General Studies For IAS 1.0
General Studies For IAS is Specially made for those students whowant to crack the UPSC exam.
Download GS For IAS app and you will find the great studymaterials fro the various competitive exams like IAS, IPS, PCS,IBPS, Banking and many more.This GK app has many features useful not only for theIAS/IPS/IFS candidates who write the UPSC Civil Services exam, butalso for all, who look for quality information.
This Civil Service Examination Preparation app contains the greatdata for GS
.1. General Knowledge
2. General Studies
3. Current Affairs & General awareness
4. History of India
5. Geography
6. Political Science
Daily Current Affairs 2015 1.0
Get instant updates on Current Affairs inEnglish and Hindi from India’s best writers. Best coverage of allthe latest happenings in 2015 and previous years. This is the bestAndroid App for students preparing for Competitive Exams, CivilServices,IBPS Bank PO, Bank Clerk, UPSC exams, SSC, Banking, IAS/PCS,CTET, CSAT, CWE, NDA, CDS, STATE PSC, PCS & other statelevel exams or Government Jobs. This OnlineTyari GK app containsCategory-wise article listing for all latest happening and newsfrom National, International, Economy, Corporate, Science &Technology, Environment & Ecology, & Sports.
English Speaking Course 1.0
English Speaking Course is very new andadvanced application to learn English Speaking Fluently.Now days without English it is very hard for us to get placed inMNCs .So download Learn English app for improve understanding ofhow to speak in English.This app is a beneficial app to practice English conversation foreveryone.The most efficient way of speaking Fluent English is . . .- Practice speaking with native speakers- Practice speaking English word phrases- Practice speaking using slangs and expressions- Know many practical vocabulary and tenses- A brilliant way to learn to pronounce in English.- It’s easy, fun and takes just a few minutes a day!And the application is mainly focused on the day-to-day examples ofEnglish so, which will be easy to understand English easily.This English application is absolutely Free!This is an Offline English Speaking Course so you don’t need tohave Internet connection.You will not find any better English Application than thisanywhere.
Pauranik kahaniya : Hindi Stories 1.0
Pauranik Kahaniyan app contains the 1000+ Hindi Stories ofvariouscategories like पौराणिक कथाएं | Pauranik Kathayen, रामायणकथा |ramayan kahani in hindi, महाभारत कथा | Mahabharat katha,विष्णुपुराण | vishnu puran katha, शिव पुराण | Shiv Mahapuran, गरुड़पुराण| garun puran, मुल्ला नसरुद्दीन किस्से | mulla nasruddin kekissein hindi, अकबर-बीरबल | akbar birbal story in hindi, बेतालपच्चीसी |betaal pachisi stories, पंचतन्त्र कहानियां | pancha tantrastories,ओशो कहानियां | osho stories hindi, मुंशी प्रेमचंद |munshipremchand short stories and novel...
Pet Kam Karne Ke Upay 1.0
Pet Kam Karne ke Upay is the best application that helps you toloseyour belly fat and lose your weight. Even though about how tolosefat safely? In this FREE App you will great tips and methodsto losefat fast and easy. Fat burn belly exercises app teaches youhow toreduce the lower portion of your body and lean your bodymuscles.You will also get to know that which and how much diet youneed toshape up your body. This fat belly burn exercises app givesyou theinspiration to reduce your body fat. The motivationalfactor is veryimportant when you reducing your weight with orwithout yourpersonal trainer... This application helps you 1. Tolose your extraBelly Fat 2. Improve your BMI (Body Mass Index) 3.Improve your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) The Fat Burning appcontains 1. Exercises forAbdominal Muscle 2. Workout for thighs 3.Complete Diet chart tolose weight
Speak English in 30 Days 1.0
It is very necessary to know how to speak English in today'sworld.If you want to learn how to speak English fluently, thislearnenglish in 30 days app will help you achieve your goal. Thisappincludes total 30 days program with various features whichtaughtyou How to Speak Real English. Most of the time we face manykindof problem due to poor english speaking like to get a job andinmany social activities. This is offline app and does notrequireinternet connection..
Aptitude Exam Master 1.1
Aptitude Exam Master is a collection of quantitative andmathaptitude questions and word problems frequently askedincompetitive examinations. Download this app and use it asYourPocket Aptitude for the Aptitude Test and Preparation fortheVarious Competitive Exams and bank exams. **** Features ofAptitudeTest App **** ✓ 10,000+ Questions in Various Categories ✓DetailedFormulas for each Aptitude Categories ✓ Details ExplanationandSolution for Each Aptitude Question ✓ You will get Every timeNewQuestions for the Practice ✓ You can give the Online AptitudeTest✓ Aptitude and Logical Reasoning both are very important forcrackthe competitive exams this App will provide help for that ✓You canShare the app with whatsapp directly or with other sharingoptions✓ Intended for students preparing for various examinationslikeCAT, MAT, XAT, PSUs, IAS, GATE, IBPS, Civil Services, UPSC,SSC,IIT, AIEEE, GRE and BANK PO etc.. ✓ Aptitude Questionsincludequestions on Chapters such as Permutation and Combination,Boatsand Streams, Probability, Average , Calendar, Clocks,Logarithms,Allegation and Mixture, Number System, Percentage,Profit and Loss,Ratio and Proportion, Simple Interest and CompoundInterest, Timeand Work, Time, Speed and Distance and Many morecategories
Mission IAS 1.0
Mission IAS is Particularly made for those learners who wanttocrack the UPSC exam. Download this app and you will findtheunlimited study materials for the several competitive examslikeIAS, IPS, PCS, IBPS, Banking and many more The newRecruitmentProcess of Civil Services Exam conducted by the UPSC(Union PublicService Commission) is called the CSAT or the CivilServicesAptitude Test. The CSAT has come into effect from theCivilServices Examination 2011. This app is Useful for preparationofUPSC,IAS,CSAT,PCS,MPSC,RPSC,SBI,IT OFFICER,Railway,PostOffice,Rural Bank, We are providing Daily New Questions andLevels.ThisCurrent Affairs and GK Also useful for NDA,CDS,IES,STATEPSC,CWEEXAMS PREPARATION. This Civil Service Examination Planningappcontains the great data for 1. General Knowledge 2.GeneralAwareness 3. Aptitude 4. Verbal Ability 5. Reasoning 6.CurrentAffairs & General awareness 7. History of India 8.Geography 9.Political Science 10. Comprehension
Gym Guide 1.0
GYM Trainer is an application that, in addition to consultexercises, diets, workouts, nutrition, training, supplements andmany more. This application does not required internet connectionSo you can use this app offline.. This Total Fitness app containsmore than 100 different exercises to do at the gym with explanationof the exercise Using this Gym app you can do the various workoutat home. This app will contain Various types of Categories ✓ BicepsExercise ✓ Chest Exrecise. ✓ Triceps Exercise. ✓ Back Exercise. ✓Shoulder Exercise ✓ Six Pack Abs Exercise
Complete Yoga By Narendra Modi 1.0
Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice ordisciplinewhich originated in India.The origins of Yoga have beenspeculatedto date back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions, but mostlikelydeveloped around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE, inancientIndia's ascetic circles. Yoga Asans in Hindi app containsall theyoga that Narendra Modi follow daily. This Daily Yoga appplans forbeginners, fitness, weight loss, strength, flexibility,relaxation,balance, menstruation, yoga during pregnancy. This appcottons yogafor all the people recommended by great spiritualleader BabaRamdev. This Yoga Asans in Hindi contains the all theinformationabout the yoga in hindi language with posture images andbenefits.
Learn English Grammar 1.0
Grammar is the sound, structure, and meaning system of language.Alllanguages have grammar, and each language has its owngrammar.People who speak the same language are able to communicatebecausethey intuitively know the grammar system of thatlanguage—that is,the rules of making meaning. Students who arenative speakers ofEnglish already know English grammar. Theyrecognize the sounds ofEnglish words, the meanings of those words,and the different waysof putting words together to make meaningfulsentences. This appalso contains the whole material of englishspeaking course.... TheEnglish Grammar app is the best way to LearnEnglish Grammar athome, no need to pay high fees in Spoken EnglishClass. Downloadthis app and master in English. English GrammarTopics Covered inthis app Active Or Passive Voice AdjectivesAdverbs ArticlesAuxiliary Verbs Conditionals ConjunctionsDeterminers IdiomsInterjections Introduction Nouns PhrasesPrepositions PronounsQuantifiers Question Tags Reported SpeechTenses Verbs and Manymore … We have practice exercises where youcan answer grammarquestions and get scores..
Samanya Gyan in Hindi 1.1
Offline General Knowledge (GK) in Hindi format. Using thisCurrentaffairs in Hindi app you will learn and gain better GK invarioussections like History, Geography, Indian Polity, IndianEconomy,General Science ,Indian Constitution,Industries,Awards&Rewards,Books and Authors,Artsandculture,Languages,Sports,Defense,Film Industry,RiversandLakes,Mountains and Forest,National Park,Education andSociologyThis app is Useful for preparationofUPSC,IAS,CSAT,PCS,MPSC,RPSC,SBI,IT OFFICER,Railway,PostOffice,Rural Bank, We are providing Daily New Questions andLevels.ThisCurrent Affairs and GK Also useful for NDA,CDS,IES,STATEPSC,CWEEXAMS PREPARATION ✓ SAMANYA GYAN is Powerful GeneralKnowledgeApplication. ✓ SAMANYA GYAN Contains Objective TypeQuestions. ✓Important Questions That Asked In Previous Exam. ✓Category BasedQuestions,That Can Help You For Learn Your Subject. ✓Important ForAny Type Exam Preparation..
Learn Kundali Matching 1.0
Kundli App contains the all the details about kundali basedonIndian Astrology aka Vedic Astrology, Hindu Astrology or JyotishinAndroid Market. Learn the technique of predictions and Knowaboutplanets, signs and houses in a horoscope. Kundali Software isamirror in which an you can see your past, present and future.Thishoroscope empowers the astrologer to know that it containswhattype of potential on the basis of which astrologer can knowthatwhat the future has in store for the inborn. For the control ofthetiming of various events indicated in the horoscope theknowledgeof influence of major period/sub period and transit isused. ThisKundli : Astrology is the best Indian astrology, Vedicastrologyand Hindu astrology app in google play market.
Learn GK in 30 Days 1.0
This GK app is Useful for preparationofUPSC,IAS,CSAT,PCS,MPSC,RPSC,SBI,IT OFFICER,Railway,PostOffice,Rural Bank, Bank PO and many more government exams.ThisCurrentAffairs and GK Also useful for NDA,CDS,IES,STATE PSC,CWEEXAMSPREPARATION *** GK in 30 Days contains the questions infollowingcategories *** History Geography Economy Political SystemEducationConstitution Mountains and Forest Industries Science andTechnologyAwards & Rewards Sociology Arts and culture LanguagesSportsDefense Film Industry Science and Technology Rivers andLakesScience and Technology National Park Books and AuthorsCurrentAffair 2014 Current Affair 2015