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Classic Retro Snake 1.0.5
GNS Games
A fully redesigned version of the classical Snake Game that becamepopular on Nokia phones in the '90.You eat apples, the snake gets longer and you have to try avoidinghitting your tail. As the snake gets longer and faster it gets moredifficult to avoid the tail. There is also a special bonus(scissors) that will shorten the snake.
Confucius Slot Machine 1.0.2
GNS Games
Test your luck on this new high quality SlotMachine. The design is Retro Vintage, it reminds of an OldMechanical Slot Machine (You can actually see the gears turningwhile you play!)
Tic Tac Toe 0.9.9
GNS Games
In this version of the game you are capturedbya Tribe on a Desert Island. In order to regain your freedom youwillhave to play Tic Tac Toe with the Tribe's Chief.The rule of the game is to put 3 "X" or "O" in a straightlineand stop your opponent from doing the same. Who manages toalign 3"X" or "O" first wins the game.