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Mafia Empire: City of Crime 5.9.1
BECOME THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN MAFIA The battle over the city hasbegun, become the greatest Mafia Boss of all time in thisaction-packed multiplayer realtime strategy game. In Mafia Empireyou are the boss that takes care of the power and growth of yourmafia. You plan and decide which criminal missions your mafiamembers conduct. You have to act strategically and adapt to thedifferent situations in the city. Attack other players or ally withthem, raid banks and police stations or fight against thedominating gang Los Malos - it’s your choice! The strategic depthof Mafia Empire will fascinate you! LET YOUR DISTRICT GROW: As yourinfluence in the city increases over time, so will your district.FORM A SYNDICATE: Find friends, get help from other players, tradewith them and form the most powerful syndicate in the city. ALLY ORFIGHT: In this multiplayer game it is your decision whether youcollaborate with other players in a syndicate or fight them as yourfoes. LEGENDARY MAFIOSI: Recruit legendary mafiosi that existed inreal life! They they can support you in your mission. MANAGE YOURMAFIA: Your guys need cash, drugs and ammo. Get resources fromdubious sources to recruit new members, install defence works, andupgrade your district. REGULARLY EVENTS: Prove yourself in regularevents to acquire even more resources so your influence in the citycan grow even faster.