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Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure 1.1.8
Game Garden
Welcome to the magic saga and exciting world of Pet Heroes, wherethe air is filled with magic and mysteries, and the creatures offive elements fight for their place under the Moon. Invite the mostmysterious mythical creatures and pets from around the world toyour city. Raise and train future heroes who will help you gothrough the most exciting journeys of your lifetime. Grow yourkingdom from a small farm village into a flourishing city, whichwill become home to your pet heroes, many different beings – fromsea dwellers to majestic dragons. - Over 100 mythical creatureswhich you will need to find and draw to your side in a captivatingarcade. - Large amount of space for expansion. Improve the level ofyour characters and buildings in order to unlock all of theirpossibilities and raise an unbeatable team of heroes. - Clear thelevel and save your creatures and win together! Challenge yourselfto this puzzling saga, unlocking more and more 3 in a row quests. -Several hundred quests in the world full of magic, with newfantastic adventures available every week. - Your magic pets teamwill help you win in the puzzling 3 in a row battles against yourenemies - Awesome gameplay: your own Kingdom that can be built fromscratch and filled with unique magical heroes. Develop severalislands, make your own farmlands, or create mighty artifacts. -Superior graphics and animation will allow you to enjoy everydetail of your lands and heroes. - Opportunity to play with yourfriends and compete in hundreds of tournaments with other players.------------------------------- Pet Heroes Puzzle Adventure mainfeatures: • Diamonds, exploding bombs, chest boxes and much more •Spectacular bonus rewards unlocked after levels • Easy and fun toplay challenges • Magical pets and creatures of all varieties -puppies, rabbits and many more! • Hundreds of pet puzzling levels -more quests added weekly! • Leaderboards to watch your friends andcompetitors!
Ranchdale: Farm, city building 0.0.623
Game Garden
Family farming game & animal farm town simulator. Hey, today ishappy farm day!
Rescue Sparkle - pet puzzle adventure 1.1.3
Game Garden
Play match-3 game, complete levels and take care of cuteanimals.Feed your pets, wash them and play with them! These cutieswillbecome your true friends and helpers in a captivatingadventure!Dive into: - hundreds of free-to-play match-3 levels; -powerfuland unusual boosters; - bright animation; - bonuses foractiveplayers!
Farmdale: farming games & town 6.1.6
Game Garden
Farmdale - villagers, pets, farming and town in 1 game!
Fairy Kingdom: World of Magic and Farming 3.2.5
Game Garden
Fairy Kingdom is about magic, city building and farming. It isabeautiful story of tender love and never ending devotion of ayoungPrince to his Princess. Dive into the world of themagnificentmedieval times and rule your own Kingdom! Build farmsand mills,workshops and artisan shops, smithies and alchemic labs,dwellingsfor a multitude of magic creatures and many otherbuildings. Meetmagic characters, explore this mysterious world withthem, andexpand your lands! Build a Kingdom of your dreams! TheRoyal Throneis waiting for you, Your Majesty! Fairy Kingdomfeatures: * Build asettlement and decorate your Kingdom; * Restoreyour enchantedCastle to its former grandeur; * Fight the Evil Witchand save thePrincess; * Become a master of various trades, expertcity builderand experienced farmer; * Collect all of the cutemagical creaturesthat live in your lands; * Hold archeologicalmissions and findrare treasures and ancient artifacts; * Unveiltrue wonders of theworld that have been hidden for centuries! FairyKingdom is a freegame, but you can purchase some of the game’selements, if youwish. We are very happy that you chose our game andwould love toanswer any of your questions or hear suggestions. Feelfree toemail us at [email protected]