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Fairy Dale 1.0.35
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The imaginary place known as Fairy Dale requires a Keeper—someoneto lead the Dale back to its former glory and save it from amystical menace. On the way home, you will encounter the fairy taleheroes who inhabit these parts, oversee the construction of magicalbuildings, manage production and trade, embark on long voyages,unravel the mysteries of the evil Gloomy Sorcerer, and participatein a number of other events that are just as breathtakinglyfascinating.• Become the Keeper of a fairy tale world and unravel all of itsmysteries• Lead the Fairy Dale back to its former glory• Manage a family of hard-working mice, who will help you cope withthe hardest tasks• Explore snowy mountain summits and impenetrable forests• Foil the mighty Gloomy Sorcerer's wicked plans• Grant wishes and give assignments to the characters of famousfairy tales• Build magic factories and produce magical artifacts policy:
Maritime Kingdom 2.1.49
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- Welcome Explorer to the age of discovery!Maritime Kingdom is the breathtaking new title from the creators ofsmash hit Tribez and Castlez. Send forth your fleet, buildyour defences against marauding enemies and forge a mighty empireby helping the princess in her quest to locate the magical CrownJewels and free the imprisoned king.- Experience an epic city-building adventure like no otheras you develop trade routes, build your fleet, gather preciousresources, discover new lands and establish diplomatic relationswith other countries. Take to the high seas and prepare for theadventure of a lifetime in your ultimate quest to rule the oceans.Join our community!Official Page on facebook: video: great features:✔Stunning graphics which bring the complex world to life✔Explore the four corners of the globe in over 350 quests✔Create a mighty city with over 40 building types✔Build a mighty fleet & establish trade routes✔Establish diplomatic relations with other powerful rulers✔Gather immense riches by trading over 30 resources includingprecious Gems and fancy Cloth✔Complex achievements system✔Endless variety — every action can change the course of thegame✔Defeat fearsome enemies including pirates and hostile localtribes✔ THIS GAME WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE WITHOUT INTERNET - play it onthe plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!Discover new titles from Game Insight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Page on Facebook:: Policy:
Running Shadow - RPG Runner
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Running Shadow is a unique mix of a parkourgame and a fantasy RPG. Simple game mechanics are enriched witha mythical plot full of secrets and intrigue.You take on the role of a fortunate thief and assassin inpossession of a unique artifact: the Gauntlet of the CelestialGuardian stolen from the adepts of a dark and ancient cult. Like inclassic RPG games, you will be empowered with wondrous and uniqueabilities. Get ready for a never-ending adventure full of danger:age-old castles, gloomy dungeons and treacherous enemy ambushes,dozens of exciting levels and unique quests. You will need all yourexperience from running games and all your extreme parkour skillsto win. Embark on the path full of danger and win the title ofMaster Shadow!Key Features:✔ Intriguing locations in the best traditions of fantasy games:noblemen’s castles, bandit layers, sewers, town prison, and manyothers✔ With more than 20 unique characters, including a majesticdraconid, an elf and a goblin, the game will keep you playing forhours on end.✔ More than 8 outfits for the main hero, including swords, armor,and masks✔ Unique battle system: you fight regular foes with sword, andsubdue Nephilims with magic. Can check for yourself this is notyour average run and gun game.✔ Secret elven tricks to learn to overcome obstacles✔ Special magic abilities to let your character become a shadow,restore his mana, replenish his health and increase his rage whilefighting enemies. And, of course, the powerful Gauntlet may as wellprove indispensable in battles.✔ 300 collectible items to be gathered while passing yourquests✔This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on theplane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!Discover new titles from Game Insight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Page on Facebook:: Policy:
My Railway 1.1.33
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Everyone who enjoyed toy trains as a kid will love to play!Lay rails to connect cities, hire your friends as engineers,control factories and workshops, send your locomotives from city tocity and load them up with cargo! Become a modern-day Vanderbilt!Facebook Comunity: Lay and upgrade railways connecting cities and factories;- Upgrade factories and manufacture products to meet demand;- Load your trains and your friends' trains;- Expand your railway network;- Complete daily quests and earn bonuses;- Find unique collection items;- Customize your train stations with decorations;- Send airships to your friends;Features:- A unique game unlike any other for mobile devices;- Reminiscent of everyone's childhood hobby, model trains;- Colorful, high-quality graphics;- Hints and tips on playing the game;- Immersive sound effects;- Trains haul freight even when you're away from the game;- Free to play;- No ads.Pricacy Policy:
Battle Towers 2.9.9
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A fragile world faces the eternal conflictbetween two distinct nations: Order and Chaos. Every day isa struggle between the battle for survival and desire to conquer.Two nations once lived side by side in harmony, but Peace is nolonger an option.Order is pure and noble in its intentions, yet often immoral inits actions. Chaos is wild and unruly, but its subjects are glad tolive and die by the spear. Every nation has it's own uniqueunits, buildings and spells.The subtle balance and timing of your actions is crucial forsuccess. Conquer the land from your enemy by fighting more than 40distinct battles, each with detailed environments, unique missionsand adjustable difficulty. The fate of the world lies in yourhands!Features✔ Delicate balance between offence and defence;✔ Upgradable warriors and buildings;✔ Neat 3D visuals;✔ Simple controls;✔ Equally enjoyable on smartphones and tablet devices.More than 150,000 ★★★★★ Reviews!5/5 Awesome This. Is the best game I've ever played !!5/5 Awesome Best tower defence ever5/5 Just like warcraftI liked it awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!Official Page on Facebook: policy:
Transport Empire: Steam Tycoon 2.2.12
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✓ The 2014 Annual Awards Winner for BestSimulation Game (✓ An eye-catching adventure set in the Victorian era(✓ It’s a re-imagining of the classic Tycoon-style games(✓ If you enjoy casual, city building games, that focus oneconomics more than battles, download Transport Empire and see ifyou can become a rail tycoon ( Empire is a captivating economic strategy gameinspired by the Victorian Era and a little bit of steampunk.Dispatch trains, steamboats and airships, build roads and mines anddevelop cities to enjoy absolute monopoly of the country'stransportation sector. Earn the respect and love of the localswhile avoiding the sinister machinations of enemies and rivals. Putyour economic skills to use and become the powerful businesstycoon!Key features:✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on theplane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!✔ Beautiful intricate graphics – an economic strategy game likeyou’ve never seen before✔ Three types of vehicles: trains, steamboats and airships✔ The opportunity to develop transportation as well as tons ofunique cities✔ Amazing characters with compelling life stories✔ Fascinating storyline - contend with competitors, cast light onconspiracies, hunt treasure, find ghosts, embark on expeditions todistant lands and so much more!Privacy Policy: of Service: new titles from GameInsight:http://game-insight.comJoin our community on Facebook: our community on YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram:
Build a Kingdom 2.3
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From the creators of the blockbustersimulation hit The Tribez, the Build a Kingdom simulator propelsyou into a magical world in which you must fulfill your destiny bycreating the land of your dreams and becoming a truekingdom-builder. Each home, farm, workshop and bakery you buildwill help transform your humble village into a mighty kingdom.You’ll soon feel like a true king ruling over his wonderful realmand coming to love his royal duties! Harvest crops, bake tastymuffins, forge great swords in this city-builder that also turns tobe a charming love story game.Say hello to an incredibly colorful cast of characters includingthe enchanting princess, the ever-hungry bard and the hopelesslyromantic/self-loving knight as they join you on an incredibleadventure that’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.Features:✔ See the amazing fairytale world brought to life with incrediblegraphics and animations✔Meet a cast of unforgettable characters, each with their distinctpersonalities✔Lose yourself in an adventure story filled with amour, magic andhumor✔Fulfil the prophecy about the princess and learn the secrets ofthe fairytale creatures inhabiting this mysterious land✔Build your kingdom with 25+ richly detailed, animated buildingsand factories that include an apiary, ✔blacksmith, bakery and magiccastle✔Defend your territory from unwelcome yet comical visitorsincluding wolves, spiders and ghosts✔You’ll soon develop a real fondness for this charming littlekingdom and its nice and funny inhabitants!Official Page on Facebook: new titles from Game Insight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Policy:
My Country 4.01.993
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4.0 EDITION includes over 100 new quests and buildings in 12 newseasonal cities!If you are tired from old-school construction games lacking realaction, My Country is a city builder for you. This challengingbuild-a-city game has enough content to entertain you for thelongest time ever. Build your own city, develop industries andtransportation infrastructure, hire employees, eliminate ecologicalthreats and control energy use.When building a city you are not limited to simple buildingsconstruction. Take on hundreds of tasks for the benefit of yourdeveloping city. Moreover, you can even create a complexwell-governed country.This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on theplane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!To be a successful city builder you should:- Build residential buildings to increase your city'spopulation
- Open office buildings and upgrade them to employ more citizensand create higher profits- Develop industries, sign contracts and buy vehicles to transportthe goods you produce
- Manage the ecology and energy use in your city by building powerstations and parks
- Change the landscape: build canals, create lakes, plant trees andpave country roads
- Establish a bus transit network for your residents
- Gather collection items from the residents of your country
- Hire professionals to grow a forest of skyscrapers in yourcity!Why play My Country? Because it is AWESOME and absolutelyFREE!Visit our Facebook Community: Policy
Big Business Deluxe 3.9.1
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The amazing next-gen economic strategy gamefor true-blue businessmen!Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business tycoon? Big BusinessDeluxe gives you the chance to turn that dream into reality! Builda modern metropolis, set up your own business and make millionsright now! Of course, there is a bumpy road ahead. It’s easy tostart a business; the real challenge is to make it profitable andsuccessful. On your way to the top you will build factories,manufacture your products and learn the secrets of effectivemanagement to keep all your enterprises in the black.Put your economic skills to work! Use different business tactics tostay one step ahead of your competitors and become the bestentrepreneur in the world. On your way to fame and fortune, don'tforget about your citizens. Expand your territory, developinfrastructure, extinguish fires and participate in publiclife.Remember that your potential is limited by your ambition only!Start the game now: your boss chair is waiting for you!Key features:✔ An offline mode to play without the Internet. Enjoy it on aplane, on the subway, on the road!✔ Realistic atmosphere: life in the city goes on even when you arenot in the game. Everything changes, just like in the real world.Your employees work and factories grow, making you wealthier witheach passing hour.✔ Competitive spirit: play together with your friends, participatein exciting contests and win unique prizes. Prove that you are thebest and achieve success faster than your competitors!✔ Manage your city: you hold the real power here. Your word is law!Take advantage of the endless possibilities the game offers you andbuild the ideal city!Facebook Community: Policy: of Service: new titles from GameInsight:http://game-insight.comJoin our community on Facebook: our community on YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram:
Mystery Manor
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…Artwork is great, and the plot -which isslowly unveiled- gets more complex at every step...androidzoom.comA mysterious Event took place in the Manor and completely ruinedthe ordinary life of its inhabitants. Their deeply loved masterMister X has suddenly disappeared leaving nothing but a strangemessage. Only you can break the secret of the Mystery Manor.Dive into the mystery and challenge yourself with hidden objectsaction!Mystery Manor is a mystery-style hidden objects game. In amystic mansion, inhabited by strange but lovely people, spookymonsters and scary ghosts you’ll have to solve logic puzzles, findhidden objects and unlock new rooms and complete quests. MysteryManor is a never-ending game. New quests, rooms, characters arebeing added on a regular basis. Unlike all other Hidden Objectsgenre games, you will never finish the game.Join our community!Official Page on facebook: video: great features:Explore through the atmosphere of mystery✔ Captivating detective story line✔ Beautiful hand-drawn graphics✔ A wide variety of objects to search and puzzles to solve✔ Search for the objects in different modes: words, silhouettes,phenomena, and Zodiac modes.✔ Regular updates with new characters, rooms, and quests✔ Never-ending mystic gameplay✔ Help your friends and ask for their help in return✔ Find yourself in the world of pure madness!✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on theplane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!Discover new titles from Game Insight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: Page on Facebook:: Policy:
Crime Story 1.09
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The game itself looks great too, with a colorful andhighly-detailed isometric view of the seedy New"A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be areal man."Don Vito Corleone. The Godfather.Visit our Facebook Community: Story is a game where you can narrate your own gangstastory. Your stairway up to the mafia boss position starts withsearching of your kidnapped brother. Feel the romance of themysterious mafia world: raise your profile from a common nasty jobdoer to a respected mobster, eliminate rivals, and subdue the town.Your scars and tattoos will tell everyone the story of your thornyway up. You'll be the Godfather of your own play world.But even when appeared at the very top, you should never forgetyour family. Ties of blood are the most important thing in the lifeof every gangster. You can conquer the whole town only with thesupport of your family.Main game objectives:• Find your brother,• Conquer the town,• Eliminate your enemies with force or cunning,• Make tattoos to raise your profile,• Seize new locations,• Establish business relations.Distinguishing features:• Captivating global plot,• A huge number of quests united by a single excitingstoryline,• Widest range of challenging tasks connected to emergence of othergangs' representatives,• Diverse mini-games: from a break-in to card cheating,• Every Boss in the game has unrepeated character and behavior.They are created with attention to every detail and are amusinglywell animated,• Interaction with local Police that influences the gameplay,• Raising the profile in the eyes of powerful gangs by making newtattoos,• Opportunity to accumulate and refill life resources while absencein the game,• User-friendly interface, bright 3D graphics, and smoothanimation,• Ads free.Gameplay video: Policy:
Ultra Kill: Online War Shooter 2.2.2
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Ultra Kill is a dynamic multiplayer 2D shooter for mobileplatforms as well as an * arcade* game in which you will havehundreds of ways to destroy your enemies in a violent firefight. Inthis online shooting game, you can be a sniper, blow your enemiesup, throw smoking barrels at them, use a variety of weird weapons,check out various game modes and fight on the*battle field* againstplayers from all over the world. The result of the struggle dependsonly on your skills and weapon mastery! Of course, you too may dieby the sword, but this is a risk every action game character faceswhile on the offensive. Your armory will include such an extensivearray of weapons that one might think a wholemilitary-industrialcomplex works for you.Defeat your opponents, get access to the most effective andlethal weapons and become the true king of fighters!Game features:✔ An impressive arsenal for any mission: More than 60 types ofmelee weapons, amazing exotic weapons and lethal devices.✔ Dozens of different types of civilian and army equipment thatwill help you on your combat mission: Make your own unique weaponcombinations!✔ Spectacular fighting game: Realistic display of violence, woundsand injuries.✔ A multitude of maps with destroyable environments.✔ Instant matchmaking in PvP online battles: Press the button andget an opponent of an equal level.✔ An option that allows you to change the appearance of your hero:Do you want to look like a firefighter with a rocket launcher or aspace marine with a crossbow? Everything is possible here!✔ Comfortable controls for touchscreens.5/5 Best shooting game!5/5 Ssuuuupeeer game5/5 Meat! Meeeeeat! MEAT!
Молодежка: смотри и играй!
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Присоединяйся к многомиллионной армиипоклонников «Молодежки»: приведи свою хоккейную команду к победе,найди истинную любовь и получи доступ к эксклюзивным материалам измолодежного телесериала!ОСОБЕННОСТИ:✔ Играй за любимых героев - Щукина, Кисляка иКасаткину!✔ Меняй внешний вид персонажей и их комнат.✔ Выведи свою команду в молодежную хоккейную лигу.✔ Строй отношения, ищи настоящую любовь и свое место подсолнцем.✔ Получи доступ к уникальным материалам, которые ты нигдебольше не встретишь!✔ Выполняй увлекательные задания и побеждай вмини-играх.✔ Принимай решения и взаимодействуй с персонажами: твоипоступки влияют на сюжет игры!✔ Выступи в хоккейном матче и устрой вечеринку!✔ Исследуй открытый игровой мир!Узнавайте обо всех новинках от GameInsight:http://game-insight.comВступайте в нашу группу на Facebook :Подписывайтесь на наш канал на YouTube:Читайте наши новости в Twitter:Следите за нами в Instagram: the many millions offans of the "junior": bring your hockey team to victory, find truelove and get access to exclusive content from the youth televisionseries!Features :✔ Play as your favorite characters -Shchukin, Kislyak and Kasatkin!✔ to change the look of the charactersand their rooms.✔ Bring your team to the youth hockeyleague.✔ to build a relationship, look for truelove and its place in the sun.✔ Get access to unique content that youwill not find anywhere else!✔ perform exciting jobs and overcomemini-games.✔ to make decisions and interact with thecharacters: your actions affect the plot of the game!✔ Speaking in a hockey game, and build aparty!✔ Explore open game world!Learn about all the updates from the GameInsight :http://game-insight.comJoin our group on Facebook : to our channel on YouTube: our news in Twitter : us on Instagram :
The Tribez: Build a Village 14.13.4
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The Tribez is not just a game where youbuild a farm! The Tribez is an adventure where you travel toa distant past full of secrets, mysteries, and many hours ofaddictive exploration of an unknown, but beautiful world! You areinvited to visit a primitive world inhabited by a peace-lovingpeople, who have been hidden beyond a miles-deep portal from timeimmemorial. Build your own stone-age village, exploreterritorieshidden by mountains and seas, farm fertile lands, andlead your tribe, which considers you sent by the gods, toprosperity. The Tribez is a world in which you feelalive!REVIEWS:‘The Tribez’ is the insanely popular empire-building game that’srevolutionizing the idea of social gaming.’(‘The design is so beautiful and there is so much detail that it's areal pleasure to navigate through the scenes and help thevillagers.’ (‘What makes The Tribez genuinely pleasant to play is the attentionpaid to the graphics.’ ( FEATURES:✔ This game works when you’re offline too – play it on a plane, inthe subway or in the car. Enjoy!✔ Simple, intuitive controls.✔ Adorable characters you’ll love! Meet the farmer, the builder,the tax collector, and many others!✔ A beautiful vibrant world you'll be immersed intoinstantly.✔ Lively animations make the prehistoric world come to life. You’llbe mesmerized by how the crops growon the farm and how the builderswork on construction sites.✔ Tons of items, characters, buildings, and decorations.✔ Truly inexhaustible possibilities to develop your own stone-ageempire by producing goods, increasingyour population, expandingyour borders and attempting to farm the best lands.✔ Hundreds of captivating quests: search for treasure andartifacts, discover distant islands, explore mysterious caves, growunusual crops on your farm, and much, much more!The game uses in-app purchases. In-app purchases can speed upgameplay.Official Page on Facebook: game trailer: new titles from GameInsight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: policy:
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Warpstorm is a captivating new title combiningelements of roguelike RPG and space simulation games!This space RPG takes place several hundred years in the future,in the AD 37th century. Mankind has already conquered space, andintergalactic travel, once merely a fancy dream, is now a mundanereality. As the captain of a spaceship, a brave adventurer, youlead your crew through the vastness of our universe. You will entera cruel world of space exploration and political scheming, engagein drawn-out corporation battles and, finally, unravel the mysteryof an ancient race.Warpstorm cleverly combines elements of RPG and simulator gamesto bring you an unforgettable experience.The space game offers avast array of capabilities and different strategies while fightingother players. You can upgrade you space ship with a variety ofequipment, give orders to your crew and play for different races,each possessing their strengths and weaknesses. A huge varietyof weapons and a diverse range of spaceship models will keepyou excited for months to come; and a host of available battlestrategies will give you a chance to learn from your mistakes andmake to the top of the game rating in your own unique way!Warpstorm takes you into space and fighting games to a newlevel!Key features:• The random event and text quest generator create multiplegaming universes to keep the gameplay unique for each player.✔• A full external and internal view of your spaceship to keep awatchful eye on what’s happening on board during battles! Unlikemany other cosmic games, Warpstorm gives you a real sense of aspace simulator! ✔• You give your crew commands and exercise power over action everysecond of the game. You can also train your crew and upgrade theircombat level like you would in most fighting RPG games.• Lots of game characters: there are 7 different races, 3 of themplayable: humans, ursars and gorgonites.• A huge variety of weapons: kinetic/plasma/ion/EMP weapons etc. ,as well as a variety of equipment to install on your spaceship.✔• A diverse range of spaceship models: human, ursar, gorgonite.Note that a steady Internet connection is necessary for thegame to run smoothly.Official Facebook community: of service: policy:
Enchanted Realm 2.7
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Enchanted Realm isn't just a game, but acaptivating fantasy adventure. The setting is a far-away andwondrous realm, where magic flows as freely as the winds of tradethrough the market's merchant and apothecary stalls. Joyfulcitizens rejoice as their wise and just ruler ascends to the throne-- and that, my liege, is you!Visit our Facebook Community: objectives:- Develop your kingdom, which has fallen on hard times because ofan evil sorceress- Erect residential and service buildings- Grow plants and harvest them- Gather resources and collect taxes- Expand your territory and increase your population- Stock up on gold and energy- Assemble unique collections of items- Carry out exciting plot-driven objectives- Earn awards and share your achievements with your Facebookfriends- Build your very own Enchanted Realm!Game features:- A complex storyline with many unique characters- Highly advanced graphics and brilliant animations- A robust simulation of city life, with all its uniquepeculiarities- Over 50 unique residential and service buildings- A tremendous selection of flowers and crops to plant andgrow- Amazing item collections- Completely customizable territory which can be expanded forin-game money- A spectacular soundtrack- Special promo codes to your friends and receive rewards- Achievements which can be shared with friends via Facebook andTwitterPricacy Policy:
Need A Hero 2.6.977.2
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Gear up, grab your donkey friend, and ventureon a magical odyssey full of humor, intense fighting, andcompetitive tension! Challenge other players in Arcade mode bysolving puzzles in 60 seconds or set out on a never-ending quest torescue the princess. Be a hero, we need one!Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, a young man took histrusty sword and set out on a journey to defeat a terrible dragonand save a princess who was as beautiful as she was wealthy. Hispath was blocked every step of the way by hideous creatures andmonsters, but he was strong. He combined troll heads into longchains time and time again, making awesome combos, and he hackedand slashed at the beasts as he made his way to the dragon. He gotthere in the end, of course, saved the princess, slew the dragon,and got half of the kingdom as a reward. Such is a Hero’slot!- Unique match-three combat system!- Exciting Arcade Mode and tough Challenges for Heroes who areready to push their limits!- Relaxing yet rewarding gathering levels to prepare for thejourney ahead!- Stunning graphics and a breath-taking soundtrack!- Multitudes of powerful spells and epic powers to use against yourenemies!- Different types of monsters, each with special abilities andgameplay style!- Tournaments that allow competitions with friends and heroesaround the world!- A chance to advance in the leagues, from wooden to diamond, andbecome the ultimate champion.- The most heroic game EVER!- Play free for an unlimited time!-Join our Facebook page and get all the newest screenshots, trailersand updates! new titles from GameInsight: : our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: policy:
Elements Battle - Epic match 3 1.1.4
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A young disciple of the elements must take onan epic journey to retrieve missing objects at the behest of hismaster, Director Fiaryntus. As our hero embarks on this journey heis tasked with confronting all manner of creatures to procure theselost items. Using your training in the elements, you must battleenemies with the power of fire, water, air and earth. Severalfriends will offer advice along the way, including Pixie, yourtrusted advisor and even Director Fiaryntus himself!Privacy Policy - Community: presents itself in a fast-paced puzzle matching system whereplayers must match the symbols of the elements in sets of three,either vertically or horizontally. As you continue your trainingand gain experience, you will discover new special abilities foreach element for use in your quest. Build you collections andunearth rare and valuable items to help you in your journey!Element’s Battle is a free-to-play puzzle combat title withaction-packed combat, role-playing elements and a rich andexpansive story.- Match 3 Puzzle Gameplay with RPG elements- 5 unique, picturesque in-game worlds to explore- Over 100 quests to complete- Master the elements of fire, wind, water and earth- Equip armor, weapons and items to defend, attack and win!- Expansive collectable items, loot drops (orbs, bombs, potions andmore!)- Rich graphics, animations and visual effects- Full, robust soundtrack to set the mood for each and everyscene- Absolutely free!Privacy Policy -
Ищу Героя для ВКонтакте 1.5.606.7
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- Лучшая Мобильная Игра 2014 года номинант отPocket Gamer- Лучшая Мобильная Игра на конференции Winter Night 2014- "Ради этой игры стоит сражаться” от playboard.meХотите стать героем?Хотите спасать прекрасных принцесс и сражаться со страшнымидраконами?Любите приключения и интересные головоломки?Устали от скучных загадок?Тогда принцессе нужны вы! Ей нужен герой!Злой дракон нанес новый удар! Принцесса, как и всегда, заключенав высокой башне, и только вы можете спасти ее. Выполняйте поистинеэпические задания и собирайте немыслимые сокровища! Сразитесь сужасными и ужасно смешными чудовищами в новой игре жанра«собери-три-в-ряд»! Изучите могущественные заклинания, чтобыиспользовать водовороты и огненные штормы в бою! Следите заразвитием истории и станьте самым известным героем этих земель!Поможете ли вы крестьянам или пройдете мимо? Сразитесь ли с опаснымбандитом или попробуете договориться с ним? Решение за вами!Но на этом приключения не заканчиваются! Участвуйте вкоролевском турнире, чтобы сразиться со своими друзьями и другимигероями со всего света. Продвигайтесь по лигам, занимайте призовыеместа и получайте щедрые награды!Не хватает адреналина? Тогда готовьтесь к кошмарным монстрам изтемного портала! Каждый из них обладает уникальными разрушительнымиспособностями и готов поужинать даже самыми сильными героями.Докажите свою легендарную мощь и сотрите их в пыль!В поисках принцессы вам помогут верный оруженосец и еготрудолюбивый ослик! Они не остановятся ни перед чем, выращивая,выкапывая и создавая необходимое снаряжение. Ну а получить доспехии меч, достойные настоящего героя, вы сможете у жадноготорговца.* Уникальная боевая система, основанная на механике«собери-три-в-ряд»!* Спокойные, но интересные уровни по сбору снаряжения помогутподготовиться к путешествию!* Восхитительная графика и захватывающая дух музыка.* Множество сокрушительных заклинаний, чтобы поразитьпротивников!* Различные виды чудовищ с уникальными способностями и особойтактикой!* Турниры, на которых можно сразиться с друзьями и случайнымигероями со всего света!* Возможность продвигайся по лигам, от деревянной до алмазной, насвоем пути к титулу чемпиона!* Самая героическая игра на свете!* Скачивайте и играйте бесплатно!Следите за нами в твиттере и узнай всесекреты игры!Подпишитесь на нашу страничку в Facebook, чтобы всегда будь вкурсе новостей и игровых нововведений!Подпишись на нашу страничку ВКонтакте и всегда будь в курсеновостей, роликов и новых игровых фич! Best Mobile Game of2014 nominated by Pocket Gamer- Best Mobile Game at the Winter Night 2014 Conference- "For the sake of this game is to fight" from playboard.meYou want to be a hero?Do you want to save the beautiful princess and fight the terribledragons?You love adventure and interesting puzzles?Tired of boring puzzles?Then the princess needs you! She needs a hero!The evil dragon struck another blow! Princess, as always, liesin the high tower, and only you can save her. Perform a truly epictask and collect untold treasures! Fight with the terrible andterribly funny monsters in the new game genre "Collectthree-in-a-row"! Learn powerful spells to use whirlpools and stormsfire in the battle! Keep track of the development of history andbecome the most famous hero of the land! Will you help the peasantsor will pass? Fight whether a dangerous bandit, or try to negotiatewith him? The decision is yours!But the adventure does not end there! Participate in a royaltournament to challenge your friends and other characters fromaround the world. Move on leagues, win prizes and receive generousrewards!Not enough adrenaline? Then get ready for a nightmarish monstersfrom the dark portal! Each of them has unique abilities anddevastating ready for dinner, even the strongest heroes. Prove itslegendary power and erase them in the dust!In search of the princess will help you faithful squire and hishard-working donkey! They will not stop at anything, growing,digging and building the necessary equipment. Well, get a suit ofarmor and a sword worthy of a real hero, you'll have a greedytrader.* Unique combat system based on the mechanics of "Gatherthree-in-a-row"!* Quiet but interesting levels to collect supplies to help preparefor the journey!* Exquisite graphics and breathtaking music.* Lots of devastating spells to hit opponents!* Different types of monsters with unique abilities and specialtactics!* Tournaments, where you can compete with your friends and randomheroes from around the world!* Ability to move up the leagues, from wooden to the diamond, onhis way to the title!* The most heroic game in the world!* Download and play for free!Follow us on Twitter and learnall the secrets of the game!Join our page on Facebook, to always be up to date with news andgame innovations! to our website VKontakte and always be up to date withnews, videos, and new game features!
Running Shadow for TV
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"Varied environments, mission-based narrative(it’s a runner, though not endless), and what looks like a fairlyrobust equipment system. Our early impressions are definitelypositive, but let’s be honest – we’re only a handful of missionsin.At least we can say this with certainty: it’s absolutely gorgeous."( Shadow is a unique mix of a runner and fantasy RPG.Along with the simple game mechanics typical of this game type, ithas a mythical plot full of secrets and intrigue.You will try on the role of a fortunate thief and assassin inpossession of a unique artifact: the Gauntlet of the CelestialGuardian stolen from the adepts of a dark and ancient cult. Youwill be gifted with wondrous and unique abilities, too. Get readyfor an unending adventure full of risk: age-old castles, gloomydungeons and treacherous enemy ambushes, dozens of most fascinatinglevels and unique quests. Enter the path full of danger and win thetitle of Master Shadow!Features:• Intriguing locations: noblemen’s castles, bandit layers, sewers,town prison, and many others• More than 20 unique characters, including elves, goblins, andmajestic draconids• More than 8 outfits for the main hero, including swords, armor,and masks• Unique battle system: regular foes which you can fight with yoursword, and the nefilims which are subdued by magic only• Secret elven tricks that you can learn to overcomeobstacles• Special magic abilities which will let your character become ashadow, restore his mana, replenish his health and increase hisrage while fighting the enemies; and, of course, the powerfulGauntlet you can also use in the battle• 300 collectible items which you can gather while fulfilling yourquests
Diamonds Blaze 1.0.9
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It is an exciting arcade game which willchallenge you to develop a lightning-fast reaction time, whilesharpening your mining skills!Compose a chain of three or more identical gems, or clear an areawith powerful explosives! Certain unexpected combinations will earneven more points. Compete with your friends! Use bonus items andclever tactics, unlock the mysterious and secret techniques ofdiamond mining, and win tournaments!Facebook Community: Trailer: features:- Maximize your points in 60-second challenges- Exciting and unique Match-3 puzzle gameplay for touch-screendevices- Five special items that influence the game's tactics- A variety of explosive devices, each with unique effects- Exciting gameplay which rewards players for creating largecombinations- A blazing speed bonus for a particularly fast playersPricacy Policy:
마이컨트리2020 for KAKAO 3.20.202
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마이컨트리2020는 세계적으로 1,700만 명의 사용자들로 구성된 도시건축전략게임인 My Country에 이어대성공을 거둔 게임입니다. 새로운 게임에서는 원작게임의 분위기를 잘 살려 더 깊고 흥미롭게 꾸며진 후속편에서 는열도지역을중심으로 초현대적인 도시를 짓고 관리하게 됩니다.마이컨트리2020는 여러분의 도시는 물론 정복하는 수백 개의 퀘스트를 생생히 그려내며 고도로 세부화된애니메이션그래픽을 제공합니다. 후속편에서 는 사용자가 하늘 위를 날아다니는 차를 타고 도시 내부를 이동하면서 행복하고 건설적인시민들의생활을 관리합니다. 수천 가지의 건물들을 장식하고 관리하고 지진, 홍수 또는 외계인들의 기습 을 포함한 다양한 재해를극복하기위해선 조금도 방심할 수 없습니다. 마이컨트리2020를 다운로드하여 지금 미래로 떠나보세요!주요 기능:- 상세한 도시 건축 게임- 인상적인 그래픽과 고도로 세부화된 애니메이션- 수 백 가지의 도전적이고 재미있는 퀘스트- 다양한 재해 사고 , 전염병, 외계인들의 기습 및 자연 재해- 초현대적인 차와 건축물- 각각의 건물을 10만 가지 이상의 방식으로 장식- 이 게임은 무료로 다운로드, 설치 및 플레이 할 수 있습니다. 마음껏 즐기세요!페이스북 공식 페이지:개인정보 보호 정책: Country 2020, 17million people in the world is composed of city building strategygame, My Country, followed byScoring jackpot games. New games make use of the original game'satmosphere well appointed interesting sequel in the deeper areas ofthe archipelagoThe ultra-modern building in the city center will be managed.My Country 2020, as well as the conquest of the city in yourquest for hundreds of vividly drawn animation detailing highlynaemyeoGraphics. In the sequel, the user is flying in the sky moving fromthe inner city to ride a happy and constructive citizensManage your life. Decorative and manage thousands of buildings andearthquake, flood, or alien to overcome various disasters,including a surpriseYou can not get any bangsimhal instantly. My Country 2020 todownload and leave your future now!Key features:- Detailed city building game- Detailing highly impressive graphics and animation- Hundreds of challenging and interesting quests- Various disasters accidents, epidemics, and natural disasters,alien surprise- The ultra-modern car and building- More than 100,000 each way, building decorationThis game is free to download, install and play. 'll Enjoy it!The official Facebook page: Policy:
Rock The Vegas 1.4.1
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Rock the Vegas is an exciting interaction ofsuch genres as «tycoon», «city-builder», gambling and social games.This simply operative app is supported by mobile platforms andtablets. Here the players will be able to create a prototype ofreal Las Vegas, where night is the «hottest» time: casinos flarewith bright neon light, splendid cars rush through the dark roadsand exquisite restaurants amaze even the most fastidious gourmets.To be the owner of all this luxury, collect enormous profit andplunge into the atmosphere of impetuous fun – all these things arewaiting for you in Rock the Vegas!Game tasks:- build your own Vegas in the middle of the desert;- improve your buildings and gain profit;- build more casinos to attract tourists;- try gambling yourself and win a jackpot;- expand your property;- visit your friends, vote for their cities and send gifts to eachother;- compete with your friends: be on top in different ratings.Game Features:- Atmosphere of ease and uncontrolled fun;- Unique bars, entertainment centers and of course casinos;- Gamble and try winning a jackpot;- Switch between daylight and night - alluring flashing neon!Game Video: Policy: our Facebook Community:
My Clinic 1.65
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"A new great game, that had a lot ofsuccess on iOS platforms, and now is available for androidusers." –theandroidgalaxy.comMy Clinic is a colorful game where you take charge of amodest clinic and develop it into a state-of-the-art medicalcenter!Over the course of the game, you will be called upon to cure manyof the most incredible and comical illnesses. Their treatments arenever routine exercises!As your hospital grows in professionalism and prestige, it willbe visited by patients with increasingly complex illnesses. Fortheir proper treatment, you will need to hire the finest medicalstaff, purchase the latest equipment, and expand into newfacilities to carry out your cutting-edge medical research!Over 35,000 ★★★★★ Reviews!Game tasks:✔ Care for your patients and advance your research✔ Recruit doctors and construct new medical buildings✔ Purchase new equipment and expand your facilities✔ Prescribe medication and gather colorful collection items✔ Fulfill your goals and receive prizesGame features:✔ Fascinating story where the development of a clinic is in yourhands!✔ Immediately understandable interface✔ Colorful graphics, over three dozen buildings, and a variety oflocations, including the chief doctor's offices, hospital, surgery,and much more.✔ Adorn your city with collector items to make it trulyunique!✔ Purchase extra land to speed the development of yourclinic!✔ Connection to the Internet is recommended, but not required.Like us on Facebook! Policy:
Tribez at War 1.6
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Tribez at War — the part of the saga with allthe fighting and looting!Welcome to the world of violent battles, dangerous adventuresand glorious Clan wars! Here you can build an astonishing castle,guarding it with impenetrable walls, threatening towers and deadlytraps, as well as assemble metal-clad giants and elusive, Big-EaredScouts under your banners to become the greatest Commander of themall! Fill your clan with the best warriors out there, and fightepic battles against millions of players all over the world.Features:✔ Fight in PvP mode — capture valuable trophies andresources.✔ Make your castle into an impregnable fortress — ten kinds ofbattle towers and traps are available.✔ Assemble an invincible army — seven unit types are at yourdisposal.✔ Use expert support — fearless mercenaries will help youprevail.✔ Hire a valiant Rider on the dragos — her unique abilities candecide the outcome of a battle.✔ Study magic — six spells are available to you, and they’ll be ofgreat help to you on the battlefield.✔ Create your own Clans — join with other players for morebrilliant victories!✔ Explore new lands — dangers, adventures and hordes of vilebarbarians are waiting for you on the vast expanses of thecontinent.✔ Defeat menacing monsters — capture a frightening creature andhave it guard your castle.✔ Save the kidnapped tribezmen — fight the Dark Horde and defeatits malicious Warchief.✔ Test your skills in the single-player campaign — two game modesand hundreds of levels are available to you!Official Page on Facebook: game trailer: new titles from GameInsight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: the latest news on Twitter: us on Instagram: policy:
Running Shadow: Infinity 1.2.5
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• Delice akrobasiler. Düşmanlarla savaşırkenözel parkur yiğitlikleri gerçekleştir ve yaratıcı şekillerdeöldür.• Sihirli kuvvetler. Sihir yeteneklerinle düşmanlarını şaşırt.Gölge form dönüşümünü etkinleştir ya da bir kartal formunual!• Zengin oyun dünyası. Gizemli fantezi aleminde her türlü yeriziyaret et: soylu kaleleri, haydut inleri, lağımlar, kasabahapishanesi ve dahası.• Yararlı ganimet. Zanaat kaynakları, yararlı büyüler ve içecekler,nadir kıyafetler ya da hatta efsanevi ekipmanlar gibi ödüller almakiçin görevleri tamamla. İstatistiklerini sürekli geliştir ve ilerikoşmayı sürdür!• Sonsuz koşu. Sonsuzluk Modunu dene ve tek seferde ne kadar uzağakoşabildiğini gör!• Övünme hakkı. Skor tahtası liderliğine ulaşmak için arkadaşlarınave dünyanın her yerinden diğer oyunculara meydan oku!İşaretinle. Hazır ol. KOŞ! Engellerden kaçarken, tuzaklardankaçınarak, düşmanları katlederek ve havalı akrobatik hareketlergerçekleştirerek fantezi bir krallığa doğru git. Gizemli bulmacalararasında yolunu bul, her türlü ganimeti topla ve kötü adamlarakarşı hızlı etkinlik komboları kullan! Bu; güzel, hızlı oyunlarıseven oyuncular için mükemmel bir öldürme yöntemi!• crazy aerobatics.Perform special track prowess by fighting enemies and kill them increative ways.• Magic forces. Surprise your enemies with your magic skills.Enable the shade or take the form of transformation form of aneagle!• Rich gaming world. Visit any place in a mysterious fantasy world:the noble castles, bandit lairs, sewers, town jail and more.• Quick booty. Craft supplies, useful spells and beverages, rareclothes or even complete tasks to receive awards such as thelegendary equipment. Statistics continuously improve and maintainthe forward running!• Infinite running. try the Infinity Mode and see how well run awayat once!• the right to brag. friends and challenge other players fromaround the world to achieve the scoreboard leadership!With the mark. Be ready. RUN! While avoiding obstacles, avoidingtraps, enemies, slaughtering and performing cool stunts wentstraight to a fantasy kingdom. Find ways of mysterious puzzles,collect loot, and use all kinds of fast events combo against thebad guys! It; nice, quick game for players who are an excellentmethod of killing!
KingZ War 1.0.1
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• A mix of genres: strategy, tactics, deckbuilding, and tower defense.• PvP battles: fight other players, earn rewards, and make your wayto the top of the rankings.• Clan wars: team up with friends, form a clan, coordinate actionsand share ideas in chat, and start fighting on another level!• Asynchronous gameplay: there's no need to be online every timeyou need to defend your castle.• Customization: design and build new defenses to crush enemieswith different tactics.• Heroes: build your strategy around special abilities of uniquehero units.• Cards: assemble and improve two different decks — one forattacking opponents, and the other for defending your castle.• Your rules: use cards to change the map's landscape and affectgameplay in your favor!Customize your castle’s defenses, build a deck to fit your style ofplay, and fight players from around the world in PvP battles! Ifyou like strategy games and clan wars, this game’s for you! Fightyour way to the top of the ratings and prove you’re the master ofbattle!
Mystery Manor: hidden objects 4.50.0
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Welcome to the Manor, detective! Ready to start your investigation?It looks like we have a problem that only you can help us with. Theowner of Mystery Manor, the enigmatic and elusive Mister X, hasdisappeared, leaving the residents all to themselves to solve allthe mysteries of this strange place. This is where you come in,detective. Despite the façade, there are many rooms full of hiddenobjects and dark secrets in this mansion. Each floor is a labyrinthof mysterious cases that will intrigue any detective worth hissalt. Experience the rush of investigating uncanny crime scenes,questioning unusual characters, and finding clues in the mostunexpected places! Mystery Manor mixes the gameplay mechanics ofthe best hidden object games, with immersive storytelling andbeautiful graphics that could be on the walls of art galleries.Each room contains a unique story, which is intertwined with therest of the narrative. As you progress, you can’t escape thefeeling that there’s a darker hidden secret, possibly a crime – onethat involves all of the characters, and you the detective as well.After all, no one really knows how all the rooms and hidden objectscame into existence in the first place – could it be that youplayed a role in this too? There’s only one way to solve thisenigmatic mystery – start your journey into the depths of the Manorthat has more secrets than a big city, and don’t let a singledetail escape your keen detective eyes. Notable Mystery Manor gamefeatures: ✔ Find hidden objects and complete various detectivetasks ✔ Join other seekers in search of amazing objects, keys, andclues ✔ Use your detective skills to assemble beautiful collections✔ A captivating storyline that’ll make you put down your favoritedetective novel ✔ Beautiful hand-drawn graphics ✔ Tons of gamemodes to test your detective skills in finding hidden objects:words, silhouettes, phenomena, zodiac, and more ✔ Regular freeupdates full of new characters, objects, and quests ✔ Breathtakingmini-games and a Match-3 adventure ✔ Hidden objects game that worksoffline without an Internet connection: Play it on the plane, onthe subway, or on the road. Enjoy! Official Page on Facebook: Discover new titles fromGameInsight: Join our community onFacebook: Subscribe to our YouTubechannel: Read the latest news on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Privacy policy:"
トランスポート・エンパイア・Transport Empire 2.2.16
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主な機能: ✔このゲームは、インターネット接続なしのオフラインモードでプレイ可能ー飛行機のなかでも地下鉄の中でも、街中でもプレイできます。お楽しみください!✔美しく複雑なグラフィックーあなたが今までに見たことのないような経済ストラテジーゲームです。 ✔3種類の車両:機関車、蒸気船と飛行船✔ユニークな都市の輸送ならびにトン数を開発するチャンス ✔魅力的なライフストーリーと素晴らしいキャラクター✔魅力的なストーリーー競争相手と戦い、陰謀に光を投じ、宝を捜し、幽霊を見つけ、遠い土地へどんどん乗り込んでください!プライバシーポリシー: 利用規約: 新しいタイトルをゲームインサイトで見つけよう: 私たちのFacebook:コミュニティに参加 私たちの YouTube チャンネルに参加: 最新のニュースをTwitterで読む: 私たちをInstagramでフォローする:
Survival Arena 3.7.4
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To all who love battles, strategic planning and wild challenges,welcome to Survival Arena! Come to the great Arena Ship high in thesky and put your skills to test against the all-too-clever AI andgreat warriors from all over the world! Build and customize yourarsenal of deadly towers, ammunition, heroes and power-ups to getready for the Survival Arena Tournament. Travel islands floatingamidst the clouds, accept challenges, climb the rankings and becomethe Grand Champion. * Non-stop explosive TD action! * One-handedon-the-go play * Collect Hero cards and units ranging from regularto legendary * Choose your own strategy to prevail against all odds* Use boosters and spells to triumph over your opponents * Climb tothe top to gain glory and astonishing rewards * Get full livestreamsupport We have scads of arenas up there in the sky: try any andall of them to test your skills! * Arena of Boom: A massive RTS PvPexperience where 16 players are pitted against each other on a hugemap. Survive by looting for your equipment and squad, equip weaponsand use skills. Fight your way to be the last one standing. Earnpoints for kills and for being the ultimate survivor, then go claimyour well-deserved reward! * Duel: There's only one thing betterthan winning an arena — and that's making sure someone else loses!Battle head-to-head against another player with everything you'vegot. Heroes are especially important in this mode, so bring yourbest one! Plan and test various tactics, get Valor and Chests forwinning, and have your name set in stone for everyone to see in theleaderboards! * Sudden Death: Building a sturdy maze is crucial forthis arena that is played on one of the largest, most wide openmaps. You'll need to plan your defenses in a way that won't let asingle enemy through — since your Extractor has only 1 Health,literally the weakest of enemy Pirates will destroy it. Useeverything at your disposal, and all the strategies you’vedeveloped to survive the longest! Besides those, we haveBOOMtastic, Gridlock, Crabfest, Thunderdome, KING XING, Shipwreck —and even more coming in big updates!
Battle for Adan 1.1.1
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• Combine spells! Create your ownplaystyle by mixing and matching skills into earthshatteringcombos.• Engage in real-time combat! Make every second count inintense, synchronous online battles.• Customize your character! Every piece of equipment isdisplayed on your hero.• Create a guild! Find your brothers-in-arms and form aninfluential alliance.• Uncover mysteries! Venture through numerous quests tolearn the amazing story of the realm!• Build a Castle! Get needed support from your homebase.Battle for Adan is a remarkable MMORPG with an ingenious combatsystem and an authentic fantasy atmosphere. Become a legend of therealm by fighting against legions of other players in PvP combat,completing epic quests, and climbing to the top of the rankings!Make no mistake: the thorny way will leave you scarred and wounded,but your name will live on in eternal glory, and your legacy willinspire many a generation of great kings and brave heroes!
Frozen Flowers 2.14.1
Game Insight
Your daily mind flex with the best Match 3 adventure! You arejustone step away from a fairy tale! Enter the Kingdom of Floresandfight to save it from terrible cold and evil magic, togetherwithPrince Louis, charming Isabella the herbalist, and the cutelittledragon Wilgo. You’ve never seen a Match 3 like that! Go alongthestoryline together with our heroes, reveal dark mysteries,fightevil magic and court intrigues, meet old enemies and newallies,and melt the ice which is binding the Kingdom. Thisbreathtakingstory will carry you away immediately, while puzzleskeep your mindoccupied. Vivid colors, a charming plot, adventures,discoveriesand characters larger than life: What else could youwish for in agame? KEY FEATURES: ✔ Experience unique gameplay thattakes puzzlegames to a whole new level. ✔ Complete beautifulmatch-three levelsas you help the people of the kingdom. ✔ Take abreak from yourdaily routine! Go on thousands of heroic questswhile exploring amagical realm. ✔ Solve mysteries, protect thelocal inhabitantsfrom danger, and help lonely hearts find truelove. ✔ Enjoy thegame by yourself or with the family: anyone cantake part in thishuge adventure! ✔ Collect artifacts and findmysterious objects toassemble exquisite collections! ✔ Unravel thestory! The game isconstantly evolving and growing: new storylinesand levels areadded regularly to bring you an unforgettableadventure that neverends. The game uses in-app purchases. In-apppurchases can speed upgameplay. Official Page onFacebook: Official gametrailer: Discover new titles fromGameInsight: Join our community onFacebook: Subscribe to our YouTubechannel: Follow us onInstagram: Privacypolicy:
Mirrors of Albion
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Have you ever wanted to feel like Alice in Wonderland?
Airport City transport manager
Game Insight
Collect all sorts of airplanes, customize your airport, and livelike a tycoon!
The Tribez & Castlez 6.5.11
Game Insight
Get ready for unforgettable adventures in the world of Tribez &Castlez! As the ruler of a kingdom, you will face variouschallenges throughout the game. Some are peaceful, like having tobuild a village, plant a garden or repair a barnyard. Others willrequire you to improve your castle defense, protect the manor fromattacks, and craft weapons and tools for your people. Yourlong-term objective is to bring your settlement to prosperity byfarming the lands, developing your town and fighting enemies! Fightvicious villains, numerous fearful creatures and even a uniquemonster! This Game is available for download absolutely FREE! 
 ✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet soyou can play it on a plane, in the subway or on the road. Enjoy!
 ✔Enjoy a unique parallax effect on you device! It’s more than just amoving background; it creates a sense of dimension and the illusionof depth. ✔ Uncover the endless secrets of the magic game world indeep dungeons, high towers, and abandoned wastelands.
 ✔ Protectyour kingdom from vicious Gobools, powerful Trollums, and a uniqueancient beast, among other fearful creatures.
 ✔ Rebuild yourkingdom: construct Sawmills and Factories, cultivate grapes andeggplants, breed pigs and sheep, farm the lands and reap theharvest.
 ✔ Develop your country by building fortified towers toprotect your subjects and creating statues and fountains to boostyour influence.
 ✔ Collect and Conquer: hundreds of rare magicitems will add to your treasury and help you enlist the help oflegendary heroes.
 ✔ Experience beautiful graphics and sound.Official Page on Facebook: game trailer: new titles from GameInsight: our community on Facebook: to our YouTube channel: Read thelatest news on Twitter: Follow us onInstagram: Privacy policy:
Guns of Boom Online PvP Action 29.0.268
Game Insight
• Easy and intuitive controls: get a hang of the game from theget-go and start climbing up the ranks! • Vivid graphics andsupport for older devices: stunning visuals will keep you glued tothe screen, while the hardware requirements remain very moderate. •Engaging PvP battles: enjoy team-based fun across numerous maps andgame modes. The adrenaline-filled action never stops in GoB! •Character customization: create a unique hero by using acombination of various perks and equipment skills, and find theperfect look with hundreds of cosmetic items. Creating a flexiblebuild for your play style is as easy as ever. • Regular updates andevents: with constant content additions, new features, and colorfulthemed events, you’ll never be bored. This game just keeps ongiving! • Pro Play Mode: eSports events with players from globallyacclaimed teams. Can a mobile FPS be truly competitive? You bet!Guns of Boom is a competitive multiplayer FPS with awesome 3Dgraphics and gripping gameplay. It’s so simple that your cat couldlearn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to spark theinterest of competitive eSports players who’re used to extremelychallenging and clutch tournament-style battles. Engage in onlinePvP battles on a variety of maps, utilizing different cunningtactics. Get the ultimate FPS experience with fast-paced matchesthat take less than 5 minutes on average. The game is on!
Dragon Eternity
Game Insight
«Dragon Eternity» - is a free cross-platform fantasy MMORPG
Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game
Game Insight
Start an amazing family adventure and build a hotel empire!
Solitaire: Treasure of Time 2.4.0
Game Insight
Finally, the solitaire you’ve been waiting for — say hello toTreasure of Time! It’s one of those adventure card games filledwith different puzzle gems including tripeaks solitaire, match-3,and other casual mechanics. Pick it up once, and you can easily getlost in the gameplay for a few hours as you advance through cardgames and puzzles. People have enjoyed various solitaire variationsthroughout history: Klondike, Tripeaks, Spider, and many more. Weall know these solitaire card games and love them for theirlaid-back vibe that tests your logic and patience more than yourquick reactions or decision-making skills. Are you ready to take ontripeaks solitaire along with other card games and puzzles? Thenlet’s dive right in! What are the main perks of Treasure of Timetripeaks solitaire? There’s a whole galaxy of them! Awesomegraphics, various exciting card games and puzzle modes to keep youglued to the screen, and an unforgettable storyline with charmingcharacters. It’s an adventure for the whole family that just keepson going! Travel across a huge adventure map and learn the story ofthese prehistoric lands! Take the role of a brave archeologist,master the art of tripeaks solitaire and other mind-bending puzzlesas you make your way through countless levels and different cardgames. If you like tripeaks solitaire and other challenging cardgames, you’re lucky – this is likely your dream game! Features: ✔More than 300 various solitaire card games, from the simplestclassics to the most complicated! ✔ Various solitaire modes toblast through: from classics like Tripeaks and Klondike to neverseen before card games! ✔ Beautiful match-three levels. ✔ Collectartifacts and find quest objects to assemble exquisite collectionsin this tripeaks solitaire game! ✔ Solve mysteries, protect thelocal inhabitants from danger, and help lonely hearts find truelove. ✔ Take a break from your daily routine and go on thousands ofheroic quests. Unravel the stories! The game is constantly evolvingand growing: New storylines and levels are added regularly to bringyou an unforgettable tripeaks solitaire experience. Enjoy thisfascinating adventure by yourself or with the family: anyone cantake part in these exciting card games! There’s so much to discoverin these magical realms – just make the first step and download theTreasure of Time tripeaks solitaire! Official Page on Facebook: Privacy policy:
Trade Island
Game Insight
Start an amazing adventure by building a farm on a picturesqueisland!
Guns of Boom PTS 26.1.51
Game Insight
Guns of Boom is constantly evolving and expanding its features withevery major update, and it’s important to be absolutely sure aboutthe changes being implemented in the game. That’s why we have thisPublic Testing Server – a version of the game, where we can testout new mechanics, balance changes and other features that arestill being developed and fine-tuned prior to being released. Whyit’s a great idea to play PTS: - You get to influence thedevelopment of Guns of Boom! Your feedback will be the foundationof all the decisions about implementing certain new features andchanges in the game. - You get to try everything before everyoneelse does! Not that it’s an advantage on the battlefield, but itwill surely let you understand the game more deeply. - It’s aunique experience! See what’s happening under the hood of classicGoB and make your voice heard. It’s the perfect opportunity to helpsteer the game’s development in the direction you believe is best.- No in-app purchases. This space is just for testing and havingfun, so there’s no limit to what you can use – experiment withwhatever and do it whenever! Or just jump in for a few maps to blowoff some steam without worrying about your stats.