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Rocket Weasel Free 1.2.60
*NOTE* This game has been optimized for mostphones and tablets. If you find any issues please let us know sothat we can continue to make the game the best experience onAndroid!***Top 10 Android Game of the Week -***“Graphically Rocket Weasel is super-slick, gameplay is top-notch,and the game as whole is awesome and very polished throughout. It’salso a good family friendly game that anyone can play.” -Android-Games.comTo learn more about Rocket Weasel, and to vote for the nextrocket, visit!The forest animals send their kids to “Weasel’s School forHunting Chickens” to learn from Mr. Weasel, an expert chickenhunter.On a midnight field trip, Mr. Weasel and his students sneak intothe hen house, but everything goes horribly wrong!The farmer is waiting for them with crafty cages and treacheroustraps. Help Mr. Weasel save his students and chomp thechickens!Features--------------- An interactive puzzler for the whole family- 64 levels of rocket-flying, crate-crashing fun- Friendly farm animals who help you free your friends- Colorful characters and spectacular graphicsNews--------------- Sign up for the Rocket Weasel newsletter and get rocket-flyingfun, tips and tricks, and other goodies sent to your inbox!- Go to to cast your vote for the rocket, or tellus your great idea for a new rocket, you would like to see in thenext update!What People are Saying--------------“Rocket Weasel is a killer game” -“Rocket Weasel is hot! Like Brad Pitt with smaller abs!”“I loved having complete control over Rocket Weasel. You controlhim the whole time so you know what to expect the entire time youare playing.”“Funner than Cut the Rope because you have so much more to interactwith.”“Love the story. So glad I am helping out the animals instead ofhaving to destroy them!”“There is so much going on that I will never get bored with thisgame!”
Etch A Sketch 1.1.817
The "Official" Etch A Sketch application.Re-live the classic drawing fun of Etch A Sketch. Dazzle yourfriends with doodle masterpieces. With the multi-touch feature, useboth knobs at once – just like the real Etch A Sketch. Want tostart over? Shake to erase your sketch!FEATURES:- Use the knobs to etch- Shake to erase just like the Etch A Sketch toyUpgrade to the full version to unlock these features:- Draw with your finger- Save your drawings and import photos- Change colors using the paint palette- Complete various games and puzzles to test your etchingskillsAlso, check out to view a galleryof user generated sketchs and much more!
Word Quest Kitty Crave Saga 1.0.6
Challenge your word skills and train yourbrains with our newest game, from the creators of Kitty Pawp!Word Quest Kitty Crave Saga is a cute and comical word gameabout a cat who loves food! Help Mr. Loaf on his quest to findtasty and delicious words! Collect Milk, Burger, and Ice Creamtiles to keep him fat and happy. Use boosters to help him collectthose savory treats!FEATURES:- SEARCH for tasty and delicious words- LEARN and discover new vocabulary- SPELL longer words for bigger bonuses- TRAIN your brain to find new words- UNLOCK over 50 scrumptious achievements- EXPLORE savory, food-theme worlds- EARN all 3 stars to master each level- WATCH videos to earn bonus coins and extra movesIf you love word searches, puzzles, crosswords and other wordgames, download Word Quest and join Mr. Loaf!Check out our website for more information:
Word Witch: Halloween Word Fun 1.0.0
Solve brain-twisting word puzzles andchallengeyour skills in Word Witch!Join Trixie on a magical adventure to find hidden words andbrewtasty concoctions! Trick or treat your way throughHalloween-themedworlds, collecting Cake Pop, Candy Corn andPeppermint treats.Simply swipe your fingers across the tiles tocreate words ~ thelonger, the better!You'll LOVE the letter-linking fun in Word Witch!FEATURES:- SEARCH for hidden words- LEARN and discover new vocabulary- SPELL longer words for bigger bonuses- TRAIN your brain to find new words- UNLOCK over 50 spooky achievements- EXPLORE playful, Halloween-theme worlds- EARN all 3 stars to master each level- WATCH videos to earn bonus coins and extra movesIf you enjoy word searches, puzzles, crosswords and otherwordgames, download Word Witch and join Trixie on heradventure!
Kitty Pawp Featuring Garfield 4.1.3044
**NEW - Kitty Pawp Features Garfield as a newkitty to use!**Everyone's favorite, lasagna-loving celebrity cat joins the kittieson their bubble popping craze to find more treats! Help Garfieldblast bubbles and drop fishy snacks to try to satisfy hisinsatiable appetite. Even those pesky birds won't stand a chance!Kitty Pawp is an exciting new bubble shooter that’s all aboutcats! Match three kitty-shaped bubbles of the same color to earnpoints in this addictive, kitty-friendly bubble shooter game.Collect treats, earn prizes, or clear obstacles to completedifferent goal-based objectives and unlock new levels. Avoidgetting stuck behind Hairballs or tangled in balls of Yarn! Explorebubbly and colorful cat-themed worlds. Claw through the competitionand pop your way to the top of the Facebook leaderboards.Discover why Kitty Pawp is the cat’s meow!FEATURES:- MATCH cute and bubbly, kitten-shaped bubbles- COLLECT all of the adorable cats and kittens **FeaturingGARFIELD**- EXPLORE and unlock vibrant cat-themed worlds- POP your way through dozens of challenging levels- COMPLETE challenge events to earn special kitties- EARN all 3 stars to Master each level- WIN special prizes every 10 levels- BURST through areas of bubbles using Super Attacks- COMPETE with friends and compare high scores- RECEIVE free lives from your Facebook friends- WATCH videos to earn extra bubbles and lives for free- Make the cats happy and they'll MEOW and PURR for you!Beat the case of the Mondays by joining this bubble blastingadventure with Garfield! Popping bubbles has never been this muchfun! Here’s a few other ways to stay in touch with us:Like and support us on Facebook: out our website:http://kittypawp.comWe’re constantly working to make this game a popping good timeso be sure to update often and check for the newest levels. Thesecolorful cat-themed worlds offer new bubble shooting adventures andchallenging levels to pop your way through. Happy bubble shootingand let’s get to popping!GARFIELD: ©PAWS. All Rights Reserved.
Rank It! Trivia - Brain Test 1.0.7
Try to crack the new trivia quiz game withatwist and play Rank It! Trivia - Brain Challenge Pursuit.Think you know your trivia? Put it to the test by rankinganswersin order for questions from topics like Animals, Movies& TV,Science, History, Geography, Sports and more packs tocome! Eventrivia brainiacs will find themselves learning a thingor two!FEATURES:- RANK answers in the correct order- CHALLENGE your trivia skills- PLAY against others from around the world- TRAIN your brains to retain new knowledge- LEARN fascinating and unusual facts- THINK about trivia questions in a unique way- EDUCATE yourself about intriguing topics- COMPETE on leaderboards to earn special bannersIf you're a trivia fan looking for fun challenge, you'll lovethenew spin we've put into Rank It! Get your head in the gameanddownload this insanely addictive game now!Impress your friends and family with amusing facts they'veneverheard of! Don't know the answer to a question? Take a crack atitand give it your best guess! You may find yourself becomingtheultimate quiz whiz!For more details, visit our website:
Zoom Trivia - Animals Edition 1.0.4
Learn fun facts about animals whilesolvingpicture puzzles in Zoom Trivia - Animals Edition!Guess which animals appear in zoomed in photos to learnmoreabout them! Each zoom puzzle contains a clue ~ Use theirfur,claws, tails and more to figure out who they are. Simple andfunfor everyone!Think you know your animals and looking for a challenge?Checkout the Endless Challenge Mode and try to reach the highestlevelyou can before failing!FEATURES:- HUNDREDS of puzzles with beautiful wildlife photography- STANDARD PUZZLE MODE that offers an easy and fun way tolearnabout animals- ENDLESS CHALLENGE MODE that challenges players to putwhatthey've learned to the test- HELPFUL HINTS that make more difficult puzzles easiertosolveAnimal lovers of all kinds will enjoy these adorablephotopuzzles! From cats and dogs, to farm animals like horses, pigsandcows; even some of the most exotic creatures you may haveneverseen before!If you love zoom picture puzzles, visit our website for morefreephoto quiz games:
Winter Words Christmas Cookies 1.0.3
Solve brain-twisting word puzzles andchallengeyour skills in Winter Words: Christmas Cookies!Join Larry the baby reindeer on an adventure to collecttastysugar cookie treats! Make your way through Christmas-themedworlds,collecting Gingerbread, Candy Cane and Christmas Treecookies.Simply swipe your fingers across the tiles to create words~ thelonger, the better!You'll LOVE the letter-linking fun in Winter Words!FEATURES:- SEARCH for hidden words- LEARN and discover new vocabulary- SPELL longer words for bigger bonuses- TRAIN your brain to find new words- UNLOCK over 50 holiday achievements- EXPLORE playful, Christmas-theme worlds- EARN all 3 stars to master each level- WATCH videos to earn bonus coins and extra movesIf you enjoy word searches, puzzles, crosswords and otherwordgames, download Winter Words and join Larry on hisadventure!
Garfield Trivia Free Game 1.0.8
DO YOU HATE MONDAYS?Then you'll LOVE Garfield Trivia!Pick the punch line to solve puzzles from Garfield comics, oneofthe world's most popular comic strip series. Spice up yourboringlife by adding a splash of Garfield's sassy quips andhilariousremarks to your day!Unlock themed comic packs featuring Garfield, Jon, Odie andmorecharacters from the whole Garfield gang! Each puzzle consistsof aclassic 3-panel comic strip. Find the missing text and fill intheblank to complete the puzzle!FEATURES:- UNLOCK comic puzzle packs written by Jim Davis, theoriginalcreator of Garfield!- COLLECT themed packs like Cake & Donuts, Lasagna &Pizza,Mailman & Odie and more to come!- LAUGH at Garfield's classic humor and sassy attitude- GUESS what the characters said next to fill in the blanktalkbubble- PICK the correct punch line to solve the puzzlesIf you're a Garfield comic super fan, you'll love solvingthesecomic strip puzzles in Garfield Trivia!For more information, visit ourwebsite:
Alpha Bunny - Easter Word Hunt 1.0.2
Solve brain-twisting word puzzles andchallengeyour spelling skills in Alpha Bunny - Easter Egg WordHunt!Be the best bunny in the business by collecting cute,candy-coloredEaster eggs! Hop through Easter-themed worlds, keepingyour eyes onthe prize -- don’t let some tasty-looking carrots orchocolatedistract you! Simply swipe your fingers across the tilesto createwords ~ the longer, the better!FEATURES:SEARCH for hidden wordsLEARN and discover new vocabularySPELL longer words for bigger bonusesTRAIN your brain to find new wordsUNLOCK over 50 spring-filled achievementsEXPLORE playful, Easter-themed worldsEARN all 3 stars to master each levelWATCH videos to earn bonus coins and extra movesIf you enjoy word searches, scrabble, crosswords and otherwordgames, this is one rabbit hole you won’t mind going down!PlayAlpha Bunny today!
WallaBee: Item Collecting Game
Find & Collect Virtual Items
Garfield GO - AR Treasure Hunt 2.5.135
FIND REAL PRIZES HIDDEN IN TREASURE CHESTS! Garfield GO is abrandnew augmented reality treasure hunting game, featuringeveryone’sfavorite lasagna-loving cat! Odie has scatteredGarfield’s comiccollection and buried treasures around the world --Help Garfieldget them all back, while scavenging for hidden chestsalong theway! Don’t think it’ll be that easy to get Garfield offthe couch.You’ll need to bake his favorites foods to entice him tohelp youfind these treasures. WIN REAL PRIZES Including VISA®PrepaidCards, Domino's Pizza, Gift Cards, Garfield swagandmore! There are four pieces to each puzzle, collect them allandyou win that prize! One piece is hidden in each type ofchest:Wooden, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Go outside and hunt themdownbefore others discover all the missing pieces first! Playersmustbe 18 years or older to win real prizes in Garfield GO.FEATURES: -WIN REAL PRIZES from dozens of popular retailers! - FEEDGarfieldhis favorite foods to help locate different chests - BUILD&COMPLETE your comic collection - COLLECT rare comics,includingexclusive Jim Davis’ Favorites - FIND & WEAR specialhats tocustomize Garfield’s appearance - TRADE & REDEEMtrinketscollected for rewards - EARN special badges bycompletingachievements - VISIT mini-game locations to earn morefood andcoins ATTENTION TREASURE HUNTERS, SCAVENGERS ANDCOLLECTORS! If youenjoy geocaching or playing other location-basedgames, you’ll LOVEGarfield GO! NO TREASURE IN YOUR AREA YET? NOPROBLEM! If there areno treasure chests nearby, an Airdrop Requestwill automatically besent to notify us once you launch the game. Wewill drop treasuresin your area as soon as we can, then let youknow once they areready! If there aren't enough points near you, orif you would likepoints to be removed, make a request on ourwebsite: WHAT IS AUGMENTED REALITY ORAR?Augmented reality is a new technology that allows for youtoexperience parts of the game in the real world! WhileplayingGarfield GO, you can use your phone’s camera to look aroundandfind Garfield pointing to a chest on the sidewalk or in a park.Youcould find him standing on your desk, sitting on a friend’s laporeven hanging out next to one of your pets! You’ll never knowwhereGarfield will turn up next! NEED HELP? WANT TO HEAR ABOUTNEWFEATURES & UPDATES? Follow Garfield GO on Facebook forregulartips, tricks and specialannouncements! Visit ourwebsite for moreinformation, including links to our Privacy Policyand Terms ofService. TERMS OFSERVICE PRIVACYPOLICY
ZeeTours™ 1.1.70
Take an adventure into the real world on a self-guided tour ofthecity using the power of your smartphone! Follow the tour path toavariety of points of interest, solve clues to completeCHALLENGES,and learn more about the city around you. There areZeeTours™ incities all across the nation, with more being added allthe time!With ZeeTours™, you don't have to worry about the walkhome - ourcircular tour routes guide you back to where you firststarted.Whether you want to rediscover a city near you, learnactively onvacation or explore a new area, ZeeTours™ is for you.Download theZeeTours™ app to start your adventure today! FEATURES:- Embark ona ZANY walking tour adventure through the city! - VisithistoricLANDMARKS, RESTAURANTS, PARKS, MUSEUMS and more! - CompleteCOMPASSCHALLENGES to navigate to specific points of interest! -Strike apose in themed PHOTO CHALLENGES to create a lasting memory!- Testyour knowledge with TRIVIA CHALLENGES about city history andmore!- Learn FUN FACTS and local history along the way! - OurCIRCULARROUTES make finding your way back easy! - Share yourexperience tosocial media and be sure to tag #ZeeTours! - EnterWORLDWIDECONTESTS to complete against other to win prizes! Bringyourfriends and family along for the fun! It’s like a scavengerhuntthroughout the city, packed with activities and challengesforeveryone to enjoy. NO TOURS NEAR YOU? Check out the newConteststab where you can participate to complete trivia andphotochallenges and compete against others. Play anywhere!Thesecontests are not tied to specific locations and can be playedfromanywhere. Win prizes! Enter for a chance to win ZeeTokens andotherprizes! The Top 3 players with the most points on theleaderboardat the end of the contest wins. Visit our website formoreinformation, including links to each of our tour as well asourPrivacy Policy and Terms of Service. OF SERVICE POLICY
Eventzee Scavenger Hunt 1.6.7
Are you looking for a way to host fun and challenging VIRTUALEVENTS with your customers, clients, or business partners?EVENTZEE’s scavenger hunt app is the answer. If you're looking fora TEAM BUILDING exercise, or new ways to ENGAGE with yourCUSTOMERS, or a fun family ACTIVITY, our Eventzee app is the mostcustomizable scavenger hunt app available on the market. If you’reinterested in using Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app for your nextevent, visit our website and choose the right package for you.Eventzee is ideal for trade shows, conferences orientations, andmore. Businesses can use the app to drive traffic to specificlocations, promote vendors or products and increase socialinteractions. Some of our clients use Eventzee to hold contests andgive away prizes to their most engaged customers. Achieve all ofyour business goals with Eventzee. FEATURES: - Eventzee offers themost challenge of any scavenger hunt app on the market: Photo,Video, Quiz, GPS, QR Code, Text and Information - Climb the eventleaderboard to reach the highest rank - Earn milestone badges forachieving special goals - Chat with other players in the app tostrategize and work together - Share photos and videos to socialmedia to flex your accomplishments - Post content to the in-gamefeed where others can view and "like" it - Access admin featuresin-app to approve challenges on site without a computer LEARN MOREat
Munzee 4.1.131
Are you looking for adventure? Play Munzee! Millions of munzees arehidden around the world in plain sight… just waiting for you todiscover. Unlike other location-based hunting games, Munzeetreasures are both physical (small stickers) and virtual (a GPSpoint) items hidden in the real world. So you can hunt for munzeeQR code stickers on a lamp post, or capture a virtual mythologicalcreature like a Pegasus. In our NEW Munzee app, you can easilydistinguish between physical munzees with square icons and virtualmunzees with round pin shapes. The built in maps, compass anddescriptive clues will help you start “capping” today! The bestpart about playing Munzee is the people you’ll meet along the way.You can send and receive messages from other Munzee players in theapp. All over the world, thousands of Munzee players gathertogether in special Munzee events to score points, earn uniquecollectibles and share their Munzee adventures. Check the Munzeecalendar for events near you! And did we mention badges? As youprogress in the game, hundreds of badges are yours for the taking.Can you join “The Millionaire’s Club” by earning a million points?How about becoming a “Historian” by capturing 75 different types ofMunzees? There’s a badge for every achievement you can think of! Asyou capture Munzees and deploy your own, you grow the map andestablish your place on the worldwide leaderboard. So don’t justsit there- combine technology with real world gaming and discover awhole new world! *NEW* Introducing an all new virtual currency andin-app store where you can buy special packs, boosters and goodiesto help you get a jump start in the game! Use the Zeds earned bycapturing rare types to purchase and deploy your own Munzees on themap for other players to find. *NEW* Now available to play inadditional languages, including German, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech,Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian and Lithuanian! FEATURES: -Find and scan hidden QR code game pieces in the real world -Capture virtual game pieces by being within a certain range -Discover and collect hundreds of unique munzee types - Grow the mapby hiding your own munzees for players to find - Earn points tocompete with players globally on the leaderboard - Unlock badges bycompleting achievement goals - Join a clan to participate inmonthly Clan War battles - Coordinate with friends using an in-gamechat system - Sync with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit or Garminto track your steps and achieve fitness goals - Attend local playerhosted events for exclusive badges and bonus points - Apply filtersto help locate certain munzees on the map - Use boosters toincrease the amount of points earned - Upload fun photos to munzeesfound and save the memory - Upgrade to a Premium Membership tounlock extra features and goodies Visit our blog for weeklyannouncements about new munzee specials, gameplay updates and more: Discover whichMunzee types you can find in-game: local Munzee events near you: Munzee on social media:
Painted Rocks 1.0.114
#1 App for Painted Rocks Tracking Have you stumbled across apaintedrock with a message of kindness or encouragement? Finding arockthat makes you smile or delivers an inspirational message canbe thedifference between a bad day and a great day! Painted rockswithinspirational messages are all around us now as thousands ofrockpainters have hidden their creations in the wild. How do youfindpainted rocks? How do you track rocks you’ve painted andhidden forothers to discover? Our NEW Painted Rocks App helps youdo both!Using our unique Rock Locator Map you can find those gemsofinspiration hidden in parks, hiking trails, rest stops,playgrounds,and other places in your community. Painted rocks areidentifiedwith special pins. Tap on a pin to see an image of therock andlearn about its creator and its history. You can also usethe RockLocator Map to find Painted Rock Gardens where rockcreators havehidden dozens, sometimes even hundreds of paintedrocks for othersto find or exchange. If you’re a rock painter, ourPainted Rocks Appwill help you track your rock and follow itsjourney as it bringsjoy and comfort to all those who find it.Painted Rocks make theworld a better place because they inspireacts of kindness and joy.Within the Painted Rocks App, you’ll beable to: FOR ROCK PAINTERS:- Share your painted rocks with theworld - Attach tracking codes toyour rocks to follow their journey- Write a “mission” or goal foryour painted rock so others knowwhat to do - Drop a pin on a mapwhere your painted rocks arelocated so other users can find themFOR ROCK FINDERS: - Locatepainted rocks on our Rock Locator Map -Examine the rock’stimeline, a history of where that rock hastraveled, who created itand when - Find Painted Rock Gardens whereyou can choose fromdozens or even hundreds of painted rocks to addto your collection
Passport To Jupiter 1.6.8
Use the Passport To Jupiter Digital Passport to explore anddiscovereverything our town has to offer! The sites are brokendown into sixcategories – Parks and Recreation, Historic Sites,Natural Areas,Beaches and Waterways, Entertainment and Culture,and the Riverwalk– providing fun for a variety of interests.Introductions To utilizethe Passport, simply visit as many of thelisted locations as youwish. Upon visiting a site check your GPSlocation in the app tomark that you've visited the location. Eachlocation listingprovides a list of amenities (see key below) aswell as the address(or general location if no address isavailable). AboutParticipating • There is no purchase necessary toparticipate inthis program. • There is no age limit toparticipate. • Eachindividual can have one digital app account. •People in the samehousehold can receive prizes. ParticipationPrize Visit a minimum of30 sites located within this digitalPassport and you are eligibleto claim a Passport to Jupiter prizepack from the Town. You willearn digital badges based on thenumber of locations you visit. Inorder to claim your prize pack,simply present your badges at TownHall Monday through Fridaybetween 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.