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Browser 4G 5.5
A fast web browser for Android phones fast on speedy 4G networks
Gallery, Photo Album and Image Editor 2.8
🔎 SEE YOUR IMAGES CLEARLY: Look at your photos up close andzoominto the finest details. Load even the largest images fast withabeautiful gallery that supports all file formats fromanimatedGIF's to RAW images. 🗄️ KEEP YOUR PHOTO ALBUM ORGANIZED:Launchingthe gallery will quickly scan your phone and SD card tofind allyour photos and videos. You can then search and filterphotos byname, time or location and add new folders for easyorganization.Tap multiple items to copy, move or rename them. Markyour favoriteimages or hide them from plain sight. Photo managementhas neverbeen easier. 🖼️ EASY EDITOR: The included photo editorenables youto easily resize all your images, crop, rotate and applybeautifulfilters. Make your images picture perfect before uploadingthem topopular sites such as Facebook or Instagram using thein-appsharing function. ✅ MANY SETTINGS TO CONFIGURE: Look intheadvanced settings for many more options to configure. Customizethegallery to your liking. Change the color theme of theuserinterface. Add password protection to your photo album. And somuchmore. Family, friends, holiday vacations. We take thousandsofphotos with our mobile phones and need the best gallery app tokeepthem all neatly organized. Download now and get started.
Fast Home Workout for Women No Equipment 1.4
Lose weight and burn fat fast, no equipment required. Thisworkoutapp for women is designed to help maximize results withminimuminvestment. The exercise routine utilizes High IntensityCircuitTraining (HICT) that’s scientifically proven to help youloseweight in the least amount of time. And once you start,you’llquickly notice the real health benefits. It's an all bodyworkoutthat does it all. You can get toned muscles, a firm butt,flatstomach and slim thighs all at the same time. Don’t spend moneyona gym membership or hire a coach when you can do it yourself.Youdon't even need to buy any equipment or weights. This apphasperfectly timed exercises in an easy to follow routine that youcando at home. Included is an informative BMI calculator tocalculateyour ideal weight and a workout calendar to help you trackandmonitor your progress. The exercise planner shows descriptionsofall exercises and links to video demonstrations. The workoutistherefore easy and straightforward. These are the bestexercisesfor women who are too busy to go to the gym. Whetheryou’re acareer driven professional, an academic student or superbusy momwith little to no time to spare, you can still find a fewminuteseach day to improve your well-being by exercising. It's theperfectworkout for beginners and pro trainers alike. Download nowand getstarted with the new you.
All Email Access for All Mail Providers 1.4
All Email Access is a free Android mail app that gives you accesstoall mobile email providers. The simple web tool provides fastemailaccess to Outlook, Hotmail, and other popular cloud emailandwebmail sites. Easy email organizer lets you log in, access,andcheck multiple email accounts at the same time on separatepages.Conveniently swipe the pages to track email between accountsandmanage all your bulk email! Check your inbox for incomingmessages,read emails, compose and write emails, perform emailsearch,download and upload attachments, forward and replymessages.Mailboxes are always synchronized and always up to date.Organizeemails and view private messaging safely with this secureemail appas web portals have https SSL encryption. Finally take thetime andclean out junk email in all your mailboxes. Supports allthe bestservice providers, email and webmail providers. Popularprovidersinclude: Microsoft Outlook.com Hotmail Gmail Yahoo MailGoDaddyMail Mail.com AOL Mail GMX Mail Zoho Mail Rackspace MailComcastXfinity Mail Century Link Mail Frontier Mail JunoMailCincinnatiBell Mail And many many more!** Can’t find yourprovideron the list? Add your own provider by entering theirwebmailaddress URL! For example, access email for business byadding OWAweb address, or access a school email or university emailaddressthrough their designated webmail portal. **Disclaimer: LinkEmailis not affiliated with or endorsed by any of theabove-mentionedemail providers.
Dinosaur Games - Puzzles for Kids and Toddlers 1.3
A Dinosaur World of Puzzles: Download this free collection offundinosaur puzzles for your kids to enjoy. These easy jigsawgamesfeature everyone’s favorite dinosaurs, T-Rex,Pterodactyl,Triceratops and many more. Contains over 100 jigsawpuzzles full offun colorful graphics that are sure to fascinateyoung children andtoddlers for hours. Good for your Child’s Brain:Playing puzzles isproven to promote healthy brain activity andlogical thinking.These games will help your child improve theirlearning and memory,increase attention span, and develop spatialand fine motor skills.Keeping them entertained is a bonus! AlwaysFun for Young DinoFans: Better than real jigsaw puzzles, thesegames are trulyportable and can be played offline. You’ll also berelieved thatyour kids will never lose a jigsaw piece! Designed forpreschoolersand younger children in mind, these puzzles all displaycutecartoon dinosaurs that are easy to solve with large brightpuzzlepieces that snap right into place. Our dinosaur games arelanguageindependent, so every boy and girl in the world can easilyplaythem.
Screen Recorder HD - Record, C 1.5
Video recorder with sound - record your mobile screen and takescreenshots fast
Gallery, Photo Album & Editor 1.0
A fast and easy to use photo gallery app. View photo albums,images,and videos.