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Gate Rusher: Addicting Games
Rush through Endless Levels of Maze Racing Action. Play Offline, NoWifi Needed!
Celebrity Guess - Star Puzzle Guessing Game 1.0.6
Guess the celebrity from photos and show off your popcultureknowledge with Celebrity Guess! Uncover celebrity photos andnamethat celebrity, movie star or musician! Learn celebrity triviaandearn points for naming the celebrities based on how fast andcleveryou are. In this photo guessing game, you’ll guess thecelebrityfrom the pic the game gives you and win! Do you knowJustin Bieberfrom the Beatles, or can you tell Hulk Hogan from TheIncredibleHulk? Guess the celebrity as fast as you can! Guess theperson andlearn celebrity trivia wherever you are, even with noWIFI! If youcan guess the picture, you can play. Download CelebrityGuesstoday! CELEBRITY GUESS FEATURES Guess the Celebrity - Picturegameswith a pop culture twist. - Guess the picture to earn pointsandshow off your celebrity knowledge! - Learn celebrity triviaandpoints for the challenges you complete. Guess Who? - Eachphotoguessing game slowly reveals a celebrity photo. - Predict thename.- Guess the person to win! Celebrity Trivia - Revealcelebrityphotos and guess who they are: - Movie stars - Actors andactresses- Musicians - Athletes - And more! Offline Games Testyourcelebrity knowledge and play anywhere, even if you have noWIFIconnection. Guess the person, challenge your friends and showoffyour pop culture trivia skills. Download Celebrity Guesstoday!Disclaimer: We do not own rights to the photos used in thisgame.All photos were obtained from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons.
Snake Breakout: Collect Blocks Farm Builder Games
Swipe to Move Fun Arcade Puzzle + Farm Building Free Offline HybridGames
Planet Jump - Spaceship Arcade Game 1.0.7
Rocket through the galaxy in Planet Jump! 🚀 Tap to flybetweenplanets and dodge asteroids - how many planets can you jumpto? 🌎Planet Jump takes you through space in a hyper-casual mobilegame.🌏 This skill game tests your timing as you orbit theplanet,waiting for just the right time to jump to the next one.Asteroidsand orbiting moons may block your path, but with patienceandtiming you can make it to the edge of space. 🌌 Tap the screentolaunch from orbit. 🚀 Rocket across the galaxy, launchingfromplanet to planet, picking up Space Bux, and dodging moonsandasteroids along the way. ☄️ Jump past other players to the topofthe Leaderboards! ⭐ Arcade style and timing testing tapmechanicsmake Planet Jump a fun, addicting game that you’ll lovewith everylaunch. Rocket through the stars with Planet Jump –download now! 🚀Planet Jump Features: 🚀Planet Jumper Game🚀 - Tap tojump to thenext planet - Explore space and the galaxy – see how faryou canget! - Use rocket ship upgrades to boost your jump -Avoidasteroids and other obstacles ☄️Skill Game☄️ - Timing yourjumpperfectly earns extra points - Jump past obstacles to reacheachplanet 👾Fun Arcade Games👾 - Arcade-style designs bring all thefunof classic arcade games to your phone. - Jump up theleaderboardand compete with your friends! - No WiFi required! SciFi games getan arcade touch as you travel across the galaxy withPlanet Jump!
Photoblend 1.0.6
A cool photo editor to edit your images. Photoblend - Anadvancephoto editor that allows you to blend two images together tocreatea double exposure effect! Have you ever wanted to combinetwophotos like you’ve seen done on Photoshop or Illustrator butjustdidn’t know how to use the software? Well now you can withoneclick of the app! Take a picture of nature, use a picture fromyourcamera roll from your latest vacation, or add one of ourmanyquotes to your photos and make a masterpiece! Add any image toourmany cool frames including traditional square frames, andmoremodern figures such as an Owl, Peace sign, LOVE, Tree, Bird,Sunand more! Check them out If you like using this app give us a5star rating so we can continue to improve it! And mostimportant,have fun Photoblending!!
Photoblend Pro. Blend Quality Photos 1.0.1
Games for Friends - Addicting Arcade & Casual Apps
A cool photo editor to edit your image and blend it withotherpictures. Photoblend - An advance photo editor that allows youtoblend two images together to create a double exposure effect!Haveyou ever wanted to combine two photos like you’ve seen doneonother professional editing software but just didn’t know how tousethe software? Well now you can with one click of the app! Takeapicture of nature, use a picture from your camera roll fromyourlatest vacation, or add one of our many quotes to your photosandmake a masterpiece! Add any image to our many cool framesincludingtraditional square frames, and more modern figures such asan Owl,Peace sign, LOVE, Tree, Bird, Sun and more! Check them outShare onother social media platforms right from the app! If youlike usingthis app give us a 5 star rating so we can continue toimprove it!And most important, have fun Photoblending!!
Straight Outta Meme Maker
Create your own "Straight Outta" Memes! Add to Facebook, Instagram,and Snapchat
Bottle Flip Era: Fun 3D Game 2.0.15
Flip the bottle, stick a perfect landing, and become a master ofthe meme in this hypercasual, addicting game! Bottle flippingchallenge is here, are you ready to flip? Flip bottles and see ifyou can become a bottle flipping master in Bottle Flip Era! Flipwater bottles to start out, and unlock new flipping bottles withdifferent physics as you progress through the levels! ChallengingGame!! This impossible bottle flip game will test your timing andreflex skills! It’s easy to learn but hard to master. Physics gamewhere you carefully calculate the distance and adjust your strengthto make a perfect flip, just drag and drop the bottle at the righttime to land the perfect jump. A casual arcade game that willsurely test your skills out, where you can flip bottles anytime,anywhere! Bottle Flip Era is the best offline water bottle flippinggame, no wifi needed! Bottle Flip Era Features Casual Game Flipbottles for as long or as short as you like Fun and free game! Nocommitment Meme game! Master the bottle flip internet meme and bethe one! Offline Game Flip bottles anytime, anywhere No wifineeded! Addicting Game! Challenging game with unique obstacles Flipbottles and unlock new levels Collect over 50 unique flippingbottles Set and beat your high scores! More fun features comingsoon! Download Bottle Flip today! Your reviews are important forthe Bottle Flip team. Let us know what you think! Privacy:
Hypercasual Game Bundle 2.0.1
For the hypercasual game lovers, here is the best time killing Packwith 8 ultimate Hypercasual games at one bundle. Fly Painter, TowerShooter, ColorSort, PaintPop, Vertex, ColorSplash, FireUp andHelixJump are the games under this hyper casual games pack. Haveunlimited fun with this Ultimate Hypercasual pack of games. Spalshand sort with colors. Pop and fly with Paint and more. Unlimitedlevels, more games, more fun, more excitement.