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Post Office Travel Money Card 0.6.8
Please make sure you have upgraded your app.If you are not using the latest version you may have issuesThe official android app for the Post Office Travel Money Card - aprepaid reloadable Mastercard card from the UK's number one travelmoney supplier.Get the most from your TMC and go mobile with our app. Whetheryou're on holiday or back home, you can keep track of yourspending, top up your card and even find the nearest cashmachine.Great features:- Top up your card- Check the balance on your travel money card- View your transactions- Find your nearest cash machine- Currency calculator- Report your card lost or stolen- Post Office branch finderHow to register / use:Our app is free to download and easy to use.Simply enter your travel money card number and your date of birthand when prompted, choose a passcode for quicker entry nexttime.If your phone has a fingerprint scanner you can enable the app toallow access at a touch rather than a passcode.Thanks for downloading the app, we hope you have a greattrip.
Post Office Cash Collector 1.0
Travel around the world with Post OfficeCashCollector, grabbing as much cash and Travel Money Cards as youcanalong the way. Use the Post Office suitcase to catch cashandTravel Money Cards as they fall from the sky.You’ll be travelling all around the world includinglocationssuch as the USA, Australia, Thailand, France and SouthAfrica. Youhave limited time to collect the cash and Travel Moneycards andcomplete each level. So be quick and nimble and don’t letthecommission gremlins ruin your holiday! Avoid them or losealife.Random objects will also fall, make sure to miss them or youwilllose points. Complete all 10 levels, get onto our Leaderboard,andbe on top of the world. Play again to beat your score and youneverknow you might win a prize*!Need money for your actual holiday? Go ahead and buy that inthegame. Want to transfer money abroad? You can also do thatwithinthe game. We’ll also notify you about our latest offers andsalespromotions from the Post Office.Good luck on your travels!
Post Office Money Transfers 217.0
The official app for Post OfficeMoneyInternational Payments - the simple, secure and fast way tosendmoney from your bank account to bank accounts aroundtheworld.Using the new Post Office Money International Payments app youcantransfer money at any time, whether you’re away on businessandneed to pay a supplier, need to make a payment for anoverseasproperty, or want to send money to family or friends. Youcan alsoaccess our friendly team of payment experts directly fromthe appto help with larger transactions, or with any questions youmayhave.You can’t put a price on swift, secure internationalmoneytransfers; so we don’t with our fee free service. Whether youarepaying the kids’ school fees or making regular maintenancepaymentsfor your place in the sun, we’ll get your money from A to Bquicklyand safely.The Post Office Money International Payments app gives you accesstosome great benefits:• Fee free service –no fees are charged by us to send yourmoneyacross the world.• Track a rate service – let us tell you when a currency you wanttotransfer hits the rate you’re happy with.• Speedy service – payments are sent around the world andusuallyarrive in 24 hours.• Secure systems - bank to bank international money transfersmeanyour payments get there promptly.• Any time, any place – Home or away? Send money from anywhereatthe click of a button.• Over 30 currencies – Make your money go further with our rangeofcurrencies.We are on hand to help – Need some assistance? Our specialistteamhave all the answers; call us on 0800 180 4809 or +44 203 1628080from abroad. 7:30am-9:00pm Monday to Friday.Ask our team about Regular Payment Plans – with PostOfficeInternational Payments, you can set up automatic moneytransfers tomeet your requirements – for example, this could be amonthlypayment for school fees in the USA, a quarterly leasepayment foryour house in Spain, or regular payments to anoverseassupplierThis is all provided for you from the Post Office, one of themosttrusted brands in the UK. Post Office International Paymentsispowered by Moneycorp, trading name of TTT Moneycorp Ltd whichisauthorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority fortheprovision of payment services.
Post Office Currency Converter 2.0
The FREE UK Post Office Currency Converter app allows you toconvertup to 70 currencies from GBP, using our live daily currencyrates.Easy to use, the Post Office Currency Converter enables youto findout how much something costs very quickly while abroad. So,if youwant to calculate the cost of a cup of coffee in Costa Ricaor anice cream in Italy all you have to do is tap the app. *LIVECURRENCY RATES - Convert from GBP only - Up to 70 currencies -Liveproprietary rates refresh every day - Calculate prices with theGBPcurrency converter - Rates that are trusted by millions ofpeople