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Real Roller Coaster Simulator 2.1
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If you are looking for Roller Coaster Gamesthat has huge enthusiastic moments and collections of stunningwonderful HD display and graphics, the search is over!! Advanced 3DRoller Coaster Game is here.✰✰✰ Eager to fly in Air !!Enjoy real 3D Roller Coaster tour over the whole park.Get ready for such an interesting and thrilling amusement ride in abig amusement park.On Coaster, Lots of cars are hooked together to start your daringtrip.So Coaster is waiting for running on track ! But what your arewaiting for ?Download 3D rollercoaster Simulator gameplay to enjoy realunlimited fun and thrill . .✰✰✰ Drive Roller Coaster in Funland3D rollercoaster tracks full of steep, sky-scraping peaks, hugedrops and gut-wrenching curves! Pull off Extreme Air, CrushingGravity and other insane stunts as you overcome challengingbreakable tracks, loop-the-loops, chasm jumps and more! Speedincreases your excitement meter, multiplying your score, but evensmall jolts are enough to send carts hurtling down to the streetsbelow!✰✰✰ Funland- Memorable Tour ..Roller Coaster – today will be a really great day, because weare going to the amusement park! Are you ready to take a ride?Maintaining our artwork and graphics asset, bundles of advanced3D models are added intogame including Hot Air Balloons, other roller coasters and lots offlying birds.In a greeny funland, enjoy race of colorful roller coasters andmeet with many birds at sky . .✰✰✰ Flying Tour : among Birds and Hot Air BalloonsAt height many other coasters are waiting for you.Tourists and other people in hot air balloons are flying . .Ride safely to touch peak of height and meet with them !Lots of birds make your flying tour more realistic and thrilly,They are flying in park behind your Trolley.Jump into our trolley and let’s start the ride! High-speed,coaster loops, stunts and twists, exciting adventure – you’ll findeverything you want in Roller Coaster riding game!✰✰✰ Cool Features✔ Have you ever wanted to be a rollercoaster conductor? Now youcan!✔ #1 featured game in Google Play!✔ Drive wild rollercoaster rides using a unique, swipe-basedcontrol system!✔ Let the tightly tuned physics engine create the most thrillingrides of your life!✔ A tightly tuned physics engine that underpins some wonderfullysilly gameplay!✔ Slide to Play!✔ Intuitive and immediately accessible!✔ Enjoy its stunning feature!✔ Advanced graphics!✔ Play it anytime,anywhere!✔ Real physics – don’t overbalance!✔ Dynamic music won’t let you get bored!
Army Training camp Game 1.2
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★★★ Ever BEST Army sniper commando traininggame for Android on play store ★★★Play Army Training camp Game to train yourself as an army commandoshooter or frontline army sniper and become an IGI commando killer.For all this you have to Finish the hardest and addictive militarytraining camp school and make yourself legendary IGI commandowarrior!GAME PLAY:Consider yourself as leaner who decided to join army to defend hisown motherland his own country and honor off army. Now start yourtraining, complete all tasks given by your commanders traininginspector and go to war against all nonhuman like bomb blasterkidnaper terrorist or other culprits.It is a complete army training courses game for all army lovers.Enjoy this newest action game with army basic combat training overdifferent army posts... Play as new recruits in platoon, follow thechain of command over rough terrain. It is not only your simplearmy training courses, get ready to be taken into the coldestnights, deserts, dense forest, hiking on muddy rough inclinedmountains and more difficult areas with challenging exercises whereyou have to survive. Life threatening situations would make you seeyour death so closely that you won’t fear it anymore in thebattlefield against the enemy. It is all about being from ordinaryto extraordinary by traveling the hardest of the paths leading tothe goal and that is to be a champ in the Army force.TASKS:would you like to jump from a 10 feet wall, stay in the waterwhile your hands are tied and taken out at the mercy of yourtrainer; take command off army sniper shooter battlefield jethelicopter in non-activity areas where enemy is ready to hunt you,climb the net in 50 C scorching sunlight? Drive army truck inbattlefield areas. Well only a crazy person would join the force todo all this as a normal man can’t live this life. To be a hero, yougotta pass through all this tough training. Once to graduate as asoldier who can fight, shoot, kill, and save prove your fighting,shooting, weaponry skills while competing with the forces of othercountries and make the Army and State proud. You have so manydifferent challenges in this course. So get ready to all kind ofhardness and unmerciful fights.Features:★ Real Army Training Camp Obstacles.★ Army training school’s environment.★ Realistic Arms Training with Running, Climbing, Swimming,driving, heli riding, airplane riding etc...★ Challenging Training Rounds.★ Engaging Sound Effects.★ Superb Animations.★ fps Controller.★ Shooting exercises.★ Fighting exercises.★ 3D Real Graphics.★ Different various missions and levels.★ Shoot like a real Army shooter.★ ADDICTING gameplay.★ EASY and INTUITIVE controls.★ Comprehensive game play of army cop duty training.★ Obstacles to conquer within specific time limit.★ Enjoy difficult stunts at every advanced level.ΩΩΩ 24/7 SUPPORTDownload 100% free FPS Controller game having full of amazing andstunning 3D featured graphics and images and dive into the world ofwar, thrill and courage.Enjoy and leave your kind reviews. Feel free to touch us 24/7.
Wild Deer Hunt 2016 - Sniper 1.0.1
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Have you ever felt the wrath of jungle?Imaginethat you are all alone in the jungles of Amazon or in theDarkforest of Africa and you have only one weapon to defend you.Whatwould you do? Don’t worry we designed this game to train youinhunting and surviving from the wrath of the jungle. All levelsaredesigned to make you a fearless and professional hunter. Thisgameis designed in very simple, realistic environments withGrass,trees, mountains, waterfall etc. You will definitely enjoyhuntingin every level in fps mode. All preys are Ai(artificialintelligent).You are a hunter who is assigned with different tasks ineverylevel, provided with a most deadly and very lethal weaponTheDragunov. Complete the given task by hunting specific numberofdeer and get promoted to next level. The environment of everylevelis really breath taking. You are provided with twodifferentseasons of nature, summer and autumn. The animation anddesign ofevery level is according to these both seasons. Whilehunting youhave to be quick, maintain stealth and be very careful.You have tokill the deer very quickly or the deer will sense youand he willrun away. If the deer ran away then your hunt will befailed. Youcan also aim down your weapon to get a clear shot ofyourprey.HOW TO PLAY:Tap Aim button to aim down your sight.Swipe on screen to spot your prey and take aim.Tap fire button to fire your weapons.Tap Pause button to pause the game.FEATURES:First Person Shooting Mode.Gun control is very smooth and comfortable.The environment is very realistic and 3D.Two seasons, summer and autumn are available.Ten levels are provided with different tasks.Real time jungle environment and sound effects.
Monster Attack City Demolition 1.0
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A scatterbrain scientist was doingsomeexperiments to find out a way to become an invinciblelegendarysuperhero. He found some secret magic in a prehistoricbook writtenby ancient legends. Unfortunately, his experiment wentwrong and hebecame a wild, menacing, indestructible, madcreature.Now it is a chance for you to play this monster simulator gameandcontrol the ultimate monster and smash city of San Andreas andturnit into total destruction. Play as a threateninginvincibleultimate monster in this ultimate monster simulator gameand causeSan Andreas monster rampage. This game gives you a chanceto rageyour anger in an easy way without making any chaos inrealworld.How to play:• Swipe on screen on empty space to take a look around• Use joystick to control the monster• Tap kick button to kick, punch button to punch• Tap super attack button to perform ultimate destructionThis game has two modes:1. Free Mode:This allows you to perform endless destruction. There is nolimitfor you2. Mission Mode:Here you will follow instructions to score points and clearthelevel.The ultimate goal of the game is to cause maximum destructionandearn points.If you are facing problems or you have suggestions for ustoimprove the game, please contact us at theemailgiven. Your feedback will be appreciated.Note: If any developer or organization wants to claim abouttheirintellectual property or copyrights fragmentation,pleasecontact us at the email given.
Orlando's Theme Park Coaster 1.0
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Get ready to fly with extreme speedyrollercoaster and touches horizon with super speedy spaceskate.Orlando's Theme Park Coaster is a free coaster game which givesyoua simulation of island safari rides with stunningrollercoastersimulator.Orlando's Theme Park Coaster is full of wild animals. Theyaremoving all around you. Now, you have to ride yourskatecoasterwith speedy accelerator to protect yourself from wildanimalhaunt.A free game of rollercoaster is supposed to be a fun game forkids.But this time, free roller coaster is not bring fun forkidsonly,but also gives real riding challenge to adults. No matter fromwhichage group you belongs to.This carriage is ready to take you high till you touchesskylinewith ultimate coaster 2017.Game Play360 Sea World Roller Coaster is free to play game with fun ridesandspeedy coaster.If you are looking for top speed 2017 games then this crazyspacerollercoaster is absolutely perfect for you.Lets grab these crazy rides today and simulate your realrushingskills with extreme speed roller coaster.Island park roller coaster has simple game play withchallengingtask.Besides riding speedy rollercoaster skate you also have to getallcheckpoints in your speedway.The task can be simple but its really challenging topickupcheckpoint while riding furious speed rollercoaster.Enjoy endless speed coaster with animal Park theme and grab arealfun around you.If you are looking for Roller Coaster Games that hashugeenthusiastic moments and collections of stunning wonderfulHDdisplay and graphics, the search is over.Take a break from pressure and stress by Riding on FloridaFastestIsland Coaster in beautiful Florida Fastest IslandCoaster.It's a time to roll your coaster in a 3d jurassic jungle with afunof virtual reality.So wear your 3d glasses today and grab a real fun ofextremejurassic jungle roller coaster on your android device.Playing a free game of Amazing Island Roller Coaster has neverbeeneasy.You have to be an skilled driver and extreme speed lover toenjoyextreme dangerous ride with Amazing Island RollerCoaster.Realize yourself in a Train that is running on a Rollingtrack.Sometime you may even scare because you willreally feel like a Roller Coaster Slide, Sharp turnsandSlopes.So have a save drive with vr cardboard and effects ofvirtualreality. You can enjoy this free game in simple modealso.Feel and live through the excitement of riding on a rollercoasteronly on Island Roller Coaster.So be aware all time and make your tour remarkable. Rollercoastertracks full of steep, sky-scraping peaks,huge drops and gut-wrenching curves! Pull off Extreme Air,CrushingGravity and other insane stunts as you overcomechallengingbreakable tracks,loop-the-loops, chasm jumps and more!Key Features;Features- Incredible horizon journey with super Island speedrollercoaster.- Fast and furious speedways to rush adrenaline.- Amazing views and real amusement theme park.- Endless riding fun with real 3D surroundings.- Is You Passionate about to fly in Air? Your Dreamscomestrue.- 360 degree rotation.- Stunning 3D Graphics.- Addictive Game Play.- Swipe-based control system!- Thrilling ride.- Play it anytime, anywhere!- Dynamic music won’t let you get bore.- Addictive game play.- Real Island and exciting environment.- Crazy track.- Different speed variation.- Endless enjoyment and excitement.
VR 360 Island Roller Coaster 1.0
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Let’s raise your adrenaline with furiousridesof VR 360 World Scariest Island Roller Coaster rush andwearcardboard glassesto get a perfect navigation of virtual reality by 360rotatingyourself to grab a real fun of VR Sea World RollerCoaster.VR Sea World Roller Coaster is an addictive island journeywithexciting features and true facts of virtual realitywhich not only offers you extreme crazy rides but gives you arealsimulation of island disney world.So let’s get this game today and enjoy real spiral tidesofrollercoaster with clipboard adventure.VR Tallest Skyscraper Coaster is a free coaster game which givesyoua real simulation of funland by wearing cardboard glasses Nomatterwhere you are.Just wear clipboard glasses and find yourself in new era ofvirtualreality where you can explore real crazy rides.VR Orlando Island Park Coaster is a free game which allows youtotake a wonders ride with new exciting features.So lets take your step into trolley and get ready to roll withrealVR Florida Fastest Roller Coaster.Features:- Complete rotation of 360 degree- Grab a real exciting journey- Wear cardboard to explore real fun- Exciting rides and incredible views- Extreme fun and exciting journey- Real virtual reality effects- Explore crazy island rides