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Fibank IR 1.3
The Fibank Investor Relations app keeps you informed abouttheBank’s latest developments and provides easy access tofinancialinformation and news. The Fibank IR features include:Quarterlyfinancial reports (stand-alone and consolidated) Auditedannualfinancial reports (stand-alone and consolidated) Latestcorporatenews Stock prices Financial calendar GMS notices,materials andnews
Fibank Token 1.0.1
Мобилното приложение Fibank Token осигурява удобство, надеждностимобилност при работа с електронното банкиране наПърваинвестиционна банка АД - „Моята Fibank“. Fibank Token есредство заподпис и идентификация от ново поколение, което Випозволява дауправлявате средствата си още по-лесно, сигурно иудобно. Базира сена двуфакторно удостоверяване и се обвързва сконкретна операция,за да отговаря на най-високите стандарти надирективата заплатежните услуги (ДПУ 2). Основни функции наприложението: Сприложението Fibank Token можете да: - потвърждаватевсички видовепреводи в Моята Fibank; - потвърждавате искания запромяна на лимитна карта; - подписвате искане за откриване илизакриване на сметкии депозити; - подписвате декларации; -подписвате искания зарегистрация на нови устройства в мобилнотоприложение. -осъществявате вход в системата - през сайта имобилното приложение;- потвърждавате промени в политиката за вход иподпис. Минималниизисквания: - Мобилното приложение Fibank Tokenработи подминимална операционна система Android 4.4 KitKat; -Камера; *Заработа с Fibank Token не се изисква интернет свързаност.Инсталация- след като изтеглите приложението е необходимо дарегистрирате иактивирате своя Fibank Token. Можете да заявитеFibank Token поедин от следните начини: - през мобилното приложениеотавторизирано устройство - меню Fibank Token; - отелектроннотобанкиране Моята Fibank - меню Настройки - Fibank Token;- от удобенза Вас офис на Fibank. Повече за продуктите и услугитена Fibankможете да прочетете на или като се свържетес нас на0700 12 777 или на *2265(*bank).
My Fibank
By using the application you can quick and easy check youraccountbalances, make transfers in real time, receive updatedinformationabout your credit and debit cards, as well as makecontactlesspayments only by bringing your smartphone closer to acontactlessPOS terminal. 
Key features of the application: •Deactivating/Reactivating a card – by selecting this optionwilltemporarily limit your card from making payments. Youcanreactivate the card whenever you want. • Blocking a card –byusing this operation, your card will be blocked without beingableto be reactivated again. This service is used for lost orstolencards. • Digitalize your current bank cards Mastercard®forcontactless payments via NFC. • Payment of obligations forutilityservices for individual users. • Cash desk operationsforindividual users - possibility for deposit, withdrawal andrequestfor availability of funds from a convenient Bank office. •Abilityto make transfers in the country and abroad with just oneclick.The smart payment system leads you from the beginning ofthetransaction to its successful completion. To make bankingmorequickly and easily, you have the possibility to use templatestoyour payments. With just one click you can copy and toordertransfers. • Minors from 14 to 18 years old owners of Teencard cantake advantage of the application to make transfers betweenownaccounts (Current account and Smart Teen account). • You get afulland detailed statement on your accounts - check the balance,theamounts of the received and ordered transfers, the openingdates,etc. We made sure that all statements to be presentedvisually withcomfortable graphics. • You are always informed aboutyour deposits- with the application you can easily see theaccumulated interestto the moment, to check the date of maturityand the days remainingto maturity. • You can easily manage yourcredit and debit cards -monitor all payments made by them, theavailable funds you have onyour card accounts, which is theutilized credit limit on yourcredit cards, etc. You can repay theamounts due on your creditcards with just one click. • In additionyou have the ability todetermine and change your limits for cardtransactions without needfor visiting a bank office. The limits arevalid and runningimmediately after the change and the service istotally free. • Youcan quickly locate branches and ATMs of Fibankthrough the map inthe application - you can easily locate which areour closestbranches and ATMs, see their working hours and contactdetails anduse Maps to get quickly to them. For your convenience,we haveuploaded latest pictures of our branches and offices. •Informationon exchange rates - you can monitor in real time"purchase rate"and "selling rate" of Fibank for the currencies withwhich the Bankoperates. • Offers - here first for the users of theapplication weshall publish updated information about new productsand servicesor ongoing promotions. Follow us to stay informedbefore everyoneelse. • You can select Settings and your work withthe applicationwill be even more convenient and enjoyable. For moreinformation -see your account in the application and the "Settings"menu. Wehave not forgotten your security. You can choose fromdifferenttypes of policies for entering and identifying in themobileapplication – Biometric data, password, Token. In additionyou havevarious options to choose limits of transactions andsecuritysettings such as session length, changing the types ofbanking,etc. To take advantage of the full capabilities of themobileapplication, you can use your functioning Token by Fibank,activateit online through the My Fibank or visit a Bank branch.More aboutFibank products and services you can read orcontact us at *bank or 0800 11 011.