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Hollo Bar: Hole Ball 3D - Color Bump Arcade Game 105.1074
Hollo Bar is a challenging Hole Ball Arcade Game, the moment yougive it a try, can hooked you for hours and it turn into your nextaddiction. There is a fun, exiting universe! Hole, color blocks andball are here. Full of fun and unexpected challenges. Come and meetthe challenges and finish the winning line without touching anyobstacles! Imagine you are a blackhole, your mission is to protectthe ball form bumping to obstacles. Eat the colorful blockbuildings and obstacles in order to clean the road for the ball.You need to be sure which you are avoiding yourself from obstaclesand saving your ball while is bumping forward. Hollo Bar is a onefinger swipe control game, the hole control is easy but hard to sethigh score and be master. The more you sallow the obstacles andcolor blocks, the more score you can get. Lots of amazing newdifferent levels and limitless fun, can you be the master of thischallenging game? How to play Hollo Bar: • Swallow color blocks anddifferent obstacles • Don't let the ball hit obstacles • EnjoyHollo Bar with lots of different fun and challenging levels • Don'tforget to turn on music while playing the game. If you are lookingfor the best color hole ball game, don’t miss the Hollo Bar!Challenge your friends to play the game to see who is the best! InHollo Bar, there are a variety of skins and holes, which you canbuy with the coins that you have collected. Features: • Free toplay! • Easy to play hard to master. • Starts easy! Gets harder ateach level! • Different attractive environment. • One fingercontrol gameplay. • No WIFI, no problem, Hollo Bar is an Offlinegame. • A family game, both adults and children can have funtogether. Hollo Bar is a fun, challenging hole ball game! What areyou waiting for, download it for free and get ready to build yournew addiction.
Jump Up 3D: Basketball game 510.1305
Welcome to the Jump Up, the extremely fun basketball game!Challenge other players in hundreds of insane levels. Ready toshoot some baskets? Grab a ball, jump on the trampoline and startdunking! Jump Up is a basketball arcade game which anybody canenjoy! Jump on the trampoline, score the ball into the basket asmany points as you can before the time runs out! Tap-tapeasy-to-learn controls with addictive gameplay mechanic! It looksEASY, but it’s Not! You'll need precision of a master to dunk. Itwill be very satisfying when you do; if you can! Keep yourtrampoline ready and show your best shots to be the master of JumpUp! How far can you go! You have limited time for a fast-paced,exciting round. It's the start of your basketball dream! Features:• Easy to control! • Easy to learn, hard to be a pro. • Veryaddictive gameplay. • Free to play. • Great time killer basketballgame! • No Wi-Fi, no problem, it is an Offline game! • Jump Up issuitable for whole family. Jump Up is free, and it can become toyour must-have game, when it comes to enjoying your time and havingfun! Come on now, join everybody on the playground of unlimitedbasketball action!
Color Crush 3D: Block and Ball Color Bump Game 1.2.0
Color crush 3D is a challenging arcade ball game, the momentyougive it a try it turns into your next addiction. Challengeyourfriends to play the game to see who is the best! The game playissimple but hard to master. Just one simple rule: DON'T touchtheother colors! Starts easy! Gets harder at each level! Watchforholes and bumps! Your mission is to roll and lead the ballthroughsame color blocks and avoid color bumps by swiping throughcolorblocks. Be aware of hurdles and colorful obstacles! To be awinner,you need to beat the color bumps one by one and tough thefinishline. Choose your favorite ball and road pattern, and step inyourroad! Color crush is a one finger control game. The ballcontrol iseasy but hard to set high scores. Lots of amazing newdifferentlevels and limitless fun, can you be the master of thischallenginggame? Anyone can play Color Crush 3D, anytime anywhere!Can you bethe master of this exciting color crush game? Do the GoodJob andNice moves to pass the levels! Features: - More than 100funchallenging levels - Control the bump and avoiddifferentobstacles. - Beautiful 3D graphics - Easy to learn! Toohard to bea pro! - Very addictive! - One finger control Downloadand play theamazing and funny Color blocks and Ball of 2020 andenjoy it.Complete different challenges to unlock new levels.
Untangle: Tangle Rope Master 0.2.5
🧠Untangle 3D - Challenging Brain-Teasing Puzzle!🧠 Move the ropesand untangle them. This game is harder than it looks! Untangle willhook you for hours! Think fast, Untie & Untangle!💥 With theUntangle game, you have to sort all the colored ropes, but becareful not to get tangled! Just untangle them all, relax yourbrain, and have "quadruple" your fun! You need to be strategist!😎You can take your sweet time to undo the ropes, try out differentstrategies, and see which works best. By playing Untangle, you willsharpen your brain and makes you think faster and better. So, whatare you waiting for? Download and solve this entanglement puzzlenow! How far can you go? Features: - More than 100 challenginglevels - Fantastic 3D graphics - Train your brain every day byunraveling the entanglements. - Colorful, cheerful game design -Smooth, responsive game control. Are you ready for the thousands oftangles that you will face? Start!
Shifty Pet | Move The Jelly Pet Through Bump 501.1053
Swipe the jelly pet up and down and help it to fill throughtheobstacles Make sure that you shape the shifty pet correctly tobeatthe levels. With the shifty pet, train your brain and don’tgetbored. We warn you that this shape shift pet could be funandaddictive!! Don’t you want to be the first to beat all thelevels?
Raze Master: Hole Cube Game
Clear the board by moving the hole and catching the cubes.
Big Ball Falling 500.1031
Winter is coming! Let's play Big Ball Falling, your brand newtimekiller. Oh, where Am I?? In the top an island? Oh shoot zombiesarecoming! You need to shoot as many zombies as you can, tillthehelicopter come and rescue you! Make a big snowball and bump ittoyour opponents to flick them off the road. Simplest controlever!Swipe to the direction you want to move, and lift your fingertoshoot the snowball. If a giant zombie comes, don’t afraid!Justhold to make bigger balls and shoot! Now, time to roll overthezombies island! Features: * Free to play, play it anywhereanytime* Simple rules but very attractive * Lots of interestingchallenges* Beat the enemies and stay alive Big Ball Falling isfree, and itcan easily become to your must have game, when it comesto enjoyingyour time!
Color Pillar: Stack Game 540.1150
If you enjoy puzzles and action, this game is addictive for you.Collect the right color platforms and stack them to build a higherpillar, then kick em at the end. Every level has new colors and newobstacles to avoid. Get diamonds through obstacles and use them toincrease your strength and speed. At the end of the level, you haveto tap as fast as you can to boost your speed and kick the stack toget BOUNES. Cautious: Every time you go with wrong color you'lllose points! How to play - COLLECT platform - DODGE obstacles -GATHER as huge a pillar as you can - KICK em at finally - BOOSTyour score and get huge bounes Features: • One-touch operation •Thrilling game experience • Smooth controls • Easy on the eye •Clean graphics And this is just the beginning… More levels andartful traps and obstacles are coming soon! We are looking forwardto getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your reviews, sowe can keep making the game even better.
Bridge Race: Build Competition - Fun Running Games 0.3.0
Bridge Race - Collect, run, and build your way to the end! Have youever wished to build a bridge? Try this fun running race game!Enjoy this bridge-building race from rooftop to rooftop. Materialsfor bridges are spawned on the ground. Collect logs of your color,choose a bridge, place them to build yours, and get to the finishline before others build the bridge and win the race! It’s achallenging build run completion game. You need to be fast andcollect most of the stairs to build your own bridge. Don't letothers build on your bridge! Build your way by collecting bricks tosee who is the fastest one. Don't let others steal your bridge!Watch out! There is a build bridge competition! Smash otheropponents, steal their logs and run to create your color bridge! Bethe fastest bridge builder! Stack up more logs and blocks than youropponents, build your bridge as fast as you can and win thechallenging race. Be the first to touch the championship trophy.Simple and easy to play, but not easy to win. 🔥 GAME FEATURE 🔥 -Simple and funny smasher game - Impressive 3D graphics - Easy tocontrol with only 1 finger Download now for free! 💰
Tower Blast - Crash Stack Ball Through Helix 3D 110.1001
In Tower Blast you can enjoy the excitement and the adventurous ofthe bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth. Tower Blast isa challenging bouncing stack ball 3D arcade Game, the moment yougive it a try, can hooked you for hours and it turns into your nextaddiction. Your mission is to get to the bottom of the helix tower.For reaching the end, you should smash, bump and bounce the blastball through revolving helix tower. One-tap easy-to-learn but hardto be a master! The more you smash the blast ball through helixtower, the more score you can get! Do you think it’s easy! Give ita try. Press and hold the ball and guide it to the end of helix.Your stack ball crashes like a brick through colorful platforms,but if you smash a dark one, its over! Your ball shatters to piecesand you have to start your fall all over again. But even darkplatforms can break like a piece of cake against a fireball fallingat full speed! All you need is to hold your finger on screen toincrease the rate of ball fall, and turn it to a fireball! Its upto you, choose your strategy! You can pick up speed crazy high orstop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. Insanely funand challenging! How To Play Tower Blast: • Just hold your fingerto increase the rate of ball fall. • Don't break or touch the darkstacks • When crashing action continuously happen, the stack ballwill change into the fire ball. • Guide your ball to reach thebottom of the helix tower • Collect your reward and have FUN Thereis no place for even one single mistake in this tower blast stackball game and you need to be sure you are concentrated enough toblast through the platforms without hitting dark stacks. TowerBlast Features: • Crazy fast fall speed • Insanely Fun gameplay •Bright vibrant and colorful graphics • Simple and easy to play, buthard to master • Great time killer hyper-casual game • One tapcontrol • +999 stunning levels Tower Blast is free, and it caneasily become to your must have game, when it comes to enjoyingyour time and having fun or improving your concentration skills forfree!
Color Sort 3D: Sorting Puzzle
Challenge your brain with this fun sorting game! Stack the colorballs to win.
Ride And Die 510.1120
RIDE AND DIE - HEART-POUNDING HIGH-SPEED BIKE FIGHT Do you thinkyou have what it takes to be the next Ride And Die fighter? Getready for a satisfying bike fight! Then jump on your bike and rideto the finish line. By the way, your goal is to Knock as manybikers as possible before getting knocked! Do not feel relaxed;other bikers will attack you, swerve sideways to avoid them! Thereare so many weapons that you can pick up on the road. Be smart andpick up the strong one! 🔥Features:🔥 * Free to play, play itanywhere anytime * Simple rules but very attractive * Lots ofexciting challenges * Beat other bikers and stay alive Ride And Dieis free, and it can quickly become your must-have game when itcomes to enjoying your time!
Flying Hills: Drive Master - Fun Driving Games 500.1255
Are you a good driver?🚛 You have one mission! Drive carefully todeliver the packages losslessly! So simple! Just tap & drag todraw the road to deliver the packages! Bring more packages tounlock new trucks. Only 1% can reach the finish!💥 As you startplaying, it gets harder and harder! Are you ready for a masterdriving challenge? Be careful! On your way, there are so manyexciting obstacles to survive! It will be relaxing and satisfyingwhen packages are delivered lossless, and you will become hillsmaster! This game is like a driving challenge; thinking fast isessential! There is no time for any errors! You need to pass somany challenging obstacles to finish your driving mission! 🔥 GAMEFEATURE🔥 - Simple and funny driving game - Impressive 3D graphics -Easy to control with only one finger Come and enjoy this drivinggame! There are hundreds of unique levels to pass.
Collect Balls: Bounce And Collect - Fun Ball game 1007.10112
Balls are dropping! Let's play Collect Balls, your brand new timekiller. If you enjoy challenges, it's your game. You need to dropthe balls and collect as many as you can to finish the level and goto the next one. Choose the right place to drop the balls tomaximize your collecting. See them rolling down to the end of thestage. Are you ready for your next Addictive game? Just release theballs and try to gather as many as possible. Do you think it's easyto release the balls and collect them in the final stages? Let'stry to find out. Simplest control ever. Swipe to move the cup, andlift your finger to drop the balls. Now is the time to measure yourmathematical skills! Features: * Free to play, play it anywhereanytime * Simple rules but very attractive * Lots of excitingchallenges * Collect falling balls and go to the next challengeCollect Balls is free, and it can easily become your must-have gamewhen it comes to enjoying your time!
Fidget Trader: Pop It Game
Trade it, pop it! Collect & trade fidget toys in this fidgettrading game!
Sudoku Block Puzzle: Brain & Puzzle Games 0.8
Train your brain with Sudoku Block Puzzle game.🧠 Fill up the3*3squares and lines by matching the blocks to destroy them. Placethegiven blocks in horizontal and vertical lines or fill up thesudokusquares. Sudoku Block Puzzle is a challenging game tostrengthenyour mind. Smash the blocks as much as you can to keepthe puzzleboard clean and achieve a higher score. If you like theclassicblock puzzle and sudoku game, do not doubt that you willbecomeaddicted to this game. Beat your high score and compete withotherplayers. Features: ✔️ Free to play & Suitable for all ages✔️Lots of exciting challenges ✔️ Simple rules but very attractive✔️No time limits. What are you waiting for? Install it and enjoyyourmoments.
2048 Runner Balls: Ball games 0.1.5
2048 Runner Balls – Best 2048 ball game you’ve ever played! Are youready to be taken to a highrise above the water? Let's run! Hurry,your ball is rolling! All you need to do is to tap and swipe tocontrol it and lead to the goal. Don't forget; you cannot jump! Forpassing the rail, your ball must be bigger than the rail. How it'spossible? You can merge the ball with another one that has the samenumber and color. Are you a fan of an epic runner game? 2048 RunnerBalls could become your next brand new time killer. Choose yourway! You are not forced to stay on the rail! You can get bigger; itall depends on your action! Go ahead and become the next 2048!Features: -Intuitive controls -Colorful 3D graphics -Brainlymechanics -Merging sensations—merge the ball with the same numbers-Vibrates during action (depending on the device and settings)-Multiple beautiful sound effects -Epic ball running sensation-Highrise above water fun What are you waiting for? Install 2048Runner Balls and enjoy your moments.
Hexa Dominoes: Puzzle Games 2
Hexa Dominoes - Brand new brain teaser puzzle game! Are you a fanofdominoes? How about color Hexa, dominoes, and puzzles? Thisgamecould become your new addiction because you can have them allinone! Can you master all of them? All you have to do is collectasmany gems as you can! How to play? You need to collect acertainamount of gems to win the level! First, choose your color,thenclick on one of the bottom hexagons; the other will turn toyourselected color like dominoes, and you will collect the gems!Psst.There are two hints that will help you! If the encounteredblocksare the same color, two lines will be added! But, if they arenotthe same color, you will make a huge X! This Hexa dominoespuzzleis a logical challenge designed for you to tease your brainandrelieve your stress! Use your brain and logic to find thebestsolution! Features: ⁃ Beautifully easy and simple, no pressureandno time limit. ⁃ Challenging to break your highest score. ⁃ Easytoplay. A Hexa puzzle with domino mechanics for all ages!Getcreative and enjoy Hexa Dominoes!
Stone Mining Truck 190.1680
Are you ready for a new mining adventure game? If you are a fanofmining and exploration games, then the stone mining truck isforyou! It is a well-designed game about mining unlimitedresourcesand adventure. Crush as many stones as you can; Mine alltheresources, so you can sell them on board and earn gold. Thericheryou get, the more powerful you become. Now it's time to boostyourtruck and discover new islands. Features: Simple and funnysmashergame Easy to control with only one finger Different levelsNo timelimits Download it for free and have fun!
Ninja Magic 3D: Jutsu Hands 10.1125
🔥Are you ready to become the ultimate Jutsu Master?🔥 If youlikemagic and Ninjas, then Ninja Magic 3D is the perfect optionforyou. Use the amazing elemental power in your hands, to defeattheenemies and save the hostages! You need to be quick and chooseyouroptions carefully for each situation. There are 5 magicalelements:Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning. You can combinetheseelements to unleash awesome Ninja powers. Unlock new powersandupgrade them to become the ultimate Ninja Master, and destroyallthe enemies in your land. Features: ✔️25 Unique Awesome PowersWithUpgrades ✔️Exciting Visuals and Sounds Effects ✔️DifferentUniqueEnemies ✔️Perfect for Anime Fans ✔️Combine Different SkillsManyfun challenges await you in Ninja Magic 3D, come in and seeforyourself!
Monster Collector Box 3D 1000.1039
Who is ready for a monster-hunting game?😎 Have you ever imaginedyoucould collect monsters? So fun, isn't it? You are trapped onanisland full of monsters; what can you do to defend yourself?Allyou can do is to capture the monsters into your boxes and usethemto defend yourself! Create the best team ever! Looking for agamethat’s all action and monstrously entertaining? MonsterCollectorBox is all you need! Monsters are waiting to attack you!Catch amonster, train it and help him evolve! Finally, fightagainststronger monsters and win! Features: Addictive mechanicUniquegameplay 100+ Levels Lots of exciting challenges Don't wasteyourtime with boring games, and download Monster Collector Box 3Dnowfor free!
Paint wall | Exciting House Painting Puzzle Game 10.1001
There is nothing fun about white colored walls and withoutcolorshouses look boring. Are you ready to solve the puzzle bypaintingthe white houses. In all levels there is a white boringhouse, forcompleting the levels swipe the roller right, left, upand down andfill the empty spots. Do you like colorful housepainting games,Paint Wall is a fun, relaxing puzzle which containsso many levelsto solve, and so many boring houses to paint. Thelevels will getmore and more complicated as you paint your housebut that's theexact reason why you will become addicted to thishouse paint colorgame as soon as you give it a try! In every levelyou havedifferent maze shapes on house, swipe the color roller topaint themaze on the house. To solve all the levels in this homepaintinggame calculate your every moves and leave no white spacesbehind.See if you can use the least amount of moves. There are somanytypes of puzzle games, and this Wall Paint Game is agreatcombination of a maze and a coloring game packed together asahouse paint color game. The gameplay of this house painting gameiseasy to learn, but can be harder to master, especially whenyoureach the higher levels of this house paint color game. Inthishouse paint game, we have a sponge shop that you can buy somanyfunny sponges by the coins that you earn in the game. Youcancustomize the theme with your taste and get updated withcolorfulgraphics. Paint Wall is an offline arcade game. we warnyou, onceyou start to paint the houses it becomes so exciting andaddictivethat you don’t want to stop playing. So what are youwaiting fordownload it for free and tell your friends about thisfun housepaint game, so you can enjoy competing and solving thelevelstogether.
Cake Stack Run: Food Games 1.2
Are you ready to start your own confectionery? It's the startofyour confectionery dream! Stack your cakes as much aspossible.Choose your favorite topping flavor & decorate yourcakes asyou like. What is your favorite flavor? Chocolate, vanilla,orfruit? Be careful! On your way, there are so manycake-cuttingsaws. Do you want to equip confectionery? Upgrade yourshop withthe money you earn. Bake the best cakes in the town &sellthem. Features: ✔️Lots of different toppings ✔️Excitinglevels✔️Lots of challenges ✔️Play it anywhere, anytime What areyouwaiting for? If you are a good chef, don't miss this!
Tricky Money 3D 145.1020
Left - Right swipe your way to get rich!💰 Invest your money tomakeas many as you can. To do so, all you need to do is to moveportalsto choose your investments. Choose wisely and fast, oryouropponent will choose the best portal! Swipe your way to thefinishline by collecting money and avoiding obstacles! Beware ofthe golddiggers; they try to take all your money away from you! Itis avery simple and casual running game :) ...but HARDER thanyouthink! You need to be fast, or your opponent will stealyourinvestment! Game Features: » Simple touch to play game » playthisgame on your 10 minutes of free time :) Don't waste your timewithboring games, and download Tricky Money 3D for free and getrich!
Pixel Canvas: Running Stack 0.1
Are you ready to try new challenging gameplay and make thelongestPixel canvas ever? Pixel Canvas is a challenging stack game.Youhave to make the longest pixel stack to pass the level.But...beaware of obstacles and never underestimate them! Be Smart!Makesnap decisions at the gates and slide carefully amongobstacles.Stack as many pixels as you can and reach the end.Features:-Thrilling and challenging stacking game -Easy to controlwith onlyone finger -Different levels -No time limits Play thisgame in 10minutes of your free time :)
Love Stars: Happy Balls Brain Puzzle Game 110.1125
Ready to test your brain and find the best way to bump thehappylove stars. Draw lines and shapes to bump the happy lovestars. Thefun thing is, it's hard to predict where the stars wouldgo! Youwill need wisdom and imagination to draw the best shape orline.There are so many obstacles that you can use to make therightmove, so be creative!" love Stars is a fun, simple, brainpuzzlegame. If you are a fan of brain-type puzzles, cards andstrategygames, you will enjoy Love Stars. Let's test your logicalandflexible thinking, all you need to clear the stage is to drawlinesand shapes freely to move and roll the happy stars and bumptheminto each other. It's a simple looking brain puzzle game,thequestion is, will you be able to clear the difficult stages?Thelevels will get more and more complicated as you bump thestars,but that's the exact reason why you will become addicted tothishappy love stars puzzle game as soon as you give it a try!LoveStars Features: • Free to play • Simple gameplay, easy to learn•No WIFI, no problem, love Stars is an Offline game. • Notimelimit, you can play at your own pace! • Suitable for all agesHOWTO PLAY: • Bump the happy stars by drawing line and shapes. •Buyfun collections of pens, stars and planets by the coins thatyouearn. • Each type of pen and planet has differentcharacteristics.Collect them all! what are you waiting for downloadit for free andtell your friends about this fun brain puzzle game,so you canenjoy competing and solving the levels together.
One Line Drawing: Puzzle Games 120.1017
🧩One Line Drawing - Brand new one-line connect puzzle game!🧩Haveyou ever wanted a game to challenge your brain and logic? Youhaveone mission:😎 Connect all the blocks with just one line🧠EFFORTLESSGAMEPLAY, CHALLENGING BRAIN TEASER🧠 Start your brainactivities,whenever and wherever you are with this one-line connectpuzzlegame! Kill your time in a fun way and get hooked for hours!All youneed to do is, fill all the blocks with one perfect line! AFUN ANDRELAXING CHALLENGE! Have you tried so many kinds of puzzlesand gotbored?😫 Give One Line Drawing! a try! It will train yourbrain andamaze you for hours! It gets harder as you start playingand youmight get stuck! So, use your smart brain, move wisely tosolvethis puzzle, and become the next one-line puzzle master!GameFeatures: ★Easy to learn and play ★ Stress-relieving action★Infinite levels! Don't waste your time with boring games,anddownload One Line Drawing!
2048 Cube Buster: Merge Cubes 160.1690
Get ready to challenge your brain with 2048 cube buster game🧠Areyou tired of old-fashioned 2048 games? You should try this one!Aimcarefully & shoot the cube to merge the same numberstogether.Try to avoid piling up the cubes! How far can you go?⚡️Use yourbrain and logic to reach the highest possible number! Beatyourhigh score and challenge yourself! Play your favorite rhythmwhilethrowing your blocks. Features: ✔️Fun & relaxingchallenge✔️Simple rules but very attractive ✔️Exciting soundseffects ✔️Playit anywhere, anytime Many fun challenges await you in2048 CubeBuster, If you are a big fan of 2048 games, don't missthis!
Slicer: Slice It All - Flippy Knife Cut Challenge 1.1
Slice it all up! 🔪 Welcome to Slicer! It's a fun game where allyouhave to do is slice and dice! Cut or slice like an absolutemaster.It's so satisfying to Cut 'em All in good slices! Testyourdexterity! 🧠 Relax and flip the knife to slice everything onyourway! Destroy the entire level! Reach the end to collectyourreward! Features: * Addictive mechanic * Unique gameplay *100+Levels *Realistic graphics Don't waste your time with boringgames,and download Slicer now for free!
CrashMan: Car Drive 1.0.5
Are you a fan of high-score games? Do you want to beat yourrecords?CrashMan can become your new addiction! Welcome to theCrashManaddictive game, where you have to drift and collect asmany gems asyou can to earn the highest score. Slide throughobstacles on yourway before getting destroyed! Never get fooled!There are manyconfusing stumbling blocks in the road. You have tododge thebarriers. The more gems you obtain, the better car youcan ride.It's time to challenge yourself. Let's try it out to seehow far youcan go! Features: ✔️Challenging to break your highestscore ✔️SinglePlayer mode ✔️Many different types of cars to unlock✔️Smoothlyswipe with one finger Download it for free and Enjoydrifting! :)
Castle Rush: Animals War 0.1.1
Beautifully physic base castle raid! Head into the raid withasingle 👉 swipe and watch your little warriors eliminate theenemy.All the castles are yours! You need to control your army bycuttingthe grass and battling the enemies to take their castle!Aww, war!Don’t be fooled by cute appearances. Real strategy andtacticalthinking are required for a perfect raid and winning eachbattle.Every level can turn on a single lightning decision. GameFeatures:★Easy to learn and play ★ Smoothly swipe with one finger ★Infinitelevels! Download Castle rush for free and Enjoy conquestingthecastles!:)
Jojo Jump: Arcade Jumping Game
Jump, go as far as you can, survive longer and never stop! INSANELYfun!
Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder
Run the vacuum, destroy all gangsters in the room, absorb deadbodies & escape!
Mow The Grass: Cutting Games 125.1019
Get ready to become the next master grass cutter! You haveonesimple mission: Tap to move the blades on the grass and cut themtosolve the puzzle! Could you imagine that grass cutting would besosatisfying! It’s so much fun to be a gardener! All you need todois to cut the grass and grow the flowers. 🧠EFFORTLESSGAMEPLAY,CHALLENGING BRAIN TEASER🧠 It gets harder as you startplaying andyou might get stuck! So, use your smart brain, movewisely to solvethis grass cutter puzzle, and become the next grasscutting master!FEATURES: ★Excellent time killer game! ★Simpleswipe-to-movecontrols ★Relaxed gameplay ★Stress-relieving actionAre you readyfor a new challenge? So, use your smart brain, andmove wisely tosolve this grass cutter puzzle! Don't waste your timewith boringpuzzles, and download Mow The Grass!
Emoji 2021: Match Game
Ready for a challenging emoji puzzle? Solve the puzzles & haveinsanely fun.
Slippy Liner: Color Path
Color the wiggly path to finish the level.