GameHouse Original Stories Apps

Tiki Towers
Bananatastic tower building puzzle action! Unleash the monkeywithin!
Tiki Towers 2: Monkey Republic
The monkeys are back, and this time it's personal!
Tiki Towers Lite
Bananatastic tower building puzzle action! Unleash the monkeywithin!
Little Shop: World Travel Lite
Travel the world in search of amazing items in this exciting hiddenobject game!
Cathy's Crafts 1.0.0
A Time Management game in a Craft Shop with Cute Cats! Help Cathyand Ming!
Delicious: Message in a Bottle 1.8
Cooking simulation game with a fun story mode! Cook with Emily'sItalian family!
Gardens Inc 4 - Blooming Stars 1.11
Enjoy an amazing and varied gardening game with an exciting story!
Collapse! Chaos 1.1.21
Collapse! Chaos, a guaranteed blockbuster!
Memory Wiz 1.1.7
Dust off that brain and supercharge your memory in this uniquematch game!
Little Shop: World Traveler 1.3.7
Travel the world in search of amazing items in this exciting hiddenobject game!
Delicious - Christmas Carol 34.2
Christmas Cooking Game. Manage Your Own Restaurant Today!
GameHouse Original Stories 5.12
Never miss a GameHouse Original Story again!
Mary le Chef - Cooking Passion
Enjoy a compelling story, while playing an amazing cooking game!
Fabulous - High School Reunion 1.7
Take a trip down memory lane and help Angela become Prom Queen!
Dr. Cares - Pet Rescue 911 1.6
Take care of adorable pets and animals, and become a real vet!
Dr. Cares - Amy's Pet Clinic 1.24
Get ready to test your vet skills in Dr. Cares - Amy's Pet Clinic!
Delicious - Miracle of Life 1.5.1
Help Emily through the ups and downs of her pregnancy!
Heart's Medicine Hospital Heat 6.3
Remember that time you wanted to be a Doctor?
Parker & Lane Criminal Justice 2.1
Are you ready to solve the case and bring a criminal to justice?
Delicious - Moms vs Dads 1.0.9
Join Emily and Patrick in a hilarious battle of the sexes!
Sally's Salon - Beauty Secrets
Become a beautician and help me find my long lost love!
Mortimer Beckett: Book of Gold 1.1.5
Take on ingenious puzzles in this hidden object adventure!
Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds 1.0.9
Can you restore Law and Order in this crime drama?
Welcome to Primrose Lake 2.6
Welcome to Primrose Lake, where trouble is sure to find you!
Unsung Heroes: The Golden Mask 1.10.44
Unearth the fascinating story of Xi Niu together with three youngarchaeologists
Fabulous – New York to LA 1.10
Will Angela's expansion into LA turn into a Walk of Fame, or a Walkof Shame?
Maggie's Movies—Camera,Action! 44
Help me follow my dream and become a movie director!
Sally's Salon: Kiss & Make-Up 1.8
Sally and François dive headlong into chaos and absurdity in a Spa!
Fabulous - Wedding Disaster 1.42
Design a dream wedding dress, Fast!
Fabulous: Angela's True Colors 1.24
Take on the NY fashion world and show them what you're made of!
Delicious B&B: Decor & Match 3 1.41.2
Match 3 puzzle game for design & story fans! Mansion decor,garden reno & drama!
Delicious - Emily's Road Trip 1.0.24
Travel with the O'Malleys as they take a trip down Route 66!
Dr. Cares - Family Practice 1.19
Which is most important - the family you're born with, or thefamily you choose?
Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish 1.5
They want to demolish her family home!
Barbarous - Tavern of Emyr 1.2
As a fantasy world innkeeper, face the problems of a prematurelyretired hero!
Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold 📕 🔎 1.1.5
Ready to solve a gripping mystery? Tackle ingenious riddles in thishidden object puzzle adventure! 🔎 Have you heard about themysterious Book of Gold? A tome of many secrets, it’s alreadybrought an unlikely couple together on a quest to find it - theintroverted thinker Mortimer, and the extroverted, spontaneousKate. But there’s many more twists to come. Can you help Mortimerand Kate get their hands on the book? Turns out you’re not the onlyones who are after it... Put your eagle eye to the test, and teaseyour brain in this beautifully designed puzzle adventure! 🕵️ 🔎 HELPMORTIMER AND KATE ON THEIR QUEST to find the legendary Book of Gold🔎 SOLVE BRAINTEASING PUZZLES and discover all sorts of challengingriddles 🔎 FIND ALL THE HIDDEN OBJECTS to assemble helpful tools andreveal clues like a true detective 🔎 ENJOY 60 STORY LEVELS and 18extra challenging timed levels 🔎 EXPLORE 30 LOCATIONS and test yourwits in the jungle, the desert, and many more exciting places 🔎MEET QUIRKY CHARACTERS and make new friends, but beware - noteveryone is all that they seem! 🔎 COLLECT ALL THE DIAMONDS andvisit auctions to earn artifacts for Mortimer's private collection🔎 PUZZLE WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY and enjoy solving challengingriddles and finding hidden objects together Try the first fewlevels for free! Then choose to unlock the full game with an in-apppurchase, or subscribe for a free trial of our subscription plan!*NEW!* Enjoy all GameHouse Original Stories with a subscription! Aslong as you’re a member, you can play all of your favorite storygames. Relive past stories and fall in love with new ones. It’s allpossible with a GameHouse Original Stories subscription. Subscribetoday!
Maggie's Movies - Second Shot 30
Can Maggie overcome all obstacles and ensure her movie is a hit?
Text Express: Word Adventure 25.0.1
Play a word game like no other: solve word puzzles, crosswords& unlock stories!
Delicious - Hopes and Fears 49.222
He Needs More than Hope to Save Her. Want to Help?
Heart's Medicine - Season One 2.1.0
Can you be counted on in an emergency?
Detective Jackie - Mystic Case 1.0.9
Get ready to investigate a mysterious murder of mythologicalproportions!
Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal 8.0
Become A Doctor in small-town America. Heal Your Patients in thisGame!
Heart's Medicine - Doctor Game 49.2
Become a doctor in this romantic medical doctor game with Dr.Allison Heart!
Delicious - Home Sweet Home 55.186
Help Emily Win Her Fight Against the City Council and Keep herRestaurant!
Delicious - Emily's Cook & GO 32.0
Enjoy this Anniversary Edition of Delicious and serve dishes allover the world!
Delicious - New Beginning 30.144
Play Delicious - Emily's New Beginning and welcome a lovely newfamily member!