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Note 10 Rounded Corners - Rounded Screen 1.1
Samsung™ Note ™ 10 is an innovative mobile with an unmatcheddesignand powerful functionality. Everyone wants to experience allthenovelties on themselves and we will give you the opportunity totrysome of them together with our app. This application will makeYourscreen with rounded corners like Note 10. If you are boredwithyour android interface and want to try new style - simplydownload.Try a new interesting format for your Android device! Thisapp willgive you the opportunity to feel the new season's trends onyourfavourite device. You can change the radius of the cornerroundingup to you. If You wants Rounded Corners on your Galaxy S7 -it isyour chance. Appreciate the unusual design of your screen withourapplication! Download our app and enjoy an impressive formofscreen on your mobile phone! Be a step ahead! Supports alldevices.
Flash Alerts on Call and SMS - Flash Notification 1.3.02
About Flash Alerts on Call and SMS | Flash Notification ★ Call&SMS - Blink flash alerts when have call - Blink flash alertswhenhave SMS - You can turn on or turn off service by manual overdevicestatus sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode ★ Design -FlashNotification have flat design follow material design - Easyto use ★Notification for all App - You can select app to enableflash alertsfor. - All app is supported ★ Advance - Support NightMode onandroid 9.0 - Allow change speed of flash light alert -Stop flashalerts with shake phone or power key - Turn off flashalerts whenbattery low, help you save battery - You can set up thetime toactivate the Flash Blinking on Incoming Call and SMS ★Feedback - Ifyou like our application please rate 5 start for us -If you findany problems with Flash Notification please E-mail usThank for yoursupport! Support [email protected]
Clean Max - Super Cleaner - Booster - App Locker 1.0.31
Clean Max - Super Cleaner is cleaner apps on Google PlayStore.Clean Max is a faster magic cleaner with junk cleaner, applocker,memory booster, fast charging, CPU cooler, app manager,batterysaver... Clean Max totally can help you clean junk files,speed upand cool down your phone, boost up your charging speed. Isyourphone running more and more slowly? Clean Max is the perfectchoiceto clean RAM, improve device performance & boost yourAndroiddevice speed! Download Clean Max and enjoy a lighter andspeedierAndroid phone. Clean Max - Super Cleaner highlightsfeatures: ✔️Clean and optimize storage space ✔️ Make phones fasterthan ever ✔️Adaptive schedule for smart life ✔️ Extend battery lifewith onetap ✔️ Drop phones temperature fast ✔️ CPU information ✔️Deviceinformation ✔️ Battery Information ✔️ Charger unplug alerts -antitheft ✔️ Keep private app and data secure with app locker CleanMax- Super Cleaner capabilities: 🔥 Junk Clean Master Clean Maxhelpsto analyze all the log files, residual, cache, temporaryfiles,history files, big file and AD files, and then recommend tocleanthose useless residual junk files to release more storage ofmobilephone. Also, clean apk files after app is installed toreleasespace. 🚀 Memory Booster - RAM Booster The excessive use ofRAMmakes your phone heavy. Clean Max can scan and navigate theappswhich occupied too much memory space. With just one click,MemoryBooster can free up RAM and makes the phone lighter &faster.Memory Booster works smartly, making the Android userexperiencemore comfortable. 🔋 Battery Saver Clean Max can analyzebatteryusage status and helps to find and stopbattery-drainingapplications. Longer Battery life with adaptiveschedule feature. 🔰Adaptive Schedule You can automaticallycustomize your phone's modesettings to suit your location or overtime. From there help to usebatteries effectively, help extend thebattery life 🔐 App LockerApp Locker will protect your privateinformation safe & secureby adding extra pattern password forsensitive apps such asSnapchat, Instagram, Facebook or anything youwant. Using applocker, you can lock or unlock your sensitive appssecure &easily with one tap. ❄️ Phone Cooler - CPU Cooler Phonecooler willdynamically analyze and optimize your CPU usage. Findoverheatingapps and stop them to cool down your phone temperature.👉 AppManager Clean Max is the perfect Android app manager,givinginformation on apps that are not used based on usage, cananalyzesand manages the status of apps intelligently. You canmanage anduninstall apps that are rarely used to provide morestorage spacethat can speed up Android. Manage APK file can helpyou find andmanage apk file. ⚡️ Smart charging Smart Charging canreal-timemonitor and regulates manner your device charging,protection ofbattery health. If you like our application, pleaserate fivestars! We’d love to hear any suggestions, questions,feedback, orjust want to say hi, please feel free to let us hearEmail:[email protected]
CPU Cooler, Cleaner, Booster, Smart Charging 1.1.41
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master is a app to cool down android CPUandcool down phone temperature for android professional mannerandquickly. CPU Cooler can help you clean junk files, speed upandboost up your charge time. Is your phone running slower andslower?CPU Cooler is the perfect choice to clean RAM, improvedeviceperformance & boost your Android device speed! CPUCoolerhighlights features: ★ Clean and optimize storage space ★Makephones faster than ever ★ Keep private app and data secure ★Extendbattery life with one tap ★ Drop phones temperature fast ★Deviceinformation ★ Battery Information. ★ CPU information. ★ManageApplication and Apk file. ★ Game booster. CPU Coolercapabilities:❄️ CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler - Cooler Master CPUCooler willdynamically analyze and optimize your CPU usage. Findoverheatingapps and stop them to cool down your phone temperature.🔥 JunkCleaner Junk Cleaner helps to analyze all the log files,temporaryfiles, history files, big file and AD files, and thenrecommend toclean those useless residual junk files to release morestorage ofmobile phone. Also, clean apk files after app isinstalled torelease space. 🚀 Memory Booster - RAM Booster Theexcessive use ofRAM makes your phone heavy. With just one click,Memory Booster canfree up RAM and makes the phone lighter &faster. MemoryBooster works smartly, making the Android userexperience morecomfortable. 👉 App Manager CPU Cooler is the perfectAndroid appmanager, giving information on apps that are not usedbased onusage. You can manage and uninstall apps that are rarelyused toprovide more storage space that can speed up Android.Analyzes andmanages the status of apps intelligently. Manage APKfile can helpyou find and manage apk file. 🔋 Battery Saver -Battery OptimiseSave your battery power and optimize battery usagewith just oneTap. CPU Cooler can analyze battery usage status andhelps to findand stop battery-draining applications. 🚀 Game BoosterCPU Coolercan analyze memory usage status and optimise help gamesmoothergame. If you like our application, please rate five stars!We’dlove to hear any suggestions, questions or comments. You canmailus for support at [email protected]: https://sites.google.com/view/flashalertsstudio