bats, huge pan, Gold Hoop,Thor Hammer,guns and any equipment you can't imagine! Unicycle? This is notspecial, have you seen a motorcycle without wheels? Weaponry with awide-open brain, with a variety of cool motorcycles! You are themost cool boy on the racing track! Moto vs plane? Have you triedracing with an airplane? Town, wilderness, beach, metropolisDiverse tracks, diverse scenes waiting for you to explore~Passers-by, trucks, taxis, vans and even airplanes! Anything thatmakes you dumbfounded on the field can happen! Try a racing battlewith the plane! Racing Smash 3D Moto, racing, fighting A uniquegame waiting for you to experience! Super relaxing game! Creativeweapons, more fun.
Idle Racing Tycoon-Car Games 1.6.8
Have you ever dreamed to be a Tycoon building your own CarRacingEmpire? Do you like management and idle games? Well, youcanrealize big dreams and have great time all in one game——IdleRacingTycoon! Here, start with a small car circuit but eachdecision youmake will cause a huge impact to your business! Thus,would youchoose to invest your money in improving the scale of carcircuit?Or would you choose to increase the price to earn moremoney? Eachand every choice you make will be the key cornerstonesof your pathto success! GAME FEATURES: - Easy-to-play - Excitingchallenges -Thousands of car circuits available. - Make importantbusinesschoices. - Different and newfangled upgrades to explore -Amazing3D graphics and superb animation Manage your car racingempire andbecome the world's richest Tycoon! What are you waitingfor!Questions?Contact our tech Support By sending an [email protected] PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse:
Girl Games: Dress Up 1.1.0
Girl Games: Dress Up is a game bringing users romantic dressupinteractive casual games. That so many interestingcultivateplaying-methods helps absorbed in the virtual and cartoonworld andexperience different wonderful dress-ups. Also theinteractive modewill give fantastic game experience. - You canchoose extremelydelicate clothe with hair accessories and pets toset your customDIY clothe. - Porcelain theme set can be pickedfreely includingLolita, elegant lady, Sailor suit, antiquity. -MysteriousDivination with interesting Personality test, with whichyou couldsee what princess you are after traverse. - Join beautypageant tobattle with other princess. To see who is the mostbeautiful guy incommunity.
Night Restaurant 1.0.60
From now on, you are the boss of the Night Restaurant! Run your ownrestaurant,cook a variety of tasty dishes, welcome the lovelycustomers, listen to each customer's distinct story, earn the goldcoin, protect the environment, get satisfaction, unlock new dishesand buildings, step by step to expand the business empire owned byyou... Realize your dream from Night Restaurant! Night Restaurant'sFeatures:
 ■ Cook over 100 fantastic dishes to serve in yourrestaurant ■ Collect the bottle caps dropped by customers,you cando your best to protect the environment, simultaneously, you canexchange these caps for gift packages ■ Serve hilarious,characteristic customers, listen to the attractive stories behindeach customer ■ Design every part of your restaurant, from thefloor to the bar to the chairs ■ Enjoy exclusive events that rewardunique decorations to add to your design ■ Practice your timemanagement, cooking, and design skills in your adorable restaurantand restaurant simulation ■ Upgrade to unlock various gift bags,facilities,and events Dear Boss, To avoid game data lose,Please donot carry out the following operations: 1. Re-download the game; 2.Switch Google account; 3. Clear the game cache; 4. Upgrade theandroid system. Contact:[email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Ants:Kingdom Simulator 3D 1.0.1
"The Ants: Kingdom Simulator 3D" is a casual strategy game thatsimulates the survival of ants. Do you know where the ants live? Doyou know what ants eat? Do you know how ants sleep inside? If youwant to learn about ants, come and experience it! Players use God'svision to control ants to go out foraging, collect food resources,protect queens, cultivate ant pupae, and compete with other playersfor resources, and continue to develop and strengthen theirselves.The queen who is responsible for giving birth to small ants, thesoldier who is responsible for protecting the home and the country,the worker who is responsible for collecting food, etc., All rolesin this game are exquisite and vivid, with so much fun you'll beloving it. Download to enjoy and experience Ant's thriling Life!
Wang's Empire: Village Tycoon 1.3.215
TV Live to sell goods,Village beauty pageant, Attractinvestmentauction, you can even buy an island and host a beachparty! Takeyou to experience unique Construction Simulator! With 8major sceneupgrades, players can develop from the village all theway to thecapital of the world, to be the center of the entireuniverse! GameFeatures: 1. TV Live to sell goods Unlock multiplebeautifulanchors, make selling goods to be So Easy! 2. Star BeautyContestSo many belles in the contest, you can choose anyone youlike to bethe Queen! 3. Investment promotion Hollywood Walk ofFame! Meganursing room! All can attract investment for you! 4.Charming cityelection A more attractive city than yours?Nonexistent!
Rescue Story 1.0.9
Do you believe in love at first sight? You choose your story.Shewas in love at first sight and met a gangster in front of you.Whatchoice would you make? Where will your choice lead thestorychapter? Rescue Story: Create your own stories Brain-opening,easyand fun adventure puzzle game, waiting for you to experience!Thegame consists of plot chapters, and the development of eachchapterwill be up to you! Is it a beautiful woman? Still be beatenup bythe beauty? Please make the right decision and Rescue thegirl!Massive chapters, rich plot From street adventures totropicalrainforests, from beach islands to luxury yachts. Enoughwith richscenes and plots, the protagonist’s adventure story canbedescribed as twists and turns. Can you create your Rescue Story?Isa parachute better than catching a chicken? This is amind-blowinggame, so be careful when making decisions! What shouldI choosewhen landing at a high altitude? Parachute may not be themostreliable choice~ please consider carefully! A sufficientlynovel,interesting, rich and easy decryption casual game:RescueStory:Create your own story!
Idle Business Tycoon 1.5
bidding for land, purchase the city, better luxury cars andmansionsfor you to choose! Invest in the potential of theenterprise youthink move into the building, enjoy the satisfactionof startingfrom scratch! 【 Free Operation 】 You could enjoy totalfreedom inthe game, and you can do whatever you want, and theentertainmentroom and dining area are all available. Form thelayout of thebuilding you like! 【 Strategic Bidding 】 After theinitial capitalaccumulation, you need to acquire more land inorder to becomebigger and stronger in wealth. Just be careful ofyour competitors,use the most reasonable strategy, and pay aslittle as possible forthe better land. 【 Leisure hang up 】 You canwatch employees' dailywork in the game, but be aware that the moodof employees, which canaffect the entire company's income. 【Enterprise Gathering 】 Thereare all kinds of businesses that youmay be familiar with, but theyare still in the development stage,so it's time to test yourvision. Pick the potential ones youthink, move into your building,and move forward together.