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Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures 3.18.23
GalleryVault is a fantastic privacy protectionapp to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos and any otherfiles that you do not want others to see.GalleryVault can hide its app icon and keep your privacy absolutelysafe. You can import your private images and videos in this securevault, and nobody knows the existence of it.What's more, GalleryVault has the beautiful design, it provides youthe smooth and amazing media browse experience.Highlight features:• Hide photos, hide videos and hide any other types of files• The hidden files are all encrypted• Support hiding icon, and no one knows the existence of GalleryVault except you.• Support hiding files in SD card and moving your encrypted filesto SD card to save your device storage, including Android4.4(KitKat), 5.0(Lollipop), 6.0(Marshmallow) and7.0(Nougat)+.• Integrated with Private Web Browser and support downloading allimages and videos in web page with just one tap• The beautiful, smooth and elegant user experience• No storage limitation to hide photo and hide video• Shake your phone to close Gallery Vault in a hurry• Support hiding and playing GIF images• Support Break-in Alerts and know who is trying to break-in• Support Fake Passcode and show fake content when you input fakepasscode• Support Fingerprint (Only support samsung device with fingerprintscanner)With GalleryVault, your privacy is well protected.------------- FAQ --------------Are my hidden files stored online?No. Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sureto backup all your hidden files before transferring to new deviceor factory reset.What can I do if I fail to launch GalleryVault fromDialer?Sometimes, in some devices, after Gallery Vault is killed by systemor other apps, or after device restarted, Gallery Vault may not beable to respond to dial event. In that case, you can try one of thefollowing methods:1. Use your device built-in browser to visit this page: .2. Tap the "Manage Space" button in System App Detail Info page ofGallery Vault (System Setting->Apps->GalleryVault)What can I do if I forgot my passcode?Please find the latest mail we send to you (by searching thekeyword thinkyeah in your mail box), and follow the steps inthe mail to reset your passcode.If you cannot find the mail, you can send another one by thefollowing steps:1. Launch Gallery Vault locking page.If your icon is hidden, tap the "Manage Space" button in System AppDetail Info page of Gallery Vault (SystemSetting->Apps->GalleryVault).2. Try to unlock and fail for 2 times, then a Forgot button willshow.3. Tap "Forgot" button and tap "Resend Auth Email" button in thedialog.For more details, please visit FAQ: .Any issues or suggestion for GalleryVault, welcome to send mail tous! [email protected] focus on Privacy Protect, provide the professional Hide Pictureand Hide Video app to protect your privacy!Website: http://www.thinkyeah.comSupported languages:English, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian,German, Vietnamese, Italian, Thai, Arabic, Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese.
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GalleryVault ProKey: Hide Pics 3.0.1
- Hide pictures, videos, audios and any documents - Support SD card- Hide icon