Fantastic Talking Friends Apps

Talking Dinosaur 2.9
Although the Jurassic period is a long time gone, one of thecreatures has endured all the way until today and is looking for anew buddy. If you are ready to befriend him, and you are notscared, then download the popular Talking Dinosaur game free ofcharge. He is a very friendly guy, and is more than happy towelcome you into his house, and show you every part of it. But,there is a slight problem since some of the rooms are locked, andin order to open them you should play the latest mini games orwatch videos. This fellow is also very talented and when you seehim dancing or playing the saxophone and the drum you will beimpressed. Repeating all your words is his thing, and you will havea blast listening everything you have said in a funny voice. Becomethe best friend of the cool talking dinosaur and the two of youwill have tons of fun together. Instructions: • Talk to your newfriend, the dinosaur, and he will repeat what you have said •Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the lockedrooms • Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars • Take yourbest pal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground •Help the dinosaur keep his hygiene and he will play some instrumentfor you His living room is equipped with a huge screen and thiswill help your kids learn to count to ten. Tap on the doors of thecabinet and a skull will appear from behind. This creature is sosweet that he is hiding a flower for you behind the logs. Play withhim, and poke his leg. It will be hilarious seeing him jumping ononly one foot! Talking dinosaur needs your help with going to theloo, and since he is not very keen on brushing his teeth or takinga shower, you will have to force him to do this. But don’t give himany slack, and make him do this every night before going to bed.After a long day of fun activities it is very important for him tohave a good night sleep. Press on the music box, make the lightsturn off, and he will be snoring within just a few seconds. Thenext room is the playground. Here, the cool talking dinosaur is infront of his cave and is enjoying playing with the ball or jumpingon the trampoline. Get the best Talking Dinosaur app and check outhow he exercises on the treadmill. Running fast is his favoriteactivity, since he is trying to be in better shape. The top TalkingDinosaur game is suitable for both boys and girls, as well as forthe older ones who feel like kids, and like to play. This can beyour favorite pastime while you are waiting in the queue, orsitting comfortably in an armchair. After you play the awesome minigames, you get coins and are able to inspect every corner of therooms. So much fun awaits you, since there are a lot of heroes whowould like you to give them a hand. Install the most incredibleTalking Dinosaur app and it will blow your mind and provide youwith a new pal!
Talking Mermaid 2.9
There is someone who would like to meet you and become your closefriend. A gorgeous talking mermaid is ready to play with you andhave tons of fun. Swim together in the ocean and have great time inthe playground room or in the gym. Playing awesome mini games willhelp you win coins for unlocking the closed rooms. This mysticalgirl who has been attracting the attention of seamen for ages hasfurnished her house in a new and fashionable way. She is keeping achest of gold in her living room, and if you tap on the pebblesbehind the talking mermaid numbers from one to ten will appear.This is a great way for all kids to learn how to count. This is onemore reason why you should download the popular Talking Mermaidgame. She will memorize all your words and repeat them in a veryfunny voice. This will be hilarious to all the children.Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, the mermaid, and she willrepeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing mini games andyou will open the locked rooms • Poke her leg or slap her until shesees stars • Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast togetherin the playground • Help the mermaid keep her hygiene and she willplay some instrument for you Have a laugh with her by tapping oneof her fins, she will immediately start jumping. How cool is that?Help her go to the loo, and before the bedtime make sure that shewashes her teeth and takes a shower. Her bed is a huge lovelyshell. And when you tap on the lyre the lights will go out and shewill be sound asleep. She is multi-talented, and knows to playvarious instruments, like the harp and the banjo. Enjoy theglorious music and spend wonderful time with your new buddy. Herfavorite place for spending free time is among the tall corals.There she adores playing with the ball, or jumping on thetrampoline. Join her and the two of you will have a blast. She isvery keen on exercising and that is why the gym is a necessary partof her house. Walking or running on the treadmill is an everydayactivity for this mythical creature. Watch the videos to collectthe coins and open all the rooms in the latest Talking Mermaid app.If you prefer to occupy yourself during your free time, then thebest thing for you is to play the top mini games that talkingmermaid provides you with. With this incredible Talking Mermaidapp, both girls and boys will have a great time, and it is alsopretty interesting for the adults too. That is why you should getin right now!
Talking Cat 2.4
Meet your new friend, a cute talking cat who has been busy duringthe whole summer and has finally managed to construct her house.She will welcome you in and have a small talk with you. Apart frombeing extremely hardworking, she is also very chatty and likes torepeat other people’s words. Listen to yourself speaking in herfunny voice. This multitalented virtual pet has a musical talentand is not shy to perform in front of you. Check out her dancingmoves and she will even take a bow in the end, or listen to herplaying the piano or the xylophone. She is also not embarrassed tofart while you are watching, so this can be pretty funny. When thetwo of you are together the time simply flies. Sit in the livingroom and have a talk with her, or go into the playground and havetons of fun jumping on the trampoline or playing with a volleyballball. Download for free the popular Talking Cat game and you willget the best thing for pastime on your device. Instructions: • Talkto your new friend, the cat, and she will repeat what you have said• Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the lockedrooms • Poke her leg or slap her until she sees stars • Take yourbest pal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground •Help the cat keep her hygiene and she will play some instrument foryou Your cute talking cat wants you to assist her when brushingteeth or taking a shower. She is a very zealous and wants to takecare of everything in the bathroom before going to bed. Having funon the playground made her very tired and she craves for a goodnight sleep. You should tap on the horn to turn off the light forher, and it will only take a few seconds for her to doze off. Shewants to stay fit and it is of high importance for her to be a goodlooking. That is why this lovely talking cat spends a lot of timeon the treadmill. You can decide on the speed for her, or whethershe is going to run or walk. Her home is so fancy that she even hasher own gym. Her reaction on you poking her lag is hilarious, somake sure to try that and have a laugh. Get the latest Talking Catgame and never again will you be bored. Your buddy needs help whenunlocking the closed rooms and gathering coins. In order to do thisplay cool mini games or watch some interesting videos. Within theawesome Talking Cat app at your disposal are many different onesthat can be the perfect distraction. The top Talking Cat game issuitable for children and also for adults who feel like that. Thegreatest thing is that it is at the same time educational and canhelp your kid learn the numbers from one to ten, so don’t hesitateand get the app this second!
Talking Santa Claus 2.9
Christmas time is finally here! What are you going to do for theholidays? Here we have the application that will make your vacationeven more joyful. Meet your new buddy, Santa! He is the cutest oldman ever, and he would like the two of you to become best friends.Download free the latest Talking Santa Claus app on your smartphoneand get to know him. He is an ordinary person just like everybodyelse. He is also so funny, you will see. His dwelling is a bighouse, and he will show you every single corner of it, but you haveto help him collect the coins to unlock all of the cool rooms! So,are you ready for a popular holiday adventure with the best newChristmas game? Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, Santa, andhe will repeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing minigames and you will open the locked rooms • Take your best pal tothe gym or have a blast together in the playground • Help Santakeep his hygiene and he will play some instrument for you Grab yoursmartphone and download the latest Talking Santa game, as it willquickly become your favorite one. Firstly, Santa Claus will welcomeyou to his living room. The two of you will have so much funtogether, loves dancing.He will play the trumpet or the piano foryou, and you will also be able to learn to count. With a simple tapon the Christmas sock or the sack, you will get some more company.The mouse will come out, a cute snowflake, or the coolest Mr.Penguin! The second room is Santa’s bathroom, where he can use histoothbrush or take a bath. Hygiene is very important to Santa, andhe is a big fan of sleeping too! He needs his rest to be able tochat so much with you. So the next room is reserved for the beautysleep. Everybody needs time for a nap. Turn off the light or tap aballoon instead, and he will be dozing off in no time. When he isnot on the North Pole and when he is not busy bringing presents tokids with his reindeer and in his sleigh, he spends time on theplayground. He also decided to lose some weight so he bought atreadmill and made a top home gym where he can exercise to stayfit. He can run on it, or just walk, it is up to you. Get ready tojump on the trampoline with an incredible talking Santa Claus andhave a great time on the playground. You can also talk to him andhe will repeat your words, but you have to help your popular herocollect his coins to access the locked rooms! Navigate your buddythrough his daily activities, and you can also play amazing minigames to collect more coins. An endless possibilities of good timeis provided to you with the fascinating talking Santa Claus. It isa best pastime thing, and your task will be to guide your two, orthree heroes at the same time over various difficulties. Thepopular Talking Santa Claus game is perfect for boys and girls , sodo not hesitate and download it free of charge. Feel the Christmasspirit with the top talking Santa. Share it with your friends sothat they can also have fun!
Talking Ghost 2.9
This cool talking ghost would like to show you around his newlybought house. He is extremely talkative and will remembereverything you have told him. You will be laughing out loud whenyou hear your own words in his funny voice. This specter isbenevolent and is ready to play. He would even let you slap him,and he cannot wait to show you his hidden talents. Check out hisbest dancing moves, or listen to him playing the piano or thexylophone. Well, they do. In his living room behind thejack-o’-lantern, an apparition is hiding. Don’t become scared whenit starts laughing in an eerie way. All over the place spiders andbats are crawling, but you will not even notice them because youwill have a blast talking to your pal. Grab this awesomeopportunity and download for free the popular Talking Ghost game.Instructions: • Talk to your new friend, the ghost, and he willrepeat what you have said • Collect coins by playing mini games andyou will open the locked rooms • Poke his leg or slap him until hesees stars • Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast togetherin the playground • Help the ghost keep his hygiene and he willplay some instrument for you This top talking ghost will also beinteresting to your children since it can help them learn how tocount to ten. On the crystal ball the numbers will appear, and yourkid will be able to hear them. Specters also have needs likeeveryone else. This talkative ghost adores having long showers, andhe has never missed washing his teeth. When the night comes, and hefinishes everything in the bathroom, it is time for a beauty sleep.Just blow the whistle, and he will be dozing off in no time. If youhave remembered something to tell him, and you want to wake him up,all you have to do is turn on the lights. His favorite pastime ishanging around on the graveyard, in front of a haunted house. Thereare other scary apparitions who are keeping him company. Togetherthey are jumping on the trampoline. This cool talking ghost takesexercising very seriously. He has never missed out on any trainingsession, and he adores walking on the treadmill. The new TalkingGhost app will let you play the latest mini games so you will beable to collect the necessary coins for unlocking the closed rooms.There are so many interesting ones, and so many heroes who needyour help. It is designed for persons of all ages, and is suitableboth for kids and adults.
Talking Clown 2.4
Do you love clowns? Have you always been a fan of their fluffy hairand red noses? One of them has bought a new house and is invitingyou in to show you the latest tricks. His living room is decoratedin a fashionable way, and he wants to show you all the funny stuffhe has in there. Tap on the cannon and amazing fireworks will comeout of it. Behind the red hat a beautiful flower is hiding, and ifyou unwrap the present a bowling pin will start spinning on yourscreen. It will be hilarious when you hear how this guy repeatseverything you have said. On the TV behind the cool talking clownnumbers from one to ten will show up, and this can be very helpfulfor your kids to learn how to count. This fellow is so awesome thathe will let you poke his foot, or slap him until he starts seeingstars. Grab your smartphone and download for free the top TalkingClown game and have a blast. Instructions: • Talk to your newfriend, the clown, and he will repeat what you have said • Collectcoins by playing mini games and you will open the locked rooms •Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars • Take your best palto the gym or have a blast together in the playground • Help theclown keep his hygiene and he will play some instrument for youJust like any other regular guy, this talking clown also needs togo to the bathroom and get some sleep. Help him brush his teeth, orhave a shower, and if you want to put him to sleep, just blow thetrumpet and the lights will go off. He is keen on dancing, playingbanjo and the trumpet, and occasionally likes to fart, so this isreally funny. When he is not acting in a show, and has a fewminutes of free time, he likes spending it in front of the tent, onthe favorite playground. Jumping on the trampoline is what headores, and you can join him in these fun activities if you tap onthe rocket and make it fly. The popular talking clown is not sointerested in exercising, but if you make him run the treadmill hewill not have another option. Have the best time with your friendslistening to your own voices in the interpretation of thisludicrous guy. Rush to play the latest mini games and collect thecoins. This will allow you the access to other locked rooms, andyou will also have a blast. The most popular Talking Clown app willprovide you with so many different ones that you will not noticehow the time flies. Help your hero go up on the next grid and runaway from the evil owls and eagles that want to prevent her inaccomplishing the mission. Don’t miss out on the greatest tricks ofthe talking clown!
Talking Cat - Vicki Superstar 2.3
Hello ladies and gentlemen! We present the loveliest 💋Talking Cat-Vicki Superstar💋! This adorable lady is here to make your lifemorefun, and it won't pass long time before she becomes yourbestfriend! 👜💅👠TAKE CARE OF VICKI👜💅👠 The latest 💋Talking Cat -VickiSuperstar💋 brings something totally new your way, and onceyoustart playing this cool game you won't be able to take yourhandsoff of it, because it's so addictive! Talking games makeusresponsible because we need to take care of someone, sothisvirtual pet is perfect for both children and adults. You willhaveto take care of your new friend if you want it to be happy,andit's very easy to see what she needs, because bars in the bottomofthe screen will tell you if she needs to eat, use a toilet,orsleep. Hurry up and download free 💋Talking Cat - VickiSuperstar💋game today so you could see what it offers. You will needto checkif your virtual friend is satisfied from time to time, andif youget busy, we will send you a notification which will remindyou tofeed her, or do something else. If you feed Vicki regularlyshewill be healthy and she will be on a good way of moving toanotherlevel, but you will also have to make sure that she isentertained,and that she is clean. If she gets tired, put her tobed, and ifyou are impatient to wait for her to rest, then watch avideo andskip sleeping. As for the levels, you will be able to makeaprogress in the latest 💋Talking Cat - Vicki Superstar💋 game,andunlock new cool items! It is certain that you will never getboredof playing with your virtual pet, so don't forget to sharethis topgame with your friends and tell them all about it! 👜💅👠STYLEYOURCAT PET AND HER HOME👜💅👠 Everyone loves to change haircutsandoutfits in a game, right? That's why we have prepared plentyofdifferent looks for your virtual cat, and she will alwaysbepopular regardless of what you dress her in, because wehaveprepared the best clothes and hairstyles for you! VickiSuperstarcould wear medium straight hair with bangs, or she couldbecomeblonde and have wavy hair, or wear an updo, the choice isyours!Experiment with all of them if you like, and then getcreative withclothes! But there is one thing you should know, notevery itemwill be available right away, and in order to get it, youwill haveto reach certain level. The same goes for Vicki's house!You canchange it the way you like, and make it suit your taste. Somanygreat things are waiting for you in the top 💋Talking Cat -VickiSuperstar💋 game, so get it as soon as possible and try ittoday! Inthe Talking Cat - Vicki Superstar game, you can: → Talk tothe catand hear her repeating your words → Feed Vicki and take careof her→ Change her hairstyle and clothes → Decorate Vicki's housethe wayyou like The newest 💋Talking Cat - Vicki Superstar💋 gameoffers alot of amazing stuff, among which are coloring books,puzzles, andmini games! By playing with them, you will entertainboth yourselfand the cat, and you will have a lot of fun! Puzzlesare great forthe youngest ones, because they will teach them todevelop logicskills, and also, once you complete a picture, youwill get coinswith which you will be able to buy clothes andfurniture. You couldalso earn money by playing mini games, andspinning the prizewheel. Talk to your cat, play with it, and everyday will be filledwith happiness and joy! Vicki Superstar iswaiting for you, and sheis ready to welcome you into her home!
Princess Mina - My Talking Cat 2.5
Here comes another lovely cat which is going to talk to you andbecome your best friend! This one is coming from the kingdom, andher name is Mina. 😸👗🏰TAKE CARE OF MINA😸👗🏰 Download free 👑PrincessMina - My Talking Cat👑 today and start the adventure with a ladythat will very quickly become very dear to you. Once you open thegame, you will see the cat dressed in a beautiful pink gown, withcrown on her head, and a neat updo. You will need to take care ofher so she would be healthy and so you would reach other levels, somake sure that she is never hungry, that she is happy, and that shegets enough sleep. By taking care of virtual pets children willlearn to be responsible, so talking animals will benefit theyoungest ones and help them to become better people. Also, if youhave a toddler at home, it will be interesting for her/him to talkto sweet Princess Mina and hear her repeating every word. One morething that children can learn from the newest 👑Princess Mina - MyTalking Cat 👑 is to keep good hygiene! They will need to take catto the bathroom and clean her teeth and take her to the shower. Bydoing that, they will see that they should always be clean and thatthey should never forget about their hygiene. 😸👗🏰STYLE YOUR CAT PETAND HER HOME😸👗🏰 The latest 👑Princess Mina - My Talking Cat 👑 gamebrings so many cool things your way, and you won't be able to stopplaying it! Your new virtual friend won't like to wear the sameoutfit all the time, and that's why her wardrobe is equipped withthe best clothes! You can experiment with all of them if you wantto, but in order to get them, you will need to have enough coins,and for some items you will have to wait to reach certain levels soyou could get them. One of the outfits that your virtual pet canwear is purple dress with wings! She will look like a fairy, andyou could combine that with pink flats. She will look verybeautiful dressed like that for sure, and she could wear differenttypes of dresses, and other clothes too. A lot of cool things arewaiting for you in the top 👑Princess Mina - My Talking Cat 👑 game.You can change her hairstyle, you can buy different types ofaccessories for her, and you can also change the look of her house!Decide if you want a living room that reminds of the bottom of theocean, the one with space theme, or a romantic one with hearts. Asfor the bedroom, you could opt for a bed that looks like a castle,or the one with stars! There are a lot of different designs forkitchen, living room, and toilet, as well, and you will have somuch fun decorating the house and making it look the way you likethe best. In the Princess Mina - My Talking Cat , you can: → Talkto the cat and hear her repeating your words → Feed Mina and takecare of her → Change her hairstyle and clothes → Decorate Mina'shouse the way you like In order to buy all of the furniture andclothes, you will need to earn money, and you can do that in a fewways. First way to earn coins in the latest 👑Princess Mina - MyTalking Cat 👑 is by playing mini games! We have prepared some ofthem for you, and you will have so much fun playing them for sure.Another way is to play with puzzles. At first you will have to puta few pieces together, and then it will get harder and harder, andmore challenging as you make a progress. Also, one more way to earnmoney is when you upgrade to another level, and we have prepared aprize wheel for you too with which you can win additional coins andpotions. So, make sure that your virtual cat is always satisfiedand complete all of the levels! Also, don't forget to share thepopular 👑Princess Mina - My Talking Cat 👑 with your friends andfamily, and tell them all about it! There is no doubt that you willlove using this top talking cat game and that it will very quicklybecome your favorite.
Talking Mermaid 2 2.4
🌊🐚We present the newest 👩Talking Mermaid 2👩 to all of you wholovethis lovely aquatic creature. If you have enjoyed playingfirstpart of the game, then you will surely love this one aswell.Beautiful Mermaid will become your best friend as you playwith herevery day, and you will have a lot of fun with her. Thisgame issuitable for both kids and adults, so it doesn't matter howold youare, you will be able to enjoy this cool app. A lot ofthings arewaiting for you in this top app, and it will relax youwhen you seepeaceful scenes of a house in the bottom of the ocean.Little girlswill definitely love to take care of a princess withtale of afish, and they will enjoy listening to her playing apeaceful harp.All of that is a few taps away from you, so downloadthe latest👩Talking Mermaid 2👩 game for free and let the funbegin!Instructions: - Say something and Mermaid will repeat afteryou -Play mini games, puzzles and more to earn coins - Buy clothesforMermaid and change her house - Unlock all of the rooms 🌊🐚Onceyoustart playing cool 👩Talking Mermaid 2👩 you won't be able to usealot of things since they will be locked. In order to unlockthem,you will have to reach certain levels, and you will have toearnenough coins so you would buy necessary items. If you arewonderinghow to do that, it's simple. You can play mini games,color acoloring book, play with puzzles, and you will also earncoins onceyou upgrade to the next level. Then when you have enoughmoney, youwill be able to buy clothes for your virtual friend, andyou couldchange the look of her underwater house. Perhaps yourfavoriteliving room will be the one with golden pillars? Or maybeyou willprefer pink ones? Try all of them, and make sure tocomplete all ofthe levels so you would be able to buy all of theitems in thispopular game. Also, we have prepared a prize wheel foryou whichwill enable you to win coins and potions! 🌊🐚When you playtop👩Talking Mermaid 2👩, you will have a feeling as if thiscutecreature is real, and as if she is your friend for real. Shewillteach you how to be responsible by taking her to eat, to takeabath and brush her teeth, and to sleep when she is tired. Ifyoucan't wait for her to rest, watch a video and you canskipsleeping! If she is not satisfied with something, she will showyoua gesture which will tell you what she needs, and your task istokeep her happy. This beautiful lady is also funny, she will throwaball your way, and she might brake your screen! It's certainthatyou will have a lot of fun by playing the latest 👩TalkingMermaid2👩, so install it as soon as you can and show it to yourfriends.This game will keep you entertained for hours, becausethere willalways be a task for you, something new to unlock andtry. A lot ofclothes and accessories will be at your disposal, andyou can alsochange Mermaid's hairstyle and make her look completelydifferent.You could make a beauty pageant with your friends andvote for thebest one! There are so many things to do with talkinggames, sostart playing today and enjoy!
Talking Cat Tina 2.5
♥♥♥ Have you always had a wish of taking care of a cute andcuddlycat? Tina is looking for a friend who will adopt her!Download free♥Talking Cat Tina♥ game and befriend a baby animal wholovesChristmas and needs your love and attention. ♥♥♥ TAKE CARE OFBABYTINA ♥♥♥ Feed Tina and she will grow into a beautiful cat whowillkeep you company whenever you want to. Kids can useeithersmartphone or tablet for playing this cool talking pet gameandthey will be entertained for hours. Get your kitten Tina andshewill welcome you in her living room. There, she likes playingwithher baby rattle and you can have fun together while makingsoapbubbles. The fun doesn't have to end even when your sweet petistoo tired. You can always use coins to get potions and boosttheenergy or feed your speaking cat. She really likes beingtickled,and you will fall in love with her cute reaction. When youinstallthe top ♥Talking Cat Tina♥ app the fun will be endless withyournew friend! ♥♥♥ HELP TINA GROW UP ♥♥♥ As every animal from therealworld, your new talking virtual cat needs food too, so take hertothe kitchen and give her something to eat. One part of takingcareof your favorite virtual friend in the latest ♥Talking CatTina♥ istaking her to the bathroom. This cool cat needs to use theshoweronce in a while. Brushing teeth after every meal is veryimportantfor Tina, and kids should do the same too. If you want herto growup to be healthy, you should pay attention that she has apropergood night sleep. Take her to the bedroom and turn off thelights.As you are completing levels she will become all grown upand willbe now old enough to exercise in the gym. Help her dopushups andcrunches. It is important for this talking cat to stayfit and thatis why you should pay attention that she is exercisingregularly.♥♥♥ STYLE YOUR CAT PET AND HER HOME ♥♥♥ Tina is now allready andset to welcome Christmas and you could decide on the viewfrom herliving room window. Use the coins you have collected to buythe oneyou like best. Adjust the view from her gym too, and shewillappreciate it. Style the kitchen with a modern tablecloth. Youwillalso have the chance to decide on the look of your pet cat.Choosethe type of her fur, and stay tuned for many other changesrelatedto her and her home that will be coming soon. Pretty soonyou willalso have the chance to talk to your virtual pet who willlistencarefully and repeat all your words. The kids, and adultstoo, aregoing to adore playing ♥Talking Cat Tina♥ and they will bethrilledfor having a furry pet. In the Talking Cat Tina game, youcan: →Adopt your cute baby cat and take care of her → Feed Tina,take herto the bathroom and give her a bath → Tuck her in bed for agoodnight sleep → Help grown-up Tina exercise and play instruments♥♥♥Adopt your own little pet and go through all the stages of thelifeof a cat! Tina is really friendly and would like to play withyou.Grab your smartphone and download popular ♥Talking CatTina♥.Cuddle your sweet kitty when she gets older and she will purrandshow you a heart on her paw. You will also get a wink fromhersince she wants to show you how much you mean to her. Pokeyourtalking pet and check out her reaction. Tina is a veryskillfuldancer and she is also a very talented musician. Watch herdanceand enjoy beautiful notes that will be coming from the piano.Getthe top virtual pet game and befriend this cute cat to have funallthe time. With popular mini games everybody is going tobeentertained for hours. Grab this fantastic opportunity rightnowand install the latest ♥Talking Cat Tina♥ app on your tablet!
My Talking Fairy Cat Una 2.6
Sparkles of magic everywhere around you. Do you believe infairies?If yes, download free the newest ✨My Talking Fairy Cat Una✨gameand meet the most beautiful virtual pet. ✭ ⌒ ✲ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✲⌒☆TAKE CARE OF UNA✭ ⌒ ✲ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✲ ⌒ ☆ Step into anotherrealm,the realm of your dreams. Find yourself within enchantedforesttalking to the moon and dancing with the fairies. Her name isUnabut she is not just a mythical being. She is also a talking catandshe will become your best virtual friend. Take care of thepopular✨My Talking Fairy Cat Una✨ and feed her when you notice thatshe ishungry. If you run out of food click the shop and provide herwithtasty meals. When she runs out of energy and needs to rest takeherto the bedroom and tuck her into bed. If you are impatientandcan't wait for her to rest, then watch a video and skip sleep.Themost sensational virtual pet needs you to help her with thedailyactivities. This lovely talkative fairy cat should also keepherteeth clean. Take her to the bathroom where she can brush herteethand take a bath. Play this amazing entertaining game and itwillhelp build sense of responsibility because you will havetheimpression that one magical talking kitty depends onyou..✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*.AMAZING JIGSAW GAME AND COLORINGBOOKGAME.✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*. The newest ✨My Talking Fairy Cat Una✨bringsyou the coolest jigsaw game. Go to the living room withyourtalkative virtual pet and enjoy solving magnificent puzzles.Onceyou are done you will get complete pictures of your newtalkingfriend having fun in the world of magic. With a pinch ofaglittering fairy dust and you are there too. Our next surpriseisthe coloring board. Tap on it and the coolest coloring bookwillload. Select coloring page you like the most and have tons offunwhile you paint the drawings. Enter the world of fairies withthelatest ✨My Talking Fairy Cat Una✨ app and invite your friendstojoin you. It is perfect entertainment both for kids and adultssodo not miss this chance but install it on tablet orsmartphone..✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*.STYLE YOUR FAIRY CAT AND HERHOME.✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚✫*.You are in the enchanted forest realm and youare amazed when youdiscover that mythical beings are devotedfollowers of fashiontrends. Check out the wardrobe while you areplaying the mostpopular ✨My Talking Fairy Cat Una✨ and dress upyour virtual pet.Select trendy outfit for the most beautifulmagical kitty. Whileyou are scrolling through the fashionaccessories and stylishdresses you will notice that some of theitems are locked. Tounlock them make progress in the top talkingfairy cat game andreach certain levels. You will also have theopportunity to changethe interior of the rooms. Get for yourvirtual kitty pet the mostsensational furniture which you canpurchase using coins which youcan earn playing best mini games.Also, you can use our prize wheeland win additional money andpotions. In the My Talking Fairy CatUna, you can: → Talk to thefairy cat and hear her repeating yourwords → Feed Una and take careof her → Change her hairstyle andclothes → Decorate Una's house theway you like ✭ ⌒ ✲ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒✲ ⌒ ☆UNA BRINGS NEVER-ENDING FUN✭ ⌒✲ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✭ ⌒ ✲ ⌒ ☆ The timehas come to meet your best virtualfriend so install the top ✨MyTalking Fairy Cat Una✨ on your phone.She is the cutest talkativemagical kitty and she can’t wait to chatwith you. She was lonelyin this enchanted forest waiting forsomeone to have fun with. Tospeak to her tap the microphone andtalk. When you finish speakingtap once again the microphone and thecutest fairy cat Una willrepeat your words in a funny voice. Chatwith her and forget allyour worries and problems. We have tomention that this amazingtalking cat game has many levels thatbring never-ending fun andalso unlock clothing and furniture items.Rush to the market anddownload free the latest ✨My Talking FairyCat Una✨.
Princess Maya - The Talking Mermaid 2.5
Her majesty is finally here waiting for you to play and havefun.Download free the newest 👑Princess Maya - The Talking Mermaid👑gameand meet the most beautiful talking friend. 👑👑👑TAKE CARE OFMAYA👑👑👑The loveliest virtual mythical being will become your bestfriend.When you notice that she is hungry take her to the kitchenand giveher to eat delicious food. You are the one that should takecare ofthe popular Princess Maya - The Talking Mermaid so make suresheeats healthy food. Click the shop and provide her with tastymeals.Good night’s sleep is very important so make sure she sleepswell.The most sensational virtual friend is totally dependent onyou.Don’t forget that but make sure you are always there for thecutestmystical girl. If you are impatient and can't wait for her torest,then watch a video and skip sleep. Take care of her hygieneandmake sure she brushes teeth regularly after every meal. Thekidswill learn that oral hygiene is very important. When they seetheirfavorite talking mermaid brushing her teeth regularly itwillbecome their daily activity too. You won’t have to persuadethem tokeep their teeth clean. Play this top talking game featuringlovelymermaid princess Maya and take her to the bathroom so thatshe canbathe and go to toilet. 👑👑👑AMAZING JIGSAW GAME AND COLORINGBOOKGAME👑👑👑 Have fun with the cutest mystical girl and play thecoolestjigsaw game while you are in the living room. When yousolvemagnificent puzzle you will get a complete picture of yournewvirtual friend who lives in the underwater world. If yourtoddlerloves to paint tap the coloring board and the coolestcoloring bookwill load. Select coloring page your child wishes andlet him orher express his or her creativity while painting thedrawing of hisor her favorite mythical being. The latest 👑PrincessMaya - TheTalking Mermaid👑 app is perfect entertainment for thewhole family.Install it on tablet or smartphone and have fun alltogether sinceit is made for people of all ages. 👑👑👑STYLE YOURMERMAID PRINCESSAND HER HOME👑👑👑 The most popular 👑Princess Maya -The TalkingMermaid👑 is a devoted follower of fashion trends. Checkout herwardrobe. Help this mystical girl change her clothes andmake sureher outfit is trendy. Beware, some of the items arelocked. Youwill be able to get them as you make progress in the toptalkingmermaid game and reach certain levels. There are many ofthem whichwill ensure never-ending fun just for you. Change theinterior ofthe rooms according to your liking. You will haveamazing furnitureat your disposal for a certain amount of coinswhich you can earnplaying best mini games. Also, you can use ourprize wheel and winadditional money! In the Princess Maya - TheTalking Mermaid, youcan: → Talk to the mermaid and hear herrepeating your words → FeedMaya and take care of her → Change herhairstyle and clothes →Decorate Maya's house the way you like👑👑👑MAYA BRINGS NEVER-ENDINGFUN👑👑👑 Install top 👑Princess Maya - TheTalking Mermaid👑 app onyour phone and you will be enchanted whenyou meet your next bestvirtual friend. She looks gorgeous and shespeaks in such a funnyvoice that you will not be able to stoplaughing. Chat with thisbeautiful mythical being and to do that tapthe microphone andtalk. When you finish speaking tap once again themicrophone andthe beautiful mermaid princess Maya will repeat yourwords in afunny voice. This amazing talking game brings you so manylevelsthat they guarantee you the never-ending fun. Play everydayandmake progress to complete the levels and unlock outfitsandfurniture. Feel like you are in the underwater world anddownloadfree the latest 👑Princess Maya - The Talking Mermaid👑 game.Theloveliest mystical girl living at the sea bottom will becomeyourfavorite virtual friend the moment you meet her.
Talking Ghost 2 2.4
🦇🌕🕯️Welcome to a spooky world and meet funny creature, thetalkingghost! If you are looking for a new virtual friend, thensearch nomore, because this one is the best for fearless childrenlike you!It's definitely different than others too, so if you wantto standout from the rest, you have found perfect game foryourself. Thenewest 👻Talking Ghost 2👻 brings so many cool thingsyour way, andyou will be entertained for hours once you startplaying thisamazing game. There are so many things for you to do,and you won'tbe able to stop laughing when you see all of thethings that yourvirtual friend does. Who says that ghosts arepopular only onHalloween? Now you can be part of a scary worldevery day thanks tothis cool talking game. All you have to do inorder to get it onyour phone is to press the install button, sodownload free👻Talking Ghost 2👻 game today and have fun!Instructions: - Saysomething and Ghost will repeat after you - Playmini games,puzzles and more to earn coins - Buy clothes for Ghostand changehis house - Unlock all of the rooms 🦇🌕🕯️The latest👻Talking Ghost2👻 will quickly become your favorite game and youwon't be able tostop playing it. A lot of levels are waiting foryou, but you willhave to unlock them first before you can use them.In order to doso, you will have to take care of your virtualfriend, and you willneed to collect enough coins so you could buyclothes and items forliving room, bathroom, bedroom, and the rest.This top game offersso many things, and you will get desire to tryall of them. Goahead and do so, but you will have to unlock all ofthe levels! Asyou take care of the Ghost, he will become your bestfriend and youwon't be able to pass a day without hanging out withhim. Talk tohim as much as you want and hear him repeating yourwords, and thenshow him that you love him by not letting him behungry or sad. Wehave prepared prize wheel for you which willenable you to wincoins and potions for your virtual friend, so makesure that he haseverything he needs and take good care of him.🦇🌕🕯️If the Ghost isnot satisfied, he will show you that by makingcertain gestures.For example, if he is hungry, he will make a sadface and he willrub his belly. If you don't have enough food in thekitchen, go toa store and buy what is necessary. Also, if youhaven't brushed histeeth in a while, he will blow into the screenof your smartphoneor tablet and it will turn green! This can befunny for sure, butdon't let your virtual friend be dirty. Thelatest 👻Talking Ghost2👻 will teach you how to be responsible andyou will feel as if heis your buddy for real. When you collectenough money, you will beable to buy clothes for him, and everytime you change his outfit,he will be thrilled. Also, he will showyou that he is happy whenyou change something in his house, andwhen you upgrade to the nextlevel. You will need to make sure thathe gets enough sleep too, soput him to bed when he becomes tootired, and let him rest. Youwill need to wait until he gets enoughrest, and if you areimpatient, then watch a video and skipsleeping. This popular gamewill entertain both kids and adults, soit doesn't matter how oldyou are, the newest 👻Talking Ghost 2👻 iswaiting for you! The bestpart is that it is completely free ofcharge, so download it todayand get to meet a spooky guy.
Talking Dinosaur 2 2.5
Hello friends! Your favorite Dinosaur is back! If you enjoyplayingwith this reptile, then you will be amazed when you see whatwehave prepared for you. This new game is full of surprises, andyouwon't want to leave it when you see how many things you can do.Atfirst, Dinosaur will be a baby, and you will have to feedhim,change his diapers, and take care of him so he would grow up.Oncehe does, you will be able to do more things, such as changinghisclothes and going to the gym. Very soon, this little guywillbecome your best friend, and there won't be a day when youwon'ttalk to him and play with him. It's very interesting toheartalking animals repeating your words, so talk as much as youwantand share this cool game with your friends. Don't worry, youwon'thave to spend money to use it, so hit that install buttonrightaway and download the latest 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖 game forfree!Instructions: ◾ Say something and Dinosaur will repeat afteryou ◾Play mini games, puzzles and more to earn coins ◾ Buy clothesforDinosaur and change his house ◾ Unlock all of the rooms Plentyoflevels are waiting for you in the newest 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖.Inorder to unlock all of them you will have to take care ofyourvirtual friend. First thing that you need to do is to buy foodforhim, so go to the shop, and take as much as you can. You willneedto spend money there, so if you want to make sure that yourtalkingpet won't be hungry, earn money by playing mini games andplayingwith puzzles. Also, you will earn some coins by upgrading tothenext level. Top 🦖Talking Dinosaur 2🦖 gives you a chance tochangeclothes of your favorite pet, so tap the button with clotheson itand it will take you to a wardrobe where you will find somanythings! But, not all of them are available right away! Youwillhave to reach certain levels in order to wear some of them, andallof them cost money. Talking dinosaur games are good forchildren,because they will teach them to be responsible by takingcare of apet, and they will develop logic skills by playing withpuzzles.Children will also be able to express their creativitywithcoloring books, and they will surely have a lot of fun bytalkingto a virtual pet and watching it act as a human. TalkingDinosaurwill show you when he is hungry, when he needs to usetoilet, takea shower, and other things. You will also be able toenjoy somemusic with your virtual friend, because he will playdrums for you,and dance! Also, when he gets tired, he will show youthat he wantsto sleep, so take him to bed and wait for him to getsome rest. Alot of fun is coming your way, so show the latest🦖Talking Dinosaur2🦖 to all of your friends and watch how they willdress this coolguy, and how they will equip his home. This top gameoffers a lotof different designs for kitchen, living room,bathroom, andbedroom, and you will never get bored of it, becauseit willentertain you for hours!