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Gimbot Air
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Ada yang dulu maen gimbot air?diputer-puter ampe jungkir balik biar ringnya masuk?atau malah airnya dikeluarin??hehehe, nih kita bikinin gimbot air digital!sudah saatnya untuk buktikan skill dimasa kecil mu dan tunjukanpada dunia kalau kamu bisa memasukan semua ringnya!tunggu apa lagi? dunia menunggumu!Fitur :- 2 mode permainan : Time Limited dan Main Bebas- Sensor Accelerometer : putar-putar devicemu untuk membantumengarahkan ring!- Share Hasil : bagikan hasil permainanmu ke semuateman-temanmuGimbot Air adalah hasil kolaborasi 3 game developer lokal : AgateJogja, HinoCyber, 8oundsThere once maen gimbotwater?diputer-puter ampe somersaults ringnya let go?or even water dikeluarin ??hehehe, here we bikinin gimbot digital water!it's time to prove your skills and show little future in the worldif you can dump all ringnya!what are you waiting? world waiting for you!Features:- 2 game modes: Time Limited and Play Free- Accelerometer sensor: devicemu circled to help steer thering!- Share results: share your play to all your friendsWater is the result of collaboration Gimbot 3 local gamedevelopers: Agate Jogja, HinoCyber, 8ounds
recycle rush
GameLan Jogja
dunia diserang oleh elien. elien ini berusahauntuk menghancuran bumi dengan cara mengirim sampah-sampah ke bumidengan berbaggai jenis sampah. player bertugas untuk mengambilsampah yang sudah disebarkan elien dan menenpatkan berdasarkanjenis sampah yang sudah dijatuhkan.jenis sampah bermacam macam, sampah organik,anorganik dll. jikaplayer salah memasukkan sampahnya, maka waktu yang disediakan akancepat habis.The world's attacked byElien. Elien is trying to earth ravaged by sending garbage to theearth with berbaggai types of waste. player tasked to take out thegarbage that has been propagated Elien and menenpatkan based on thetype of garbage that has been dropped.Diverse types of waste, organic waste, inorganic etc. if the playerentered the trash, then the allotted time will quickly runout.
Just Flap 1.0
GameLan Jogja
- Play the game and you will feel sensationofflapping game like other- Super simple design for you- And keep relax to play :D
Puppet Heroes 1.0
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Happy a good day for all of you! Ladies, and gentlement, Welcome toa puppet show that gives you an adventure of a warrior on a endlessfantasy world. Play as a hero in the show and face off every enemythat appears from distance. Try to avoid the dangerous obstacle andfight the ugly monsters, don't let the show ended up too soon, keepthe show parameter by surviving the hero from countless enemy raid.▪ Tap on the stage screen's row to move hero position up, mid, anddown ▪ Tap again while the hero is on the same row to smash theenemy ▪ Enemy will come from any distance, some needs to be avoidedSurvive the raid as long as you can and collect the high scoresEnjoy the show and make it more fascinating!
GameLan Jogja
Keep your balance.Balance is everything.Help the aliens to survive as long as possible !Touch a platform to bend it, and avoid the spikes androtatingobstacles, then you won't mess up.So, how long you can play this game?Please rate and give us feedback ^^Don't forget to like our
CodevLine 1.1.2
GameLan Jogja
Solve the incorrect line code of web programming. Tap the correctanswer at the current pointed error code and get the higher score.Features: - Difficulty Each difficulty have a different amount oftimer, the harder difficulty have less timer but also more scores.- Learn Learn some of HTML tag reference at anytime