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Who is this football player 1.0
Do you think you know your football/soccerplayer.We invite you in this quiz to train your soccer skills and gameup against other soccer fanatics to see who recognises the mostsoccer players!Will you be able to keep Ronaldo apart from Messi? We havecollected all the pro's plus 100.000 other players and will showyou their pictures, try guessing them out of three names andchallenge yourself to get the best high score!The best thing about Who is this player?You will have two lifelines to help you get there, but use themwisely!#50:50This will remove one answer, leaving you with a 50:50 chance toguess the soccer player and continue playing to beat your highscore.#Ask the AudienceThis will show you exactly what soccer fans all over the worldwould guess, but are they to be trusted? You will just have to findout for yourself!Features:Save your high score by logging into Facebook and invite yourfriends to battle you for the best high score!Collect national badges for each first player guessed from a newcountry and see which players you know best!Keywords soccer game,quiz,soccer quiz,football game,guess soccerplayer,guess football player game,ronaldo
Soccer Pucks 1.2.0
Soccer turn-based multiplayer game with pucks. Play againstotherplayers in a soccer air hockey style gameplay. Use your skillstoscore goals or outplay other opponents with your pucks. Thegameuses real-time physics to increase the fun factor. Have funplayingthis game.
Football Live Scores 2002.0
Most popular and extensive Football/Soccer live score appforandroid. Football Mania has more than 1000 leagues, 10.000teamsand 100.000 players from countries all over the world.Subscribe onmatches, teams or entire leagues to receive fast pushnotificationsand you will never miss a goal Interested in morebackground? Tonsof statistics, images from your favoriteplayers/teams Allcompletely free. Features: - Schedules/fixturesoverviews percountry/league - Live tables during soccer matches -Topscores -Live football statistics (ball possession, shots on goaletc) -Player information - Team information - Substitutions -Matchvoting - Match videos - Commenting and chats