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Beat the Boss 2 2.8.0
The Boss is back and ready to make your life a living hell. Butyou're not the same good guy taking orders anymore. You've beengranted the power to take sweet vengeance on this tyrannical boss.Backed by an arsenal of dangerous weapons, beat the boss withmagical forces, lethal guns and deadly blades. Let him PAY THEPRICE of messing with the wrong guy.Beat the Boss 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the originaltitle. With 16 million downloads to date; it strives to better whatmade the first one a hit in every possible way. The simple controlsremain the same but it offers new art, weapons, stages, soundeffects, and enhanced gameplay. This is not a good game; it’s afreaking awesome one! Why?✪ Laugh your butt off funny: These aren't jokes for yourgrandma.✪ Physics Simulated: Get a satisfying reaction to all your intensebeating✪ Premium Weapons: 80+ all new skull cracking, bone breaking,nerve-racking weapons.✪ New Town Map: 7 interactive stages, each with their own bossesand secrets to discover.✪ New way to play: Funny player objectives and premium rewards.
Super Battle Racers 1.4.6
Introducing: In-game emoticon andAchievements!Experience the real-time fun! None of those turn-based blah.BATTLE & RACE against millions of players around the world. Useawesome weapons and summon powerful monsters to be #1!In your quest to become the best Battle Racer, you will freevillages from the clutches of evil and help restore glory to yourtown and its people. You aren’t just racing for yourself - you’reracing for freedom!5/5 – Fast pace and exhilarating!5/5 – So addictive! Love the ability to play wth so manyweapons!FEATURES:✔ Battle with millions of players in real-time.✔ Explore the map across 7 beautiful themes.✔ Personalize your arsenal including Space Gun, Missile,Flamethrower, and many more.✔ 20 epic monsters to breed, battle, and evolve. All with uniqueabilities.✔ Construct your hometown to hone your skills.✔ Play with your friends on any platforms, at the same time!✔ Beat the Boss's Joe has a guest appearance!
Beat the Boss 2.64
The #1 stress relief game is on Android.Download now and join 8 millions other players to beat up your bosswith this game! Tell your buddies to play too, just don't let yourboss know.We know how stupid and mean your boss can be. Stand up foryourself, give them what they deserve. Bazooka right in the face!You can punch, burn, stab, shoot, egg them and much more!!The game: $0.99… Your boss' ugly beaten face: priceless.Features✪ Best stress-relief game- Over 8 million installs- #1 fun games in 30 countries✪ Four different categories of 80+ upgradable weapons (MoreComing!)- Fire Arms: Powerful weapons like Ak47, Shot gun, Flamethrower,and Gas Tank- Sharp Arms: Cut him apart with weapons like butcher knife, ninjastars, flail and even Fury of Zeus!- Office Goodies: Anything you see in the office can be weapons;such as thumbtack, pencil, post it, and exacto knife.- Handy weapons: Grenade Pineapple, Firecrackers, or the all timeclassic egg!✪ 7 characters with hilarious expressions- Four male bosses and one new female boss.- Special interactive background for each bosses.- Two Android exclusive bosses.✪ Fully physics simulated✪ Localized into French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese,Japanese and KoreanTips:1. Boss Kicking- You can drag both weapons and the bosses with your finger.Explore for different effects!- There are some secret effects when you match multiple weaponstogether. Find all the combos!- Beating the boss after he dies won't make you any more coins. Youknow, zombies don’t make money. Beat him hard, but also beat himgentle.2. Upgrades your weapons- There are three levels of each weapons. Upgrading allows eachweapons to be stronger, and also earn more coins3. Join our Facebook and Twitter community- Share your weapons idea with us and we might just put it in thenext games!- Stay in touch to get sneak preview of the coming FREEupdates!- Make buddies with others who love the game too!- Facebook/KickTheBoss- Twitter @GameHive
Beat the Boss 4 1.7.5
Many of you may have wondered, "Why is Joe'The Boss' so annoying?"Looking at him just makes you want to beat the living daylight outof him. Well, in this BEST sequel of the HOTTEST franchise, BEATTHE BOSS, you will finally find out where he's from and why youneed to take vengeance on him and his ignorant friends.- Immersive WORLD: 10 maps and 30 interactive stages for thebiggest boss town ever.- Customize EVERYTHING: Weapons, bosses, stages... Power is righton your fingertips.- Premium WEAPONS: 130+ hilarious weapons that will keep youentertained for months- Unique BOSSES: 180 custom-crafted bosses that make your intensebeating extra fun- Play TOGETHER: Multiplayer! Beat up multiple bosses at atime!
Rabbit Dash! 1.01
Join Benny the Bunny as he tries to escape from a pack of fearsomewolves.
Tap Titans 2: Clicker Idle RPG 6.6.1
Arena of heroes. Tapping games. Titan slayer. Hero clicker force.AFK game.
Tap Titans 4.1.6
2015's best adventure game. Tap your fingers faster to killmonsters and titans!
Beat the Boss 3 2.0.1
All your life you have wanted to beat your boss, and now youfinally can!
Tap Tycoon 2.0.15
Make money and win the next world war for your country!
Battle Bouncers: Legion of Bre 1.21.4
Make your way through this smashing badland with a team of four ormore heroes!
Beat the Boss: Weapons 1.1.3
Brawl, kick, & hit the angry robot buddy in this brand new BeatThe Boss game!
Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing 0.22.4
Endless fun racing royale! Run, stumble, and race throughmultiplayer battles!
Gold and Heroes - Idle Dig 1.2.0
Digger Heroes and Ground Goblins: Drill, collect gold, rumble &merge!
Cozy Cafe: Animal Restaurant 1.2.1
Run the cutest animal snack cafe and restaurant. Hire cats in yourkitchen!