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Hoop Clash 2.6.0
Hoop Clash is a 3D HD comic sytle, 1 on 1 PVP basketballshootcasual game. Only need 1 minute you could have afast-paced,exciting round. It's the start of your basketball dream!Singlehand to operate, just need you to slide finger to score thebasket.Easy to play but with much more fun! Your basketball talentwon'tbother you in Hoop Clash, keep practicing and you could finishwith200 scores! Features: 1 3D HD graphic, bring you close torealisticAmerican freestyle, you are the Star of streets! 2 Realtime playerverus player, invite your friends to compete with themon thebasketball field! 3 1 min match which is easy to play butmuchharder to master. Score your buzzer beater like a huge star inthelast second, write your own legend! 4 Fashion sports wearandpersonality characters, all are waiting for you to customize.5Join the Global league, battle with the top guns and join them!