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Real Pool 9 Ball Master 1.0
Let's Play "Real Pool 9 Ball Master" game infull 3D environment with smooth control and physics. Real Pool 9Ball Master I one of the most realistic and playable pool billiardgames you have ever played. This covers the game play with 8 ballpool and 9 ball as well. So enjoy this billiard pool master gameand have fun with your friends.Game Modes:This unique billiard game offers two game play modes:☀ Beat the Clock:You to complete your mission in the allocated time frame tocomplete the mission and you have to put all the balls in thepot.☀ Two Players or Multi-Player Mode:You can play 9 Ball Pool with your friends with standard 9 Ballrules.Game Play:◆ Set cue ball in D when potted◆ Swipe screen up & down to adjust your view on table beforeplaying your shot◆ Set the ball movement right, left, top & bottom for spinningball accordingly◆ When player 1 completes his shots then player 2 turns comes toplay◆ Use chalk on stick for playing proper shots◆ Play with your friend on same device◆ Standard 9 Balls rules applyGame Features:◆ Play live with your friends◆ Full High quality 3D environments and realistic game play◆ Full Billiard game physics applies◆ 2 Camera modes for Ariel & 3D modeFeel like playing Real Pool 9 Ball Master in a room. immatureplayers can learn & play for fun, but experts can challengethere friends to play game professionally.Game is ads supported. Hope you will cooperate.
Farm Tractor Simulation Game 1.0
Drive the crazy Farm Tractor having Trolleyloaded with multiple cargo items on it. It is the best cargotractor driving simulation game you have ever played. Drive CargoTractor with trolley loaded with multiple cargo items on it fromvillage to cities and midways within given time and by avoidingobstacles. Cargo items include chairs, tables, wheels and farmanimals to be shifted from one place to other in a real villagefarm house environment. If you like driving and parking simulationgames then you will definitely love this farming Tractorexperience. In this farm tractor simulation game, you will need todrive a tractor, deliver different cargo from start to destinationpoint within given time period.Game features:* 3D Real Tractor Simulation graphics* Real-model of tractors and trailers* Superior sound effects and live animals* Realistic 3D Farming environment* Multiple Cargo Items to deliver safely* Different and addictive levels* Enjoy the best simulation game for freePlease give us some support by rating our games. It encouragesus to make more interesting games for you.
City Construction Driver 1.0
City Construction Driver in a truck simulationgame, where cargo is carried on truck and your job is park it ondestination place.City Construction Driver is very challenging gamedue to the limit of time for simulation game lovers. The mainobjective is of the City Construction Driver game is to reachdestination and deliver without losing any package on the giventime period. Drive and load all heavy duty vehicles carefully whileplaying the City Construction Driver.You have time limit in eachlevel. Try to be the best truck driver and enhance your drivingskills.If you are looking to see different vehicles simulation games inone game then City Construction Driver is best for it.City Construction Driver game brings you different types ofchallenging game levels with different types of vehicles likeTrailer, excavator, Truck, Forklift etc to finish the level.City Construction Driver features:- Many different types of Trucks- Various challenging levels- Smooth lifting, loading and driving controls- Optimized HD quality and awesome graphics- Real physicsGrab the City Construction Driver now, its Free.
Drive Mountain Cargo Truck 1.2
Drive and enjoy real cargo truck drivingsimulation on mountains and hilly areas. The best drivingsimulation experience is on your touch. You are a logistic companyemployee which is a cargo transport company. You are given the taskto transport goods in different mountainous areas of work. Hillyareas are very beautiful. Many animals are enjoying spring grassalong the road. But this beautiful area is also deadly dangerous todrive. Your carelessness in sudden sharp turns can kill you anddamage the goods on the truck. So drive very carefully on thisdangerous roads. Land sliding, foggy weather rain, snow and windstorm are the big problems you may have to face while driving.Remember its better to late than never as speed can kill you.Deliver the cargo safely on receiving end and show your skills ofcargo truck driving in dangerous mountains. The game has multiplegoods to cargo and deliver. So be the ultimate driver of heavytruck in top hilly areas.How to play:• Accelerator button is on the right bottom side of thescreen.• Brake button is also on the right side of the screen.• Control the direction of truck using tiltGame Features:• Excellent truck cargo simulator with excellent physics andcontrol• Complete the challenge in the limited time.• 3D Environment & beautiful graphics.• Driving Experience of mountains and hilly areas• Realistic Truck Driver Environment
VR Rollercoaster Simulator 1.0
Celebrate this New Year and Christmas with acrazy roller coaster VR Simulator. Take a break from hectic routineand enjoy your holidays with virtual reality based Roller CoasterSimulator. Kit your VR glasses and start celebration. A VirtualReality based game in which you can enjoy a complete tour of RollerCoaster. Reanimate your VR Games experience with a beautifulsimulator with puts you on high fun every time you play it. Realizeyourself in a Train that is running on a Rolling track. Sometimeyou may even scare because you will really feel like a RollerCoaster Slide, Sharp turns and Slopes.Game Play:☆ Fasten your VR Glasses and enter the world of Virtual Reality andrun the game☆You must have Tilt / Gyro sensor in your device☆ Put your device into VR glasses☆ Calibrate / Focus your device into center☆ Check for blurriness☆ Use revolving chair or stand in open place☆You are free to move forward/backward and left/right just rotatingon your axis☆ Also visualize up/down viewCOOL FEATURES :☆ A real new year and Charismas celebration pack☆VR based crazy 3D Environment☆ Gyro-meter based 360 degree freedom of rotation☆Compatible with virtual reality glasses☆ Stunning 3D Graphics☆ Real Sound effects☆ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals☆ No time Limit, unlimited play and fun
Birds Hunting Sniper Season 3.0
World's Favorite Hunting Game! Now availablefree for Android! This Bird Hunting Sniper Season game is verythrilling and easy to understand the features of games. Birds canbe anywhere around you, youy got to check for their presence , huntpigeon, duck, Seagull and other birds.Grab your shooting gun and shoot the birds with this cool andaddictive bird shooting gameenhance your speed and check how fast you can go as the birds flyfaster with each level you master. Compare you bird shooting skillswith your friends in GAME CENTER and see if you can be an aceshooter with the highest score. start playing Birds Hunting SniperSeason and good Luck.Features:- Real 3D game play- Hunt the birds in time limit- Apply scope to zoom- Tap to Shoot- Attractive graphics- Good sound effectsHow to play1. Select the birds to target from Eagle, Seagull, Duck, Crow, Owl,Dove, Quail, Partridges and Cranes2. Choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3. Take, zoom and shoot at target with Sniper gun4. Navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone
Relief Cargo Helicopter 1.1
World is changing in microseconds now andtechnology has great advancements in it. So to use technology forearthquake and flood hit areas is of great importance. So become aNobel PILOT of a relief cargo plane cum Heli to serve the humanitywith true zeal and spirit. Enjoy the best of relief cargohelicopter game to make you forget the other helicopter cargogames. Yes! It is the best cargo transport helicopter game amongthe several relief cargo helicopter games you see on the market.RELIEF CARGO HELICOPTER is there to provide assistance inthe hour of the need, the ultimate concept of reliefactivities.This cargo Relief helicopter 3D is an objective based cargo reliefhelicopter game where you need to transport food and other reliefgoods using cargo helicopters In this very addictive flightsimulation transporter game you will be given with a fork lifter toload the boxes in cargo army chopper. After loading it you have totake off the heli and land on the destination and unload the itemsusing Fork lifter as well. In next coming levels you have to loadthe cargo trucks using crane and deliver the items to desireddestinations. Drive and load the truck equipped with foodstuffs,military bags and boxes and maneuver it on helicopter perfectly atthe highlighted spot. The army helicopter games never brought suchsensation in the flight simulator games. Forget flying with yourother relief cargo helicopter games and try this army transporthelicopter. Take a twist in takeoff and landing and try the newestof transport relief cargo helicopter games So take charge of yourown relief transport helicopter simulator in the disaster struckareas, and provide the cargo relief material through rescuehelicopter. Emergency has been declared and people are waiting foryour cargo planes for survival, so put your cargo helicoptertransport skills to test and steer the best army cargo plane andrescue helicopter available.Helicopter cargo transporterKEY FEATURES :✔ Real Flight Simulation Cargo Plane experience✔ Best Physics and game controls with Remarkable 3D graphics✔ Real models transporter helicopter simulator✔ A complete package of cargo transporter game✔ Amazing game play✔ Multiple challenging levels with real life simulation✔Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles✔Explore the City and Airport on your Aircraft Flight✔ Transport Cargo on Forklift, Cargo Truck, Cargo Crane and CargoPlane✔ Smooth Handling, Lifting and Driving Controls✔ Thrill of flying Plane high in the Skies✔ The greatest 3D cargo airplane flight simulator.✔ Amazing transporter planes with smooth controls.✔ Cool graphics and well-crafted animations.✔ Realistic city airport ambiance.✔ Challenging cargo jet flying missions.✔ A grand car transport plane simulator giving you the feeling ofreal cargo plane pilot duty.
Real Forklift Operator 1.1
Real forklift operator is a forklift operatorsimulation game. Carefully without damaging cargo loading andoff-loading using levers up down movements of forklift at limitedtime.The objective of Real forklift operator game is to fun andenhance fork-lifting skills.So just download Real forklift operator3D simulation game in your device for simulation challenge and fun.There is no age limit to play this game, Adult and little all canenjoy Real forklift operator awesome lifting cargo game.Start your forklift truck and drive forklift truck vehicle onthe warehouse. Move towards cargo; lift your cargo and drop it intothe destination spot.Real forklift operator Game Features:- heavy duty forklift simulation- Rotate camera view to control lever while lifting cargo- Smooth lifting, Brakes and Rotation Controls- Multiple Game play levels- Challenging driving skills- 3D graphics
Moto Stunts Adventure - Shoot 1.0
Moto Stunts Adventure is a fast pacedbike racing and stunts game where, you being daring and passingcars closely, and making stunts with your motorcycle by increasingspeed for getting scores. Be careful with your maneuvering though,crashing into cars will hurt!Top features such as Kick, Punches & fire... kick & punchopponent bikers... open fire to upcoming traffic cars &trucks... also shoot opponent bikers to get cash.Dodge riskyobstacles amid dangerous hills through an amazing, realisticlandscape. Fly through the obstacles with nitro boost. The thrillis addicting!The best traffic racing game on the store! Speed junkies, slap onyour helmet and experience some high-octane racing! Zoom down theopen highways and try to pass closely without crashing. Be stupidlyirresponsible by breaking all your bones.How to Play:- Select your ride from Super bikes or Choppers- Tilt to Steer your Motorcycle- Drive close to Cars and tap stunt button to make stunts- The more closer stunt will be when passing car will resultcash- Click kick & punch button to kick & punch opponentbikers- Open fire to up-coming cars & trucks to get cash whileracing- Boost speed by press & hold turbo boost button at rightbottom- Spend your cash for unlocking new bikes- Pick upcoming Ammunition to fill your ammunition- Pick NOS to fill your NOS cylinder- Challenge your friends for the Ultimate bike race experienceTop Bike Racing Game Features:❖ A collection of 10 awesome Super Bikes & Choppers❖ Smooth controls❖ Use turbo boosts to go very fast❖ Excellent sounds & graphics❖ Beautiful desert highway❖ An exciting bike race & stunts experience❖ Best Traffic Rider experience
Traffic Sniper Attack 1.0
AIM, SHOOT AND KILL – Traffic Sniper Attack 3Dis all about precise shooting, an urban centered thrilling shootinggame. Enjoy shooting vans, cars and other vehicles in huge highwaytraffic! Target your sniper gun on militant cars moving down theroads, but don't forget to avoid hitting civilian cars. Destroy asmuch traffic cars as possible! Get bonuses, upgrade your sniper gunand unlock new traffic vehicles!War on Terror is not over yet. Eliminate terrorism in every aspect.The users have been given a chance to accept the challenge andtarget only the cars they have asked to destroy. Players will bechallenged to use their sniper shooting skills to hit differentcolors, models and vehicle types to get more challengingtasks.Challenge yourself as a traffic hunter sniper. Your journey isgoing to be excited in Sniper: Road Traffic Hunter. Hold on yourbelts and be a real sniper traffic hunter.Top Game Features:❖ Wide range of sniper rifles❖ Engaging graphics❖ City highway environment❖ Multiple targets❖ Challenging missions❖ Variety of traffic cars to destroy❖ Powerful guns❖ New target each level❖ Original soundtrackMr. Sniper you are required to assassinate the culprits byshooting at their cars with your sniper rifles in required time.Hunt them down to hell
City Cargo Simulator 1.1
City Cargo Simulator 3D is addictive,challenging and a new addition in real truck transport games foryou. Play as a truck driver and drive freight vehicles. Pick upcargo items and transport priceless valuable goods from onedestination to another warehouse within time given limits. CityCargo Simulator is a true Cargo Truck Game. Load valuable goodsfrom one spot and unload on the final location before timer goesoff. Use your cargo transporter driver skills to avoid any accidentto your ride.So if you think you got a huge amount of driving skills andprecision parking then Heavy truck 3D cargo delivery is the drivingsimulator for you to play for free. The tracks have severaldeliveries after regular intervals of distance. This is challengingracing game due to the limit of time. Goal of the game is to reachdestination and deliver in time without losing any package.Driving Tips★Tilt your phone to drive off-road truck in right direction★ Keep the truck on proper lane★ Control the speed of the truck using the brakes at turns★ Always keep in mind that time is short so be fast and carefulwhile driving★ Beware of trafficCity Cargo Simulator Features★ Realistic truck physics★ Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls★ Multiple Camera View★ Excellent HD graphics★ Explore the various environments in the truck simulator 3Dmania.★ Complete all exciting levels of big transporter driving.★ Smooth steering, brakes, lifting, turning and truck pullcontrols.★ Astonishing 3D graphics and environment in this jungle woodtransportation.★ Real-time simulation, driving and truck parking.
Bridge Path Construction 1.0
Bridge Path Construction is a funfilled Kids game to complete the train track within limited time sothat train can smoothly pass and deliver the cargo and passengersto the station.You have to construct the road with given blocks and manage it insuch a way that train and passenger should not get damaged. Eachlevel contains different track and blocks to repair. Enjoy thisbeautiful game for FREE.Construct the road for train using blocksto complete the track for smooth pave and let the vehicles crossthem.How To Play:* Repair the track smoothly for train* Complete task in given timeGame Features:* Real train Physics based puzzle strategy game* Smooth UI and Control* Beautiful track and environment* Amazing Music and sound effect* Multiple Challenging levelsMore Levels Coming Soon !
Deadly Commando Action 1.0
Deadly Commando Action - A story ofNationalHero.As a sniper, you need great courage to face the stern enemy.Youmust attack enemy base in the dense mountain area. Destroythegiven number of enemies and should remain in the cover to saveyourhealth.Commando shooting might well be the only hope to take revengefromenemy forces and enemies in battlefield and kill all of theminthis combat mission, so survive and fight until the last dropofblood in your body. They will attack you from all direction,oncethey are aware of your presence; I hope your training inmoderncommando army games in warfare situation will come handy. Sohelpthe anti terrorism squad by wiping these crooks out inonespectacular display of commando shooting.Survival is must at every cost! This FPS action game is filledwithRPG experience with an assault mission to attain. Fend off allyourinstincts to make this mission accomplished at the cost ofyourlife. This survival quest is an open challenge to face offwithbrutal beasts, stormy weather and thick forests tobypass.Not enough, artificial enemy intelligences and air strikerjetfighter planes are there to make it the hardest mission ofyourlife. So get it on your smart devices to go Crazy againstdeadlyWarriors.Top Action Game Features* Ultra Realistic missions.* Realistic game play.* Sniper rifles with extreme accuracy and extra efficiency.* Top sniper shoot war environment.* Best sniper war game play.* Top shooting guns with gunshot war scenarios.* Unique firing game experience.* A FPS action commando shooting game.* Deadly weapons* Addictive game play* Thrilling missions Story with various challenges.* HD graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted forashooter game.* Highly customize able controls so you can play the game justtheway you want.* Supports all smart phone devices.
Asian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver 1.1
Bored with routine games? Want some change?looking for a game with real life experience? Here is the best TukTuk rickshaw game you are looking for. Tuk tuk rickshaw driving isvery popular around the globe specially in Asia including India,Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, China etc. Your rule in this game isof tuk tuk auto rickshaw driver with traditional music in thebackground Asian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver is the best Rickshawdriving games where you need to do your pick and drop job just likea crazy taxi driver. Have you ever traveled with a Tuk Tuk rickshawwhen you went on vacations? No then this is best chance to drive aTuk Tuk rickshaw driving games. The rickshaw tuk tuk you will drivewill be a taxi rickshaw. The game is about to go out and taxi thepeople to their destination. So park on the right spot and make thepeople happy.In this cool rickshaw parking game - Asian TukTuk Rickshaw Driveryou will get the feeling like you are on vacations and will be ableto drive this superb tuk tuk rickshaw. You have a limited fuel ineach level. So you have to do your pick & drop duty with in thegiven time and accuracy. This game will test your skills ofacceleration, steering, driving and parking. If you can all handlewhat it takes then you will become a good tuk tuk taxi driver. Yourpk tuk tuk is here.It's real simulator enjoy the experience of real rickshaw driver inour brand new city rickshaw driving simulation game. Fun Rickshawalso named as Tuk Tuk is a traditional ride in Afghanistan,Pakistan, India etc. It is a three wheeler drive which and reallypopular in many countries of Asia. Stay awake this city have verydangerous roads with sharp and narrow turns. Keep an eye on yourspeed meter. Don’t go too fast. Accept challenge It’s reallydifficult to drive in these areas. You can fall off from the narrowturns area enjoy the scenes with grass, trees, large parksetc.A real fun packed traditional Asian game with local music andenvironments doubles your enjoyment as gamer and entertainer. Playwith your friends, family and enjoy the folk music as well. AsianTuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver will never let you get bored while playing.Your pk tuk tuk is here.Asian Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Driver Features:♥ Traditional Asian Games Tuk Tuk Games♥ Challenging levels for ultimate fun and enjoyment♥ Amazingly realistic handling in this rickshaw games♥ Be a tuk tuk driver and park in the city parking spot♥ Best 3D tuk tuk rickshaw taxi game♥ Excellent Rubab music at the background.♥ Astonishing rickshaw driving experience in this tuk tukSimulator♥ Smooth steering control with breaks and acceleration paddle♥ HD 3D graphics to enjoy amazing driving experience♥ Advanced vehicle physics & breathtaking challenges♥ Brand new environment in this latest rickshaw parking simulatorgame♥ Different camera view driver view , rear view etc♥ Best 3D tuk tuk rickshaw taxi game♥ Superb rickshaw drive and the best parking game♥ Become the best racer in this rickshaw racing game♥ Astonishing rickshaw driving experience in this tuk tuksimulator♥ Best rickshaw traffic racer game for the auto driversThis game will test your skills of acceleration, steering, drivingand parking. If you can all handle what it takes then you willbecome a good tuk tuk taxi driver after playing Asian Tuk TukRickshaw Driver.
Call of Delta 2 - VR Game 1.0
Wear 3D VR Glasses and start your mission as asilent assassin, a ghost who is never seen by the public or itstarget. You move from shadow to shadow until you strike with deadlyforce. You have entered a world in which spies operate under theradar, moving to locations around the world to complete secretmissions. As new member to the agency your missions will startsimple, but make no mistake you will soon need to kill or bekilled. Call of Delta 2 VR is special game for action games lovers,Virtual Reality Games lovers, Secret Missions game Lovers, Frontline Commando game lovers and shooting walking dead lovers.Any cover you can find is vital in the secret game of stealthoperations. Move behind walls, obstacles, metal barrels, oranything you can find to remain out of sight of your enemies. Youneed a solid composure as you sneak past a guards and prepare totake them down. Sneak behind them like a snake in the night andthen snap their neck in one smooth movement. Missions as aoperative can vary from kills where you are the hitman, reconmissions, or go to infiltrate enemy territory to plant a networkhack. Show your valuable anti-criminal skills in this Gangster Gameto become the Boss Almighty of the Nation. Just become an unkilledhero to crush the well organized under world gangs.So get your gear together an be prepared for your first trainingmission to proof your skills. As you gain experience your will bepromoted put on the operational blacklist to complete more complexmissions. The world is full of terror cells waiting to make a moveand terrorist splinter groups seeking to build complete nations.You operate at a moments notice and can be deployed anywhere aroundthe world to serve your country. The regiment in the agency you arepart of is spying and assassinations. As a silent hit-man you arenever to be detected! Getting caught means you are dishonored fromthe agency without any acknowledgement of your existence. Rememberthat the stakes are very high, but as a secret agent you are wellprepared as money is no issue for the agency .As a thief in thenight your missions are completed without the world knowing. Yourmissions need to be completed on absolute silence.You are frontline commando, nation and chief general of your elitecommando have full confidence in you to recover what they have lostdue to negligence of some coward soldiers. You are given armor andtrained hitman for escapade bloodshed of guerilla enemy shootoutfrom any circumstance and any area clearance. So you are aloneprestige idol ranger and hero of nation in this miserable conditionand now it is up to you how you can fulfill your gorilla operationagainst opponent executioner. You are a top sniper fury agent andhave merciless skill to engrave out the foe bombing raid, be readyand set hand on trigger to aim and kill the counter frontiersupreme forces.Encounter the swat commando war zone missions in this free firstperson shooter game. You have just been dropped in a very hostileenemy territory with a large force to attack for your last survivalattempt. Gather up your first weapons and ammunition for thisbattle and become a swat shooter. You will soon be greeted by agroup of assault shooter rangers and your mission is to kill all ofthem. Get ready to experience modern army man job, testing yourskills as the last commando standing.Features:★ Smooth and intuitive FPS controls!★ Unique Action Combat camera sequences!★ Complete missions divided in regions, and play special MostWanted missions!★ 20 Missions full of explosive combat action★ Select from a wide range of lethal sniper weapon guns, each withunique characteristics.★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ Challenge yourself and race against time to get rewards onstrategic kills★ Full addictive control of latest shooting riflesDownload Call of Delta 2 - VR Game and Enjoy this great actionVirtual Reality game for free.
Zombies Belly Dance 1.0
A new and unique dance in an ultimatezombieshooting arena is all set to land on. Bring your sniper onand takethe dance live from zombies dance party. A unique anddifferentidea to kill the zombies by firing on them and the dunkedzombieswill start dancing. If you ever wanted to learn to bellydance andother dances of Arab, you've come to the right place.Start dancingwith a super beautiful music and great graphics andmany otherthings. The dancing and shooting is combined with athrillingscope. Zombies are having party and are fully drunk. Oncethey aredone with the party they will move in the town and willspread thevirus. So keep them dancing with the fire of your sniper.Enjoyunlimited fun.
Harvesting Farming Simulator 1.0
Harvesting Farming Simulator is thelatestfarming simulator that will allow you to become a realfarmer!Start your agricultural career by cultivating crops in yourlands!You can plow, sow and harvest using lots of differentmachinery!Sell your harvest for money to take control of newtractors andcombines! Enjoy the new farming simulator playing in anopen-worldcareer mode! Have fun using farming vehicles and becomeaprofessional farmer! Download now Harvesting FarmingSimulator2016!Your Harvesting 3D Farmer Simulator is now here, downloadthisForage harvester beauty and enjoy several hours offarmingsimulator and reaping machine driving fun. So sit inyourharvesting farm simulator machine and get ready for reapingharvestthe farm lands in this amazing harvester game.Harvesting Farming Simulator is the best farming simulator game.IfYou love Farm games like farm ville, then you will lovethisHarvesting Farming Simulator 2016 Free game.Be a pro tractor farm driver and take charge of yourcombineharvester simulator, manage your farm lands and startgrowing cropsand take good care of them. Start from a being arookie farmer andprogress through each harvesting farm simulatorand reaping levelsto become the pro in farming simulator.Harvesting Farming Simulator 2016 allows you to manage yourownrealistic farm in extraordinary detail. Plant, grow, harvest,andsell five different crops, raise cows and sheep, and sell timberatyour own pace. Buy new fields to expand your farm land. Takedirectcontrol of harvesters and tractors, or hire AI helps andmanageyour growing farm from the full screen management map.This is the newest in the series of farming Simulator games,thisgame has the best of agriculture simulation. If you get boredfromsemi truck games then try to build your own farm and use thisrealfarm simulator . You can grow the internationalagricultureindustry by using advance farming techniques. DownloadthisHarvesting Farming Simulator and become number one farmer intheworld of agriculture simulator games.In Harvesting Farming Simulator you have to do everything afarmerneeds to do for his harvest so use the cultivator, plantseeds,water the plant, harvest your crops, Spray on the plants andsellit. When you have sold your harvest you unlock some new groundwhatneeds your real tractor farming skillsEvery stage of farming is a mission in this tractor farmsimulator,so you can do a lot of real farm trartor simulatorstages.Game Features:• New highly detailed 3D graphics and a slick user interfacetakeyour game play experience to the next level• Plant wheat, canola or corn and sell it in a dynamic market• Astonishing 3D graphics show even more detail onyourmachinery!• Transport your crops in a dynamic market• Load with excavator• Many farm tractor and other farming machinery is waitingforyou• Smooth and easy heavy farming equipment controls• Furrow or plough with tractor• Use realistic tractors and trucks from some of thebiggestagriculture machine makers• Feed your cows and sheep to produce milk and wool• Forestry has gone mobile! Harvest wood with dedicatedmachineryand sell the timber• Manage your farm with good skills for better results• Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controlsDownload and enjoy this complete farming simulator2016Harvesting Farming Simulator for free.
Pak Cargo Truck Driver Duty JK 1.1
Pak Cargo Truck Driver to JK lets you become areal Pakistani truck driver of mobile truck games. Pak Cargo TruckDriver to JK is most awaited Independence day special truck drivingsimulator game with hit patriotic songs and real Pakistani flagTrucks. Pak Cargo Truck Driver to JK is the best Truck Driver 3DExtreme Roads. Featuring Pakistani trucks with realistic mountaindrive hill climbing experience which you will feel like real truckdriver. In this game your task is to show your driving simulationskills by moving various kind of cargo items from one place toanother successfully. Off road Truck Driving, Mountain adventure,hilly areas, snow drifting, rig truck driving and off road drivingsimulation is all about PK To JK Cargo Truck Driver 3D. Become acargo transporter in to cargo various items in this beautiful cargotruck game. Cargo Driver Job is not an easy job. It requires realpassion of truck driving like a hungry driver. Become a realPakistani truck driver & make Pak Cargo Truck a flying car orflying Truck on hilly areas. Crazy Trucks are waiting foryou.It is best tourist adventure game in northern areas of Pakistan andKashmir. Travel Across Pakistan while playing PAK Cargo TruckDriver 3D. You can enjoy it like real truck driver. Its the best 3dtruck simulator 2016. So try this truck simulator off road. Its PAKAmerican truck Game. Game Features best Asian Trucks in it. APakistani game. Game Features Pashto Songs, Urdu Songs and Punjabfolk Songs.You will also enjoy excellent background music while driving thetruck. Truck driving simulator game is based on real life’s ofPakistani truck Drivers, who drive their trucks in different longroutes of Pakistan like Karachi to Khyber, Gilgit Baltistan toIslamabad, Gawadar to Khunjerab, G.T Road to Highways andMotorways. If you are looking for Truck games,Truck Driving Games,Desi Truck Simulation, Truck Parking, Pak Truck Driver, Cargo TruckGames, and want to play as cargo truck driver with amazingsimulation game free then PK Cargo Truck Driver is the genuinesearch for you.Travel in Jammu Kashmir as truck driver, a trucker who deliversimportant cargo across between countries and cities! If you areTired of parking trucks, Then you have to play Pak truck Driver! PKCargo Truck Driver is all set in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan ontop charts. Try to be the best Truck Driver in the month ofIndependence Day, become the King of 14th August. Decorate yourtruck in Green and White fort he Big day of Pakistan. Avoidcollisions and speeding tickets,Push your endurance, skills andspeed to the limit and become the best trucker - the king of thehilly roads. Trucks used in the game portray the beautiful cultureof Truck painting that is a popular form of indigenous art andfeaturing floral patterns and poetic calligraphy and we are surethat you will love to drive such decorative trucks and would acceptthe challenge. Its best truck simulator game so all those who lovesimulation games having passion to drive long truck & trailersmust try this one.PK Cargo Truck Driving Game Features:• Artistically designed pure Pakistani Trucks• Best pk cargo transport games• Tilting, buttons and steering wheel controls• Drive across hilly roads and highways• Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touch steering wheel)• Beautiful environment with mountains and treeHow To Play:1. Accelerator and brake buttons are on the right bottom side ofthe screen.2. Horn Button is on the left side. Hand brake is also on the rightside3. Select the control of the game from setting button. Steering,Tilt and ButtonsPAK Cargo Truck Driver is the ultimate driving duty task totransport cargo through the rugged terrains, mountains and hills.Hill climb driving with cargo transport is an awesome concept foreveryone to play. Race In Car and other traffic on heavy mountains.Your artistically designed transporter truck might be carryingrelief cargo so drive carefully.
VR SWAT CITY SNIPER COMBAT 3D as a one of thebest virtual reality based snipers game. You will play as a sniper,strike terrorists. Sniper Shoot War is a first-person 3D shootergame. You will play as a sniper, strike terrorists. Your task is tofight against terrorists bases and destroy X City terroristremnants, to effectively combat terrorist activities.Simple operation of the game: Wear google Cardboard glasses andslide to the left right, up down to adjust the target. You can usethe sniper rifle zoom lens, adjust the amplification factor by theright side of the slider.You are a modern city sniper ready to play your part in dangerousattacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies atstreet level or take out the single high-profile target. Withaccess to an inventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles, youwill rely on your marksman skills to finish the work. Go for theHEADSHOT now!The game has many weapons to choose: Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50, AS50,Bomb, Medical Kit. Deagle, M4A1, AWP, AW50, AS50, Bomb, MedicalKit. Kill the enemy can get gold awards, gold can be used to buyweapons and ammunition. Let you experience the feeling of differentweapons. This is a real sniper war! Realistic gaming sound effects,so you have a more perfect more realistic sniper experience. Youwill be a true sniper!If you would to become a sniper, Trigger Shoot Free is the onlyshooter game you want to play! Your mission is to rescue all thehostages who were kidnapped, you must be careful because there aremany shooters and you can not shoot the hostages. Racked down by asniper glare and kill ! While he did not get to you or yourcomrades ! That would kill the sniper you just need to find him andshot with a rifle will follow after the touch of a finger!Features:A huge array of weapons and equipment to use on thebattlefield.An advanced weapon upgrade system that lets you maximize yourfirepower.Realistic weather effects add new challenges to yourmissions.Upgrade your skills in the Lab to increase your combateffectiveness.If you want to become a SWAT SNIPER terrorism, SWAT SNIPER FPSis the only one you need to play shooting game! SAVE terroristhostage-taking as an elite SWAT team, ready for a real crime policesimulator game tasks, such as from the underground metro stationrescue the hostages. Your mission is to rescue all the hostages whowere kidnapped, because there are a lot of shooters, you can notshoot the hostages, you must be careful. Glare sniper hunt andkill! Although he did not get you or your comrades! This will killyou just need to find him, and will follow shot sniper rifle aftertouching a finger!
Gun War Strike - Action Game 1.2
Play the role of a super shooter, who hasheavy guns in his hands, and the purpose of his being there is toprotect his citizens from unwanted and dangerous people, that canharm them. So you are the brave opne among them who will kill theenemies to protect others. Gun War Strike is a very interesting,elegant first person shooting game. It has beautiful frames,and issimple to control. As a commando, you need a great courage in theface of the fierce enemy. You must destroy the enemies , completethe tasks. The game is totally free.You can get the gold coins byshooting the enemies, so you can buy other more advanced guns. Themore advanced gun make you more powerful. Gun War Strike is bestcommando game in city attack mode with modern weapons and ambushcrackdown.It is a very interesting game with high quality graphics andsound effects. If you love to hear gun shots and gun sounds, thenyou will be amazed to hear the sounds in this game. Simpleoperation of the game: Slide the left of the screen to controlcharacter movement, slide to the right of the screen you can adjustthe target. You can use the sniper rifle zoom lens, adjust theamplification factor by the right side of the slider. the gameoffers a variety of weapons and equipment for players to use,including: Bomb, MP7A1, Elite, AW50, AS50, AWP, Bazooka, M134,M4A1. You can click on the "switch weapons button" to switch yourweapons.The game is simple yet interesting, you will fight for theenemies to get dead, make sure no enemy survives, as long as youare there. Your enemies are wandering in the streets of city; theytoo have heavy guns and can attack you from anywhere, so beprepared to attack and kill them first. That would surely addpoints to your game. The game is about collecting points and goingto the next level. There are total of 3 levels, first two aresimple and they can be crossed even when you don't have any coinscollected, but the third part / landscape is locked, you need tocollect enough points through shooting and killing, so that you cango to the next level. Of course, it is a very addictive game andafter exploring first and second landscapes, you would surely wantto unlock the third all other shooting games like Sniper killer, War shootstrike, Gun shoot, Gun war battle; our game Gun War Strike added avariety of gorgeous sniper weapons, battle maps enrich a variety ofdifferent scenarios, in the start for beginners it is very easy toplay and understand this game. Gun War Strike has successiveincrements, trill, it gives you a more stimulate pleasure of a goodgame. Do not continue to wait to try this game now, it will bringyou a surprise!Gun War Strike has the following exciting features:* Game modes available to players are several. Time limited Modewhich you have a limited time to destroy the enemy. Anyway you haveto pick up guns and launched a desperate struggle with theenemy.• The game is one time shot game, that means the person dies whenyou shoot him once. It is simpler though, because you don't need tostrike the person again and again.• The game offers 3 combat maps, all of the different cities andamong tall buildings. That makes the game more interesting for you.because you never know from where the next enemy is coming.• Multiple heavy and deadly guns, you can change your gun anytimein the game. Each gun has its own specifications.• The operation of the game is very cool, the game runs smooth,realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitely give you astraightforward shooting experience. Head shot, Blood, Sound,Effects, Game Play, all things are perfect. What you have to do isload the bullet and pierce it into body of your ruthless enemy.Gun War Strike has a ranking function; you and your friends cancompare who is the real master sniper. Invite your friends to playthis game with you. It will be a great fun.
Peshawari Bus Simulator Lahore 1.0
Amazing Pakistani Buses are waiting forpassionate drivers in Peshawari Bus Simulator PK BUS android gameon the special day of Pakistan's celebrations,When Pakistan came onthe world map as an Independent country. Take the Country Flag andput it on your car, Vehicles and specially Buses, to depict yourpatriotism. Roam around the city streets and show the world thatyou are an independent and happy citizen of this Holy land. This isa startling smartphone bus simulation game which contains excitingand engaging features including Pakistani Folk music like Rubab,Pashto songs, Punjabi Music etc. The game comprises 8 levels withengaging game play like providing safe transportation to passengersfrom Peshawar to Lahore. PK Bus Simulator Peshawar to Lahore is thebest bus driving game with off-road bus driving experience onPakistani roads from Bab e Khyber to Minar e Pakistan Lahore; thecenter of Pakistan Movement. You will feel like a real PakistaniPathan Bus driver driving Pakistanis buses in Pehsawar LahoreMultan Faisalabad Karachi Quetta and across Pakistan.Drive this Pakistani Bus and show your Loyalty and Love for yourmotherland. Peshawari Bus Simulator PK BUS game is based on reallife’s of Pakistani bus Drivers, who drive their trucks indifferent long routes of Pakistan like Karachi to khyber, GilgitBaltistan, Gwadar to Khunjerab, G.T Road, and Motor Ways, etc.Peshawari Bus Simulator to Lahore is a popular game in India,Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kashmir. So become an indianauto driver, indian bus driver with indian music like in realdriving the buses in Amritsar to Chandi Garh, Mumbai to DELHI etc.Afghan Truck Driver also love the this PK Bus Simulator game todriver it from Kabul to Kandahar and Torkham to Chaman.If you lover bus simulator 2016, bus driving games, off-roadtourist bus driving than Peshawari Bus Simulator Lahore is the bestchoice for you.Peshawari Bus Simulator Lahore Pak Bus Driver smartphone game isdesigned with latest 3D technology providing the real roadsensations while playing game. There are two buses available forplaying designed in purely Pakistani cultural style.If you are fond of driving games and keen to drive heavy bedfordand hino buses on bumpy roads with astounding folk music than PakTruck Driver is the right choice to sooth your urge of feelingdriving a heavy traffic vehicle.Features of Peshawari Bus Simulator Lahore:- Whole game is designed in 3D format representing originallocations of highways.- Bus driving simulation game with cargo servicing hurdles- Multiple camera angles providing more fascinating drivingexperience- Animated people entering/exiting the bus- Custom weather conditions in Free Ride mode- Locations of any kind: city, countryside, mountain, desert andsnow- Realistic visual damage- Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controls- Detailed Interiors- Intelligent Traffic System- Challenge your friends with online rankings- It’s absolutely FREE on Google Play!- Experience the feel of 3D Environment & HD Graphics.- Optimized game performance.- Great Game Play and controls.- Refreshing background music & sound effects.- Realistic bus features.Independence Day special game Peshawari Bus Simulator waits foryou.
Pindi Boys - Bike Stunts Rider 1.0
Pindi Boys is your ultimate side scrollingmotorbike/motorcycle racing game. Your objective is to score highpoints in this game with as many possible tricks you can perform.14August Special. Pakistan Day Special. Jashne Azadi Mubarak Race.Pak Independence Special Race. You are going to drive the bike onrushy areas, so safety should be your ultimate goal. For that,strap your helmet, grab and wear your safety guards and get readyfor the extreme fun of this racing and drifting game. This gamewill teach you to ride in traffic, when you are around crowdedroads and the only way to get out of it is escalate your speed, goviral like a rocket escapes in the sky, give a race to youropponents, strike the gare hard and let your bike leap over roofs.You have got heavy bike, chopper and simple motorcycle, it's up toyou, what you want to ride.Heavy bike is the dream of Pindi boys, so in our game, you canfulfill your dream to ride a realistic Heavy bike. If you havenever been in Rawalpindi, then you have a golden chance to roamaround the streets of Rawalpindi, and the best thing is that youare having your own personal racing bike. Ride and show the publicwhat you have got. The city is very much crowded, especially themurree road, committee chowk, Peshawar road, sadar market,commercial market area, and if you dare to test your drivingskills, do enter the 6th road in the evening time. All these roadsare very much crowded and there are so many bikes and cars, that isa true dare for you to test your driving skills.As a boy you would surely love to hang around with your friends onbikes, and especially when its night time just go to the Mall Roadand its nearby roads, the roads are very calm and sound at night,you can easily have a racing and drifting competition with yourfriends. Bikes are really cool to ride and the sounds used are verymuch realistic, you will love playing this game, and within no timeyou will get addicted to it. accelerate your bike, do stunts anddrifts. Discover new areas in the city.In this game, the city is your racing track, you are free ofrestrictions, you can go anywhere you like. just grab your stuff,buckle up your shoes and wear your racing suit. Be the best riderof Pindi. Pindi boys game has the best controls, you will bepleased to play this game. Game controls are smooth and game isintuitive. Perform daring stunts to score higher in this game. Themore stunts and drifts you perform the higher you are going to getthe points.Game exciting features* Test your Motorbike riding Skills* Improve Stunts and drifting Ability* Stunning HD Graphics* Realistic and dynamic motorcycle physics* Crazy drifting and racing sounds* Easy and Free to use* Beautiful 3D environment with city area* Offline PlayDownload Pindi boys and ride the bike like a king. Its totally FREEand much exciting than you have thought.
PK Truck Driver Swat to Gilgit 1.0
You are very lucky to drive the most amazingPK Truck on the big day of Pakistan Independence day. This is themonth of freedom. Take your Truck and travel to beautiful places ofPakistan, that you adore. Pakistan Independence day special game isin your play store now, install your game and show some respect toyour motherland. PK Truck Driver Gilgit Swat is a realistic Asiangame designed in the most amazing environment to give you the veryreal and actual sensation of game. Let's drive PK traditional truckand enjoy a real simulation of PK truck driver on your smartdevices. PK truck is a free driving game specially designed to giverespect and pay tribute to Pakistani truck drivers who love todrive there pk traditional truck on a dangerous road and transportcargo from city to city on time.You have got a chance to e-celebrate this day with your loved ones.You might have traveled in your Truck often but this time its notthe same as before; you have the chance to travel the places andsee how elegantly people have decorated the roads and their houses, from a higher point.PK Truck Driver Swat to Gilgit is new and free game, is one of thebest games ever made on trucks cultural history and tradition.Its aright choice to play and share with other truck drive lovers whohave passion and craze for truck driving and staring on bumpy roadswith huge luggage from warehouses & sensational landscapes& engaging environment. its about storytelling, passion, rage,competition and pride. This Pk Cargo Truck Game is developed to payrespect and homage to Pakistani Truck Drivers who spent nightsoutside of the home to deliver PK Cargo not only in Punjab,Kashmir, Northern Area/Gilgit, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoon khawa (KPK)and Baluchistan but also in India and Afghanistan in theirartistically and calligraphy decorated trucks with famous paintingsof the nation. In this you will see beautiful carving and patternsthat is what bring colors to the life of the Drivers in Asia, as webelieve that these moving canvasses brings smiles on the faces ofevery human being.Imagine you are driving your Truck in a lush green surface witha fine blue sky on your head. This pleasing environment isavailable, in Swat and Gilgit Baltistan. You can now enjoy thiswithout going to the place physically. Your truck is parked in themain truck parking area. So like a professional truck driver, startyour truck and load the luggage to carry, because it is yourchallenge to carry out luggage from its base to the destination. PKGames, Pak Truck free.Swat is a very beautiful city, it is surrounded by Chitral,Upper Dir, Lower Dir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Load the woods, to carrythem from Gilgit/Swat to the other areas. You would surely haveseen other games of driving heavy trucks like 22 wheeler truckdrive, Modern heavy truck driving, Extreme truck Driving game, HillTruck driving, Cargo truck extreme driving. But PK Truck DriverGilgit Swat is one of its kinds. It is better than the rest. Don’tcrash into anything! Try to aim for the fastest time without anydamage! Once you damage your truck you need to start over becausecrashing your truck means game over! You can select the truck youwant to drive, select one of the four trucks to hit the asphaltwith.COOL GAME FEATURES★ Driving simulator game specially designed for yoursmartphones.★ Three steering options 1) Tilt Steering 2) Steering wheel 3) Leftright touch buttons★ Very realistic wood loaded truck with real life controls.★ Large size and slip resistance Tyre of the truck.★ Powerful and efficient Engine of the truck to win the heights ofmountains.★ Realistic cargo items i.e woods.★ Truck parking, boundary wall with gate.★ Whole game is designed in 3D format representing originallocations of highways.★ Truck driving simulation game with cargo servicing hurdlesDownload PK Truck Driver Gilgit Swat, and play the wonderfulgame ,compete with your friends.
Real Peshawari Coach Bus Drive 1.0
Peshawar has already been a well known area ofPakistan and in recent years it has got more fame by the name ofits cricket team " Peshawar Zalmi". many games like Peshawri Truck,Peshawar truck games, Peshawar bus, Peshawar bus simulator,Peshawar Bus songs, Peshawar Truck art are going live in your playstore. You might have got bored by playing such games. Here is anew and fabulous game, one of its kind the Real Peshawri Coach BusDriver. This game is designed with real 3D simulation, it providesthe real sensation while playing this game.Amazing Real Peshawri Coach Buses are waiting for the passionateand energetic bus drivers, you are a young driver, it's an awesomeactivity for you to refresh your mood. When you feel low and don'thave any other activity to do, just grab your smart phone downloadReal Peshawri Coach Bus Driver and start playing the game, it willlead you through beautiful places in Peshawar, the one you wouldhave never seen. curiosity is the best part of this game, whatcomes next you will watch while playing.Peshawri bus games are famous all over the world, like Kashmir,Afghanistan, India and other countries. If you are an Afghandriver, you can surely relate to the roads and environment aroundyou with Real Peshawari Coach Bus Driver game. Take the keys ofyour bus, ride, settle down, go to the stop, wait for passengers tosit on their place, don't rush, drive smooth, using game's bestcontrols.You are going to drive a Van Hool-bodied Volvo, it is a bewilderingbus. You will surely get perplexed driving it. you are going tostop at different places, Pick people from the stops, people notonly carry some luggage bags with them, but there will be otherthings to carry too, like boxes, some goats, lambs and othernecessary things.If you love driving 3D bus simulator games then Real peshawri CoachBus Driver is a best party bus simulation crazy off-road busdriving game. After playing this game, you will become fond ofdriving heavy buses, trucks, cars and heavy duty vehicles.Game features contains;This game is absolutely FREERealistic game graphics3D game scenariosReal and amazing bus sounds and background musicSteering wheel, tilting controls and buttonsRealistic interiorExcellent game controlsDownload Real Peshawri Coach Bus Driver now. play it with yourfriends, compete for the high scores and check who is going totransport the passengers and luggage fast.
PK Horse Carriage Simulator 1.0
When Pakistan got its identity on the WorldMapas an Independent country, there were mostly horses andhorsecarriages. Most of the people used to travel long distancesonthem. there were rarely buses or heavy transport vehicles.Ruralpeople used to stuggle for their living and used horses andhorsecarriages as a means of their everyday life matters. In earlydays,there used to be horses in the Independence day Parade andDefenceDay parades. Ride as horse carriage master to control theangryhorse with its cart and cargo passengers from stop totheirdestination with beautiful folk and local music in thebackground.Enjoy the adventures ride in beautiful city environmentwith PKHorse Carriage Simulator Game.Horse carriage is a very old transport media, even used byBritianswhen they came here in the continent to rule. ThisIndependenceDay, you need to hang Pakistani Flag on the carrier ofyourcarriage. Show some spirit to boost your energy for this greatday.14th August means alot to all of us. It is the day whendisputes,conflicts where diminished and we landed in a peacefulterritory.We Pakistani got our identity.In this game you have to control your horse andtransportpassengers, so come ride your horse along with itscarriage. Yourtarget is to drive the carriage with horses, pick thepassengersand tourists and drop them to there respectivedestination. Cityhorse with a carriage should run straight to thepicking point forpeople and tourists.The carriage is used to loadpassengers andluggage and to drop them to their destination. Ahorse is attachedto the carriage that is handled by a cart driverwhich runs it.Thehorses are strong, galloping into the busy roadsof the city andthe horse carriage is ready to transport thepassengers directly totheir destination, by moving along differentpaths of roads. Cartdriver, drive carriage to excavate through andtransport the peopleand luggage in time. If you are looking horsegames, horsesimulator, horse racing, horse jumping, derby horsejumping horsegames free than PK Horse Carriage Simulator is thereal choice foryou.The Horse carriage is empty at the start of game, when nopassengeris loaded to carriage. Game becomes trilling whenpassengers comeand carriage starts to fill up. passengers talk andlisten to theloud noise of traffic on road, or sometimes musiccoming from anycar or shop during their ride.All the carriages are setup to stand in the badami baagh areareadyto transport. A number of carriages are already there when youparkyours, so being an efficient cart driver, its your duty togatheras many passengers as possible, so that your cart is fullearly andyou start your journey. The route of carriage depends onthe placespassengers want to go. There may be multiple routes foreach day.The simulator game of PK Horse Carriage is a real fun andsimulatorgame, riding carriages and driving the loaded carriage onbusy andcrowded roads of Lahore. Morning shift mostly includechildrengoing to schools and evening shift include labors returningtotheir houses.PK Horse Carriage simulator is most addictive endless horsecartride game. Take control of the wild horses attached to a cartandride it by dodging the obstacles.It’s time to showcase yourdrivingskills by driving a hosre Carriage. This PK Horsecarriagesimulator has only one goal and that's giving you a nicetime onthe truck.Hold the wheels tight, buckle up ready to rumble on the roads,getready for a crazy ride, do not crash, follow all the trafficrulesand dodge the traffic cars carefully to reach yourdestination.Horse Cart Simulator Features:* Free Horse Simulation Game* Realistic HD Graphics* Ride Super Horse Carts* 3D and Realistic Environments* Unlock and Upgrade various carts* Endless Horse Ride* Realistic game play and cool sound* Challenge & Share with your friends* Beautiful 3D Animated Horses* Become a strong horse carriage driver
Tank Battle Strike World War 1.0
Modern Wars will be fought with modernweaponsand techniques not with large number of military troops. Thewinnerwill be one with latest battleship weapons equipped withlatesttechnology. Tank Battle World War is about modern eratechnologybased Tanks Combat action game. Preparing for the war isactuallywinning the battle. So keep in mind that World war hasbeenstarted. Your enemy is an evil alliance of highly trainedforces.Enemy is coming towards your territory with highlytrainedcommandos equipped with heavy tanks.World War was an era of blitz, most common bombardment wasthroughhelicopters and tanks. this game takes you to that time,flashbackof world war , in which our ancestors took part, you canvisualizethe war by playing Tank Battle World War.The battlefield has the world most powerful tanks. Choose fromarange of powerful tanks, Strike straight into tanks battle,fightfor your Nation's glory and honor and get your front linecleared.Defeat the enemy and be the Hero of Combat.Features:◆ Four challenging Battle front levels◆ Stunning 3D environments of modern era◆ 7 Real tanks from World War II◆ Addictive game play with excellent controls◆ Real tanks ballasting effects◆ Realistic sound effects and animations◆ Modern strategical warfare◆ Radar, scope, zoom in cameraHow to play:☀Use joystick to control the movement on the screen.☀Use fire button to strike the enemy tank.☀Use ‘zoom in’ to have a close view of the enemy tanks.The game is totally free (Ads supported) and does not have anyinapp purchases. Just download and enjoy.
PK Goshi Run - Eid Special 1.0
Take the Streets of Pakistan as hungryBunnyand collect as many carrots as you can to enter the worldofendless fun in pure lahori and desi style. Avoid the obstaclesandenjoy pk subway fun. Its kind of Bunny Rush game withlocalstickers and theme. The Game presents a real street viewwithPakistani Culture. Goshi is the name of our game character, itis avery sweet and cute animal, it is fast and very intelligent.Ourspeedy little chipmunk like Goshu is brave and furious aboutthecarrots. Playing Goshi Run, you will experience a new game play3Drabbit run. The rabbit runs around the city with the fastpace,it's furious speed and jumping characteristics lets it runandnever caught. You have full control of this Goshi. BunnyRun,racing, jet pack, jumper, challenging, rush, cartoonic game isherenow.Rabbits are already very cute, but they look more cute when theyarecartoonic, you would have surely seen many cartoons of rabbitsinyour childhood and may have kept one in your house for real.Youknow what do rabbits love most of all? They love carrots andyouhave to feed your hungry running, jumping, pumping,challenging,rushing, racing rabbit on the streets of your city.Join the Goshiin real Pakistan tour and adventure program. You arefollowingGoshi and knowing new and crowd Pakistani Cities' arein one of the most famous and well known city of Paksitan,yes youare right, Its Lahore, The heart and center of Pakistan'sfamousprovince Punjab. People of lahore are very much lively andbrave,they are letting you run the Goshi and find its carrots fromthecrowded overloaded city streets.It is one of the other PKpakistanigames. Famous as all other PK games. Goshi Run - EndlessBunny Rushis a free run escape game that brings you the fun andexcitement ofa fantasy action RPG game. Goshi Run is the best kidsgames. If youare looking for kids games free than download andenjoy this GoshiRun game for free.Goshi Run - Endless Bunny Rush is latest Game from the makersofPK Games. The Goshi Run is a totaly local game, like all theotherPK games, e.g Ghur sawari ( horse riding), Teer Kamaan(Archerygame), Gulli danda, Water sports, Terraki ( swimming anddiving).This is played in the northern areas of Paksitan. You wouldhaveplayed other PK games like the Metro game, Bike racinggame,Cargo,Transport games. Goshi is very cute, sharp, hyperactive,energetic,enthusiastic and jumping jack. He is never tired andready to playall the time. Once you have downloaded this game, itwill be reallyhard for you to leave it. It is very addictive withrealistic 3Dgraphics. Play this 3D, awesome, Realistic PK game now.GoshiRun.How to Play:Tilt your device to playSwipe up on your screen to jumpSwipe down on your screen to slide under obstaclesSwipe left or right to turn. Timing is important!Collect as many coins as you can and You will need more carrotsforpower ups.Endless Running Game Features:Unlock and play more wild animals as charactersGear up with upgrade able equipment that will help yousurvivelongerLots of different power-ups to unlock and upgrade as you playMove in the city streets to find new places for your GoshiEasy and efficient game controlsDownload Goshi Run now, and play your first ever rabbit racingrushgame. Let your Goshi collect as many carrots as he can, andwhenthe carrot level is high enough to get your power ups, youaresurely gonna get upgraded.
SWAT City Sniper Combat 1.1
SWAT City Sniper Combat is an AntiTerroristCounter Strike shooting war game with destructiveexhilaratingweapons.World has been under ISIS terrorists attack and you have totakecity counter terrorist attack. Call of counter where you are aSWATCommando & city sniper army. Dangerous assault missionassignedto blast away the ISIS gang terrorists using anti-terroristbloodywar guns, explosives, undercover agents, sharp shooters,marinesand specialized military sniper gunners at the enemy’sfrontier. Inevery mission you step for homeland, kill all enemysoldiers;destroy their infrastructure and clear militants. Themissionassigned to assassin all commandos. The target is abouttoimpossible mission but not for a professional SWAT CityCommando.Keep out world at war arms as World War II.You are part of SWAT TEAM Commando Unit Anti terrorist is yourduty.Anti terrorist SWAT Elite have intelligence report aboutunderworldcriminals violate in the city. There are multipleterrorist forcesdoing work like Mafia X, Under World 2 and TargetKillers has nettedthe whole city. They spread anarchy by drugs,violence, serialkilling, target killing and drugs. So it's a quickmission torecover the city area, rescue innocent people.SWAT City Sniper Combat is a complete different real policestylegame. Your secret mission has been called a “City SniperCombat”.You will be provided with the latest modern sniper rifleswhich canbe upgraded and their capabilities extended like betterfire power,better handling and more as you progress through themany difficultmissions taking place across multiple cities andareas.Terminate high value targets first like as counter terroristforcelaw enforcement agency. In this combat operation battle youareequipped with modern Sniper rifles during raids at siegeplaces,with back up support from your military troops so you haveto fightlike a brave solider as a front line commando in thisoffensivebattlefront raids starting from your base till the deathof allcriminals and be a hero in this call of Glory and be aultimatesoldier of the nation in this epic battle.With the game screen attracts fierce gunfight dramatic join ustoCounter Terrorist game. The game will give you the relaxingmomentshappiest, cleared away the stress after a tiring day ofwork, theirlearning. World peace is being threatened terroristforces, theyare plotting suicide bombings. So please hurry joinsterror todestroy them bring peace to the whole world.Counter Terrorist is one of the typical shooter game today hasmadecurious gamer community mo.With crisp 3D graphics, the game isabattle scene of military force against the notoriousterrorist,Let's brave soldiers fighting the dangerous terrorists.SWAT City Sniper Combat In this, you will be in the role ofaprofessional gunman, received intelligence that the position ofthebase of the terrorists, approaching the dangerous area to carryouta crackdown. Please express your talents in this shooting gameoroffline. It would be very difficult task, as the distancebetweenyou and the terrorists are very close, and you risk damageisenormous vitality. However it will also make you moreexcitementand more may attempt it. Your task is to fight againstterroristsbases and destroy X City terrorist remnants, toeffectively combatterrorist activities.SWAT CITY SNIPER COMBAT FEATURE:★ Realistic S.W.A.T. battle simulator★ Modern weapons like assault rifles and sniper guns.★ Deadly bullets effects with head-shot to kill fast.★ High Definition 3D graphics - World War II★ Missions full of explosive combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ FPS (First Person Shooter) 3D Game★ Cool and Excellent real look 3D environment★ Smooth game control and sound effects★ Highly powerful weapons★ Exciting game sound effect★ Impressive graphics and Multiple Missions
Navy Surgical Strike Warship 1.0
Defense of our country is the firstandforemost thing we are concerned about, you would also have thesamedream and its our duty to stand for the protection of Pakistan,thehomeland, our motherland. Re-unite against the invaders, ifanyonethinks to harm our territory we are all prepared. Grab yourenergythis Independence Day, show the world what you have got.Passionand enthusiasm is your base to play Navy Surgical Strikethis 14thAugust. Take the command on radar and switch to thepatrioticsongs, mili naghmay energise boost up your moral.Save Pakistan, being in Navy Surgical Strike takes you onthrillingcombat Navy fighting like never before in navy games. Butwait! itdoes not stop there. Not only do you need to just Navyfighting butyou have an air support with only one gunshiphelicopter andmultiple weapons, destroy and eliminate enemies onship andopponent’s deadly gunship helicopter. it is highlychallengingexperience for first person shooting player with sniperand rocketlauncher. World War is being fought in deep sea and youhave tolead the battle.Navy Seals!! or navy air force fighting games? Are you ready forareal attack on a navy ship that is detected in deep sea byoursatellite. As per the visual signals received the carrierdoesn'thave any flag nor have any kind of symbol which represent itas anopponent. In an ARMY Base, The Commodores and highofficialsmilitary staff have decided in the meeting that we wouldfirstcheck the ship carrier; if some one resist we will take itbyforce.Navy Surgical Strike is an MMO naval combat simulation game.NavySurgical Strike Warship will bring you back to World War 2whilstyou enjoy fighting real world enemies. You are able to jointheNavies of the United States, Japanese, United Kingdom,Russia,France and Italy to create your own personal fleet withinNavalFront-Line. You can join the war in Destroyers, light andheavyCruisers, Battleships and even Submarines. Welcome to the warandENJOY battle!This is a battleship shooting game with several types ofmilitaryships, paratrooper soldiers, gunship helicopters, war jetsandbattle copters. Navy Surgical Strike Warship is the best navyairforce fighting games. The game provides players with a hugenavalfleet and grants an opportunity to take command oflegendaryvessels and fight for domination on the high seas. TheDestroyerwarship machine has its unique realistic combination offirepower,speed, armor, and endurance.Your mission is to take charge of a fleet of powerful andvariednaval ship, taking to the rough seas to seek out and destroyyourenemies in intense and bloody battles.Take your armored destroyer battleship in to the deep coldoceansand destroy all the lethal aircrafts, enemy warship. You needtodefend your ship, your honor and your country. The missionisimpossible but you are the only one that can face the cruelenemyin the deadly seas.Do you know the Art of War? There are no Rules in theBattlefieldexcept one; Victory!!!Your Mission:• kill all enemies on ship• protect your helicopter with your gun• save your helicopter from enemies Heli attackHow to Play:• Touch & Swipe the screen anywhere to move your weaponleft,right, up or down• set aim on target to fire• use rocket launcher to destroy enemy helicopterFeatures:• Multiple Weapons• Enemy excellent AI(Artificial Intelligence)• Beautiful real sea water 3D environment• Smoothly Control of Game play• First Person Shooting GameThe large armored battleships of the enemy are on the missiontomaintain command on the Sea. They have invaded the sea andbreachedthe Naval Defense lines. The Sea is full of heavymonstrouswarships loaded with destructive weapons. The air strikesof therival copters are distracting you from the destruction oftheMilitary ships. The Enemy wants to achieve naval dominanceinbattle of the oceans. Go and play Navy Surgical Strike Warship3Dgame.
Formula Racer Rush Drive 1.0
Formula Racer Rush Drive offers youamultiple selection of formula one racing cars. A must havegamethat will surpass your racing expectations and indulge you in awaythat you have never felt before. So gear up and get ready forsomeFormula Racing game ! You will not feel any think like unrealupagainst opponents. Drag yourself in a massive formula racingarenagame. All you have to do is take control and drive yourformulacars on some of the fastest race tracks in the world.Formula Racer Rush Drive is an action-packed racing gamethatwill let you experience the surprisingly realistic feelingofdriving a professional one seater Turbo Racing car.Theadrenaline that is rushing through your veins will triggeryourneed for riding like the wind to blow. Just take the wheelandstart your race. The roar of the engine and the creaking ofwheelswill make you unstoppable, till the winning line.Formula Racer Rush Drive is the pinnacle for all racersenthusiasts.To handle one of the most powerful and technicallyadvanced cars inthe world will be the dream came true for allspeed and drag racers.Your dream is just complete if you can'tafford a one milliondollars top fuel indie car, download the gameand start practicingto become a real racing King. The Multiplecompetitive auto racingtypes will let enhance your top drivingskills. This game is thebest experience in Time Attack and theKnock-out race.Formula Racer Rush Drive Features★ Top racing cars outrunning each other★ Brilliant HD graphics in a visually stunning 3D environment★ True to life adrenaline rush of driving a professionalracingcar★ Simply tilt your phone left and right to stay clear offvehiclesand win the race.★ Built for gaining high speeds like no other asphalt game ofallages★ Multiple different types of tracks - with asphalt surfaceorsemi-grass or sand★ Equally good game along with other racing games orformulagames★ Your own way of the highway racing experience – takethecompetition to the highest level★ Progress can be saved online and shared across multipleAndroiddevices!★ Take a road trip, racing along the highway, formula beast carvs.formula beast car!
Animal Transport Simulator 3D 1.0
Become an Animal Truck Transporter, byloadingand carrying animals from one place to another.Transportinganimals from one place to another is not at all an easyjob,because you need to grab them with your commands as animalscannotunderstand the language of humans. In this game EidAnimalTransport Simulator, the major task you are assigned is; youhaveto load the animals from the village, the center hub of all theEidcattle, and transport them to the nearby market. It isnotnecessary that you only transport a specific type of Eidanimal,there are all the types of animals, i.e: Camels, Cows,Goats,buffalos. All the animals that you are going to transport areinbulk. You need a big animal transporter truck or a FarmTruck.Bakra Eid Game. Eidul Azha game of Goat simulator. A specialgiftof Eid e Qurban.You might have seen some other games like Zoo animaltransporter,animal transporter truck 3D, Train animal simulator,Animal Rescuegames, Farm animal truck simulator and many other suchanimalsimulator games. Eid Animal Transport Simulator is a verysimplegame, you will not experience any difficulty in playing EidAnimalTransport Simulator, the controls of this game are verysimple andeffective. Game has the same controls like movingforward,backward, Accelerate and breaks. This game is speciallydesignedfor the upcoming Muslim event Eid. This Eid is calledEid-ul-Fitar,and its our obligation to sacrifice any Halal animalon this piousevent. This game has 8 most addictive levels, eachnext level isdifficult from the previous, and new animals startcoming in morequantity, you need to manage all the animals, so thatno animal isleft behind.Playing this game, you will move from countryside sceneries,Ruraland urban areas altogether, cattle transport experience, willbe atotal new adventure for you. Play this game sensibly, you havetosell all your animals before eid. Be calm and relaxed when youloadand unload your Eid animals because it is a totally newexperiencefor you to become an animal transporter. But once youhave startedplaying Eid Animal Transport Simulator, you will surelylove thisgame, because of its 3D environment and realisticgraphics. A gamegets interesting because of its super awesomecontrols andattractive, realistic and addictive graphics.This is animal transport game. This game include is modifiedanddrift.Properties- Different Animals types- Touch steering wheel- Touch the brake, gear,acceleration- Quality three-dimensional graphics- Quality sound effects- Realistic Truck Physics- Drift physics- Multiple addictive levelsGet ready for a wild cargo transporter game, Eid AnimalTransportSimulator. transporting these animals from various places,totowns, cities and animals selling spots. You need to care abouttheanimals, if they get hurt, they are not worth anything. Soyourprime concern should be the safety of these animals. Cattle isyourultimate source of income. You will get paid by transportingthemfrom their habitat to their destination.
City Skater Rush 1.0
City Skater Rush is a fun, freestreetskateboarding game. Experience all the skateboarding fun inyourmobile phone with City Skater Rush! Jump on the skate boardandperform free style stunts! Skate and roll over streetobstacles,over cars, skate under obstacles and collect as manycoins as youcan, improving your skater skills. Don't sit idle rushand play theincremental game, with multiple exciting levels.Take your Skate and go for an adventure in your owntown,skateboarding is a sport that is loved by the youth and kids,it isconsidered as an act of coolness ,so try acting like one andplayCity Skate Rush.Show your skating skills! Speed up and display cool tricks withyourskating board! Rush up and down the roads! Zigzag throughthetraffic! Jump over obstacles and enjoy boasting yourskatingabilities!Collecting coins you can improve your skater skills bypurchasingpower-ups to make your skateboarding dreams cometrue.City Skater Rush brings all the fun of skateboarding games toyourmobile device allowing you to skate your board through endlesscitystreets and urban decay. Jump on your board, learn new movesandimprove your freestyle skate skills!Features of City Skater Rush❖ Realistic skating experience❖ Multiple players to choose from❖ Lively 3D graphics and Rush environments❖ Awesome City Streets with fun obstacles❖ Smooth and simple controls❖ Speed Up, Jump and slow down to avoid vehicles❖ Skate and unlock power ups❖Perform tricks and avoid cars and trucks, Dino etc
Hunting Animals with Sniper 1.0
Start your day with this most adventurousandamazing pack of addictive hunting game. The season of huntingisback again. You might be missing game of passion and energyfilledwith wild animals, wild jungle, hunting adventure. Forget allothersimilar wild jungle games like deer hunting, sniper hunting,wildadventure 3D, Sniper shooting, Assassin 3D, Virtual realityjunglehunting, Augmented Reality Safari animals. But don’t makeHuntingAnimals with Sniper wait for you; because you are not aloneto playthis game, you have plenty of companions and friends withyou. Nomatter they are live with you or they are playing thisgameanywhere else on the globe. Make sure you understand this gamewellbefore playing it. It has some certain rules and following themyouwill get points in form of coins. That can be used later toupgradeyour weapon or to change the environment.Hunting Animals with Sniper is a game that you have dreamed ofallthe animal hunting. Enter the safari jungle and hold your gunsinhand. You are going to see many dangerous, furious anddeadlyanimals, they are entering your city, hurting your people andyouhave no other option than to kill them and save the cityfromanymore destruction. There are cheetas, zebras, lions,tigers,deer, bears, wolves and some other such animals, that areaconstant threat to you. You can also explore some of the jungleifyou are brave enough and you have the capacity to saveyourselffrom there deadly animals. They are ready to attack an easypreyand this time you are surely an easy and tasty prey forthem.Play Hunting Animals with Sniper as a testing game for you, totestyour stamina, temperament, skills, hunting experience, and aimandtarget accuracy. Are you good at all of these? You cansaveyourself and your companions in this trip of yours in jungle?Checkyour sniper shooting through this hunting game. You have averyunique weapon, act as a trained sniper, use some of thepreviousshooting skills and gain more. This time your targets arenotstill, they are mobile and they can bounce back on you at thesametime, your personal safety is must. Don’t get eat, staysafe,shoot, hunt and rush to next level of enjoyment. We have trustinyou that you are a brave and challenging champ; you canachieveyour goals, by your determination and energy, speed of yourbulletrifle. Kill more wild animals and get more coins, leading toupgradation of your weapon.The jungle is dense, dark and full of trees, your target hasplentyof space to run, animals know jungle better than you, and youhaveto cope up with them to get your bravery proved. Unlimitedendlessgameplay and jungle view will make it really hard for you tostopplaying Hunting Animals with Sniper. Hunting Animals withSniperhas the following amazing attributes.Features:• Best Sniper shooting rifle• First Person Shooting• Jungle animals AI• 3D Graphics, Interactive Sound Effects• Amazing Mission with Different Tasks• Alone sniper shooter• Each mission with multiple levels to enjoy• Enjoy the Smooth Game Play.• Easy to download• Unlimited time to complete each level• Free to play• Variety of different type of environments includingjungle,desert, mountains, Snow and waterDownload Hunting Animals with Sniper now and show yoursniper,shooting, assassin, hunting, jungle adventure skills. Yesyou cando this, we are against violence, it is just that we arehelpingyou understand the nature of wild animals and how they reactinsuch conditions, it is for your knowledge. Have fun. Shareamongfriends and don’t forget to rate us.HURRY UP!