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Sex Offender Search
The Sex Offender Search app helps keep you andyour family safe by displaying recent crimes and sex offenders onan easy to view map that arms you with a better knowledge of yoursurroundings.Crime & Offender Map MarkersAdd important family locations, like your home or child's school,to the map and Sex Offender Search will show markers that designatethe location of identified sex offenders and crimes so you can bemore aware. Through the app you can also set up alerts so you'renotified when new offender activity takes place in your area.Sex Offender Search is also a great tool if you're traveling to adifferent area or looking at homes in a new neighborhood. Open theSex Offender Search app and ask it to pinpoint your currentlocation to view the nearby crime and offender markers so you havea better idea of your new environment.Offender LookupThe Sex Offender Search app also allows you to do offender lookupsfor each marker on the map. When you tap on a marker you gainaccess to a thorough profile of each offender that includes his orher name, address, image, and description as well as a summary ofthe crime they were convicted of. The marked offenders are allregistered in the National Sex Offender Registry and verifiedthrough various sources.Sources:Alabama Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender RegistryALASKA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Sex Offender/Child KidnapperRegistration Central RegistryThe Arizona Department of Public Safety - Sex OffenderInformationArkansas Crime Information Center - Sex Offender RegistryThe California Department of Justice - Megan's LawThe Colorado Bureau of Investigation - Sex OffenderRegistrationState of Connecticut Sex Offender RegistryConnecticut Sex Offender RegistryDistrict of Columbia - Sex Offender RegistryFDLE Florida Sexual Offenders and PredatorGeorgia Sex Offender RegistryHawaii Criminal Justice Data Center - Online Sex OffenderSearchIdaho State Police - Sex Offender RegistryIllinois Sex Offender Registration Information WebsiteIndiana Sex and Vioent Offender RegistryIowa Sex Offender RegistryKansas Bureau of Investigation Registered Offender WebsiteKentucky State Police Sex/Criminal Offender RegistryLouisiana State Police - State Sex Offender and Child PredatorRegistryMaine Sex Offender Registry Online Search ServiceMaryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services -Sex Offender RegistryMassachusetts Sex Offender Registry BoardMichigan Public Sex Offender RegistryMinnesota Department of Corrections - Level 3 Predatory OffenderSearchMississippi Sex Offender Registry SearchMissouri Sex Offender RegistrySexual or Violent Offender Registry - Montana Dept of JusticeNebraska Sex Offender RegistryNevada Sex Offender RegistryNew Hampshire Registration of Criminal OffendersNew Jersey Sex Offender Internet RegistryNew Mexico Sex Offender RegistryThe Official New York State Sex Offender RegistryNorth Carolina Offender RegistryNorth Dakota Sex Offender Web SiteOhio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction OffenderSearchOklahoma Sex and Violent Crime Offender RegistryOregon Sex Offender Inquiry SystemPennsylvania Megan's Law WebsitePuerto Rico Registro de Ofensores SexualesRhode Island Parole Board and Sex Offender Community NotificationUnitSouth Carolina Sex Offender RegistrySouth Dakota Sex Offender RegistryTennessee Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender RegistryTexas Sex Offender Registration ProgramUtah Sex Offender RegistryVermont Criminal Information CenterVirginia State Police - Sex Offender and Crimes Against MinorsRegistryWashington association of sheriffs & police chiefsWest Virginia Sex Offender RegistryWisconsin Sex Offender Registry InformationWyoming Sex Offender Registry System
Find My Friends
Locate and Find My Friends is the premierfriend locator app that helps you:• Find your friends• Locate your friends on a Map• Let friends find you• Chat with friends• Get info -- on ETA, exact location, etc.• Share news -- about a great new restaurant opening, store sale,etc.• Get directionsLocate and Find My Friends is the premier friend locator app.Whether you’re shopping for a new outfit, camping in the greatoutdoors or enroute to best-ever party, Locate and Find My FriendsGPS tracking data makes it easy to locate friends in realtime.Real-time data is important!Consider two scenarios: Will your habitually late friend make it tothe movie on time? Use Locate and Find My Friends to pinpointhis/her exact location and estimated arrival time, so you can planaccordingly. Is your directionally challenged friend lost (again)?Locate and Find My Friends is a lifesaver. It pinpoints yourmissing friend’s exact location and provides navigational help(i.e., directions) so you can guide them to their determineddestination. It’s the friend finder and friend locator thatworks.Once installed on your phone, Locate and Find My Friends is theideal friend locator app that helps you communicate, locate andstay connected with the people who matter most. Each friend willappear as their own personal icon on the app’s map, so you’ll knowexactly where they are located in real time. With Find My Friends,you can sleep easy after a night out, knowing when each member ofyour posse arrives home safely.Helpful Friend LocatorLet’s face it: everyone has a friend who is constantly late, and/orfrequently gets lost. Let Locate and Find My Friends be yourfriends tracker (and friendship saver) by telling you where yourfriend is located in real time, so you know what time they’llarrive. It can also provide navigation assistance, so you can helpfriends who are lost.Efficient Group CommunicatorSave time and headaches, make Locate and Find My Friends your groupouting planner. Here’s how: Say you’re going camping with a groupof friends. Have them install Locate and Find My Friends on theirmobile prior to the trip. Now you can all chat and coordinate tripdetails such as supplies/shopping list duties, suggested hikingtrails, sights to see and meeting time/place, for example. With theprep work done in advance, you’ll enjoy the great outdoors morewithout having your nose buried in a guidebook or travel app. Sinceit’s a great friend tracker, Locate and Find My Friends alsolocates errant campers enroute to the meeting point and uses GPStracking technology to estimate their arrival time. If a friend islost, simply note the location of their icon on the app’s map anddirect them to the meeting point. Post trip, use Locate and Find MyFriends to make sure all arrived home and when you’re ready, toplan your next adventure!Friend Finder (and Friendship Saver!)Locate and Find My Friends works with iPhones, Androids,Blackberrys and even feature phones. Just send non-smart phoneusers an invite via text. Once they reply with a “yes” their iconwill appear on the app’s map. Locate and Find My Friends uses cellphone tower triangulation to find friends and makes locationtracking easy.Location Sharing Made EasyFind a great new restaurant? Is a favorite shop having a sale? Thisfriend tracker app lets you share information and learn where yourfriends are shopping, dining or dancing.
Find My Kids - GPS Tracker
Find My Kids tracks lost or wandering childrenquickly and easily. A few of the benefits of owning this free appare:-Automatically receive place alerts when your child returns home orarrives at school-Easily keep track of your family members without having toconstantly ask where they are-Having phone battery levels monitored, so you know whether theirphone is dead or they just aren’t respondingFind My Kids contains a superior phone and uses state-of-the-artGPS navigational technology to track your children. It is theessential app for anyone who has experienced the stress and worryassociated with a lost child.Lost Kid Found, With Find My KidsFind My Kids makes it easy to pinpoint the location of a missingchild whether it’s your child or someone else’s. Better still, theapp’s navigational assistance can guide you to them, making lostkid retrieval quick and easy. To track kids, Find My Kids usesstate-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Essentially, cell phonecompanies know a mobile device’s distance from cell phone towers.Find My Kids secures this data from cell phone companies anddisplays the phone’s whereabouts on the app’s map. From there, it’seasy fro you to retrieve the child’s location.Find My Kids Offers Real Time Location DataPlan your next family gathering with this family tracker and endmultiple texts to learn everyone’s arrival time. Kid Tracker canalert you when family members have checked in at a location andthanks to GPS tracking technology, kid tracker can also advise ifsomeone is running late.Battery Tracking of all Circle membersFind My Kids has smart battery consumption, and lets you see howyour child is charging his or her phone. You can also get alertswhen the phone battery is low, so you can send reminders to yourchildren to charge their phones. Find My Kids also lets you see howthe battery is being used, so you know how quickly it is reachingempty.GPS Tracking to find Kids, Friends and FamilyFind My Kids’ GPS tracking app uses GPS coordinates andstate-of-the-art GPS location data to report the real-timewhereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Find MyKids app on your phone and your kids’ phones. Once registered, eachmember appears as a unique icon on the GPS tracking navigationalmap so you’ll know exactly where each family member is at alltimes. No need to send annoying “Where are you?” or “What’s yourETA?” texts, Find My Kids puts this information at your fingertips.And to make life super easy, we send you GPS tracking alerts themoment your kids arrive at the appointed location!Reliable Kid TrackerThe Find My Kids app is a very reliable Kid Tracker. It canpinpoint the location of registered mobile devices, smart phonesand even old school feature phones via the app’s website, 24/7. OurGPS Phone Tracker lets you locate Android Phones and iPhones. It’seasy to use, all you have to do is invite your family members orfriends and you can start tracking them on your phone.Innovative and Versatile Kid TrackerDo you constantly wonder or worry where your children are? Find MyKids can help. Its state-of-the-art GPS system can keep tabs onregistered phone, using satellites to triangulate the exactlocation of every phone registered to your account. If a phone isever out of satellite view, Find My Kids uses triangulation via thenearest cell phone tower and the cell phone carrier’s data todetermine your child’s location. This versatile kid locator alsooffers printer-friendly directions to your child’s location. FindMy Kids is compatible with Androids, whether you have AT&T,Verizon, Sprint or another phone carrier.
Find My Phone 21.3.1
Find My Phone! Find My iPhone & Android Phone is theessentialtracking tool for anyone who has experienced the stress,worry, andinconvenience associated with a lost or stolen device.What’s more,it’s free for iPhone, and Android! Tracking your iPhone&Android has never been easier. Using this state-of-the-artGPStracker, you can instantly: • Find a lost, stolen or missingdevicewhether it belongs to you, your spouse or your child • Keeptabs ona lost or missing device with real time location updates.When themissing or stolen phone is moved, its position is updatedinstantlyon the app’s map and our website. • You can even track& locateAndroid tablets, or an iPad Our app’s navigationalassistance canguide you to it, making retrieval quick and easy.Essentially,cellular companies know a mobile device’s distance fromcellulartowers. Our app secures this data and displays thewhereabouts ofyour cell on the app’s map. From there, it’s easy foryou toretrieve the lost device. We’ve been developing our GPStechnologyfor over 5 years, making our app the most accurate mobilecelltracker you can find! Note: For the tracking feature tofunction,the app must be installed on the iPhone or Droid you’relookingfor. Once you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, orAndroidPhone, simply log into our website. You’ll see a pin on themapshowing the location of your phone. The map alsofeaturesdirections to the device’s exact location. Another keyfeature isreal time updates on both the app and our website. You’llsee themap instantly updated whenever the device moves. LocationHistoryYou can see where your Droid has been throughout the day,using thelocation history feature. As the Droid is moved, we trackit.Later, you can just open the app and find out where it has,andwhere it hasn’t, been!
GPS Phone Tracker & Mileage Tracker 21.3.1
GPS Does It All This handy, easy-to-use app leverages the latestGPStechnology to help you track safe driving behavior, and all ofyourtrips.